Hi Everyone!!

Hope you are all feeling well these days!!  Some of you are getting close to meeting your LO soon...yay!!!     I just had to share this little tidbit that I just kind of realized (probably boring for all of you, but kinds of funny for me).  Before getting pregnant I would take Advil all the time - I always had lots of tension headaches and whatnot.   I also used to live with the Pepto bottle within reach nearly all the time.   It was so hard during pregnancy to give those things up.  I tried very hard to not take anything and really use relaxtion, stretching and exercise to relieve the aches and pains.  I dealt with my tummy issues without Pepto.  Well now 11 weeks after giving birth I have to say that it has become habit to NOT take anything - I don't even think about them as options anymore.   I say this because today  my stomach isn't feeling so well and it didn't even occur to me until just now that I could take something!   So aside from my amazing daughter, that's another good thing to have come out my pregnancy - I am not dependent on medicines anymore!