managing sensible weight gain - tips?

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    managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    all - feel like i'm putting the cart before the horse here b/c i just got a BFP for #3 after #1/#2 (twins), but - i'm wondering if anyone can give me some advice on managing weight gain during pregnancy. 

    last time around i gained 85 lbs - and it didn't just fly off afterwards the way i'd hoped.  ;)  this time around i'm still 20 lbs overweight, and the nurse told me i should limit my weight gain to 15 lbs due to my overweight starting point. 

    looking for any advice.  i know already the whole "now is not the time to diet" thing - but if anyone has sensible guidelines on extra calories, snacks that are low cal or snack guidelines they followed succesfully (e.g. - is it OK to limit myself to fruit/vegetables only when i'm hungry between meals?), etc. i would love to hear them.  i never had any nausea/sickness the last time, so i'm assuming for now that that will not be a factor this time either...

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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    I also started off about 20lb overweight, though this is my first. So far I've gained about 8-9lbs at 25 weeks. Weird thing is I haven't been eating THAT healthy all the time...I am concious though and try to get as many fruit/veg servings as I can in a day. I also haven't let myself use this as an excuse to pig out (at least not frequently), despite the urging of other people to "eat for two". (Seriously, does no one realize that the second person is TINY?).

    I think just being aware of what you eat, drinking lots of water and limit sugary drinks, and exercising are about all you can do.

    Edit: congrats on the bfp!
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    stef- can you ask your OB for a visit to nutrition? I think that it is covered by most insurance policies. I found it really helpful because (1) I sometimes had aversions to things people recommended and (2) part of my issue was/is with portion size, not what I am eating. 

    It was also really helpful to talk about low fat products with sweetners, because I tend to use a lot and was worried about it being "too much"

    that said. I LIVE on nuts... for some reason, they are filling enough, but "snacky" enough I get some satisfaction out of them.  I have tried to make sure I get enough protein with each meal (for example, I don't do eggs, so breakfast is often carb heavy for me, so I have a cheese stick).

    and congrats!!! I find it hard to monitor all of the boards so I missed your orginal post- but I am so happy for you!
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    I am reading this with interest because IF we are blessed with #2, I am also still overweight from #1.  So obviously I have no solutions.  :)
    However, I've been reading "Child of Mine" to deal with the LO's eating, and it's made me really reflect on my own eating.  Mostly the part about how kids are naturally good regulators, knowing when to stop.  I've noticed the LO will leave food on her plate, even if it's something she LOVES, like pizza or a cookie.  I've been trying to think about that for myself: do I really want the last three bites or is it just because they are on my plate?
    It feels good, although the results are still inconclusive.  :)  Good luck!
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    Last time I only gained 7 lbs - and ended up about 10 lbs below what I was pre-pregnancy at my 6 week app't - but I started out more like 40 lbs overweight. 

    For me the keys were:
     -- lots of water (I hate water, so sparkling, herbal iced tea, or with some lemon/lime, or a splash of cran or lemonade helped me drink more), and to do my best to not drink any calories. 
    -- I ate more often but smaller usually 5-6 times a day, but since I was eating so often I was never so hungry that I was overeating. 
    -- every day started with fruit as "first breakfast"...I would cut up a ton early in the week and have it in a big bowl in the fridge.  Did the same with veggies for snacks (lots of carrots, peppers, celery and cukes).  If I was hungry, I tried to go for that stuff first. 
    -- keep sodium levels many "whole foods" as possible, and really cut out the prepared foods.
    -- good snacks: favorites were cottage cheese w/ melba toast, veggies with hummous, cut up apples with some cheddar cheese or peanut butter, or a yogurt w/some nuts or granola.  Tried to always have a protein with snacks. 
    -- exercise: I was walking 2-3 miles a day for most of my last pregnancy
    -- and lastly, if I wanted something (like doritos or nachos, or ice cream) I would let myself have it, but I wouldn't bring it into the house.  An ice cream cone or a small bag of doritos is response to a craving, bringing the 1/2 gallon or jumbo bag of chips into the house was inviting binging.

    Once I had the baby, I went back into some bad habits, unfortunately (mostly around exercise!)...and was at exactly the same weight at the start of this pregnancy that I was last time.  I'm trying to get myself back into the good ones now, for me, DH and DD, so that after baby #2 I'll be able to keep them up! 

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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    stef, I realize this might be a "harsh" tasting food for your first trimester, but if you don't expect food aversion, I just made a quinoa/black bean chili that only has 250 calories for a whopping 12 oz serving - a heaping bowl.  Top it with lowfat sour cream and you can have a very filling meal, a lot of fiber, vitamins and minerals that fills you up a long time for very few calories.  Anyway, I'll post the recipe up in CC Recipes.  The quinoa makes a surprisingly nice sub for ground beef.  My DH loves it, and so does the teenage son next door.  My SIL (who "hates" quinoa) tried it and asked for the recipe this morning, actually.  (She tried DH's lunch yesterday; they work together.)

    ETA:  But, the tip hidden here is to eat calorie light, but nutrition dense foods that keep you full and satisfied as long as possible.  Peanut butter or hummus and apples is a great snack for protein, fat, and complex carbs, for instance.

    And, along with the smaller plate (proven science to get people to eat fewer calories without realizing it) I just read in Shape that a LARGER utensil has the same effect.  Small plate, big spoon.
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    Oh, and this might sound weird, but I do still do this one...I eat my main dinner off a salad plate...I can't remember if this was a weight watchers suggestion or what...but since the plate is full you feel like you're eating more, even though it's got only about 1/2 to 2/3 of what would be on your dinner plate.  I find I rarely go back for seconds, whereas if I filled a big plate, I would probably eat everything on it. 
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    Not weird, luvrlboy--the most effective thing DH and I have done for ourselves to keep weight down, with or without pregnancy!
    I HIGHLY recommend the small plate for a dinner serving (DO NOT GO BACK FOR SECONDS!!!) and use of a cup instead of a bowl.  It is tough the first week while your brain adjusts, but you get used to it quickly and eventually train yourself to take manageable portions.

    High-protein things like greek yogurt stave off hunger.  Keep things small and drink LOTS of water.
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    When you are pregnant, you only need about 300 calories more a day which isn't much.  You actually need more, about 500 calories, when you are breastfeeding.  Full disclosure here, I am overweight and struggling with it but I think it's a combo of how much and what you eat. You should be using fruits/veggies or maybe yogurt/cheese to get those extra 300 calories and while clearly it isn't the time to diet, being pregnant shouldn't be an excuse for eating a pint of ice cream a day.  :-)

    You probably will find that (and I really, really hope it for you as a fellow MOM) with a singleton you won't be as hungry in the beginning and you will be able to move around so much more easily I'd be surprise if you were to gain anything remotely close to what you did with the twins.

    Stefani - I have a question for you, were you nervous about the possibility of having twins again?  DH and I had spontaneous twins as #2 and #3.  We never intended to be done having kids at this age and really didn't enjoy the infant stage with twins.  That's just survival mode.  We'd really like to do it again but with a singleton.  And I know that now that we've had one set the odds go up that we have another set and I'm not sure as a family and financially we could handle that.  Now I'm just rambling but I do wonder what another MOM think as they try for more kids.  On a funny note, the look on family and friends faces when it comes up that DH and I are not firmly in the done category (especially since we don't know anyone with 3 kids) is entertaining.
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    I just re-read your original post, the part about limiting yourself to fruits and vegetables between meals.  Most of the above responses already address this, but what I've read suggests that the best snacks have the same good balance of calories from carbs/fat/protein as a healthy meal would.  So for example, greek yogurt and fruit would be a better snack than just fruit, or veggies and hummus instead of just veggies.  I think the protein keeps you full longer.

    Thanks everyone for the good ideas above.  Does anyone use a pedometer?  Thoughts?
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    Yes, definitely have hummus, peanut butter, or handful of almonds (TJs makes serving size snack packs of a lot of different nuts) WITH the fruit.  Just be mindful of serving sizes.  2 Tbl of peanut butter is a small amount, but it will go a long way in feeling full and satisfied longer.
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    dz - our first twins were the result of clomid.  this time around we didn't use anything, but i don't know for sure that it's just one.  i hope to h&ll it is though!!!  i'll be sure to report back after my first US in a couple of weeks.  assuming it sticks...  :)  i was/am very nervous about having twins again for sure...

    thanks all for the suggestions!!!
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    I posted the recipe up in CC Recipes for the chili.  It's great if any of you are looking for meatless but meaty things to serve vegetarians, too, especially if you put a little sour cream and cheese on top.  You can't really beat a big bowl of vegetable protein that's a yummy comfort food that's only 250 calories, imho!
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    Great post.  I'm struggling with this currently.  I was about 20 lbs when I got my bfp (and had been saying for weeks beforehand that I really needed to get on the ball and lose the weight before getting pregnant again.  Then... surprise!)  I've had a really bad attitude about food this time around.  I've been craving (and often giving in to these cravings) junk food, like candy (chocolate, especially) and even though I feel crappy afterwards, I still want to eat it.

    I'm considering going completely refined-sugar-free starting next week.  I'd still do natural sugars (fruit) but I think the only way I'm going to kick the cravings is to go cold turkey.  I have not talked to my dr. about this (currently in process of switching doctors) but I can't imagine that quitting sugar would be bad for me.  I feel totally crappy after eating it, so I would think for me it would be a good idea.  Has anyone done this recently?  I know I'm supposed to limit my "fake" sugar (like Splenda) intake while pregnant, but I'm not sure by how much... does anyone know?  I do plan to ask my new dr when I meet him, but that's not for 3 weeks.  I may also ask about seeing a nutritionist (thank you for that idea, Winter).

    Stefani - everyone here has offered great advice.  I've found that having the Greek yogurt handy is very helpful.  Also, I do a lot of cottage cheese and the weight-watchers whipped cream cheese.  We have someone with a nut allergy who works on my floor, so we are not allowed to bring ANY nuts onto the floor.  This has seriously cramped my snacking options.  I used to always keep nuts on hand.  Oh, and by the way, congrats on your bfp!!

    ETA:  Ha - just to clarify, I meant "20 lbs overweight". 
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    Congrats on your BFP!!!

    I had GD during my second pregnancy, and everyone told me I looked so much better and less puffy during that pregnancy when I was on my GD diet (even though it was the middle of summer and I should have been even more puffy than the first time around).  

    Like others have said it's about lowering carbs and balancing with protein.  BTW, all carbs - not just refined sugars, so that's fruit too.  Some great ideas are listed here.  Snacks I would have might be an apple and a babybel or greek yogurt or a kashi (high protein) granola bar.  A handful of nuts and a glass of milk is good too because you need lots of calcium.  Snacks are important because you never want to be hungry and possibly overeat or have a spike in blood sugar.  Three meals and three snacks a day are what I would strive for.  If you can, do some light exercise too like walking.  

    I wish I had the willpower to keep up the GD diet!  At almost 7 months PP I'm still up 10lbs and that scale just won't budge.  I can't wait for it to get warmer so I can get out for more exercise and get back to salads and away from stodgy winter warmers!
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?


    What worked for me best was to keep exercising.  With twins that may be hard as I don't know if you go to a gym or work, etc.  Perhaps try to get out for a long walk with the kids every day?   I really didn't limit too much what I ate though I did/do have a massive sweet tooth.  I did try to eat a little healhier in the mornings and at lunch.  Good luck.  You may find you won't gain as much weight this time around as you are probably way busy taking care of your children.  At least that is what I found 2nd time around.
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    Of course, I'm not pregnant, but when I am trying to lose weight the exercise helps me in two big ways.  First, of course, the calories.  Secondly, though, something that was equally important was that I didn't want to "ruin" the work I did for one or two bites of whatever sweet treat so it boosted my will power by a lot.
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    Stefani - I think you've gotten some great advice already so you're definitely off to a good start! 
    Do you work? I find that having an assortment of small tupperware type containers allows me to bring food that I know is healthy and control the portion size. This is a big one for me because otherwise I'd be eating at all the local lunch places daily and probably hitting the vending machine or cafeteria.
     I think it's REALLY important to have some protein and a little fat with your snacks. Otherwise you will just be hungry again in 10 minutes.
     A lot of people have mentioned greek yogurt. I like either that or regular low-fat yogurt (plain) and I mix it in a small tupperware with some frozen berries. By the time I'm ready for my mid-morning snack, the berries are slightly melted and provide great flavor without all the added sugar that the regular fruit yogurt cups have.
     Try to make sure all your carbs are whole grains. Whole wheat pasta and couscous, brown rice, quinoa. 
     Vegetable soup is great and filling when you add in rice and beans. We always make our own broth too so it's low in sodium. We have this thermos and it keeps the soup piping hot until lunchtime.
     Beans will make you feel full and also help with constipation. Just be careful and add them to your diet slowly if they are not already a staple.

    As far as exercise - I've been way too tired so far to even attempt the gym. I do try to walk as much as possible though. It's a half mile from my house to the train and then another mile from the train to the office. I walk that to and from work, weather permitting. I also try to walk a mile at lunch. Breaking it up throughout the day helps a lot time and energy-wise.
    I guess these tips are "working" for me. I am only 12 weeks with my first and have the type of morning sickness that I needed to eat non-stop or feel like vomitting. I have gained 3-4 pounds already but had lost 10 prior to getting pregnant and was borderline underweight.

    Good luck and congrats again on your BFP!
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    Oh and do not bring bad food into your house! If it's there, you WILL eat it!
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    Poppy, to reduce sugar cravings you should not have anything sweet even artificial or natural no calorie sweetner.  Your taste buds don't know the difference.  If you have a diet soda that's very sweet, you'll crave candy later; the link between artificial sweeteners and sugar cravings has been proven.

    However, if you DO want a no calorie sweetner that is NOT chemical or man-made, stevia is a totally natural plant extract with no calories.  My aunt is a nutritionist and chiropractor that deals with tons of dietary issues for all her patients and recommends and uses it herself.  HOWEVER be SURE to look carefully at the labels.  Many things advertised (falsely imo) as all stevia are blended with other things.

    This is what we use from Amazon but they sell similar dropper pure Stevia brands at Whole Foods.  Yes, it's expensive, but DH uses 8 drops a day in his tea; it lasts a LONG time.  1 dropper full = 1 cup of sugar's sweetness in baked goods.  Liquid Stevia Extract

    I'm not aware of pregnancy studies on it, however, so ask your doctor, of course, first.
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    Don't want to be too repetitive, but here are a few things that I think help me manage my weight gain, in general and while pregnant.  I am FAR from perfectly healthy (ahem I eat ice cream almost every night), but the good habits seem to balance out the bad.

    Other than 1 (maybe 2) cups of coffee, I drink nothing but water.  (While pregnant I usually had one glass of calcium fortified OJ as well.)

    Whole grains as much as possible - wheat bread, brown rice.

    Veggies as a side - We are lucky to have a cafeteria at work, so if I grab soup/sandwich/pizza and know it won't fill me up, I will also get a side of veggies, as opposed to chips or the snack I would have ended up eating later on.

    Planning meals in advance - This really helps because if I know we're having hot dogs and mac n cheese for dinner, I can make sure to eat a super healthy lunch.
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    You can easily work in a 1/2 cup of ice cream a day into a healthy diet that doesn't encourage weight gain if you are making healthy (calorie light, nutrient dense) choices the rest of the time.  It's only about 250 calories for 1/2 a cup.

    If your regular calorie needs are 1800 (to maintain your weight), they are about 2100 while pregnant so a 250 calorie treat per day isn't a huge percentage of your daily requirements.
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    Stafani, congrats on the BFP. 

    I will start w/ a caveat that I am genetically blessed in that I've never had a weight problem.  So it may all be luck, but I am going to be 40 in June and weigh what I weighed in HS.  I think part of it has to be eating habits and exercise.

    I do eat or drink soda or juice.  I stopped drinking soda when I went to college. Juice is too sweet for me and OJ makes me vomit.  I drink tons of tea, black and green, and do not add sweetner.  You can get used to no sweetner in about a week. I drink coffee  black or w/ a little milk or cream.  I drink milk very rarely, and then have goat's milk b/c I have dairy sensitivities.  That being said, I have Greek yoghurt [0% Fage] and cheese on a daily basis.  

    I eat pretty much the same thing every day [at least while at work].  Breakfast is 1/2 an English muffin [extra fiber] w/ natural peanut butter, Fage yoghurt and fruit, and a cup of coffee.  Second breakfast which I eat at work consists of a second cup of coffee and oatmeal [the stuff in the canister, not the packet] made w/ milk, and some natural applesauce mixed in after it cooks. Lunch is a salad [romaine or spinach, snap peas, tomatoes, red peppers, cuke or zucchini, a boiled egg and some low sodium ham or turkey, and tea.  I have the second half of my English muffin dry.  Snack is Fage yoghurt w/ frozen berries [like someone else recommended - they are defrosted by the time I eat it].  I generally need another snack in the late afternoon as well - that is an apple w/ cheese.  If I'm going to the gym, I'll have another snack of a banana. Dinner is usually some casserole that I made before and just heat up.  We go out to eat on Saturdays, and I get fish 90% of the time. 

    I would make an ideal prisoner b/c I don't typically get bored w/ food. 

    I second whomever said to bring sized tupperware to work. I don't have any real healthy options near where I am, so if I don't bring food, it's either Starbucks or Burger King.  Or vending machine crackers. 

    I personally find that cutting out boxed cereal, crackers, chips and cookies is the easiest way to eat low calorie and healthy.  The fewer ingredients anything has, the better it is for you.  No one typically gains too much weight on beans, veggies and fruit alone, so aim to make those your prime meal choices.  I do love icecream and, even w/ a dairy sensitivity, eat it several times per month. If you really crave something sweet, I recommend dark chocolate.  Ghiradelli squares of 70% dark chocolate that are invididually wrapped are perfect.  You only need one if you nibble it. By the time you are done w/ one, you don't want more.

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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    I was also about 20 lbs overweight when I got pregnant and gained 35 pounds. Unfortunately DD is a year now and I am still about 40 lbs overweight. It has been a tough year for my self esteem. :( I am trying to use this thread for motivation! Selfishly it is reassuring to see I am not the only person still struggling to lose 'baby weight' (let's face it - it is just Redsox Fat now, can no longer blame it on the kid). Everyone has great tips and I will third the drinking water aspect. 

    Good luck to everyone still trying to lose as well as the OP trying not to gain!

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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    lol redsox - i'm right there with you on the low self esteem with respect to not losing the baby weight.  and while PG you look OK overweight b/c you're round, after PG you're just... lumpy.  ;)  (not you as in you, you as in "one" - myself included!)

    i'm going to bust my a$$ trying to not gain a lot of weight this time around because i know how unhappy it's made me to be so heavy, still (esp. compared to all of the skinny moms out there whom i seem to encounter regularly - ugh).

    so someone said something about the sugar in fruit having the same effect as processed sugar (kar?) - does that mean i should choose a cucumber over an apple for a snack, for example?

    also, i only walked to/from work last time around (about 2.5 miles/day) but this time i'm going to try to keep up some light jogging in addition to walking.  i remember the doctor telling me last time i could still jog, but i didn't b/c of the twin factor.  hoping that helps this time... any words of caution on that?