managing sensible weight gain - tips?

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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    No, you should not choose a cucumber over an apple. An apple has more fiber than a cucumber.  So while the apple may have more calories b/c it is more dense [a cucumber is mostly water] it will fill you up for longer than a cucumber will.

    All food eventally converts to glucose [sugar] to be used by the body.  Sugar in fruit, although glucose, is NOT the same as refined suger. Food w/ refined sugar [ie, a cookie] has little nutrional value compared to an apple, even though both have 'sugar', if that makes sense.  Food w/ more fiber and protein takes longer to break down, and therefore fills you up longer. 
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    Stafani, the easiest thing to do is avoid all bread, chips, cookies, crackers and cereal.  If you routinely have sanwiches for lunch, eat the inside and skip the bread, or if that's too hard have an open faced sandwich. Quinoa takes less than 15 minutes to cook - have a serving of that w/ the sandwich filling in place of the bread.  Or make a big batch of brown rice on the weekend and take a serving of that to eat w/ the 'sandwich'.

    Buy a tub of yoghurt and parcel out servings in tupperware. I personally find even the single serve containers of Fage too filling, but eating half while at work is a PITA b/c what do you do w/ the other half?  That stuff is filling.  Buy the tub after you get over the sticker shock, and only take what you realistically will eat.

    Also, skipped canned food and frozen meals.  Low sodium soup is fine, but add in some rinse canned beans or frozen veggies.  It is much more filling that way.  It's also an inexpensive meal. 
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    Alf has great advice. Although I think if you use only whole wheat bread it is fine in moderation and can provide some much needed fiber.
    I will 100% second that eating fruit is NOT the same as eating refined sugar. Not at all because fruit has vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, etc. Doesn't the fiber in the fruit counteract the sugar so that you don't get the same rush as you would eating straight sugar? It's been too long since I took my nutrition class so I can't remember all the specifics.
    I also would not recommend using sugar substitutes. Why introduce chemicals into your body unnecessarily? Even all-natural ones such as Stevia have some studies questioning how healthy they are. There are also recent reports that brown rice syrup contains arsenic and it is in all kinds of granola bars and other processed snacks. Try to eat as many natural, whole foods as you can and eventually you will notice that you have fewer cravings for the bad stuff.
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    This seems like a good place to pose a question I've been pondering... Does something like Uncle Ben's instant brown rice really count as brown rice?

    ALF reminded me - Whenever I eat low sodium soup or a SmartOnes meal, I always add extra veggies (frozen).  No way it would fill me up otherwise.  But I tried to avoid frozen meals when pregnant since they tend to have high sodium.

    Stefani - I think you have a good approach to this and hopefully it will go a long way.  In theory my motto is you don't have to lose weight if you don't gain it.  But in reality my weight has fluctuated over the years.  Now that I am only BFing in the a.m. and p.m., I am nervous about gaining weight!  Glad to read everyone's suggestions... though I'm still going to eat ice cream every night ;o)
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    This is all good inspiration!  Here's to healthy eating in 2012 for all of us! 
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    Lots of good advice here (which is making me feel badly about the Girl Scout cookies and Hershey's kisses I've been snacking on...).  Just wanted to second cici's comment about bread - the "pregnancy diets" I've read definitely call for you to eat several servings of whole grains, including bread, per day. Don't quote me on it, but I think it's somewhere in the ballpark of 4-6 servings. I purposely ate a sandwich on whole grain bread today b/c I haven't been eating many grains lately.

    I've been trying to get 4 servings of calcium per day, on doctor's orders, and attempting to eat as many fruit/veggie servings as I can. I've been making a lot of smoothies, with Greek yogurt, frozen berries, fresh pineapple, OJ, and ground flaxseed. Those are filling and nutritious (high in sugar, I know, but hey). Also bananas and apples with peanut butter or cheese as a snack (going to eat that right now, actually). I've also recently started snacking on steamed edamame (I buy the frozen pods at Trader Joe's and zap them for a few minutes, then sprinkle on some salt). You guys are inspiring me to add more beans - I'm been slacking on that

    Like Alf, I don't mind some monotony in my meals, and used to bring the same thing to work every day for breakfast - pre-measured granola and yogurt (I also buy the big tubs - cheaper in the end) with sliced berries in a tupperware. Yum.
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    Fra, instant rice is not the same as 'regular' rice. Uncle Ben's instant brown is better than the white, but I would recommend getting the real brown rice in the bag rather than the box.  It's a PITA b/c it takes 45 minutes to cook, but I make a [dry] cup or 2 of it and put it in a big tub in the fridge. 

    Grains are of course important. I was not suggesting not to eat them.  However, 1 slice of bread is a serving.  Most people don't count it that way, which is why many people end up eating way more carbs than they think they are.  I also have wheat sensitivities [I'm falling apart lol] so I try to avoid bread and crackers. I have it when we go out to eat b/c I looooovve restaurant style bread but save it for a treat. [which just sounds so sad! lol] I replaced that stuff w/ brown rice, quinoa and lentils.  Lentils aren't exactly a grain, but it's close enough for me.

    Yes, cici, eating sugar, or refined sugar gives you an instant rush and blood sugar spike. You don't get the same rush or spike from fruit. 

    Also, you are going to get more satisfaction out of good cheese than you are from string cheese or any individually wrapped slice.  Most cheese in the US is pasteuriezed, so if you are a cheese fan, I'd recommend an ounce of some really good cheese [stinky cheese especially] w/ a piece of fruit, or on your sandwich in place of mustard of mayo.  Hummus is also a good condiment in place of mustard, mayo or anything else.  So is avocado spread like butter on a sandwich in place of mayo or mustard - not to mention super tasty.
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

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    Ghiradelli squares of 70% dark chocolate that are invididually wrapped are perfect.  You only need one if you nibble it. By the time you are done w/ one, you don't want more. GL! 
    Posted by ALF72

    Haha...ha...  :)
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?


    you may want to talk to your dr about starting up jogging when you are pregnant.  It is my understanding that it is ok if you already jogged before you were pregnant.  I made the mistake of taking it up when I was pregnant with my first and the first time I ran I started to spot (the first and only time I spotted during the pregnancy) so I am attributingit to pushing myself to do something that I didn't normally do at the gym.  I did find that the eliptical machine worked great and when I just got too big I moved to walking 3 miles on the treadmill or doing the stationary bike.
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    Capecod, great post!  Of course, like you said, it's up to an individual's doctor, but everyone woman I know who ran/jogged before getting pregnant was allowed to continue.  In fact, I just read in Shape this month that the cardiovascular benefits are transferred to the baby and are maintained long after their birth as well as an intelligence boost that was measured in that study at 5 years old.

    One friend actually ran 5 miles (with 3 jog bras on at a time) within 24 hours of giving birth.  And, she was in her pre-pregnancy jeans in 3 months which were around a size 4 or 6.  

    It's definitely something to ask your doctor about if you're an avid exerciser; don't assume you can't because you're pregnant!
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    Just saw an ad for tomorrow's Dr. Oz - he's planning to showcase quick, easy, and healthy one-pot meals.  If you can't catch it and don't have a DVR (5:00 on Fox 25, Channel 6 with Charter), you can look on the website for the recipes after it airs.
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    For healthy snacks I'm a big fan of Tzatziki (greek yogurt dip) rather than hummus since it has a lot fewer calories (about 30cals in 2Tbsp).  Also, as healthy as peanut butter is, you have to be REALLY careful about how much you eat, there are a lot of calories in it!  This is coming from someone who would be perfectly happy on a deserted island with a jar of peanut butter and some chocolate milk. 

    I'm now officially on the post-partum weight loss band wagon.  I started off at a healthy weight, and only put on 30 lbs... but man is it hard to get them off.  After DD was born she was having trouble gaining weight, so I was eating more than usual to make sure my milk was providing her enough.  As a result, I think I put on 5lbs after she was born.  Right now I am 20lbs over my pre-pg weight and it is not coming off nearly as quickly as everyone promsed it would.  The advice had been "oh if you bf it will just melt off" ... yeah not so much.

    It is also important for me to actually count calories because I am a snacker and then lie to myself about how much I've had to eat.  I use an ipod/iphone app called Lose It! ... really easy to use and not nearly as time consuming to keep a food journal as paper and pen.
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    stef, while all sugars do break down to the same small chemical parts be it fructose, sucrose, or whatever, that doesn't necessarily mean you should ditch the apples.  Not only do they have more fiber, as ALF said, they have pectin, a natural appetite suppressant...pretty good for a snack.  Have a little peanut butter on it if you like that.

    From a sugar perspective regarding fruits v vegetables, my aunt gives the guidance of eating twice as many servings of vegetables than fruit per day.

    ETA:  When I said that the sugars themselves are the same, I didn't mean the foods themselves (candy bar v 3 apples) are the same.  They are definitely not.  The reason I said that is that someone asked why after eating just a big plate of fruit and vegetables they crave sugar after.  The answer is likely that they got too much sugar at once from the fruit and vegetables without anything to balance it like good fat and protein.
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    Bostongrl - How old is your child?  Sorry I can't remember!  If you are still BFing, hopefully pounds will continue to come off slowly but surely, but of course eating right and exercising are always a good idea and will speed things along.  I seem to remember that your LO is still pretty young, so give it time... I attrribute all of my weight loss to BFing and eating relatively healthy, but it doesn't make the pounds melt away instantly :o)
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    well, you can do what women with gestational diabetes have to do- go on a carb counting diet.  YOu can look it up online, but there are ways to count carbs when you have GDM that will basically keep you healthy but prevent you from gaining a ton of weight, or your fetus.  it keeps your basal glucose at a certain point and keeps you from having swings of hunger and fullness.  "dieting"/watching what you eat during pregnancy is never fun though, but if you are up for it, that is hands down what I would do if I was really concerned about it.
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    Eating as if you have diabetes is a great way to eat no matter what your circumstances.  Refined sugar and too many simple carbs are the source of lots of what ails us including weight.
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    re: weight loss and breastfeeding.  BF'ing definitely takes calories out of your body.
    However, there is something else weird hormonal going on which means that for *some* people (not all), their body doesn't respond in the same way it would otherwise.  In a few of my friends, this has shown up as weight loss that occurs after they stop bf'ing.  (Obviously, they couldn't continue to consume extra calories.)
    I'm sorry this isn't more technical/factual.  The best way it's been explained to me is that bf'ing is kind of like a mini-menopause, so some of the same hormonal difficulties can occur.
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    Hi Fram... DD is 8 weeks .. .and I know it isn't instant and I'm trying to be patient.  I got frustrated around the 6 week mark because I was only 10 lbs less then I was at 9mths pg and DD was 7lb of those lbs.  So at 6 weeks I started counting calories just to get a feel for what I was eating since I had not been monitoring at all before that.  I am not being aggressive about dieting, still taking in 2300-2400 cals/day ... but just making sure that I'm not consuming the 3000-3500 cals/day that I proably was in the first 6 weeks.  A lot of those calories were in liquid form (chocolate soy milk is my downfall) ... so I've eliminated that during the day and use it as a mid-night snack instead.  I like that it is healthy and a quick way to consume both nutrients and liquids, so at 3am it is the perfect one-handed snack.  But I was drinking a half-gallon/day at one point.  Also I've cut back on the peanut butter ... I love it and it is just too easy to consume calories very quickly. 
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    Hope it didn't sound like I was chastising you - just trying to give you hope :o)
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    I love this thread. I am 26 weeks and had tons of nausea until about 20-21 weeks, so I wasn't gaining weight. This month I felt better, so (ta-da!) I gained 8 lbs. My dr said "I take it you are eating again." LOL. Thanks.

    So now I am pulling out the old careful weight gain bag of tricks. My favorite is to use apples instead of bread - for either cheese or peanut butter sandwiches. When I don't have apples, I'm big on the 1/2 sandwich. I put as much inside as I would a normal sandwich, but I'm only using one slice of bread, which limits calories somewhat. And I never buy white bread (much to 5yo DS's dismay).

    Other tricks - I am lazy so I buy fresh cut fruit in tubs from Whole Foods. It's my spendy indulgence. Also I make a big salad in the salad spinner once a week and eat it daily. (If you like salad but hate making it, buy a salad spinner. So worth it b/c it keeps it fresh for days.)

    Chips and salsa is my salty snack. I limit the chips to an actual "serving" but use gobs of salsa.

    Now I just need to find a good sweet snack to replace the bowls of ice cream and brownies that earned me my 8lbs!
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    When I was PG, my OB had a nutritionist in the office that I could go see for no charge and I did; BEST thing I ever did.  I never failed the GTT, but she basically recommended following the GD-friendly diet as a good health thing, and I only wound up gaining about 19 lbs during my pregnancy.  Was back to pre-PG weight in about a week. 

    I found her plan so easy -- I basically ate six mini-meals a day, and each meal was made up of 1-2 servings of whole grain carbs (a serving from a dietician's standpoint is 15grams, by the way -- MUCH smaller than the average "serving size" on the side of a box), 2 servings of fruits/veggies, and either a protein source or a calcium source.  She advised to stay away from refined sugars, juice, and white flour/potatoes/rice.  Common sense stuff -- no rocket science there.  The whole grain carbs are important, though, because they're a good source of ... I'm forgetting.  Some B vitamin?  Anyway, something that was super-important for pregnant ladies.  I had a hard time getting enough carbs because I had been shying away from them for so long, so this was the chief thing I got "lectured" on.  So that was eye-opening.  Oh, and eggs are the best source of iron, interestingly. 

    My main advice, though, is to CONSULT A NUTRITIONIST.  It's not really about managing weight gain (even though I was happy on that front), it's about giving yourself and your baby the nutrients you need to have a good pregnancy and healthy start. 
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    no worries fram :o) ... this is the one thing I feel like I obsess over right now.  Am I eating enough for both of us?  Am I eating more than I need to?  It is good to hear that the "melting off" process isn't as instantaneous as it seems to have been for some of my friends.  My belly has pretty much gone back to pre-pg ... but my thighs and butt are a whole other story. 
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    Just for reference, as you know, a calorie is a measure of energy.  It's actually the energy it takes to raise the temperature of one gallon of water by one degree.

    3500 calories is roughly about the energy in one pound of fat (a source of stored energy).

    So, for every 3500 calories that we consume that doesn't get used by our activities, we store a pound of fat.

    If you as a non-pregnant and non-breastfeeding woman burned 1800 calories a day to maintaing your weight (calories taken in equalled energy you were burning), and you need to increase your calories by 300 per day to maintain a healthy pregnancy and no more than 500 per day to maintain breastfeeding, if you are eating more than 2100 - 2300 calories per day, you are storing the extra as fat.  

    Say you eat 200 calories a day beyond that by eating 2500 calories.  That means in 17 days or so you'll have gained a pound of stored energy.

    ETA:  Conversely, if you eat 200 calories a day less than you need, you'll lose a pound of stored energy roughly every 17 days.
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    Stefani - something to think about in addition to watching what you eat etc.. is that the second time around you also will probably eat less just because you are busy.  This pregnancy I have only gained 10lbs (I'm currently 30 weeks) I think a lot of it has to do with coming home to DS who keeps me busy and you will be coming home to twins.  My worst snacking time has always been snacking in the afternoon but with DS I don't snack as much because he just keeps me too busy.

    I find all the recommendations very helpful!  Kar would you be willing to share that chili recipe?  I love chili!
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    Re: managing sensible weight gain - tips?

    Absolutely, staying active burns a lot of calories, and I hope the info I posted above regarding 3500 calories equalling a pound of stored energy is helpful.  That knowledge helped me lose 30 lbs; before that it was a complete mystery, and I was stabbing in the dark at what might work.

    LLLE, the chili recipe is posted further up on the main page in Lifestyle, CC Recipes.  Hope you enjoy it!