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March 2013 Pregnancy

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    WPP - Congrats on seeing the heartbeat! If you believe the old wives tales, a high heartbeat means it's a girl. Have fun telling your family! The due date is a total guess anyway, but you're better off having as late a date as possible. If your OB's policy is to induce by 42 weeks, you want to make sure you have as much time as possible before that end date. Then you at least have more time to go on your own. From what I understand, most doctors won't change your due date unless your ultrasound shows that you're a week off or more. 

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    WPP, congrats on hearing the heartbeat!

    Gestation times, just like our temperature as humans, are an average.  Just like not everyone has the average "normal temp" of 98.6, not every baby is supposed to gestate for exactly 40 weeks from LMP.  So, it's always an estimate, and can be pretty far off if a particular baby comes in the tails of the normal curve of gestation time.

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    In response to Chiclet831's comment:

    I have a total first-time-mom question... When exactly do babies wear pajamas? My MIL just dropped off a bunch of those one piece sleeper things with the feet. We also have a few layette sets and one of these nightgown things. (Links included because I don't know what any of these things are really called!) To me, these are all pajamas.

    For newborns, those are clothes.  (and that blue striped one in the first link is SO CUTE!).  You might even want to get a few with the flaps that cover their hands to keep them from scratching themselves... you can fold over the flap to cover their hands, and uncover them and fold them back around the wrist.  I didn't look at the other links - but I bet I know what the nightgown thing is, and those are clothes, too, for a newborn - easier to do the 1000 diaper changes per day. 

    Bad that she said it that way, but the clothing is so darn cute I'm sure she actually had to put 1/2 of everything back that she wanted!

    So unless it's august, I'd say baby wears the blue striped outfit with the footies, then you swaddle for bed/nap, unswaddle for playtime, holding and feeding.  Or a sleepsack if you don't do swaddling but what something warm at bedtime.  BUT if it's august you won't need warmth, so you'd swaddle if baby needs/likes it and then have baby in a light onesie or a lightweight blue striped outfit type thing.


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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    A must for summer babies = muslin swaddle blankets!!  They are light but can be folded over a few times for in the car, etc.  Keep in mind air conditioning and transitions from hot to cool.

    DD was born last July. For daytime I usually kept her in a onesie and covered her/wrapped her legs with a muslin swaddle blanket, then at night put her in the one piece footie PJs, again with the muslin.  She hated to be swaddled per se - always needed her arms out. The gowns were cute, but always rode up around her waist and her little legs would be hanging out.  I found the one pieces much more user friendly, and even more so for the ones that had zippers instead of snaps.  =)

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    FOr those with head-up babies, don't worry too much (though feel free to hang upside-down off the couch as much as you can if it makes you more comfortable!)  My DD was head-down for a while and then just flipped back up breech at 36.5 weeks (I know exactly when it happened because it was wicked uncomfortable at the time, since it was getting a little cramped!).  She turned again by 38 weeks on her own (well, with some upside-down off the couch time on my part) but if she hadn't my OB was willing to dry to "version" her around (manually push try to flip her by pushing on my belly from the outside).  So there are options, no matter what.  They just triple-checked when I was in labor to make sure she was actually head-down since it said on my chart she'd been roaming.

    Good luck!

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    Piggybacking on what Lissa said, my first DD was also head up and moved on her own at about 36.5 weeks.  I didn't do anything special to get her to move, just regular normal activities.  I actually had no idea that she had flipped, they were able to detect it at my next appointment. 

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    Thanks for the tip on going for a later date, chiclet. That makes sense and a C-section/induction are things I'm really hoping to avoid unless absolutely necessary. 

    We told our families this weekend and it went really well. Now I just want to tell everyone! We'll probably keep it quiet for another week or two though. When we told our families, we just said, "Oh, we have some pretty cool to show you..." and then just handed them the ultrasound picture. Their reactions were great and my SIL is really excited about our kids being about six months apart. 

    I ordered a couple books from Amazon: the Mayo Clinic one that I think Kar recommended and Baby Bargains.

    I feel like I may need the bella band soon! I haven't gained any weight (maybe a pound) but I feel like my stomach is sticking way out now! I'm small though, so I imagine I'll start showing earlier.

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    Congrats on telling the fam, WPP!

    Early pg hormones cause abdominal distention (they slow intestinal motility) long before the baby does, and the more slender you are the more it shows.

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    Glad that telling your family went well WPP! I would definitely get that bella band, if you feel like you could use it.  I am 26 weeks and still using mine.  It is so, so useful!  Of course, I no longer use it to extend wear on my regular wardrobe, but it is super helpful in holding up maternity pants.  Some of my maternity pants are still too loose, and tend to sag unattractively if I don't have the extra help from the band to sinch them up around my waist.  Also, if my shirt is a little on the short side, the bella band keeps the ugly stretchy waist panel on my pants from showing and just looks like I layered a tank top under my shirt.  I have 2 of them and I wear one at least 5 days a week.

    Baby bargains is helpful!  That's another good buy.  Just take its advice with a grain of salt and cross-reference with amazon reviews and your own research.  

    Second time moms (or lurkers or anyone with expertise in newborn care)--are there any books you recommend about caring for a newborn?  Anything I should pick up and read through before baby comes?  


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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    In response to siena09's comment:


    Second time moms (or lurkers or anyone with expertise in newborn care)--are there any books you recommend about caring for a newborn?  Anything I should pick up and read through before baby comes?  



    Sienna, We ended up with a bunch of books given to us by various people, but these were the ones I looked at the most: Baby 411, The Nursing Mother's Companion, The AAP's Caring for your Baby and Young Child, and--more for the 3-6 months range--Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Weissbluth.


    That said, I probably would have been fine without the books between all the well visits to the pedi, my moms group, and the Internet. So, don't worry if you never get around to reading them! Or, at least not fully!

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    Siena, I liked the Happiest Baby on the Block.  We had the book but I hear the video is also good.  I also had Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child--I took a lot of that one with a grain of salt and didn't follow a lot of the advice but still found it helpful.  I also had the No Cry Sleep Solution and that was somewhat helpful also. 

    I'm pregnant now with #2--about 13 weeks.  Had the early risk assessment last week and all looks pretty good so far!  I have a lot of anxiety this time around, less about the pregnancy than about having two small kids.  Whenever I'm with my daughter I'm thinking, "Now, how would this work if there were *also* a newborn here?" and I just don't know the answer!  I'd love to hear from other moms of 2, especially if anyone has anything reassuring on that one!

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    Siena - I second Baby 411 for a good all things newborn reference. It's very easy to find answers to any questions you have and is divided up nicely into sections like eating, sleeping, etc.

    Thistleflower - I just wanted to say I am pregnant with my second as well and have been experiencing the same anxiety. Everything from how am I going to sleep with 2 to how am I going to love this second baby as much as I love my first? I've been feeling more down overall this time around and I'm not sure why (I am having a girl this time and have a boy and people tell me you are more emotional with a girl - old wives tale I'm sure). I have 7 weeks to go and there are days where I'm so sick of being pregnant and can't wait to be done and days when I'm terrified of it being over. I'm with you on needing some reassurance from moms with two (or more).

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    Lissa and Rama - good to hear!  I'm 34 or 35 weeks now, and last Monday he was head up and on Friday he was head down.  So I was very pleased!  However, I would not be at all surprised if he flips again.  I can see so much motion happening, plus they said on Friday that the fluid is a little high, so I feel like he still has a lot of room to roam.  I really really really want him to stay head down, but I also kind of enjoy hanging off the couch.  :)  And I will definitely try the version if it comes to that - they said they wouldn't even consider it until after 36 weeks.

    Siena - I didn't read any books before DD was born because they stressed me out, but I did practice diapering and swaddling a stuffed animal.  The book I had after that I liked best was the updated Dr. Spock.  It isn't a book you'd sit down and read, it's more like a reference guide.  I liked looking things up in it, and it also seemed more factual than advice (although I'm sure that it still has a perspective).  Someone also gave us the Dr. Sears book, and I used it as a reference occasionally, but I hated it because it came off so judgy.  The only other thing I wished I had looked up / tried before the baby was born was nursing stuff.  I don't know if a class or a book would have been the best bet (or maybe the internet?), but I wished I had known more about how latching works, seen a video maybe of a "good" latch on, and practiced how to hold a baby for nursing.  When they handed me DD and had me give it a go, I had NO idea what position to hold her in and it was super awkward.

    Thistle - congratulations!  #2 is not due for another month, but I just wanted to tell you that I had the same worries, especially earlier in this pregnancy.  They have settled down, but it was definitely a different set of concerns at the start of the second pregnancy.

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    If you're curious about breast feeding - take a class.  That was probably the best prenatal class we took before my first - gave us ideas of holds, what to expect, etc.  Much better than any book could do.

    As for having 2, it's totally doable.  I have a 5 year old and almost 3 year old and #3 is on the way.  WE wouldn't have gone for #3 if we couldn't have handled the 2 we already have, and we feel pretty comfortable.  You lose a little more of your personal time / space, but the two kids totally makes up for it.  I'm a bit nervous now about 3, as they'll outnumber us.  But, I'm hoping the older ones will help out as much as they claim to want to (which also means simply playing together so I can tend to the baby at times).

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    Most of the books I read (at least parts of) have already been mentioned - Baby Bargains; Happiest Baby on the Block; Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child.  I also read What to Expect the First Year.  I had only read a little of Happiest Baby when I received a free copy of the DVD, so learned some good infant tips from that.  Later, I found HSHHC very helpful - a little confusing, but overall I believe it helped to get DD in a good routine and to sleep through the night early on.

    As some others have mentioned, I found books helpful in some ways, but in other ways I learned a lot more from this message board and friends and family.  Personally, I would highly recommend reading up on sleep.

    We also went to a one-time newborn care course before the baby was born.  Probably 75% of the stuff I already knew, but it was good for DH to hear things from a nurse's mouth instead of mine.  I feel like he took it more seriously than if I would have told him not to do certain things.  And hey I learned 25% more :o)

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    highly recommend the american pediatric association book your baby's first year (or something like that) - basically a big reference guide with basic, useful info (e.g. - how to bathe a newborn, feeding guidelines, etc.).

    finally checking in on the boards after having DS on 3/8! had a pretty bad c-section experience this time around; i think the dr did something wrong when entering and DS ended up in the nicu due to swallowing some fluid and low blood count.  and to top it off, now my incision is infected.  :(  weird b/c my first c-section (with the twins) was FINE with no complications same doctor.  i'm definitely annoyed.  but the good news is DS is fine, big and super easy so far, so if only my recovery was going as planned things would be great!  :-/

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    Congrats, Stef!  So sorry about the infection and the complications...we never really know what's going on down there.  Hope you're able to rest and recover a little bit, although I know having two two year olds all over you and the baby probably makes that a challenge! 

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    Congrats, Stef! Sorry to hear your recovery has been rough -- that can't be easy to deal with having a newborn and twins. Thinking of you!

    WPP, so glad you told your families! I recommend the book "The Panic-Free Pregnancy" to your DH. It helped me relax early on in my pregnancy.

    Thanks everyone on the tips re: baby clothes and books. Very helpful!

    AFM, I got some bad work news this week. I may not have a job to come back to after my maternity leave due to my firm having serious financial problems. Not what I wanted to hear at 34 weeks pregnant. There's also a chance nothing will happen or I might be able to come back part-time. I'm having a really hard time dealing with the stress and uncertainty of the situation. They didn't even give me a timeframe as to when a decision will be made. On the bright side, it is really putting my other concerns into perspective -- it really doesn't matter if the nursery is not cute enough, etc.

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    Congratulations, Stef!  Although sorry to hear the recovery is so unpleasant.  I have my fingers crossed for you that once you're physically on the mend, the new LO will be fun for you.

    JL - sorry to hear your stressful news as well.  :(

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    Congrats on all the new pregnancies - WPP and thistle.  Congrats on seeing the heartbeat WPP.  That is so exciting!!

    And congrats on the birth of your new little guy stefani!  I'm sorry the recovery is so rough!  As if having twins and a newborn isn't stressful enough!

    jl - sorry to hear that your employment situation is up in the air - definitely stressful!

    AFM- 26 weeks and things are going well.  Had a dr appt yesterday and was shocked that I passed my glucose tolerance test.  I failed it my last pregnancy but passed the 3-hour test, so I was prepared for the same thing this time.  What a relief.  Ultrasound was good - baby is estimated at almost 2 pounds, which puts her in the 26th percentile.  This baby could be at risk for low birthweight due to having a 2-blood-vessel cord (instead of 3), so as long as she stays on this track, I'm thrilled.  Still getting my weekly progesterone shots too as a therapy to hopefully prevent pre-term birth  - although yesterday's shot was the most painful one I've had yet. Ouch!  I just have to keep reminding myself it is a means to an end and I'd get 50 shots if it would get this baby to full-term!

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    Congratulations stefani on your baby! I'm sorry that the delivery was complicated, and I hope you are on the road to a speedy recovery from the surgery & infection.  How frustrating! 

    JL--I'll keep my fingers crossed for your job stability!

    ALS--glad your appt went well and baby is on track!  We're at the same gestational point, but my doctor isn't doing my GTT until 29 weeks.  It seems late, but I trust her and I'm not at particularly elevated risk for GD, although I know you can never tell since pregnancy can cause it in women with no other risk factors.

    Thanks for all the book suggestions!  I'm keeping a list.  My plan is to get them from my local library and page through them, then order copies of whatever seems useful for repeated reference.  This plan may be foiled by the fact that the first one I checked (Happiest Baby on the Block) already has like 15 holds on it already!  Hmph.  

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    Congratulations Stefani! I hope your recovery starts getting better. I'm sure the snuggles from your little man are helping! 

    JL - Hopefully your work situation gets straightened out! Maybe it will be a blessing in disguise if you get more time with your little one. (If there has to be a bright side...)

    ALS - Yay for passing your glucose test! What a relief!

    Siena - I didn't get my glucose test done until almost week 29 either. Also, does your library have the Happiest Baby on the Block DVD? I've heard that it's just as good as the book, maybe better if you're a visual learner.

    The admin assistant asked me today how much longer I'll be able to fit into the shirt I'm wearing. I cannot get over the things that people think are okay to say to a pregnant woman that they would NEVER say to anyone else. For the record, this shirt fits fine. It's not pulling or short or anything.

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    lol chiclet - that admin, i can't believe she asked that!!! 

    thank you all for the well wishes.  :)  the visiting nurse came today to change the "dressing" (eew) on the incision and it feels better already so things are looking up!  :)


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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    ALS, regarding the shots - while I've never been pregnant I did have to get every other week shots for about 6 or so months in my feet and sometimes it starts to hurt because you 'know' it's going to hurt (because honestly, it does) so then you tense up, making it hurt SO MUCH more.  So I would sit and say a little quiet mantra 'relax, soft, relax, relax' and close my eyes and it helped.  One time I had a different doctor do the shot and he 'talked me through it' (he works with pediatric patients mostly) and by the time he said 'ok, I'm going to spray this stuff on your foot, and then wait a second, then I'll put it in, but slowly, you might feel it a little' blah blah I was so ON EDGE that it really hurt.  My other doctor would spray the stuff, wait the minute or so, then grab my foot and insert needle.  Not jab, just insert with alacrity.  SO MUCH better.  Also having him do that didn't give me much time to tense up, and if I did I'd do my 'relax, relaaaaaxxxxx' thing.

    Perhaps this will help you?

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    Thanks for the advice CT!  I usually don't have a problem with getting shots - but I think maybe they are starting to get to me - mentally and physically.  I will try to be more relaxed.  :)