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March 2013 Pregnancy

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    Congrats, Stefani, on your new DS! So glad to hear he is doing well after a bit of a nerve-wracking start. I'm so sorry the c-section didn't go well this time; I hope the rest of your recovery is easier and swift!

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    Stefani, congratulations!  Sounds like you guys are having a tough start, but it's wonderful that your DS is doing so well now.  Good luck with the rest of your recovery. 

    crackersandcheese, and the others who responded to my worries about having two, thanks--I appreciate hearing from some people with two that it's doable, and also it's nice to know that I'm not alone in being worried! 


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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    Congrats on the baby boy Stefani!  I hope things continue to improve!

    JL - Sorry about the job situation.  I know it is probably impossible not to worry, but maybe it will all work out ok.

    Siena - I would second (third) a lot of the books already mentioned.  I liked Weissbluth's Healthy Sleep Habits book (I think it really helped us establish a schedule), Happiest Baby on the Block has some great tips (I was obsessed with swaddling), and I also occasionally used Baby 411.

    AFM, I am at 36 weeks as of today, and my feet are swollen all of a sudden.  I can't remember when the swelling happened last time.  Is this a little early to be swollen??

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    Congrats, Stefani! Sorry to hear about the C-section and infection. :( Did they put you on antibiotics? And your DS is doing well now?

    Thanks for the book rec, JL, I'll check it out! I hope your job situation works out. I'm not one of the "it's meant to be" people, but I do believe in turning lemons into lemonade--maybe you'll have more time during your maternity leave to check out options if necessary (admittedly I have no idea what it's like to have an infant!) and spend the time you'd like with your newborn?

    Memes, my SIL is also 36 weeks (maybe 35) and having intense swelling and carpal tunnel issues too. IN the pre-natal massage certification I took (I'm a massage therapist), they recommended keeping your feet elevated to allow the edema to flow backward and not pool in the feet. Good luck!

    I think over the next two weeks we'll start telling close friends. Is that too early/am I crazy? I'm a little over 9 weeks. When did you start telling? If I can corral my mom, I want to keep it off facebook until after we find out the gender. 

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    WPP - I told people as I saw them. It worked out for me at like 8 or 9 weeks that most of my close friends were going to be together anyway, so it made sense. For us, it basically came down to "Who would be supportive in the worst case scenario?" If we didn't think the person could be supportive, we didn't say anything until after we heart the heartbeat at the midwife's office. We didn't tell DH's grandparents like 15 weeks because we didn't trust them to keep it a secret. (And DH's grandmother has a well-documented history of saying mean things to me and I didn't want to give her the opportunity to say the wrong thing if something went wrong.) I kept it off Facebook until week 18 or something. I actually set the permissions so that people couldn't write on my wall but I honestly don't think I had to do that. Every we told was really understanding that Facebook was off-limits. 

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    Thanks for the support re: the job situation, everyone. I'm hopeful it'll all work out. I'm trying to use my Hypnobirthing visualization techniques to visualize the outcome I want.

    WPP -- I told my parents at 11 weeks, and told close friends (those who knew about my miscarriages) between 7 and 12 weeks. We let people start spreading the word at 14 weeks. I have yet to put anything on FB. At this point, I'll probably just post a photo introducing the baby to the FB world once he's born. For me, I find it easier to tell people I've had a m/c if they didn't know I was pg. But hopefully you don't need to worry about that since your numbers are good and you've seen the heartbeat.

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    WPP--I told my parents, siblings, and best friend right away each time and don't regret that.  (Second pregnancy esp was some scary s*** from the perspective of my own health, and I felt they needed to know what was going on and I needed their support. Knowing it could recurr, I followed the same strategy this time around.) 

    My DH went ahead and told most people he talks to after our early risk assessment/NT scan at 13 weeks.  I told 2 more close friends after the NT scan, but that was it.  I told my colleagues and (the rest of) my friends at around 19 weeks, i.e. after my anatomy scan.  

    We have so far kept it off FB, and don't plan on "announcing" anything there until after baby is born. Initially, I made DH communicate a moratorium on congratulatory FB posts, since I was waiting to tell my co-workers for several weeks after he decided to share the news.  At this point, it wouldn't really bother me if someone else posted something about it, but it just hasn't happened.

    Anyway, it all depends on your own comfort level, and I tried to just keep in mind who I would be willing to communicate with if things didn't go as we hoped.  At some point, you lose that option because people need to know or they will figure it out anyway, but I preferred to maintain it as long as possible.  

    ...sorry that was a long-winded answer!  

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    Anyone else fairly far along who is keeping active, but wondering if/when they should cut back? I'm 32 weeks tomorrow, and I've been going to the gym 3 times a week the whole pregnancy, usually doing the elliptical for cardio, and I'm in the last third of a prenatal yoga class. But it seems like the last couple of times I've worked out, it just takes so much out of me. Like the whole next day I have zero energy. I've slowly lowered the intensity as I've gotten further along, and today I just did 20 minutes instead of 30, but I'm wondering if I should just give up on the cardio and stick with the yoga. I must say that overall, I am feeling better than I did with DD, when I wasn't really exercisng at all. For example, I don't feel winded just bringing laundry upstairs, which I know I did towards the end (although it might have been more like 36-38 weeks) with DD. 

    My OB and NP think I should "keep exercising until you can't" but I'm starting to wonder if the trade off of total exhaustion the next day is worth it. Any thoughts from others who are/have been in a similar situation?


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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    amy-lynn, I think doing less each workout is a good idea, or doing fewer workouts per week.  I would try that before you stop altogether, and that way you'll see if you really do need to stop.  (Also, I have to ask--have you had your iron checked recently?  I was really dragging by my third trimester in my last pregnancy, and it turned out I was a little anemic.  I started taking an extra supplement and immediately had way  more energy.)  

    I'm only 14 weeks but trying really hard to keep running, which is pretty much all I do for exercise.  So far so good, although a little more bladder control would be nice.

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    Thistle, an avid runner friend of mine actually ran 5 miles (down progressively from her regular 20) the day she ended up giving birth.  She wore 3 jog bras at a time, lol, and her doc gave her the go ahead as long as she felt ok, which she did.  You'll be encouraged to know that she told me her non-drug birth experience, "wasn't that bad."

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    Amy-lynn, I am impressed you are still working out at that level!  I wish I was doing the same. I am only doing 20 minute pregnancy videos or a short walk like twice a week.  My last pregnancy I was probably doing 3-4 days per week and for closer to 30-40 minutes.  I did scale it back or just go slower depending on how I felt each day.  I don't remember it really affecting me the next day though.

    My swelling seems to be a little better.  And I went out and bought new shoes yesterday, so that is helping too.

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    amy-lynn, impressive job keeping with the workouts.  Do you feel wiped during/right after the workout, or just the next day?  Is it possible that if it's just the next day, you need either more calories or more water than you think in order to compensate for the workout?

    Please keep in mind that I have NO idea what I'm talking about!  I do feel more agile/active in this pregnancy, but a lot of that has to do with keeping up with DD.  Mostly getting up and down a lot, walks, playing chase, and throwing around my 27 pound weight.  :)  Oh, and the mandatory dance parties.  But I have not been vigilant about keeping up more formal workouts, even the prenatal Pilates DVD's I was so excited about.

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    Amy-Lynn, I'm in awe that you're still working out! If you're feeling like it's too much, I might try taking a day off mid-week and see how it goes. (But I do agree with Med that maybe bumping up your food or water may help too.)

    I was totally wrong about my little one flipping to tranverse. I was right about where his head and feet are, but his torso is above his head, not next to it, like I thought. I thought babies hung out all scrunched up, but not this one. His legs are laying straight across my belly. No couch hanging for me! I have to do the GBS screening and another anemia test at my next appointment, so of course I'm freaking out. I need to ask if being GBS positive will risk me out of being able to use the birthing center. I'm also really upset at the prospect of having an IV the entire time. I know that's how 99% of women give birth, but I'm still completely grossed out about it. (And yet the idea of pushing a little person out of me doesn't gross me out at all. How does that happen?)

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    Chiclet, I totally understand not wanting an IV the whole time.  I learned at my last appointment that I tested positive for Strep B, which is going to mean that I will need antibiotics during labor, and I was surprised by how upset I was because I thought it would mean constant IV fluids.  (It turns out I'll just need them for 20 mins. or so every four hours, so I'll need an IV port in my arm but I won't need to be attached to the thing the whole time.)  I did have an IV the whole time when I gave birth to my daughter because I was induced, and while I wasn't happy about it while I was in early labor because it made it really hard to move around or walk around outside of my room, once things were really underway it didn't bother me.  I actually kind of held onto the pole for support during contractions.  I think in practice once things are really moving you'll be too focused to care, but I totally get wanting freer movement, especially if your goal is as intervention-free a birth as possible. 

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    Chiclet - I think you were the one who is more than a little squeamish with medical stuff?  Like me?  If that's one of your concerns with the IV, I can tell you that with DD I was also freaked out by that when I was worrying ahead of time, but once I was actually in labor, it was a non-issue.  I barely even noticed them doing it because I was focused on other stuff.  :)

    How does it work with group B strep if you are trying to labor at home as long as possible?  I didn't have it with DD, but my plan currently is to wait to go to the hospital as long as possible.  Haven't been tested for it yet, I think that's next week.

    AFM, doing well.  Another non-stress test yesterday and everything was great.  This kid is active!  But he's stayed head down for over a week so I'm hopeful.  They did say at my last ultrasound on Friday that the fluid is a little too high, and that does mean he has more possibility of flipping, but on the other hand they had to go pretty far down to get his head measurement!

    This morning I bought a yogurt with an expiration date that's after my due date.  Yikes... it's soon!

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    Medford, I actually don't know how it works with Strep B if you want to labor at home as long as possible.  Last time I was negative for it, and I was induced so didn't labor at home at all.  This time I tested positive at my first midwife appointment, and although I've now been treated for it with antibiotics, they apparently will not retest me and I need antibiotics during labor regardless.  All of which seems really odd to me.  I'll ask when I'm further along whether I can still labor at home (I also would prefer that) or whether they'll want to admit me early.

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    I'm in the home stretch this week, I had my last appointment this morning! It took all of 10 minutes. My C-section is next Wednesday, if she doesn't decide to come sooner. I have one more day physically in office, but will work right up to Tuesday from home. In some ways it is easier having an exact date, but when it comes to finishing up at work it has been very stressful!!

    Any suggestions, as to whether or not to tell DS, who's almost 4, exactly what is happening when we drop him off at the sitter's next Wednesday? He know his baby sister is coming soon, but do we tell him that where we are going Wednesday morning/Tuesday night??

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    med, I was strep B positive with my first and I labored at home for a long time before I went in and it was fine.  I think (though you should ask your doctor) the threshold is something like a half hour or an hour before birth to get the antibiotics into you and have them do what they're supposed to do.  Very few women get to the hospital only an hour before they give birth.  We waited until my water broke and contractions were 3 minutes apart before we went in and it still took almost 8 hours to give birth once we got to the hospital. 

    If you have a choice, request they put the IV/port in your non-dominant arm, or at least, try not to squeeze your partner's hand with the side with the IV.  I ended up all black and blue from tensing around the IV while squeezing DH's hand during contractions.


    SAW, it's entirely your decision what makes the most sense for your son, but we definitely told DD when I was going to the hospital what was happenning.  I wasn't induced, I was just in labor.  I basically told her that I was in labor but that it was going to be a while.  we had already talked about when I went to the hospital Daddy would go with me so she would stay with Grandmom and Grampa.  When I knew I was in labor we packed her bag for the sleepover (I'm a procrastinator haha) and she was very excited.  My mom came to get her she was all excited about sleeping over and going to the beach (they live on the coast and it was summer).  After the baby was born and we knew it was another girl (it had been a surprise) my mom took her to a store to pick out a gift for her new sister. 

    DD was 3 at the time.  She's a pretty laid-back kid and has always been very good understanding time and plans, so we figured she could handle information.  If you know your son might get more stressed out worrying or thinking about things ahead of time you might do differently.

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    Thanks for all the support! I think I might need to up the water, and just stay with cutting down to 20 minutes max. I felt better after just doing 20 minutes Saturday and Tuesday. I also have an appointment on Friday and will ask about iron - never thought about if that might be an issue.

    Good luck to everyone else in the home stretch. I feel like I have so much left to do to get ready for this baby, and zero time in which to do it.

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    I'm glad to hear that others didn't have an issue with the IV. I have a friend who was supposed to get the antibiotics for 4 hours prior to delivery but labored at home a little too long. I don't think she was in the hospital 4 minutes before she had her daughter (literally, she got into the bed, her water broke, and she was ready to push - they didn't even have time to admit her). They took her daughter immediately to check her stats etc because she didn't get the antibiotics. She ended up being fine. But I guess if they don't have enough time to run the antibiotics, you might have to sacrifice some of the immediate skin-to-skin contact on the other side of the delivery. I have a lot of questions to ask at my next appointment, I guess.

    Amy-Lynn - I totally agree. We have so much to do and no time!

    DH's grandmother was just admitted to a hospice house and we've been spending a lot of time with her. I can't complain because we obviously want to have these last few days with her, but it's made for some really long nights and we're not getting anything done at the house. I just feel so worn out! Then waking up all through the night to get comfortable isn't helping matters!

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    Chiclet - I tested positive for Strep B and I was told I needed to be on the IV for 4 hours as well.  This ended up not being an issue for me as I was in the hospital for 14 hours before giving birth.  For me they put in the IV and gave me the antibiotics and once I finished with the bag they unhooked me for a few hours and then 2 hours later hooked me back up to give me another bag.  It was at that point that they started the pitocin for me so I stayed connected to the IV after that. 

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    Just came back from a great doctor's appointment.  I'm 26 weeks now and apparently the twins are huge.  Our smaller petitie princess is in the 90% percentile for weight at 2 lbs 2oz, and our boy is 2 lbs 10 oz which is pretty much off the charts.  The ultrasound tech comment that it looks like he's a porker and eating lots of cheeseburgers haha.

    I also found out that my complete placenta previa which they gave me a less than 5% chance of moving is now downgraded to just a low lying placenta.  So I'm ecstatic it looks like thats not going to be an issue.

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    Congrats on the great news SS!  I bet you are relieved.

    I am sorry to all that are worrying about the GBS.  I luckily tested negative, but I know I would be worried about it too if I was positive.  Hopefully it won't interfere too much.

    I am now 37.5 weeks and starting at 2am last night I was having contractions off and on until the morning.  At first I definitely thought it was early labor because they felt a little stronger than the Braxton Hicks and I was a kind of crampy (but they were still mild in general).  But by the time I actually got out of bed they kind of trailed off.  DH and I DTD last night, so I am not sure if that is what triggered the contractions??  I usually don't get Braxton Hicks if I am laying down.  Has this ever happened to anyone else?  I didn't go to work today so that I could get some rest and to see if anything else happened, but I have been pretty much fine all day...just a little crampy.  Now I feel like I was imagining feeling the contractions last night! I was kind of skeptical while it was happenening because I was 11 days late with my first pregnancy, so this would be very early for me.  I don't think that DH and I DTD this late in my last pregnancy, so I am not sure if that could be what triggered the contractions.  Thoughts?

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    That last post was from me!!

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    Re: March 2013 Pregnancy

    SAW, good luck with your C-section on Wed. 

    SS, that's great news about your twins!

    I'm about 10 1/2 weeks (I think--looking forward to seeing the midwife next Tuesday to find out what my due date really is and how far along I am. I'm mostly guessing at this point). We've started telling more friends and that's been fun. I also just invested in some new bras and that's been life-changing. I feel like I just popped a little bit because I'm definitely on the bella band now and my pooch is looking a little rounder.