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March Pregnancy

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    Re: March Pregnancy

    Medford - thanks for asking!  first appointment actually on Monday, so I'll let you know!

    Love the Bravado bra - I even wore it after I stopped nursing! Like Luv said, it is actually supportive (and I am a 36DDD).
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    Man, my excitement over filling out a B cup seems very sad now.  I'm normally a 34-36 A and was so excited to buy a 36 B once getting pregnant.  Considering all of the ladies on here with large busts I'm wondering, have any of you noticed stretch marks on your breasts since becoming pregnant?  I have a few that just showed up last week and I'm surprised since I haven't increased more than a cup size.
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    Clc - I actually went to the doctor last week with a blocked right ear. It was driving me crazy and I was having serious issues hearing. Unfortunately for me it appears my right Eustachian (spelling?) tube is/was blocked and they basically said I had to wait until it cleared on its own. They reassured me it was common during pregnancy which I was skeptical about since I had never heard of any other pregnant women complaining of this issue- but apparently they were right judging from the fact that several of us have experienced it. Mine is maybe a tad better today. I hope yours clears up too. AFM we had our 18 week u/s today and thankfully the baby is healthy and thriving and weighs 9oz. We found out the gender and we are having another little girl. I am having a little trouble digesting the news. I totally thought we were having a boy and now I'm trying to process the fact that I will have two little girls and (probably) won't experience having a son. DH is surprisingly ok with it but i am a little sad. Is this normal?? I mean I am obviously thrilled that the baby is healthy and excited about the fact that DD will have a sister and I'll get to reuse lots of her adorable clothes etc. but a part of me is a little sad for the boy we won't have. Also - it doesn't help that my MIL has openly said how much she wants a grandson....i didn't have any of these issues with my first I think because it was fresh and new for everyone. I am assuming this will all go away?
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    Thanks, ladies! I just ordered the Bravado in a M and L (I'm too lazy to find a store and try it on Tongue Out). Just in case anyone else is shopping for nursing bras, is running a 20% off promotion.

    Medford, thanks for letting me know I'm not missing something with the Snap 'n Go! Knowing you've had success with the seat tightly strapped in makes me feel better.

    clc, I hope the Sudafed does the trick. My DH has recurring problems with his ears getting clogged, and has taken Sudafed for it (it also usually means it's time for a professional ear cleaning). Having one ear stuffed up must be incredibly annoying.

    I'm sure I've posted about this before, but has anyone dealt with pelvic/upper-inner thigh soreness? It usually happens to me when I'm really active or on my feet more than usual, and I'm definitely paying the price for overdoing it this weekend. I'm limping and can't put full weight on one leg, and am starting to wonder if this could be mild sciatica (I have no idea what sciatica is or what it feels like, though). It is getting REALLY annoying, and this beautiful weather is a tease b/c I'd love nothing more than to go for a walk or run. But it's getting me excited for springtime walks with our LO (next month! holy cow!).
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    I've got you ALL beat with a 36 F/G! And, sorry if this is TMI, but my areolas are so dark now! Did that happen to anyone else?

    Rama, I think what you're feeling is normal. I was THRILLED beyond words to find out I'm having a girl. I would have obviously been happy with a boy, most important is that is a healthy baby, but I can really only picture myself with a little girl. Not to mention I am going NUTS over here trying to stop myself from buying every single little adorable girl outfit I see. I did buy an adorable onesie and leggings for $6 at a consignment shop yesterday. I couldn't help myself. It was $6!!

    And I would LOVE to have two little girls :)
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    Liz - yes. Mine have gotten darker, larger, and more prominent. Ugh.

    Little girl clothes are the cutest. The boy stuff is, too...but if I was buying clothes and decorating a nursery for a baby girl, DH would have to take away my credit card :)
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    Wow, sorry to hear so many of us are dealing with this. So annoying. 

    Rama - I think that's completely normal.  I actually think I'm having a girl but we decided not to find out.  I've already warned DH that I'm worried I will be disappointed if the have a boy.  I am hoping that in the moment all that will matter is that we have a happy, healthy baby but for the time being I'm worrying about impending disappointment.  You're not alone!
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    Rama, even though I'm a FTM and we want more than 1, I will admit that I was a little disappointed when we found out it's a girl...mostly because DH and I had a boy name picked a long time ago, and always referred to our baby as that name, even before I was PG...once we knew there were possible heart troubles though, our focus shifted to wanted a healthy baby and nothing more. I'm not very girly by any means, and my mom and I have had a difficult relationship here and there, so it does make me think about how I will handle it all...but alas, this is what is meant to be and so we are beyond excited to be having a child at all :)

    To you ladies talking about feeling feet, on earth can you tell that's what you're feeling?? I suppose if you know your baby is head down, and feel things in your ribs, I guess it makes sense to say it's our last u/s our baby was breech, and I think she still is. I still feel most movement down pretty low, and get lots of what must be kicks in the bladder and cervix, I believe. At 26 weeks I know it's still early but I worry, what if she doesn't turn??
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    Clc - I'm totally with you on being excited on filling out my small bras! I'm barely still in all of my 32C's and they are getting uncomfortable. I think the smaller the band/the smaller the for many that would be equivalent to an A cup.

    We are not going to find out the gender but both DH and I and pretty much my entire family are expecting a boy. It's funny how EVERYONE calls the baby "he" already. Honestly, it doesn't really matter to me what it is but I'm a little more afraid of having a girl than a boy (although I'm still trying to get my mind around the fact that I am actually pregnant).

    I had never heard of ear problems in pregnancy. Hope all you ladies affected begin feeling better soon.

    Have there been any recent updates from Hugh? I hope she is holding her baby now!
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    summer ... as LO gets bigger and settles into a more defined position you will definitely learn where all the appendages are.  I want to say around 32 weeks DD settled in head down for good.  She was a pro at shoving her feet into my ribs and her knees out the sides.  Sometimes I could actually feel the shape of the bottom of her foot and knew for certain it was a foot.  Other times it was just a lump sticking out of my side and that I assumed was her knee since I knew she was sitting upside down with her legs crossed.  Once DD was born she still liked to be all curled up and I could see exactly how she had been folded in there for the last few weeks.  Whe she had her legs crossed indian style, elbows and knees were very close together spatially, but her knees were stronger. 

    As for nursing bas... I also love the Bravado body silk seamless ... I have always been a small 34B and have the small size.  I've got 2 now and love them.  I like the fact that they are supportive and have a little bit of padding for "shaping" purposes.  I've got several sleep bras.  I like the Gillian and O'Malley sleep bras from target as well as their nursing tanks (have 3 of them and wear them all the time).  I also have a Lamaze brand sleep bra that I like a lot.  I picked up a Medela brand sleep bra on sale, and although it is ok, the straps are "short" and you can't adjust them like on a normal bra, so I probably should have gotten a bigger size. 

    hint for nursing... early on DD's hand would get in the way of learning how to nurse.  I just couldn't help her position her mouth, both hands and my breast.  If we were doing the cross cradle ... I would actually tuck her top arm into my sleep bra that was pulled up over my breast.  It took one obstacle out of the way.  That said, I am a much bigger fan of the reclined nursing position ... definitely look it up because they don't teach it in any classes or at the hospital.  The LaLecheLeague website has a good illustration.
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    Summer, towards the end you can definitely tell.  I swear during week 40 I had some moments I thought I felt individual fingers.  It's hard to imagine in the 2nd trimester, but believe me, you'll be able to tell. 

    I really liked the shelf-style nursing tanks they have at Target for early on around the house.  They aren't great for wearing out (uniboob effect and kind of bouncy) but they're wicked comfortable and they keep your belly covered when you pull your shirt up to nurse.  Plus they're like $10.  I had a more expensive Medela (I think?) nursing bra I got for the hospital, then I accumulated a bunch of different kinds from different stores and different places in an attempt to find ones I liked.  I would say DEFINITELY avoid underwire at first.  Underwire just leads to clogged ducts.  Plus, you wouldn't believe how perky breasts seem when they're full of milk.  Your DHs are going to be going crazy and you're just going to be annoyed and leaky haha.
    I'm a 36D normally but pregnant/breastfeeding I'm a 38DD.  I went back to my normal prepregnancy size when I weaned but they seemed smaller because they were sadder sigh.

    Rama, The Eustachian tube runs between your ear and sinuses somehow.  If you have allergies (even if you don't normally, you tend to be more sensitive when you're pregnant) I bet your ear thing is a result of irritation in your sinuses. That's probably why they won't give you anything--it's not an ear infection, just general stuffiness from the rest of your head making you uncomfortable.

    The sciatic nerve runs on both sides from your lower spine, through your butt muscle, through the hole in your pelvis down the back of your femur.  If your pain is in front it is not sciatica.  Sciatica starts at the very lower center of your back (for some people--mine skips this step) and runs down the top of your butt muscle. When it's mild it just hurts.  Eventually, it can hurt down the back of your thigh too.  If the nerve gets pinched enough you will actually not be able to pick your leg up as well and it will get a little tingly/numb/but still hurt. 
    With my first pregnancy I had a LOT of trouble and my leg would stop working suddenly and I'd have to drag it behind me as I attempted to walk.  It was ridiculous.  I think it was just how she was, though.  I've had some sciatica this time around but nothing that bad.
    Child's pose and cat/cow pose always help.
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    Mama--congrats & welcome!  I don't have great advice for morning sickness besides the usual.  (eat small meals at regular intervals, try tangy hard candies, ginger, saltines, zofran...)

    question: did any of you experience lower back pain in early pregnancy?  I've been having this for the past week, and I'm completely bewildered by it.  I can't figure out the biological mechanism for it, since obviously during the 6th week there is no extra weight to support.  The first night I experienced it, I was terrified--during my last pg, I had no back pain until the day before my mc. Now I'm beginning to think it's just its own thing and not a sign of impending disaster, but would love to hear from anyone who experienced the same.  And any tips for relief would be equally appreciated. Yoga has been failing me, which is atypical. 

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    Re: March Pregnancy

    siena  - could it be weird gas or constipation? 
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    lissa--hmm... I don't think so because I haven't had much in the way of either of those symptoms.  

    maybe there is some story here about hormones loosening the ligaments around my lower back/pelvis?  or maybe it is just an unusual, random thing that has nothing to do with this pregnancy, i suppose.  oh well. 

    i took another pg test yesterday to try to see if there was any evidence of hormones crashing in the wrong direction, but i got a fat dark test line that popped up even before the control line formed.  of course, i know that i had enough HCG to make a pg test positive for 3 weeks after my last loss, so it's not that reassuring, but I figure in early pregnancy, you may be more likely to see HCG fadeout before a m/c since the levels don't have nearly as far to drop. 

    ...okay, now it's just my anxiety rambling... thanks for listening! sigh.  on the upside, this week has been going better overall; nightmares are abating (knock on wood).
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    Siena - I also experienced a lot of hip pain at the start of my pregnancy. It was around 7 weeks and both of my hips ached for about two days. It felt differently than pulling a muscle it was just a constant ache. Luckily it went away on it's own and even though I hadn't gained any weight at that point I just attributed it to things moving around in my pelvic region. I hope yours goes away soon! Summer - I am not certain it was a foot but considering the kicks I was getting intermittently it seemed like it had to be a foot. I ended up calling my OB because the sudafed did nothing for me. He suggested I go in to see my PCP and make sure I don't have an ear infection. I've never had an ear infection before so I'm glad I'm getting checked out tomorrow morning.
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    Siena - I had some lower back pain at first as well. I think it was from a combination of sitting too much because I was so exhausted and my bed from trying to sleep on my side. We have a memory foam topper that is really soft, but so comfortable if you sleep on your back. Once we took it off my back started to feel a lot better, but still got the pain once in a while. Taking a walk at lunch time also seemed to help. Not sure if it's the same thing as what you're experiencing, but good luck! 
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    When are you supposed to register for the childbirth classes and when should you take them? I am due 9/13 and will have family visiting for the month of July - they will be staying an hour away from the hospital. We are planning to take a week to stay with them, as well as every weekend. The classes are on Sunday evenings. I'm not sure if we should risk waiting and taking the classes in August (last one is 8/26) or deal with the hassle of driving back and forth and making sure that we leave early enough each Sunday to make it on time. We could also do it in June but it seems really early to me. I would really appreciate any advice!
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    Cici - we did ours early because it was the only time that worked for DH.  He coaches basketball and baseball so I knew that I had to schedule us for the February class that was between the two seasons.  Most of the people in our class were due in late March or early April.  I don't think it really matters so much when you get the information.  If taking it in June would make your life easier I would say go for it.

    AFM, just got back from my PCP.  I don't have an ear infection but I do have a lot of fluid in my ears.  She suggested that I take sudafed for a few days to see if it clears up and if not she would like to put me on Prednisone. Unfortunately, I'm not willing to do either or those so I'm just going to tough it out.  For now my ear is unblocked so hopefully it stays that way.  For any others that are going through this what ended up working for me is holding my ear over a steaming cup of water.
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    Cici - I can't remember exactly how far along I was when we went to the childbirth class, but I would say it was 34 weeks at the earliest.  I think August would be fine for you, but maybe do it early in August to ease your mind? 

    I just re-read your post and it sounds like the class you are considering is on several Sundays?  We did a one-day Saturday class, which I felt was sufficient after all of the info I had read on here :o)  Not sure if that is an option for you.
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    Hey cici - we just finished our last childbirth class when I was at 36 weeks exactly.  I think my practice recommends finishing your class roughly a month before your due date. If it were me, I'd probably do the later class, since you'll still be ~3 weeks from your due date at that point, right? There was a couple in our class who finished at 37 weeks. Whatever will be least stressful for you! DH and I took a series of 4 classes and really liked it - I think he was dreading the thought of spending 12 hours in childbirth class, but wound up really enjoying it and learning a ton (much more than I did, as Fram says, thanks to all I've learned here ;)

    clc, what a pain...I'm sorry about the fluid-ear situation. I hope your ear stays unblocked.

    Totally random, and I'm sure many of you get emails from BrUs, but they are running a deal this Saturday only - buy 2 value packs of Pampers and get $25 off. I'm new to the diaper-buying game, but this seems like a really good deal!
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    I second Fram.  We took a one day class and it was more than sufficient. However, my approach to child birth was that I basically did whatever the nurses/docs recommended - I wanted an epidural and was open to getting any other drugs etc. that the docs recommended (ie pitocin etc.) - so the childbirth class was basically a way for me to know what to expect, and when to expect it. They did provide some breathing techniques, which I used for the short time that I was in pain, but it was more helpful in terms of becoming educated on the order of how things progress in terms of dialation etc. and having a hospital tour.  We took ours at NWH where we delivered DD #1 but I think Isis offers them as well. However, if you are planning an all-natural, drug free birth or otherwise have a strong feeling about how you want the birth to go, then maybe a multi-day class is best. 

    In terms of timing, I'd personally recommend June over August if it's a multi-week class. Just because you'll have more energy and be able to endure sitting in a classroom for longer period of time.  If it's a single day class, then early August is ok but I'd definitely schedule it for before 35 weeks.  No harm in knowing the info early!
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    Siena, around 7-8 weeks I started feeling this pinching feeling in the lower left side of my back whenever I would put weight on my left foot. Only being 7-8 weeks a long I was a little baffled, but it eventually went away. It may just be your body gearing up for a pregnancy? SO much goes on inside.

    And, it's ok to worry, it is totally natural. The minute I was 19 weeks I got pretty bad abdominal pains, so I called my OB and she assured me it was RLP, which is very common in the second trimester, but I still freaked out! I'm also starting to obsess about her movements. At 20.5 weeks I know it is normal to only feel them every so often, but I get all worked up when I feel her a lot one day and then not so much the next. I know for a fact that the whole kick counting is totally going to stress me out.

    Last night was the first night when my hips started bothering me during sleep. I bought the snoogle, but it is hard for me to get used to, but propping a pillow between two legs does help. Although, I have not been sleeping AT ALL this week. I toss and turn from one side to the other every 30 minutes. I'm having problems where my hip gets totally numb if I lay on it for too long. Any one else having sleeping issues? Someone at work said "Well get used to not sleeping!!!!!" annoying! 

    ETA: Due July 27 and taking our CBC on May 19th. We were just too busy in June. I will only be around 30ish weeks, but I'm ok with that. Not to frighten anyone, but one of my friends had her class scheduled for 36 weeks and gave birth literally 2 days before the class!
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    Thanks for the input! I'm looking at the natural childbirth classes offered at NWH. They take place over 4 weeks, no one day options. There are more options for regular childbirth classes but I figure that I'd like to try to go natural and I'm afraid of not getting enough information on that from the regular class. The price is the same and the natural class provides information on drugs too so it just seems like the better choice. I'll see if I can convince DH to go to the June class since the August one finishes when I'm 37.5 weeks.

    clc - I hope your ears clear up! It sounds really uncomfortable.
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    Cici - Sounds like the multi day class is right for you!  Definitely go for June.  I had my DD at 37 weeks, three days because my water broke.  She was my first and there were no  signs at any of my weekly appointments with the OB that I was ready to go. In fact, at my 37 week appointment, which was within 24 hours of my water breaking, my doctor said that my cervix was high and closed and said she didn't think I would go anytime soon! HA!  Lesson learned: better be prepared anytime after 36 weeks to go early... Besides if you take the class in June you will have time to reflect on all of the information you learn at the class!   GL convincing DH!

    As an aside, I had a wonderful experience at NWH. The nurses are so supportive of everyone's personal choices and they even have whirlpools in the birthing rooms if you want to try to relax during labor. 
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    cici & liz--thanks!  I thought it was okay to sleep on my back until into the second trimester?  is there a risk to back sleeping in the first tri?  I probably spend most of the night on my side anyway, but there is a lot of tossing and turning involved.  My DH had the idea to order a bolster pillow to try to place between my knees (side sleeping) or under my knees (back sleeping), so I'll see if that helps.