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March Pregnancy

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    Re: March Pregnancy

    In Response to Re: March Pregnancy:
    The room we are using for the baby's room was already painted yellow when we moved in 3 years ago (the people we bought our house from had their baby's room there as well). So we decided it'd be less work for us to just leave it, it would serve either a boy or a girl. As far as themes go I knew I wanted something nature inspired, but NOT jungle/safari/butterflies/flowers. After lots of internet searching I finally came upon it...birds! Took a bit to convince DH as apparently birds are bad luck in Italian/Portuguese superstitions...but finally he relented and I won :-P  So we got this set from PB: I have a cute mirror hanging up too, and some other wall decorations. I figure it's a good combination of  being natural AND feminine. Also, gotta share that I passed my 1 hour glucose test today- woo! I was so worried I'd fail...but I passed by one point- still counts! Also it's hitting me that time is going by very quickly...our OB appts are now every two weeks, and the office gave us our hospital pre-registration forms...where has the time gone?? I'm starting to think of things to pack in my hospital bag and ordered some items online from Walmart- some cheapy pajamas and a simple robe.
    Posted by summerbride09

    I'm jealous that time is going by so fast for you. I feel like I have been pregnant FOREVER. I have 18 weeks left and that seems so far away!
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    Summer - I have an appointment Friday and then move to every two weeks as well.  It's amazing how quickly that happened!  Congrats on passing the glucose test.

    AFM, in the past two days I've gone through another growth spurt.  My belly has gotten significantly bigger and my belly button is almost flat.  It's weird because DH has been waiting for that to happen and he's pretty excited.  Apparently the flat belly button makes me look more pregnant in his eyes. Also, we finally decided on a boys name.  I won and we are going with my late grandfather's name.  So happy that's decided! We've had our girls name picked out for over a year and now DH wants to consider others. Grrr looks like that one will come down to a game time decision.

    ETA: I'm also becoming increasingly more hormonal.  I was dealing with an issue at work yesterday and instead of being mad about it, which would be my normal reaction, I got all weepy. I'm never like that at work so it really took me by surprise.  I'm sure these last few weeks should be fun!
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    Summer - congrats on passing the glucose test! It sounds like you and clc are in the home stretch!!!

    Liz - sorry your pregnancy seems so long. How are you feeling lately?

    So today is a semi sad day for me. I got to work and realized that there's no way I can make it through the day with my favorite pants buttoned :( I already lost my favorite jeans, but they were only for my skinny days anyway. I think I might be gaining weight too fast. I'll be 15 weeks tomorrow. Is that normal timing for your pants to start getting tight? I thought I had until closer to 20 weeks.
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    Cici - I found that it's definitely different for everyone.  I popped quickly and was in maternity pants full time between 13-15 weeks.  Once I made the switch I was so happy.  Hopefully you'll start loving your maternity clothes.  I recommend going for the full-panel pants right away.  I'm still wearing the same ones that I was wearing at 13 weeks and they are still comfortable.  I tried the 2 inch band jeans and didn't make it past 18 weeks with those so they weren't worth the money in my opinion.
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    Hello ladies, late to the party but only 5 weeks. I wanted to wait until the official doctor confirmation before joining the pg board lol. Waiting on my 1st appt at 10 weeks and going through the mgh system for care. Feeling pretty good so far, waiting for the dreaded morning sickness to strike. Hope everything is going well for everyone too.
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    15 weeks sounds normal to me, cici, for not being able to button your pants.  A bloated tummy (not necessarily a big weight gain) happens long before your baby is big enough to be the actual source of the extra girth.
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    Summer - Congrats on passing your test!  I just came from the doctors and when I go back in 4 weeks Ill have that test as well as a shot because I am RH-.

    I am glad everyone nursery's are coming along.  Last weekend we started a renovation and have ripped out all the walls and ceilings upstairs.  Luckily our bedroom is downstairs so the renovation isnt really interrupting us except for all the storage stuff is now in our dinning room.  Also yesterday we found a very large sink hole is our back yard!  Its about 6-8 feet deep and 4 feet wide.  It was the old grey water tank that was supposed to be filled in that wasnt.  So happy that we werent walking the dogs over it!  We could have fallen in!  That wouldnt have been good!

    Cici - I was in maternity clothes early, like 10 weeks.  I agree with Clc about the full panel pants.  I have a few of the thick banded pants and they are SOOOOOOO uncomfortable.  I spent a lot of money on pair and now feel like I have to wear them.  I regret it everytime. 

    Fuzzy - Congrats!  And welcome to the board!
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    CiCi, I started on maternity clothes this pregnancy at about 18 weeks but stopped wearing jeans around 15 weeks (in favor of leggings and dress pants that were a size too big!).  Don't worry about it and enjoy those maternity pants.  I personally love not being uncomfortable anymore.

    Love all the talk about nurseries.  Last night DH and I had a long discussion and ultimately decided we are going to leave DD#1 in her room with her furniture (she has a crib that ultimately converts into a full sized bed), and buy new furniture/crib for DD#2.  We were really torn because it seemed silly to buy a new crib when we already have one and DD#1 is likely going to move into a bed soon but the way the rooms are sized with DD#1's room bigger than DD#2's room, it makes more sense to buy a new crib/dresser etc. that fits into the room we will use for DD#2 than try to cram big furniture into a small room. So, that said, I started looking at cribs last night.  What cribs do you guys like? I really like the looks of the Pali Mantova from Babies R Us but they don't show it in the store.  Did anyone order furniture from Babies R us sight unseen?
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    Thanks ladies, you are making me feel better! My mom told me that I would be able to wait to go shopping until we go on vacation in about 3 weeks so I just didn't expect to start outgrowing my clothes before then. Luckily I still have some pants that fit and my sister shipped me a bunch of clothes that should arrive soon so hopefully that will tide me over until then.
    Question about the full panel - doesn't it get really hot in the summer? Are there other alternatives? I'm hoping to find some work appropriate long skirts and dresses so I can avoid the full panel pants when it's too hot outside.

    Fuzzy - congrats and welcome!!!
    Pugs - that's so scary about the sink hole! Glad everyone is ok.
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    Hi girls, I friended most of you on FB finding you through the parents page. So, if you get a friend request from someone named Liz, thats me. And please feel free to ignore it if you would like :)

    ETA: Cici, I was sad when I had to switch but now I like looking pregnant, I actually feel pregnant instead of fat! Although people do stare, which I don't understand. Never seen a pregnant lady before?? And, it just seems like my pregnancy is going by slow, but in reality 21 weeks is a long time.

    Going shopping this weekend and just ordered a bunch of tanks from Old Navy. I have ZERO maternity spring/summer clothes. Luckily I can wear jeans to work so I am wearing my maternity jeans rolled up today, haha.
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    Cici, dresses are my best friend now.  I'm 16 weeks and am just starting to not fit into my regular clothes.  Empire waist dresses are my favorite thing.  I actually bought a couple at Target last week in the regular section, $20/each, that should last a while.  The problem with some of the maternity shirts/dresses is that they're designed for a decent bump, so if you don't have one yet, they can fall a little funny.  The empire dresses are comfy, allow me not to suck anything in, and last time, lasted me quite a while.  Fortunately they're still "in"! 

    Last time I had a black, gray and navy, and wore them with different colored cardigans and jewelry.  My office is business casual, so I'm lucky not to have to deal with suits or that kind of thing. 
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    I'm sure they work great since empire waisted dresses make me look pregnant, like this one from the Gap.
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    Fuzzy - congrats! Welcome to the boards and best of luck at your first appointment.

    Rama - we went with a Carter's crib from Target and love it. It was really easy to put together and looks great in our nursery.  We actually got it on sale for about $130.  Of course now it's shown as out of stock but I believe it's available from Walmart too.

    Pugs - so scary about the sink hole.  Glad nothing more tragic happened.  Good luck with the glucose test!

    Cici - I did the elastic band trick for a few weeks to get me through.  Could that work with your work pants?  As long as I had on a long shirt or tank top no one could see.  I agree with Kar that it's most likely bloating and mine seemed to vary during the day.  In the morning my pants would fit fine but by the afternoon I was unpopping that button.
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    Hey cici - I was definitely wearing maternity clothes at least part-time at that point. Do you have a belly band? I found myself expanding too quickly to get a ton of use out of mine, but it's definitely come in handy (in fact, I wore it last weekend with some formerly loose black pants, and it worked at 36 weeks along!). I agree with the others - it's all about the full panel. I never bothered with the shorter panel, and I'm still wearing my full-panel jeans. Personally, I think it's worthwhile to splurge on a great pair of jeans that you really like. I bought a pair of Pea in the Pod jeans at Motherhood Maternity and have gotten a ton of wear out of them.

    In terms of summertime stuff, right now I'm wearing some non-maternity long empire-waisted dresses, like kar and luverlboy mentioned (in fact, I'm wearing one from Target right now!). The only problem is my b00bs are busting out of them! I recently found a non-maternity jersey knit long skirt at Marshall's that I'm in love with - it has a foldover elastic waist, so it folds beneath my bump, is super-comfortable, and looks semi-dressed-up while hiding my cankles and ever-present flats/flip flops.

    Rama, we ordered a Graco crib through Babies r Us sight unseen, and like it a lot. I found that they don't feature any of the less expensive cribs as "floor models" in BrUs/BuyBuyBaby, so I sucked it up and just ordered it. Got a great deal with their trade-in 25% off thing, and I think we spent around $150 on it.

    clc, congrats on settling on a name! That's a big step :) DH and I have a short list that we both like, so I hope we don't have any post-birth showdowns when our secret favorites are revealed :)
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    Tangerine, we have a graco crib, too (Lauren or Sarah?), and we love it.  We live in an apartment, and I didn't want to spend a ton on baby furniture only to not have it fit in the house we eventually buy.  It's simple and sturdy and was easy to assemble (or it must have been since my dad and DH managed to do it!). 

    I was trying to figure out what to do about baby #2 when s/he arrives in late August/September.  DD is not ready to get out of the crib, and nor do I want her to.  Fortunately, one of my best friends, who has a DD the same age as mine, had a brand new crib that her mom had at her house that was slept in about twice, and they're giving it to us; it's a smaller crib, so won't work forever, but should be perfect for that time when they both need to be enclosed! 

    I was reading all of the nursery stuff too...must be because of the apartment thing (we keep looking at houses, but haven't found one we love, but hoping to sooner than later), but I never got into the idea of really decorating the nursery.  I didn't know I was having a girl until I met DD, and wasn't in love with any of the bedding that was neutral, so I waited until she arrived before ordering anything for the crib.  Had the crib itself and changing table all set, and she slept in the PnP or Moses basket for the first couple of months anyway.  I am not into the "stuff".  I am super excited, though, at the idea of moving into a house and decorating her room and baby #2's, so I do think it has a lot to do with not feeling invested in where we are now. 

    And NAMES!!! We're going to go for the surprise again, which we loved last time, but that means we've got to think about girl names again, which were so hard!  Our boy name is still all set, but girls names are so tough for us.  Have started brainstorming, but not loving anything yet. 
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    Hi ladies - I'm busy wrapping up the final loose ends in my last couple of weeks, and the one big question mark I still have is the baby monitor. I'll go bug the infant/toddler board, too, but what monitor have you bought/registered for? I've been going back and forth...almost all of my friends have the Summer Infant video monitor and love it, though a couple of my more laid-back friends have audio-only and feel it helps them to obsess less. I went to Buy Buy Baby last night and talked with a manager, who recommended the Motorola video monitor (so expensive at $250). I wound up buying that, plus an audio one, to bring home for peace of mind with the intent of doing yet MORE research and returning one. But I'd love your thoughts. Babies r Us is running a 20% off sale on monitors right now, of course (which I learned from the flyer I looked at only AFTER getting home from the store last night).

    Thanks, ladies! Hope you're enjoying this great weather more than I am (it's making me swell like crazy, and I'm secretly hoping it'll cool off ASAP...)
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    Tang - we haven't received ours yet but we registered for the Motorola video monitor through Buy Buy Baby.  I actually asked my mom's sisters to chip in and buy it because I knew it was the most expensive item on our registry.  My hubby did tons of research, reading articles and reviews, and decided this was the best option for us.  Apparently it's expensive but worth it!

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    Re: March Pregnancy

    Tang - One of my friends just picked up the Motorola one as they were shifting ds 1 out of the crib for dd who is on the way.  they only had an audio before hand and said they love the motorola one.  Most people I talk with dont really feel the video is truly needed during the infant stage but really helpful when either sleep training or big bed though it might feel like too much now you might get more from it later.
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    For all of you ladies looking to get some summer clothes I just received an email from Old Navy that all of their maternity dresses are on sale both online and in stores.  I haven't looked at their selection but you might be able to find a few cheap items that could work for you!
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    For those thinking of Old Navy clothes: The dresses are ok, but make sure if you get some you get a couple of those short-sleeved, cropped cardigans from the non-maternity section.  The tops are pretty low-cut, at least on my pregnancy breasts.
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    Thanks for the tip, clc! Hopefully the sale will still be on this weekend so I can stock up on some comfortable dresses.

    As sad as I was about losing my favorite pair of work pants (I tried the button trick and it is really uncomfortable because the button is on the inside), I got a huge box of clothes from my sister yesterday to make up for it. She's a SAHM so most of the pants are too casual for my office but luckily there is one pair of smaller black pants that I'm wearing today and I'm seriously in heaven. She also gave me a belly band thing but after these pants I'm not sure there is any going back. Most of her pants have the shorter panel and I know most of you find them really uncomfortable but I'm hoping that I can get by with just buying a couple more work pants and some skirts and dresses.

    Sorry, I can't offer any advice on the baby monitor but I love reading all the responses! You guys provide so much great advice, I don't know how I can keep track of it all.
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    Thanks for the monitor tips! I'm going to order the Motorola from BrUs today (20% off + free shipping, in case anyone else is looking).

    Cici - I haven't tried this, but you might be able to get away with the short-paneled pants plus the belly band for quite awhile. I'd imagine the belly band would act like the full panel. Personally I find it a little irritating b/c it tends to roll up/down on me, and you have to reconfigure it every time you go to the bathroom, but it might help you get more life out of your sister's pants.

    I know - isn't there so much good advice on these boards that it's overwhelming at times? :) I have a couple of Word docs saved on my computer where I've copied and pasted handy tips for the future!
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    cici, I feel your pain.  The transition part is tough because you feel all gross because you're too big for your pants but you're not quite big enough to wear maternity pants without them sliding down.  Plus, there's something to be said for when you finally truly POP out and look pregnant to strangers, not just a little chubby.
    I'm kind of happy to be at the point where I look PREGNANT.  That in-between is tough, especially the first time around when you're dealing with giving up your body completely to the thing that you are growing in your uterus haha. 

    Second time around I got big FAST and that was weird at first.  Now I"m getting all those comments that are like "when are you due?" "oh, really? (tone indicates I'm huge but they're too polite to say so haha).  I am lucky that I only put weight on in front, really.  I have a friend who gained weight sideways first and didn't look pregnant until she was about 8 months.
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    Lissa - sideways? That doesn't sound good at all.  I'm also lucky that I've only gained in my belly. 

    AFM - headed to the doctors this afternoon for a check-up.  After this I start going every two weeks! Eek!  Also, had a meeting with my boss and another coworker yesterday afternoon to develop for coverage while I'm out on maternity leave.  I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders now that we have something set up.  I just need to start teaching everyone and replace the employee I had to let go last month.  These last 11 weeks are going to fly by!
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    Re: March Pregnancy

    Hi All,

    Probably all gone for the night, but when you get home, hug your hubby's!

    Long story short, I was about to fall asleep last night when I got a call from my DH's friend that DH was in the ER because he choked on steak. Needless to say I was ther from 11pm-2am, and went back in at 8am to be with him. He is totally OK, but this morning I had a little anxiety attack after I got home and everything sort of hit me. Was not fun, especially being pregnant. But it puts perspective back into life!

    Hope everyone else is doing well. I don't have much time to catch up, but will tomorrow.