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March Updates

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    Re: March Updates

    ML - you make me laughed out loud as I am sitting here trying to muster the energy to go to turbo kick and feeling my b00bies being opressed and squeezed in my once comfortable sports bra.  Not to mention the new little pooch (I know, I know it is bowel) in my abdomen.   I can't breath. :)

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    Re: March Updates

    A-M I thought it was you, but I wasn't sure I should mention the old name :o)
    Perhaps I will see you soon!!
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    Re: March Updates

    GC it might be different for the preexisting condition but I just had my glucose screening on Friday afternoon and I asked all types of questions as diabetes runs in the family.  Anything under 140 is normal. 
    Congrats to all the newbies - here is thinking sticky thoughts
    RHM hope all is going well.
    Trouble glad to hear you are doing well - I feel I am following in your footsteps since I am 3 weeks behind you. 
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    Re: March Updates

    Woah... yogurt and pregnant me do NOT mix well... wow.
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    Re: March Updates

    Ahaha! Poppy, I think I tried yogurt a couple of weeks ago, and I threw it away after 2 bites. I guess I didnt' make the correlation before...but I haven't wanted yogurt since and I'm usually a big fan!

    Did you get sick or just grossed out?
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    Re: March Updates

    I agree with Poppy and Dream, my first 12 weeks I couldn't even look at dairy of any kind. Never in my life have I turned down ice cream!

    So far, I survived the amnio. We had a bit of trouble with Blue Cross being willing to pay for it, but my doctor went to bat for me.

    I tried to stay calm, and kept my eyes closed. Had a moment of panic when they put the needle in because my entire uterus seemed to contract, but they say that's normal. I kept my eyes closed so I wouldn't know exactly what was going on. Unfortunately, DH kept asking questions or making comments - on the size of the needle, on the number of needles inserted and how much fluid they were taking out. I finally said "I love you, but don't say another word."

    Doctor told me to go home and do nothing all afternoon, no lifting or heavy excercise (or sex) for two days, and to call the office immediately if I leak fluid, bleed or develop a fever (sign of infection). I'm being very careful.

    After speaking with the doctor and the genetic counselor, I am not sure we did the right thing with the amnio. It still offers no guarantees that the baby won't have genetic abnormalities, it just rules out the ones we are specifically concerned about (Fragile X).

    Thanks for the kind thoughts and prayers yesterday. Because of my families religious views, we didn't tell them about the amnio, so I couldn't ask for their prayers. It really did mean alot to me to have people thinking of us and sending positive thoughts our way.
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    Re: March Updates

    I just wanted to pop in and wish rhm the best of luck!  I am assuming her absence means good news.
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    Re: March Updates

    ML - thank you for telling us about your experience.  The decision to have an amnio must be one of the most difficult ones a couple makes.  We will wait until we get our ERA done and get our numbers back before deciding, but it's already on my mind. 

    I think pregnancy has sort of made me lactose intolerant.  My body just does not seem to know how to digest some dairy foods lately!  I seem ok with hard cheeses, but milk/yogurt/cream are not sitting well.  I guess that means no ice cream for me!  Bummer.  ML - were you able to tolerate dairy in your second trimester?
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    Re: March Updates

    ML-  Glad to read that things went well yesterday.  Try to enjoy getting some rest the next couple of days!

    I haven't ben having any issues with dairy, actually a nice tall glass of ice cold skim milk is one of my favs right now.  Meat on the other hand I haven't been doing too well with, anyone else not doing well with meat? 
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    Re: March Updates

    IPW, I had hyperemesis (very severe morning sickness) and was hospitalized with a few complications and trying to stablize between my 11th and 13th weeks so I missed the window on many of the early risk assessments. Based on family history, we opted for the full amnio. I am 16 weeks today.

    My results should be back Monday, and I am confident they will be positive (meaning good). I know in my heart this baby is healthy but will feel better when the results are back and I have passed the window for infection (one in 1,000 chances of that happening, but I am a worrier).

    Poppy, I am making up for lost time and eating dairy with gusto now that I am in my 2nd trimester. Anti, I ate my first piece of meat (chicken) just this week.
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    Re: March Updates

    I'm doing great with cheese - too great actually, I need to cut back. Skim milk in my cereal is OK too. Something about t he texture/smell of the yogurt...

    I had a steak a week or so ago but I was worried so I ordered it med well and it came out well...i would normally eat it medium/med I'm  not sure what was more of a turn off - the meat itself or the way it was overcooked. :-)

    My biggest thing really is leftovers - I want nothing to do with it unless it was just made. I made an awesome pork roast last week and had to throw it away a few days later b/c the thought of it the next day was no good.

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    Re: March Updates

    ML - I am glad to hear that you are doing well and you must be relieved to have that procedure done! 

    IPW - I am having my u/s April 6th.  I don't believe they will offer me amnio b/c of my donor's age.  She is 21 bless her.

    I can't even think of yogurt for some reason.  Ice cream and some cheese are fine but I was eating a lot of cheese sticks for snacks prior to pregnancy and now can't even imagine eating one.
    Also after I am eating I am often feeling sick. 

    Occ - it was good to hear from you.  I hope that you are doing well!

    Yes, RHM - it is quiet without you.  We are all assuming good things! :)
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    Re: March Updates

    ML -- thinking good thoughts for you.  We get our ERA results tomorrow (blood work; NT screening was good) so I feel for you! 

    RHM -- hoping LO is on his/her way or here!

    RE: Food Aversions -- I hear you on the no leftovers thing, Dream.  Mine are getting better, but I'm still a little "eh" about food in general after 4pm.  Try to get my good eating done at breakfast and lunch.  My nutritionist actually "spoke" to me about weight loss last night (I'm still down from my stomach flu, although I still maintain their first number was falsely inflated, so it's not the full 8lbs it seems), which marks a first in my life.  She thinks maybe I need to eat more.  Being a good doobie, I ran right out and got a chicken parm sub for lunch ... what?  You don't think that's what she meant?

    RE: Bras -- I have not heard this about underwire.  Underwire is my friend ... I'm not sure they MAKE bras in my size without some sort of wiring or pully or other mechanism.  What's the underwire issue?  I think I've heard that about nursing bras, though ... is that what you mean, whomever mentioned the No Underwire thing?

    In other news, the nutritionist seems to think my starting number, which was normal, was the biggie, so I think I'm good until the 26 week GTT.  Yay.  Now we just need to have the genetic counselor call and tell me our risk ratio is something like one in a milliondy-billion, and I'll be completely happy. 

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    Re: March Updates

    GC- Agreed I would not have made it through my pregnancy w/o underwire!  I think underwire is more of a no no if you are nursing, the wire somehow can cause blocked ducts.  I did buy a couple of underwire nursing bras and did get mastitis (spelling?) but I don't know if that was just coincidence.

    One of my friends bought maternity bras and said they were a waste - Another friend said near the end of her pregnancy she bought only nursing bras so that once her milk came in and her chest went down a bit she would still have some that fit.

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    Re: March Updates

    GC-I guess the ERA is different than the SST.  You're already getting your results with one round of blood work.  I wish I thought of that option (I hate getting my blood drawn).

    ML-Glad to hear that you passed the window for infection.  I'm sure that your gut is correct. Also, sending positive thoughts your way.

    IPW-I also didn't worry about testig results.  Everytime I go to the doctor, I have the worry that they won't be able to find the hearbeat but I never worry about results of tests or anything like that.  Now that I'm starting to feel movement occassionally, I definately have fewer fears. 

    RHM-I'm assuming that your quietness means that your busy adapting to your new life ;-)  I hope that's the case.

    Re: Food aversions.  My only aversion was to salmon.  I made it once in my first trimester and due to my keen smell, I could barely get it down.  Now, the idea of having salmon turns me off. 

    AFM, I've recently started experiencing the joy of swelling of my ankles and feet at the end of the day.  It doesn't hurt and worsens if I have too much sodium. My next big test is the GTT in April and then I start meeting with my MD every other week!

    Re: Bras.  When I went to Lady Grace to get fitted, the saleswomen told me that they didn't have maternity bras but that they were not really needed (and they are a waste of money).  However, I should add that I really haven't had much change in that area so I've been fine just using newer bras (and they have underwire).  I agree with the other poster that I think underwire only becomes dangerous when it comes to nursing. 
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    Re: March Updates

    I think I was the one spreading the rumor about wired bras. Wire is my best friend as well, but during my 3 minutes of research on maternity bras it said wire could block milk ducts (I was thinking "the development of") and be uncomfortable late in your pregnancy when your belly meets the breast.

    So I'm still headed to Lady Grace tomorrow, but I guess it's just to find something that will fit for a while!
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    Re: March Updates

    GC - I hope you get very, very good numbers today and don't even have to think about doing anything else in regard to testing... And I salute your chicken parm sub!  As soon as I'm feeling better I'm going to run out and get me one of those.

    I hope RHM is doing ok and her silence means good stuff happened/is happening!

    ML - how are you feeling today?  Hope your LG appt goes well - I went to them for my wedding and they were great.
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    Re: March Updates

    Nene -- so the swelling has started, hmmm?  I'm assuming you're around 26 weeks, since you're having a GTT?  Hope that goes well!  Can you elevate your feet a little during the day?  A friend of mine swore that helped.  Yeah, the ERA is a combo of your age factor, the NT screening (ultrasound) and a blood draw. 

    Our results actually came back yesterday, and whee!  1:2K+ for DS, and 1:8K+ for Trisomies 13 & 18.  I'm happy -- the counselor said this put me at the same risk level as a 20yo.  Which I have interpreted to mean that I have the ovaries and general youthful glow of a 20yo; no need to correct me.  It's science.  So we're comfortable enough with that not to opt for any further testing.  Whee!

    Re: bras -- I will volunteer to be the underwire guinea pig and report back. 

    Re: ERA v. SST -- Nene, these tests go by multiple names/acronyms, but I would think the SST is probably more accurate, so while the blood draw stinks, at least it's all for a good cause. 

    In other news, I HIGHLY recommend Ann Taylor LOFT for maternity wear.  My order arrived last night, and holy cuteness.  Were it not for the "no wine" thing, I might want to stay pregnant, just for the clothes. 

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    Re: March Updates

    That's great, GC - congrats!
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    Re: March Updates

    GC-Great news about the ERA!  Another screening to check-off the list ;-)  Glad to hear that the LOFT shopping was successful.  Lucikly, for me, my work is more casual so I've been OK with the GAP and Motherhood Maternity but it does take a bit of browsing to get the right look.  I don't know about others but I've found that the sizes do not translate as easily as stores suggest and I have to try everything on before I buy. 

    I'm actually 22 weeks.  I'm having my GTT next month after returning from Spain for easter (talk about swelling).  I should get a foot stool or something so I can rest my feet on something at work.  I also know that it doesn't help that I cross my legs and I'm really trying to break the habit but I find my legs crossed a few times a day and quickly uncross them.  I guess if that's all I have to complain about at this stage, then I'm OK. 
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    Re: March Updates

    Nene, your doctor may have some tips about fluid consumption (I think that, counterintuitively, drinking more water can actually help) and I've been told that swimming helps with the swelling, and is really good exercise.  Obviously, checking what you eat for hidden sodium is big, too.  

    Yeah, I'm noticing that my size in maternity is bigger all over, not just in the waist.  But, yeah, AT LOFT is excellent.  Same LOFT materials, quality, etc ... just with room for baby.  I'm beyond happy with all of my purchases, which is saying a lot for having bought sight-unseen on-line.  

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    Re: March Updates

    Gc - congrats on your testing.  Did you buy sizes based on your regular size then??  I am going to need lots of clothes b/c of my job and I, like you, hesitate in buying online.

    I am 9 weeks and I can totally still fit into my clothes but wonder how long this will go on for! 
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    Re: March Updates

    I did.  I checked the "size guide," but mainly just figured, I wear X in regular, I'll wear X in maternity.  I will say that I find the sizing more generous ... I probably could have ordered X-1 size, but I want these to last for a while.  This is complicated by the fact that I've lost about eight lbs since getting PG due to MS and that stomach flu, so I'm noticing my normal clothes are actually loser.  That's my long way of saying that while these things seem to run big, it could be that I'm actually down a size.  

    I will say that while I have posted before that my, ahem, undergarments come in a letter not normally associated with bras (you have to sing a ways into the alphabet to get there), I'm noticing that maternity wear sort of assumes that you're sporting an impressive pair, so keep that in mind.  I'm loving life and could probably get away with wearing some of the tops now.  But for others, this could mean that they're too sacky until you're really showing.  

    Gap & Old Navy post on-line reviews of their clothes, and I find those mildly helpful.  You'll notice a consensus about how things run, so I've made the decision to avoid one style over another based on that.  

    I'd say it's trial and error.  So far, I've lucked out.  I'm a little over 13 weeks and barely showing, so I'm guessing that I'm easily in my regular clothes for another few weeks.  
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    Re: March Updates

    GC-Thanks for the tips. I actually drink lots of fluid, so that's not really the problem.  I met with my midwife earlier this week and she wasn't really concerned because it is mild.  I actually watch my sodium intake for other health reasons but have noticed swelling if I eat something high in sodium (most likely to occur when I eat out).  My ankles are scrawny to begin with so with swelling, I probably have regularly sized ankles-LOL.

    LIL-The general rule is that you should buy your pre-pregnancy size in maternity wear.  I guess the biggest problem I've had is that the stores that have maternity brands are not stores I typically shop in because the fit is never right for me.  I'm more athletic/curvy type.  I also wear two shirt sizes.  So, this has made for an interesting shopping experience.  What I've found is that smaller maternity shirts work for me and all of the pants gap in the waist (but I have better luck with pants that have adjustable waists).  I should add, however, that I'm  all-belly.  I went up two bands sizes in my bras but my cup size has stayed the same.  Also, I think I didn't really start wearing maternity pants until my 16th week.  By that point, the other pants were not as comfortable (although I have occassionally worn some pre-pregnancy pants with a bella band).  HTH
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    Re: March Updates

    I'm very glad to hear the good reports on the AT Loft maternity line.  I pretty much shop exclusively there for my work and casual clothes and, in fact, was in there yesterday and rather depressed realizing that to buy anything right now is probably not the best use of my money as I don't know how long it will fit... So I'm glad to hear even sight unseen/untried-on, the maternity line is good.  Perhaps my coupons will not go to waste after all!

    ETA: When did people start showing in their first pregnancy?  Trying to figure out what month I'll start needing stuff...