March Updates

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    March Updates

    I dont think there is a new March thread yet so I guess I will kick it off.

    So many good updates on Feb Thread.  So happy for all the new moms.   I dont think we have heard from Pugs so I bet there is good news for her.

    AFM, Approaching the half way mark, 20 weeks and for the past couple of days I have had the worst muscle aches that run from my pelvis almost to my thighs. I bet I did something and strained them but it is driving me nuts. I am walking all funny.  That is all really have to report.  Oh, I saw the baby  move from the outside of my belly last night. I thought that was pretty cool.

    Hope everything is well!

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    Re: March Updates

    Congrats on reaching half way, quad! :-) It is so crazy seeing the baby moving, isn't it? Gets weirder and weirder...

    Can't wait to hear how Pugs is doing!

    AFM, I think I'm going to struggle to get dressed over the next 6 weeks. Pants are getting snugger and as the weather warms up I'm goign to run out of appropriate clothes. Argh. that is, if the weather really warms up at all...

    We bought a micro/minivan this week due to our carseat issues w/ our little Mazda Hatchback. It just wasn't working with 2 tall people and the carseat so we took the plunge. I don't mind it - we basically did an even trade and dropped our monthly payment by $30 so for me its a win-win.

    How many March due dates do we have? I think KT, right? We haven't heard from her in awhile...she's due any day now?
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    Re: March Updates

    I'm still here, just very cranky so I have not been posting.  I'm exhausted from working on our other house and just being this pregnant.  I am SO looking forward to my hospital stay!  I felt bad, yesterday morning I was so tired and cranky I flipped a woman off at 5:30am - great way to start the day.  My c-section is scheduled for 2 weeks from today and I'm so excited - I can't wait to find out if its a girl or boy (although we still haven't settled on names for either).

    Quad, I love watching my stomach move, its really so cool.

    Silver, I wear the same pants over and over.  My jeans are not that comfortable on my stomach anymore so weekends I am mainly living in sweats/yoga pants.

    Oh also, my SIL commented on how I look bigger this pregnancy (I have gained the exact same amount) so that went over like a brick!
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    Re: March Updates

    33 weeks here! Silver I hear you on the pants. I was so amazed that I was still wearing the low rise maternity pants, just the elastic waist last week. Something happened between then and now and they are all either too tight or don't fit.  The only kind I can wear is the full panel. I may end up living in my leggings everyday. I really don't want to go buy more maternity pants for 7 weeks of wear. 
      It's funny I have some people telling me that I look ready to pop and others who say things like omg, you're so tiny I looked like you at 4 months. Not sure which one I mind more...  When they say I'm tiny I want to say well I FEEL HUGE, you try carrying this extra weight around!

    Still waiting to hear from pugs!
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    Re: March Updates

    Twin I rememer that feeling just around that time - I definitely think it is b/c of all the stretching/growing going on in there.

    ajuly, same here! some people (like dumb waiters) say I must be ready to go soon and others tell me I'm tiny. I have a feeling the waiter is more accurate. boo.
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    Re: March Updates

    Twin, I felt the same way around that time and the dr. told me it was just the uterus growing. It was especially painful when I coughed or sneezed, starting to be again so I guess I am growing again (or still!).

    I think I have started to feel Braxton Hicks the last couple days.  All of of sudden I feel this uncomfortable tight feeling on both sides of my belly, it lasts for a minute or so and then it is gone.  Does this sound like BH?  

    Silver, I have a similar issue.  Everyone keeps telling me I don't look pregnant.  I am 24 weeks, I definitely look pregnant.  I am not huge, yet though it is pretty obvious,unless I have suddenly grown a beer gut!  :)  It is a bit frustrating, I wish they would just tell the truth or not say anything at all. 
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    Re: March Updates

    Yep Wed, those are exactly what BH are.  I didn't know I was having them until my MW told me that I had one when I was at an appt.  I used to get them all the time then I upped my water intake and they don't happen as often.  After/before I empty my bladder they are the worst though!  
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    Re: March Updates

    Oh, that's what those are?  Then Wed, I just started having them, too!  (I'm just a week or so ahead of you.)  I also notice it right before/after peeing..! 
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    Re: March Updates

    Oh my gosh I'm so happy it's March.  Just 2 weeks until daylight savings time now!  Spring is coming!

    I'm glad everyone seems well!  I love to hear about all the different stages.  Have you guys seen that show "one born every minute"?  I love it!  If I could go back in time I would totally become a maternity nurse so I could see newborn babies every day!

    AFM, nothing much to report.  17 weeks here and I peed my pants a little for the first time ever yesterday when I sneezed.  That was fun.  I'm very much looking forward to telling my manager about the pregnancy tomorrow.  It's getting harder and harder to hold in my stomach at work!  I'm also so looking forward to my fetal survey next week!  I kind of want to know the gender now.  Maybe I'll have the technician write it down and put it in and envelope so I can open it and see if the suspense becomes too much!
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    Re: March Updates

    Yup, definately BH.  I've actually noticed a few myself when I'm laying in bed at night and I'm just 17.3 weeks.  It's #2 for me but I was surpisedto feel them so early.
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    Re: March Updates

    Trouble, you lasted 17 weeks before telling at work?  Wow!

    SiA, I've read that many women feel BH much earlier on subsequent pregnancies so you're not alone with that experience.
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    Re: March Updates

    Hi Ladies.  I'm just about 37 weeks now and I cannot wait to have this baby!  I have had a pretty good pregnancy (minus being very sick the first couple of months) and now I see why so many complain about the last month. 
    My ankles are swollen and the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is getting worse and worse even with the splints (i probably shouldn't be typing now...)
    Plus I work in a school and with the trimester ending I have so many reports/progress notes to write.  I especially want to get them done in advance just in case....but I can't type.  I got the dragon dynamically speaking software, but it's VERY frustrating to use.  My belly feels so heavy and it's hard to move around.  DH finally moved into the guest room though, so I have the whole bed to myself. 
    Tomorrow I turn 30 and am not at all in the mood to celebrate.  I'm having the girls over for girls night and we're going to make ice cream sundaes....pretty fun, huh?  When I was buying the ice cream at the store tonight the guy said, "Someone's got an ice cream craving..."  Yeah, that's me.  I wish we were getting away for the weekend instead, but DH said we would celebrate "after" because I'm sure it will be easier to celebrate with a newborn who I am BFing..... 

    Silver - I am having the same issues with clothes, but just wear the same things all the time.  My mom did find some good deals at Kohls on the clearance rack.  I think she bought me a cute light sweater for $4.  might be worth looking into, otherwise..who cares!  :)

    quad - congrats on being halfway.  I felt like the last 20 weeks flew by compared to the first 20. 
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    Re: March Updates

    Glad to confirm that's what the feeling was!  I tend to feel them right before peeing, too.  On that note, I think she has finally moved away from my bladder a bit, at least I am not getting up twice a night anymore and the past few nights been making it almost until the alam goes off.  It's been nice!  

    Looking forward to Saturday, we are going rocker shopping!  A friend told me about a rocker outlet in Manchester, NH so we are going to check it out. 
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    Re: March Updates

    Funny how the comments on if you are big or small make you feel.  Anytime someone would say wow you are small I'd feel worried that the baby was not going to measure right and now when someone says you look ready I feel like they are saying I'm a moose!

    Happy Birthday Boston!!  The sundae party sounds fun and delicious to me - In the end you'll probably be happy to go out and celebrate for real after you have the baby.  You can have a couple drinks, feel more comfortable all over, etc.

    Trouble - Good luck telling work today, I bet that will be a big relief.

    AFM I thought I may have been going into labor last night.  I had irregular contractions for a few hours during the night, felt sick to my stomach, and the contractions ran all through my back.  I ended up getting up around 12:30 or so and taking a shower, that helped a bit.  I think I finally fell asleep around 3 or 4.  I have a dr's appointment scheduled for today, I'm interested to see if they do an exam since I have a scheduled c-section.
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    Re: March Updates

    Wed- What is the name of the rocker outle.... I am going to NH on Sat to check out Buy Buy Baby in Nashua. 
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    Re: March Updates

    I loved buy buy baby in Nashua!  If you go when they open so many sales associates are there to help in anyway, unlike BRU.  I went there when I needed to check out my double stroller and they were fantastic!
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    Re: March Updates

    Have we not heard from Pugs yet? I want to hear details!

    Boston, OMG the carpal tunnel. Approaching 35 weeks and my right hand is just getting worse. Overnight the splint isn't helping anymore, but it is really weird and only my fingertips are completely numb. Argh.

    the ice cream party sounds pretty fun, actually - I bet you'll have fun. I enjoyed my 30th taco party - margaritas can come later!!
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    Re: March Updates

    I was just wondering about whether Pugs had posted yet.  I hope everything went smoothly for her.

    Silver, what kind of mini/microvan did you buy?  We are thinking to take the plunge as well.

    Quad, congrats on making it to the halfway mark!

    KT, can't believe it's only 2 more weeks to go for you!  I feel you on the "tired and cranky", though.  I feel the same way and I have 5 weeks to go.  I don't want this baby to come early, but I am done being pregnant.  I am so sore and feel huge (though everyone -- except my mom who tells me I'm huge -- just keeps telling me how tiny I am.  I don't know which annoys me more).  I never felt this sore and tired and over it with DD.
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    Re: March Updates

    AM I agree, I did not feel like this with DD either, but I also had the great benefit of relaxing whenever I wanted.

    I want to hear from Pugs too!
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    Re: March Updates

    am, we went from a 2010 Mazda3 Hatchback to a 2010 Mazda5 Touring. I actually really like it. DH thinks it looks like a dustbuster on wheels...and it sorta does. But it definitely is an improvement from us squeezing into that hatch.
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    Re: March Updates

    Boston, KT - You're so close... sending you good thoughts!
    Add me to the list that is eager to hear from Pugs.

    I'm at 39 weeks today and time seemed to stop at 37! Turns out, I don't have much longer to wait. At an appointment yesterday, we decided to induce this weekend. I'm a little relieved, but also nervous. After weeks of being on high alert and expecting to "go any minute", it is strange to have a scheduled time.
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    Re: March Updates

    That's usually the moment you go into labor spontaneously, lol.  I'm betting on midnight.  Wink
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    Re: March Updates

    Good luck, Maple!!! 
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    Re: March Updates

    Hi Summagrl, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, I am not allowed to access boards at work.  It is called Blanchet Canadian Rocker.  They are on Elm St in Manchester.  I am anxious to see the prices (they don't list them on their website) to see if they are better than what I have seen at Baby Furniture Warehouse and others.  
    Good luck this weekend Maple!
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    Re: March Updates

    Hi everyone!  Sorry it's taken me so long to post...DD is currently sleeping peacefully in her vibrating seat so I have a few minutes.  :)

    Hailey was born on 3/1/11 and was 7lbs 12oz and 20 and 1/4 inches.  I was expecting a peanut due to the fact that I consistently measured small and they only estimated her to be 20-35th percentile for weight.  No idea how she fit in there!

    The induction went great and I had a pretty easy labor and delivery.  I was in labor for about 8 hours and only pushed for about 20 minutes.  I did have to have an episiotomy which I was terrified of, but I have to say it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected.  I really wasn't in much pain afterwards at all...Motrin and some ice was all I needed, and I was up moving around just fine the next day.

    Aside from the fact that she doesn't seem to care to sleep in her crib just yet, things at home are going well.  DH and I actually make a really good team and we're doing well taking care of DD and giving each other breaks to sleep or get out of the house for awhile. 

    DD is just starting to get fussy so I'll post more later, but I hope everyone else is doing well!!!