March Updates

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    Re: March Updates

    No way, Krystabel!  No need to be brief!  By the way - I think there are several of us here who share in your aversion to leftovers... I was the same way - make a big chili or soup or lasagne and eat it for days, but then in pregnancy, the thought of eating it again (or any leftover for that matter!) was revolting! 

    And I really like that idea of them not announcing the gender.  We are having an "it" and my concern at first was that I wouldn't really properly bond with it if I didn't know what it was.  But we have a nickname for it and so it's a little person and we love it so much and it doesn't even matter that it's gender-less in our minds.  It's almost like we love it like a kitten or a puppy whose gender you don't know/doesn't matter.  I like the idea of holding our baby "it" and meeting it as we know it, before we start to associate a gender with it.  Just a few minutes before the nickname goes away and it's given its real name.  Yes, the more I think about this the more I like it.  I'll suggest it to DH tonight and see what he thinks. 

    As for finding out the gender, the only thing that might drive you crazy if you don't know, is if you want to plan a nursery or buy clothes beforehand.  Otherwise, I'm all for letting it be a surprise!  (Oh and picking 2 names vs. 1 is more difficult, but that's just part of the fun, too!) 

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    Re: March Updates

    Thistle, congrats!
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    Re: March Updates

    Congrats Thistle!!  

    Silver how are you??
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    Re: March Updates

    Thanks Lil Sprout! I didn't realize how long my post was until after I clicked "add your post".  Good feedback on waiting to find out the gender!  for now I think we'll wait!  
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    Re: March Updates

    Congrats, Thistle!  Nice to have you on the pregnancy boards.

    Krystabel, my exhaustion stayed this whole pregnancy, though that may have more to do with the fact that my whole family was constantly sick and I have a preschooler than the fact that I am pregnant.  I really can't remember when I became less exhausted with DD, but it was sometime later in the second trimester, I think.  As far as finding out the gender goes.  We did not find out with DD, but did this time around (needed to know whether we should keep or get rid of all the girl clothes).  I thought it was so awesome to find out at the birth.  They put her on my chest and then asked DH to check and see whether she was a boy or girl.  When he finally said "it's a little girl" (it took him a while to figure it out), it was one of the best moments of my life.  This time, the tech announced, "it's a boy" at the beginning of the ultrasound, and then went about her business measuring, etc.  I thought it was a bit anticlimatic.  So I guess I would say if you do decide to find out, it might be more exciting if you had them write it down rather than just announce it at the ultrasound.  Of course, I'm sure DS's birth will be just as exciting, but it really was cool finding out once she was born.  Just my experience.

    AFM, baby boy is still head down (I think), so that's good.  I have an appointment tomorrow to verify that and to see if I'm at all dialated or effaced yet (37 weeks 5 days).
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    Re: March Updates

    AM, so happy the version worked for you!!

    Welcome Krystabel and Thistle!  Great to have you on board!

    AFM, halfway today!  Yay!!  So exciting.  :)  I'm feeling good, just getting a little bigger everyday it seems.  My body was definitely ready to pop right back into pregnancy mode.  I feel huge already! 

    Krysta - like AM I didn't find out the gender with my first, but did with the second.  Each was fantastic, and I was glad I did what I did for each.  I definitely think I feel less tired in my 2nd tri, but still pretty exhausted because I also have a 11 month old.  But it's all part of being a parent.  Get rest while you can!  :)
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    Re: March Updates

    My feet are back to normal size, so that's an exciting start to my week. :-) I was very tempted to put on strappy sandals today but thought better of it...still can't feel my fingers.

    I have my ultrasound tonight to find out what's up with the placenta - hoping for good news!

    ajuly, how are you doing? I'm going to send you a message.

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    Re: March Updates

    Hello all.  I have been avoiding posting here because (a) I feel like it would just tempt the fates and (b) in some ways I haven't really felt pg... until Saturday.  I think I'm around 7.5 weeks and starting Sat, briefly, Sunday some more and today (most of the day already) I have been so incredibly nauseated. 

    I think I spent half of the morning in the bathroom, trying to discretely wretch (usually nothing comes out, but for some reason I just have to go through the motions).  I am already tired of getting up to go to the bathroom and have 0 motivation to get anything done when back at my desk. 

    I am crossing my fingers and hope this is just a good sign that things are progressing positively.  I'm sorry- I needed to vent/share with someone because today feels really sh*tty!
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    Re: March Updates

    Itsallnew, I'm sorry that you feel awful, but I also hope that the nausea is a good sign for you :)  Here's hoping these icky weeks will fly by and will soon be a distant memory!  I think constantly nibbling and drinking lemonade/water with lemon helped me through!  (Oh!  and a bag of lifesavers - they lived up to their name.) 

    Silver - glad your feet are normal again.  I'm guessing since you're tall, you have big feet, too, and can't afford to have them swollen.  (I'm a 10 on a good day, but sometimes eek up to an 11 and had swollen ankles over the weekend - awful!) 
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    Re: March Updates

    itsallnew--welcome and congratulations!! I am just coming out of the m/s phase myself (at almost 14 weeks), so I feel for you. I'm hoping that your m/s isn't too severe and doesn't last too long! Even though it is a "good" sign, it's still pretty darn miserable. Some non-drug things that helped me--protein at every meal and snack, lemon-flavored O Water (it's electrolyte water, but is totally unsweetened), lots of bland things to snack on (saltines, pretzels, cheerios, etc.) If you are suffering, don't wait to call the OB and let them know. I ended up on Zofran with both pregnancies and, while it wasn't a miracle cure, it certainly made my days bearable. Other people have good luck with Vitamin B-6, a B-6/Unisom combination, Sea Bands, etc. Your OB will help as much as she can!

    silver--I hope it's good news with the ultrasound!
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    Re: March Updates

    Welcome to all the newly pregnant women! 

    Thistle, very excited for you that this pregnancy has a different outcome for you this time around.  I know exactly the diffucult time you went through.  It was just about a year ago that I went through my ectopic. 

    AFM, 22 weeks and my ligament pain inbetween my legs is worse than ever.  This never happened with DD so it is something new this time around.  I cant sit for more than 5-10 minutes without having to get up and walk around and it takes me a minute or 2 to losen up.  I am walking like I have a stick up my A** if you know what I mean.  People must be looking at me like I am crazy.  I am not sure if people can actually tell I am pregnant yet by looking at me, my belly is getting bigger.   I did have one lady today say she did not know I was pregnant but she has known me for so long she def knew my the pregnant look.  Anyway, is there anything you can do for this ligament pain besides talking frequent walks.  It only happens after sitting, not after laying down.  If I could only lay down while working I would good as gold :-)
    On a cute note, we have been mentioning to DD that she has a Baby Brother in my belly and she has loved to kiss and hug it.  I did not think she would get it, and probably to some point doesnt but it melts my heart to watch her.  I took her to get her 2 yr pictures taken a few weeks ago and they even threw me in a few with her kissing and hugging my belly.  They were so cute!

    I wonder how KT is doing, It has almost been a week sicne she had the LO.
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    Re: March Updates

    Quad - that sounds so cute!  Sorry about your pain.  Overall, I found the second pregnancy to have a lot more aches and pains.
    I'm wondering about KT too - I hope all is well for her.
    Congrats Itsallnew!
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    Re: March Updates

    Am - I am so happy for you that the baby is staying head down!  yay!!

    LilSprout, AM, & Trouble - Thank you for the input on finding out the gender... I think I do want to wait and let it be a surprise for us to find out at the birth!  I really like the idea of the midwife putting the baby on my chest and letting us find out when we're ready.  :-)  

    AM -do you go to the midwives at Harvard Vanguard?  The Midwife I saw a few weeks ago told me they did what you said happened with your DD.  I'm only asking because that was the first I'd heard that was an option.

    SO today was a big day for me.  I finally told my boss that I am pregnant. I am 16.5 weeks and I have only worked at the company for 2 months!  I was very nervous because I'll only have been working for the company for about 7 months when I go out on maternity leave!  I started off by saying: I really enjoying working for the company and hope to work for the company for many years to come. Although we didn't plan the timing, I am pregnant and thrilled about it.  I finished up by making a point that I will be back after maternity leave.  After his initial surprise (he said "give me a minute to have an oh sh1t monent" - lol) he had a very positive reaction and said that he does want me back and is really happy with my performance and what I have contributed in just two months and that the upper mgt team really likes me ... so phew!  I can finally breath a sigh of relief.  Also the HR woman (who is super nice) was very excited and congratulatory said that she doesn't think I qualify for MFLA because I've been with the company for less than a year, but at the end of the day I'll have the baby, take the leave I need and then come back to work!  ... I felt so relieved ... I almost cried in my office later from relief!  I have been on such high alert at work keeping this a secret and fearing the worst! I'm so happy with the way worked out.

    Question - Twice today I've gotten seriously sharp pain in my .. well it feels like my cervix ... is this normal or should I be concerned and call my CNM?
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    Re: March Updates

    Krystabel, it must feel good to be 'out' to your new boss! gladl the reaction was good. that's exactly what it should be!

    U/S went well today - baby is measuring perfectly at 6 1/2 lbs, no low lying placenta, no previa - yay! Surprised to hear that the fluid was a little low, b/c I drink so much GD water...but, I'll just drink more I guess. He siad nothing to worry about but I have another u/s at 39 weeks to make sure. Didn't check the cervix today but will next Tuesday. I'm just so glad to know that I should be able to have a normal delivery!
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    Re: March Updates

    Silver--congrats on a great ultrasound. You must be relieved to know that you won't have to have a c/s.

    Krysta--glad things went well at work. It's a good thing that you can now start making concrete plans for your leave.

    I'm thinking of KT, too, and hoping she's just super busy with her new LO.
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    Re: March Updates

    Silver, great news!  I got similar news on Friday, my placenta moved up as well.  I passed my sugar test, though they did find that I have anemia so I have to start taking an iron supplement.  I have been feeling ok except for killer charlie horses a few days a week and pain in my hips so I can't get comfortable to sleep.  

    Krysta, glad things went ok with  your boss.  Sounds like you have a good HR department, too.  I can't get my HR contact to put any of the rules in writing for me, he calls me back for every email.  Others have told me they had the same issue with them.  I wouldn't mind except they just changed the maternity policy in January so I don't know anyone else that has gone through it yet to confer with.  
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    Re: March Updates

    Thank you all for the good wishes.  I'm having some cramping in the last couple of days and kind of freaking out--but trying not to read too much into it.  My morning sickness was terrible between about 5 and 7 weeks, but is now mostly gone, and that freaks me out too.  I'm kind of wondering if I can talk my way into a reassuring ultrasound at my appointment on Friday.
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    Re: March Updates

    Krysta - yes, I've had the sharp pains in my cervix/vag but they were only momentary and didn't last...  I'd say if they last long or are more frequent then definitely call.  But if they're little sharp jabs here and there, I wouldn't worry...  but I'm not a doctor :)  I get all kinds of sharp pains all over the place but unless they last too long I don't worry about them and just chalk it up to stretching or baby placement. 
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    Re: March Updates

    Silver what great news!! That must be a huge relief. I didn't realize the amt. of water we drink can afffect the fluid levels. 
      I have the strep test on Fri, and am assuming my first internal since they'll be down there anyway. I hope it isn't too painful. 
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    Re: March Updates

    Silver & Wed - so glad you got good news about the placenta moving up!  Cheers to a normal healthy delivery!!  ... We can toast with water or milk I guess Laughing

    Wed - I read something about charlie horses and dehydration ... when I did track in HS, the coach used to tell us to drink more if we had them ... although I just looked at this website:
    and it says pregnancy is a cause along side dehydration and other causes... I don't know how much water you drink, but maybe it could help to increase a bit?

    Also - I haven't gotten anything in writing yet from HR ... today it was confirmed that I don't qualify for FMLA (no surprise) but I am protected under the Massachusetts equivalent with is 8 weeks... as I asked if that means that I couldn't take 12 weeks and she was pretty noncommittal.  I plan to let it lay for a while and bring it up in a couple of months.  Although my boss and the GM seem understanding they are also like "damn, now what are we going to do" so although I fully intend on taking 12 weeks,  I don't want appear demanding since I've been with the company for only 2 months. I do think/hope they will be fair, the HR woman just said I'd need to get approval my my boss and the GM that I can take a 12 week leave and still have my job.

    ...Although can I just vent for a second? ... seriously even 12 weeks doesn't even seem like enough which makes 8 weeks just seem cruel ... in Sweden women get 2 YEARS PAID maternity leave ... ok I know we don't live in Sweden but I'm just saying at 3 months, they are still so little and helpless!

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    Re: March Updates

    First of all, Kiwi, I love, love, love your new profile pic.  So cute!

    Welcome, itsallnew, I am very sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well.  Morning sickness is no fun, even if it is somewhat reassuring.  I hope it doesn't get any worse!

    Silver, great news on the ultrasound.  Such a relief to know that you won't necessarily HAVE to have a c-section.  6.5 lbs. seems very good size for 37 weeks...DD was only 6 lbs 5 oz and she was born at 40 + weeks.

    Krysta, I'm glad the big reveal went well at work.  I hope you figure out the maternity leave in a way that works for everyone.  Bear in mind that neither MMLA or FMLA is PAID leave.  Not sure if that matters to you, but it is something to keep in mind when trying to determine how much time to take off.  You might want to check if your company has short term disability, which would provide paid leave for 6 weeks or 8 weeks (if c-section).  I did see the midwives at a Harvard Vanguard practice.  Though they practice in conjunction with the OBs.  This time, I've actually seen the OB more, just because of scheduling, though I am still planning a midwife assisted birth. 

    AFM, went to my appointment yesterday and baby is still head down.  In fact his head is "WAY down", according to the quicky ultrasound.  The OB said she didn't think it would be going back up.  I'm not at all dialated or effaced though.  So we'll see what happens.  Oh, and I gained 4 lbs in a week.  I suppose some of that was catch-up from losing a pound due to norovirus, but still, that's definitely a record for me!

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    Re: March Updates

    I have a 10-year old, but Krysta back in 2000, I took the 8 weeks (got paid through short term disability) and I took 2 weeks vacation first.  Lucky for me, my husband at the time worked second shift so he watched our son and then my mom was able to cover the hours before I got there at 5:30.  I'm sure you will get it to work out. 
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    Re: March Updates

    I couldn't agree more with your vent on maternity leave in this country.  It is completely insane to me that we should be totally grateful for 6-8 weeks and over the moon if we get 12.  And what irks me even more than that is that other people (coworkers) look down on you for taking even that.  The mindset in this country... I just don't understand it!  And yes, in Europe and most everywhere else you get much longer leave and no one blames you for taking it!  OK, now my rant is done!  Wink
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    Re: March Updates

    I haven’t had time to read through all the posts, but regarding morning sickness.  I am in my 7th week and just started getting nauseous this past weekend...I thought I was in the clear, but no.  It hasn’t been too awful, I haven’t actually vomited, it’s just enough to be uncomfortable.

    Anyhoo, I just went to Cosi to get some lunch.  When I got back to my desk my stomach hurt so much I couldn’t even look at my salad.  I started sipping the Raspberry Mojito Lemonade that I got and within 5 minutes I felt fine.  Just finished my salad and lemonade and I feel normal.  It could be just a fluke, but thought I’d share...worth a try if it works.
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    Re: March Updates

    I'm telling you, lemonade is a magic elixir!