March Updates

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    Re: March Updates

    Welcome to the newbies!!

    Silver - Yay for some action going on. I'm sorry everyone at work is annoying you. It gets that way for me when I am getting ready for vacation. Which will be next week, yay!!! Hopefully not too much longer for you!!!

    ajuly - So sorry you have a nasty cold. That must be awful!!! Hope it goes away soon.

    Fram and everyone else- Hi!!!

    AFM - Have my next appt Tues. I will be about 16 1/2 weeks. I leave for a 5 day cruise to Bermuda next Sat. I can't wait. I'm so ready for a vacation. It's been 3 years!!!! Question - I'll be 16 weeks tomorrow, is it too early to feel the baby? Every now and then (starting this last week) my stomach twitches in the same spot. I don't think its gas, but wasn't sure if it was the baby or just stretching going on. I am getting the stretching in my lower stomach, but this is a little higher. Any ideas?
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    Re: March Updates

    Twin - that's what I had with my first feelings - twitches.  The best way I could describe it was when you get a random muscle twitch in your eye or bicep or something.  That's what it felt like at first.  And over time, the twitches got stronger and moved to different places in my abdomen.  It was about 16 weeks when I first felt the twitches and about 20 weeks when I was sure it was actual baby movements!  How fun for you!  And then you'll blink and the baby will have its feet up in your ribs and its hands in your pelvis.  It grows so much between 20 and 30 weeks!  (Which is where I am now - HOLY COW it goes fast.)
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    Re: March Updates

    Twin I'm so jealous of your vacation...have a great time!!

    16 weeks is supposedly the earliest you would feel the baby so I think it is definitely possible - you'll know for sure very soon at least! :-)

    Oh I wish I was going to Bermuda.
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    Re: March Updates

    Wow,  a bunch of people are coming up close to there due dates.  I wish I was almost there :-).

    I need a vacation, debating on whether I want to take a few days vacation and go visit my mom in Florida.  Not sure it will happen, tickets are super expensive right now and I would have to buy 2, one for me and DD.   I would love to go on a cruise to Bermuda. DH and I got married on a cruise and have not been on vacation since then.

    AFM, Nothing really to report.  Nearing 24 weeks.  Last updated I mentioned my round ligament pain.  Well low and behold, that day it went away.  I guess I must have needed to talk about it.  Baby must have shifted position or something.  Other lovely things that have been happening are the other day I sneezed and peed my pants.  I also have been waking up in the middle of the night with my whole upper body in a full sweat.  Last night I almost got into the shower at 2am.   Gotta love being pregnant!  Men could never do it :-)

    Hope everyone else is well!
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    Re: March Updates

    Hey There!  I have vacation envy as well, Have fun Twin!  I've never been to Bermuda, you'll have to let us know how it is.

    Quadgirl - I'm 6 weeks behind you and have been having that unfortunate sneezing (and coughing) experience for many weeks now ... I have been doing kegals like crazy every day and it does help!  

    AFM - I am 18 weeks today!  Yay! Excited to be getting to the 1/2 way point.  I have my next check up appt on Saturday and I am looking forward to hearing the heartbeat again and my 18w u/s is Wednesday - another thing I can't wait for!!! :-)  We are letting the  gender be a surprise ... We are hoping for more after this one so I am getting neutral stuff anyway so we'll just have to pick out two names.  
    I've felt twinges and a weird rolling over feeling in my belly when I lay down in bed for a couple of weeks on and off that I thought could have been the baby moving but yesterday afternoon when I was sitting at my desk I realized that I was feeling a really light pulsing and then felt it again this morning ...  Exciting!!  
    This past weekend we started our registry - just framing out what we'll need and making decisions on brands and styles little by little.  Kind of fun and we started it early so we can take our time.  I've been getting great advice from a couple good friends - super helpful!! Thank you :-) ... and these boards of course which are also super helpful!!

    I broke down and bought a boppy pregnancy pillow (they are 25% off at Isis if anyone is interested) - it does make sleeping on my left side easier, they I prop a pillow behind me so I don't roll on my back

    Hope everyone is well!  Enjoy the last day of March - Looking forward to April and warmer weather on its way! (tomorrow not withstanding)

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    Re: March Updates

    Silver, BH contractions can get very annoying and rather painful.  But the big difference is that they will go away or won't get more intense.  I had BH starting at around week 18 and I would find myself really noticing them for an hour or two and then I'd just forget that I was having them.  make sure you are drinking alot of fluid.
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    Re: March Updates

    Nothing too exciting to report for me. I'm now 26 weeks,had my glucose serum test this week so waiting on those results. In fact, I was actually saying to someone the other day that this has been, so far, a totally uneventful pregnancy.... I didn't even get that second trimester energy burst, nor has my hair thickened up.... still, I am thankful for uneventful and would prefer that to action packed or dramatic!

    I am however so over this heart burn!  I can't even drink water now without it repeating on me!  So am doing a double hit of taking Zantac and Tums. I have never had hart burn before in my life and it is awful!

    Krysta, thanks for the heads up on the Boppy pillow at Isis, I might go and check them out tonight.... anything to help me sleep will also be great!
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    Re: March Updates

    It's good to hear everyone is perking along pretty well without any major complications! Twin--definitely tell us about Bermuda when you get back. I have a trip planned to Bermuda with DH and DS in the summer. This year is our 5th anniversary, so we wanted to do something special to celebrate. We're SO excited!

    AFM, I just hit 15 weeks. The m/s is definitely gone, but I had the flu which lasted over 2 weeks, then I caught DS' cold over the weekend. Ugh. I have either been nauseous or congested for the past 11 weeks. Enough already! I am anxiously awaiting our anatomy scan on the 18th and can't wait to find out if the bub is a girl or boy. I've felt what I think are momentary flutters, but it just seems too early for me to believe it. I know "they" say you feel the movements sooner with #2, but I didn't feel what I knew to be baby movements until 21-22 weeks with DS.
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    Re: March Updates

    I too am in need of a vacation, though don't see one in my future!  

    Prill, I hear you on the heartburn and and the not sleeping.  My hips hurt so bad for the last couple weeks that I haven't been able to sleep.  I use a body pillow to keep my hips more in line and I don't get the pain, but it is not a comfortable position for me (I usually sleep with one leg bent more than the other).  The last couple nights I have woken up at 3am and can't fall back asleep until right before the alarm goes off at 6:30.  

    Which boppy pillow did you get Krysta, the one they call the full body pillow?

    Kiwi, hope you feel better soon!  I have had a cold on and off the last week or so and it is getting old.  I wish it would come on full blown so I could get rid of it instead of just lingering!  Hopefully Spring will come one of these days!
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    Re: March Updates

    Wed - The pillow I got is called the Boppy Total Body pillow so I think it must be the full one.  It is shaped like a giant C with a kind of hook shape on one end.

    Prill - I am sorry to hear about the heart burn... I had it really bad for a while and I made a few changed that seems to have helped in case you wanted to give any of this a try:  First I always eat sitting up right ( I had been eating a snack laying on the couch at night and that made it worse) and stay sitting up for at least 2 hours after eating, and nothing too close to bed. I was getting heartburn all through the day and making that change in the evening has made a difference through out the day. You may already do this, but just in case it might help you I thought I'd mention it