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May 2013 pregnancy

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    May 2013 pregnancy

    Happy May everyone... Has it been quiet because the boards only work in HTML these days?

    SIL had her beautiful baby girl on Thursday! We got to meet her yesterday and she's adorable. In bed last night I just burst into tears, lol, completely bewildering DH and babbling about how meeting the new baby was so emotional and happy and makes it so real for us too, etc. omg, the hormones. 

    How's everyone doing? Who's next in line?

    We're checking out the  Cambridge Birth Center open house tomorrow and I'm really excited. Has anyone ever gone there?

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    Re: May 2013 pregnancy

    I hope everyone is doing well. Congrats Trouble on your BFP!

    My little man arrived last Monday (4/29)! Here's the short version... My water broke completely out of nowhere last Sunday morning. I went to the midwife to get checked out, totally expecting to go home. Everything checked out well when I got there, but during the non-stress test, she felt around for the baby, pushed more fluid out and found meconium. So I was admitted to the hospital right away and given a bag of fluids to try to get him to perk up. His heart rate was stable but they wanted to see more fluctuations. The one time ever that he preferred to be still! About 7 hours in, I was only 2 cm, so I was given Pitocin to speed things up. I was so sad that my med-free plan was getting thrown out the window! But, the Pitocin did its job and the contractions got stronger and about 10 hours later, I was pushing and at 4:19am, Dominic was born! He ended up making a trip to the special care nursery because he was gasping for breath and his oxygen rate was on the low side of average, but as soon as they got him there and hooked him up to the monitors, he was fine. They said if he did that 5 minutes earlier, he could have stayed with me. I ended up passing a pretty big blood clot and had to be given cytotec to keep my uterus contracting enough to get the bleeding to stop. As far as the whole labor experience goes, I'm a little bummed that I wasn't able to do all the things I felt strongly about, but I did get to take home a perfect little baby at the end of it. He's been eating well and sleeping even better during the day, but not so great at night. That's why it's 2:30am and I'm up watching him in his Mamaroo! :-)

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    Re: May 2013 pregnancy

    Chicklet... congratulations!  And glad you have a great attitude about your birth experience.  I'm sure it ever rarely goes as planned, but the end result of a healthy baby is all that matters!  Love his name and here's to him learning when night is soon :-)

    WPP - good luck with your visit to the center. 

    I'm 11 weeks.  First appointment with new OB is Wednesday.  I picked her because her last name is the first name of my son.  Very strategic :-)  Hope to hear a heartbeat on the doppler since it was 7 weeks when we last saw the ultrasound.  Knock on wood but I've had no spotting and very little cramping (except in the very beginning).  And my morning (afternoon, and evening) nausea seemed to have subsided mid-last week. Exactly the same schedule as before.  Still a little sleepy, especially right around 2:30pm, but I am getting some energy back.  NT scan is next Tuesday... nervous but excited for that. Will be 39 when this one arrives... so really hoping all is ok in there.  Going to ask about the Maternit21 blood test, which I hear is almost failsafe. (and potentially gives you gender too!).

    More babies from this board soon I think.  Several due last week and this week yes?

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    Re: May 2013 pregnancy

    oh my goodness, chiclet, after all those reassurances we gave you that you would have ample warning before your water broke and then we were wrong!

    Congratulations on your baby boy!  I love the name.  As a teacher I always find myself judging names by past students and every Dom I've ever had has been cheerful and funny and full of personality and kindness. 

    He'll hopefully eventually cycle around to being a little less nocturnal. 

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    Re: May 2013 pregnancy

    Congrats Chiclet!  So glad everything is going so well with little Dominic.  I agree... love the name!

    IPW, congrats on almost being through the first trimester.  I hope the nuchal scan goes perfectly and I've heard great things about the MaterniT21 test.  I'd definitely go for it if its available to you.  My insurance wouldn't cover it and its a $2k plus test out of pocket I believe.

    I'm 31 weeks now and have a max of 7 weeks left to go.  If these babies don't make an early appearance, c-section scheduled for June 24th.  Hoping I can hold out that long but its getting more and more uncomfortable by the day.  At my appt last week belly measured 10 weeks ahead at 40 weeks so I definitely look like I'm about to pop haha.  Have my first weekly non-stress test starting today.

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    Re: May 2013 pregnancy

    Hi all!  Chiclet - congrats!

    our LO is also here, arrived inthe middle of the night on Friday the 26th.  He is a real joy and I can't believe it is real after all the worries.  This will be a short message since I'm on my phone and I need a nap, but the induction went much better than I had hoped.  After about 16 hours, the last few standing for comfort and stalling out around 5 cm, I was just too tired and went for the epidural.  But even that was a great experience, and two hours later he was born!

    hope all is well and will catch up more soon!

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    Re: May 2013 pregnancy

    Med - congrats.  Look forward to hearing more about your new son!  Get some rest!

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    Re: May 2013 pregnancy

    Chiclet: Congrats on the birth of your son!  Sounds like you're doing great!

    Med: Congrats on the birth of your son!!!  As IPW said good going to sleep when baby sleeps.  I hope DD is adjusting well to her little brother.

    IPW: Congrats on nearing the end of the first tri!!  Very exciting!  Good luck with the NT scan.  I'm interested to hear about this maternit21 test - it must be new since my last pregnancy.  Please post more about it when you find out!

    SS: Hang in there!

    AFM, my only symptom so far is DH taking full advantage of my designated driver status.  I've never had morning sickness before and I'm hoping I continue to be lucky!

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    Re: May 2013 pregnancy

    Wow - lots to catch up on around here!  All such wonderful news!

    Trouble - congrats on your pregnancy!

    Med - congrats on the arrival of your new son.  I know it was nerve wracking with all of the worry that you went through earlier in the pregnancy.  I'm so relieved to hear that everyone is happy and healthy!

    Chicllet - congrats on the arrival of your new son.  It is never the way we plan - but taking home a perfect little baby at the end is all that matters!

    IPW - glad that things are going along well in your 11th week.  I will comment on the MaterniT21 test below.

    WPP - good luck checking out the birth center

    SSBride - hang in there!  If I go full term - our kids may have the same birthday.  This baby is due 6/26!

    AFM - 33 weeks tomorrow.  Holy moly!  This is an ominous milestone for us - DD was born at 33 weeks exactly.  I'm holding my breath and hoping that this baby makes it a LOT farther along this time.  Had a terrible weekend with DD (2 yrs 10 mo) having an awful stomach bug all weekend.  72 hours of total misery for her, poor thing.  And I realized that taking care of a sick toddler while 32+ weeks pregnant is no small physical feat.  I'm exhausted! And I'm not even the one who was sick.

    A few have mentioned the MaterniT21 test.  I had that test at 12 weeks with this pregnancy.  From what I learned at the genetic counselor at BWH, there are basically 2 labs that offer this test - Sequenom and Verinata.  The hospital will draw the blood sample and then it gets shipped out to the lab.  I actually had the Verinata "verifi" test (Sequenom is the lab that branded the "MaterniT21").  Both tests are basically the same, the "verifi" just happened to have a little more detail associated with it.  Due to my age (over 35) and DD1's history of prematurity and some birth defects (heart and kidney), we felt that this was worth it and went ahead with the test.  I'm in the camp of more knowledge is better and lets us be better prepared - so that is why we did it.  My insurance ended up denying any payment (Blue Cross) even given all my qualifiers.  Luckily, we only ended up paying $200 because Verinata is offering that as their max rate if insurance does not pay.  I think the logic with these labs is that the testing is still so new, they are trying to get as many people to participate as possible as it only helps their cause for the future and being accepted and validated by the insurance and medical communities at large.  I'm sure the genetic counselor at your doctor or hospital would be able to shed more light on this - but this is what the gc at the Brigham told us would probably happen in terms of billing/payment and that is what ended up happening.  Long story short - it was a HUGE relief for us to find out at 13 weeks (takes about 7-10 days to get results back) to find out that there were no genetic abnormalities with this baby - and also that we were having another girl!  Also it was reassuring to know that this test is about 99.9% accurate - more accurate than any other prenatal screening (first-look screening, etc).  My doctor said eventually this will be the widely accepted test and all the other invasive testing (amnio, etc) will become much less common.

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    Re: May 2013 pregnancy

    Congratulations, Med and Chiclet, on the safe arrivals of your little ones!

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    Re: May 2013 pregnancy

    Yay, congratulations chiclet and Medford!!

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    Re: May 2013 pregnancy

    Congrats, med and Chiclet! Glad everyone is happy and healthy!

    IPW, congrats on nearing the end of the first tri!

    ALS, I hope your DD stays put longer. We're there any signs last time of impending early labor or was it a total surprise?

    We loved the birth center and, happily, they take our insurance. We're switching over but now I'm concerned that I won't be able to switch over my medical records by my appointment next Friday. It's so annoying that this takes so long. I'd like to walk in, get my records, and walk out with them ,but I don't see that as an option. The other thing is that I have my fetal survey appt on May 30--the big one where we find out the sex, etc. it's at a separate, unaffiliated facility from my currentprovider, so my thought is that I could keep the appt even though I'm switching providers, right? It shouldn't matter  because it's a third party facility that takes my insurance regardless?

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    Re: May 2013 pregnancy

    Congratulations chiclet and med on your baby boys!  I hope everyone is doing well! Sorry it wasn't the birth experience you anticipated, Chiclet, but I'm glad the most important mission of healthy mom & baby was fulfilled. I figure all the expectations and plans we make for labor & birth are just intended as aids towards that goal, anyway, right? 

    WPP--couldn't you switch your anatomy scan to Cambridge Hospital? I would prefer to have my scan done and interpreted by technicians and docs who my medical team are familiar with, trust, and share a medical records system with, if at all possible. This way everyone can easily look at the same record, and if any followup is needed it can stay in the same system. You should ask your new provider what she suggests. 

    IPW--hope your appt goes well today an you get to hear sweet sounds on the Doppler!

    I'm 33 weeks too, so up to 8.5 weeks to go, bc I know my OB will allow up to 1.5 weeks post-date  for me if things are going normally. Hopefully baby will come on her own in about 7 weeks though! We are still getting ready for her, but the nursery is coming together and I like the way it looks! :)

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    Re: May 2013 pregnancy

    Great appointment yesterday.  Really love my new OB.  She's young and just out of residency, also a mom of a new LO.  I felt instantly comfortable with her!  Did all the basics of an exam (actually got a pap since I haven't had one in several years) and then the doppler.  After 2 minutes of trying... nothing.  I wasn't too nervous as I'm only 11 1/2 weeks, but I think she could hear my HB picking up a bit (given our m/c last year and just general PG nerves).  So she sent me to their u/s room for a quite look.  The u/s tech started laughing... "no wonder you couldn't get a HB... this is one active kid"  We have a major gymnast.  Rolling, somersaults, etc.  It was so cool.  It even took her a while to get the HB because s/he would not stay still.  Finally s/he piped down and got a good read... 156 (huhm... I'm thinking another boy).  I wasn't expecting to see anything today so I left just feeling great, what a treat.  We've got two legs, two arms, hands, a face.. (a nasal bone... yeah!!).  So I'm feeling so much better.  Still looking forward to the NT scan next Tues, but feeling good about that appointment.  Yay!

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    Re: May 2013 pregnancy

    Congrats to all the new moms and babies! I think I might be next up, I'm at 38.5 weeks now. I have an appointment tomorrow with an ultrasound as well as a non-stress test, so I'll probably be there for a couple of hours. DD was two days late, but was such a skinny baby when she was born, they are checking to see how DS is growing. I am afraid they will not want me to go past my due date, but I would really prefer not to be induced. I haven't had an internal exam yet, but I think if I am at all dilated I might ask about stripping the membranes. I'm just worried about how uncomfortable that might be.

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    Re: May 2013 pregnancy

    Congrats Med and Chiclet! So happy everyone is healthy! I'm hoping some of you with newborns can give me some tips about getting baby to sleep better or dealing with a toddler and infant. I may post over on I&T.

    And good luck Amy Lynn and everyone else coming up soon!

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    Re: May 2013 pregnancy

    Been quiet in here for a few days. Siena, thanks for the suggestion on moving the gender ultrasound--that makes perfect sense to go somewhere affiliated with the birth center!

    Amy-Lynn, how was your appt and ultrasound ?

    IPW, did you have your NT scan?

    I think I mentioned this earlier, but we just found out the date a couple days ago for DH's best friend's wedding (about 7 hours away). It's a week and a half after my due date. DH's friend asked him to be best man and DH had to explain that I could very possibly be in labor that day and he can't go. He's bummed, but it's just really bad timing. Since we're going to the birth center, it's unlikely that they'll induce me at all unless I go past 42 weeks 4 days. 

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    Re: May 2013 pregnancy

    WPP, was just about to post a question and saw your note.  NT scan later today... fingers crossed we get some good shots of a Healthy baby!  Good call on the wedding.  I was 9 days late with DS... you just have no way of knowing.  And let's just say you went on time, if for any reason you ended up with a c-section.. the last place you would want to be is a car for 7 hours only 1 week after.

    Question... I seem to be having what I recall to be round ligament pain.  That stretching, pulling, 'ouch' fairly low.  I don't recall it starting this early.  I'm 12 weeks.  Did anyone else experience this?  I haven't really popped but I am definitely bigger, and gained about 5 pounds. Although I'm just about to eat an entire bag of Pirate's B ooty... so that may change :-)

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    Re: May 2013 pregnancy

    IPW, I had pain like that earlier on, maybe even a bit before 12 weeks. Do you have a petite build? I've read that small people may feel the pulling earlier bc there are more structures stretching earlier on. Also, I'm sorry that I don't remember, but is this your first pregnancy?

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    Re: May 2013 pregnancy

    WPP... yes, fairly petite.  When I told them 5'2" at the doctor's yesterday my DH laughed and said "yeah right!"  So yes... petite :-)  And second pregnancy.  I remember round ligament pain, but thought it came later. 

    NT scan went really well.  All looked great and doctor gave us a very low risk of Downs and said they ruled out several birth defects.  We still opted for the new blood test, the Maternit21, just in case.  We'll have to pay some out of pocket since its not covered by our insurance (BCBS... I guess only Tufts is covering right now) but it shouldn't be too much.  And we checked the box to learn gender... so guess we'll get that news in about two weeks!

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    Re: May 2013 pregnancy

    IPW, my round ligament pains were definitely stronger and came sooner with the second pregnancy.   Hope yours aren't too bad.  So exciting that you will be learning gender in two weeks!

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    Re: May 2013 pregnancy

    IPW - That's great news on the NT scan!  That maternit21 test sounds incredible too.  I will definitely be discussing it with my OB as DH and I want to eliminate as many birth defects from the possibilities as possible. 

    Also, everything seems to happen sooner with subsequent pregnancies.  They say the body just remembers.  I'm only 7 weeks but I feel much further along.  Clothes are noticibly tighter, especially around my boobs.  I have no idea how I'm going to keep this under wraps until I get all my testing done!

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    Re: May 2013 pregnancy

    Trouble, that reminds me of a dear friend of mine who went to visit her parents the week she got her BFP, and the second her mom saw her she congratulated her on her pregnancy - it was her booobs that gave her away - they were "out to there."  GL!!

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    Re: May 2013 pregnancy

    I'll second (third?) the testament that everything seems to come sooner and stronger with a second pregnancy. 

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    Re: May 2013 pregnancy

    IPW - great news about your scan.  And that is exciting that you will know the gender soon!  That blood test is great - put our minds at ease so much!  And I'll always remember getting the phone call (luckily when DH was with me) 3 days before Christmas to tell us that all looked good and that we were having another girl!  Good luck!

    And as for the aches and pains - I don't have any definitive information - just a general observation that everything seems to be sooner and bigger the second time around in my experience.

    WPP - that is too bad about your DH's friend's wedding, but obviously out of your control.  Even if you had the baby by then, the last thing that you'd be up for is a long car ride with a newborn and physically that would be really tough on you, no matter how your delivery goes.  The only option would be for your DH to not be a member of the wedding party and be a last-minute guest if the timing works out (and for you and baby to stay home - hopefully with some help from family/friends).

    amy-lynn:  Good luck - you're getting so close!

    As for me, just got back from my 34 week ultrasound and checkup.  All looks good and baby is doing great.  Measuring at an estimated 5 pounds right now, which is such great news.  All seems quiet and I'll go in for my stress test and group b strept test in 2 weeks.  This is further along than I made it with DD1, so I'm officially in uncharted territory.  (And WPP - in answer to your question, DD1 was born premature at 33 weeks with no prior warning and my pregnancy was not high risk, which is the scary part and why I'm being closely monitored this time).  With each week now, my anxiety is slowly going down and I'm just getting more excited to meet this little girl.  Reality is setting in and my goal is to pack my hospital bag this week and get some newborn sized clothes ready.