May - Pregnancy

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    Re: May - Pregnancy

    Hey Everyone!  Hope you all had a great long weekend and managed to stay cool enough.  I'm just catching up on everyone's progress in May, I've been behind and missing the Preg boards!  

    Cookie - I really admire your wonderful attitude!  Good luck with the Chemo and keep us updated on your progress :-)

    AFM - I'm 26 weeks.  DH felt the baby move for the first tiem Saturday!  That was really cool and today I noticed that we could actually see my belly move a few times. Feeling pretty good, we had a nice realxing which was much needed!!  

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    Re: May - Pregnancy

    Welcome back from the long weekend!  On Friday, we had the early risk assessment and 12-week ultrasound.  It was so cool!  I'd only ever seen still pictures of ultrasounds (and when I had my M/C, there was nothing to see on the U/S) so it was very cool to see my little baby moving and grooving inside.  I didn't realize they were so active!  It was doing somersaults and flipping around and flailing the little arms and legs all over.  The technician said it was fairly normal, but sometimes you catch them napping, so it's not as exciting.  She kept telling the baby to look up because it kept facing the camera, and they couldn't get the readings they needed from that angle.  :)

    Eventually, we saw a good solid nose bone, and the Nuchal Translucency was normal, so the likelihood of Down's Syndrome will hopefully be low.  Of course, I have to wait for the blood tests for them to tell me anything concrete, but we were encouraged by the ultrasound.  Baby is measuring 6 cm from crown to rump, which is average for 12 weeks.  Yay!

    We proceeded to tell additional family and a couple of close friends this weekend, and showed off our ultrasound photos to everyone we told.  We are planning to spread the word gradually, as we see people in person, and then maybe send a mass email/post on facebook once the 18-week ultrasound is complete. 

    I don't know if everyone feels this way, but that first sight of the baby was just surreal!  And it really solidifed for me that there truly is a little person inside me.  I must just be a very visual person, because while the heartbeat was nice, I could have an ultrasound every week and just watch my baby's progress and be in heaven.
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    Re: May - Pregnancy

    Jenn, that sounds really great!  Now I almost regret skipping the early risk assessment.  I have my 18 week (in my case, 19 week) ultrasound next Monday and I'm looking forward to that very anxiously because I haven't seen what's going on in there for so long.