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May Pregnancy

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    Re: May Pregnancy

    Kar- Love the blankets. Handmade blankets are the best.

    LIL- good luck next week- hope everything goes quickly and smoothly!
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    Re: May Pregnancy

    I will echo that homemade gifts are wonderful and I love love love the blanket my mother crocheted for DD... but I'm just going to say it... the sweater my best friend knitted is hideous!  ;o)
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    Re: May Pregnancy

    I've gone from blushing to tearing up - you guys are so thoughtful to make me feel so good about my blankets.  I get attached to the blankets I make (and I've made a LOT), but I never know, really, how recipients feel about I do, and I can't thank you enough for sharing.
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    Re: May Pregnancy

    I agree on the blankets... handmade ones are the best (I have one from my childhood that has survived all my moves... and I have two cross stitch works that I treasure from friends and they are in prominent spots in my bedroom).

    liz - i am glad you are feeling so much better!
    lil - good luck with the induction.
    and it sounds like everyone is doing well.

    as for labor... FYI, water breaking is not always a gush (I sprung a leak 3 weeks early... luckily my doctor had told me what it could feel like, so I realized I was leaking amniotic fluid, not peeing or having discharge) so I don't know how it will go second time for labor. I figure I will know with enough time or we call 911 if it moves way faster than first one - luckily we are not far from the hospital  (my mom said she did not even know for second one - me, and i was late if i recall - until she went in for bloody discharge and the doctor said she had to go to the hospital right away).

    We got all clear from the fetal echocardiogram today - they did not see the bright spot nor hear the irregular heartbeat that caused them to ask me to come back from last month's ultrasound, so that is good. So 23 weeks and everything is on track so far.

    DS who is 20 months just loves my growing belly and belly button (in fact, nothing seems to soothe him faster at night than letting him cuddle by my side and rub my tummy). I don't think he understands there is a baby in there... we say there is a baby in mommy's belly, and he looks confused, like he is saying "I'm your baby" but we got him a "I am a Big Brother" book. I think he has noticed the changes in my belly and he is fascinated by the changes. It is early, but he can not seem to stay off my belly, so we are trying to explain that he has to be gentle with it. DH was worried that DS would affect the baby's growth, but our dr was able to reassure him that I and the baby inside the womb are a lot tougher than he thinks. Not that we should encourage DS from jumping on me, but like me carrying him around or him being rough on occasion won't affect my pregnancy.

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    Re: May Pregnancy

    Hi everyone,

    So today I felt a lot of pain in my upper stomach, like above my belly button. I think it's that she has finally moved head down and everything is being pushed up. My doctor told me to take Prilosac 2x a day. I don't know, I just feel really uncomfortable. Also, I have been having some cramping on my lower left side. I am 29 weeks, has anyone experienced this?

    I know starting the third trimester things can get uncomfortable, but I don't want to worry about every pain I feel!!

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    Re: May Pregnancy

    Thanks everyone.  No, I am not overdue but will be 39 1/2 weeks at that time and in older mothers (I just turned 40) there is an increase risk of stillbirth/fetal demise so my ob doesn't want me to go past 40 weeks. I'm just hoping to hold on until Tuesday!!

    I have been in complete denial but am starting to get excited. 

    For all of those with another child, I just can't imagine loving another one like DD#1 but I am sure that I will - I know most people have felt this way at some point.

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    Re: May Pregnancy

    Hmm... i think there was a little glitch on BDC because one of these things is not like the other...

    LIL - hoping you make it until Tuesday! How exciting to know that you get to meet your LO in just a few days.

    Liz - sorry to hear about the cramping, if you're in a lot of pain I would call your OB.  Could it be just gas?  It seems that my gas pains have started again in the 3rd tri.  I would say as long as you're feeling baby movement and there isn't any bleeding you're probably in the clear but calling the OB always helps me relax a little.

    AFM, I'm a hormonal mess today at work.  I want to cry for no reason.  It's going to be a long Friday!
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    Re: May Pregnancy

    haha, clc, I was going to say the same thing!  ah, and the lovely hormones.  sorry you're having a rough day.

    LIL - again, SO excited for you!  And FWIW, I feel the same way about DD #1.  I'm going with the assumption that it is totally normal and will resolve itself.  :)
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    Re: May Pregnancy

    Was anyone else excited about the updated SSA baby name list that was supposed to be released today? They postponed it until Monday. I was planning to spend the entire weekend looking through it! (not really)

    Liz - sorry about the pains. I hope it's nothing and you start to feel better.

    Clc - Halfway through the day! Only a few more hours to go... I hear you though, I've been ready to kill one of my co-workers for several weeks now but I'm not sure if it's pregnancy related.

    I had my first appointment with the OB yesterday and she seemed more concerned about the persistent spotting than anyone else so far. She ordered periodic ultrasounds throughout the rest of the pregnancy to check on things but not until the beginning of June so I guess she's not that worried. I am really relieved that they will be monitoring things so closely but at the same time I don't want to accidentally find out the sex.
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    Re: May Pregnancy

    What is the SSA baby name list?
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    Re: May Pregnancy

    Liz, I'm sorry you've got these weird pains.  That first one sounds almost like gas or heartburn.  If you're prone to either, you can expect a lot more of both towards the end, unfortunately.  If it's not PAIN necessarily, just kind of tight, but intermittent, it could be braxton-hicks. 
    I THINK I saw you at the OB's in the waiting room yesterday(you were leaving I was waiting--approximately 9AM) but I wasn't sure and I didn't want to be a weirdo so I didn't say anything.

    As for me, I"m at 34 weeks and plugging along.  My blood pressure was elevated yesterday at my appointment.  It wasn't high enough to be what would be considered high for a normal person, but my bp is typically very low.  Throughout my entire first pregnancy and until now in this one I maintained a bp of approximately 110/50.  This month my bp when they checked was 130/68.  Again, I think "normal" high cutoff is 140/90 but they were still concerned about the jump.  But she said it could be just exhaustion/stress.  DH has been working second shift all week so I've been a single parent essentially.  Plus I don't sleep well when he's not there and I tend to get takeout more when I'm not cooking dinner for him.  And traffic into the city was horrible yesterday morning.  I was stuck on 3A at Neponset for like 40 minutes.  So my Dr. said not to worry and to just go to a pharmacy and use one of those blood pressure stations today and all weekend and call into the office to report my numbers.  She said I could assume they would most likely go down naturally once I get more sleep and get rid of this chest cold I have had for the last 3 weeks.  She didn't seem bothered so I guess I can relax about it.
    Ha.  now that I think about it, when the nurse was taking my blood pressure her small talk was to ask if I had plans for Mother's Day and the truth is it's been a note of contention that both my mother and my MIL want to do things on Sunday and accomodating their separate desires has been difficult (and of course, heavy with family baggage).  That probably had an effect too!

    Are people doing anything for Mother's Day?  We're having our "mother's day" celebration for just DH, DD, and me on Saturday (to accomodate for the very full Sunday plans) by going to all-you-can-eat Indian Buffet.  mmmmmm.  That's really all I want haha.
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    Re: May Pregnancy

    In Response to Re: May Pregnancy:
    What is the SSA baby name list?
    Posted by cwagner13

    Social Security Administration puts out an official stats list of the top names of 2011 (top 500?) for male and female, as well as some of the least popular.  Also you can examine the trends (if a name is falling or rising).  If you look online they have them all the way back for a century or so.  You can see how popular "Hortense" and "Aloyisius" were back in the day.
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    Re: May Pregnancy

    Sorry to hear about your elevated BP, Lissa. Although just reading your post about Mother's Day probably elevated my blood pressure, haha. It's tough fitting in all of the moms and having a nice day yourself. I struggle with that balance every year, and this year we are actually doing something similar to you in that we are celebrating my mothers day on Saturday with just me, DH and DD and that way on Sunday we can see my step mom, mother in law etc. throughout the day. I hope your BP goes back to normal soon. LIL, you expressed my biggest fear /worry/uncertainty about becoming the parent of two children. DD and I have such a strong and amazing bond and I love her so much...I just don't understand how I will love another child as much. But everyone says that I am worrying for nothing and I will feel just the same about the second one once she arrives, and I'm one of four children and I see our parents love all of us, so I'm sure it will happen. Liz - I am 27 weeks and also feeling uncomfortable recently. I have various shooting pains internally, maybe from the baby moving and my organs adjusting to cramped space? I also have gas pains and heartburn. Have you started the Prilosec yet? I take it and it really helps me. Sorry you are uncomfortable. Only a relatively short while to go though, hang in there!
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    Re: May Pregnancy

    workingmom - don't worry about your water breaking and just trickling out. Mine did that, and it took a while, but I finally figured out what it was. It started at 3:00am and at 6:00am I called the hospital and they told me to come in. I didn't start having contractions until about 8:00 - at least they didn't hurt much until then. Shortly after they started, I was begging for the epidural; they were fast and strong right away.
    I didn't end up delivering my twins until 4:00 in the afternoon.
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    Re: May Pregnancy addition to my pregnancy hypertension, I have wicked "white coat" syndrome, so one of my tricks is to always have them check my BP at the end of the app't as well.  It almost always drops down a few points...could do the same if you were stressed/rushed going into the app't...might have gone back down by the end. 

    LIL, I'm so excited for you...can't believe that you're so close to meeting your second daughter!  I know how you feel about wondering how you'll love her in the same way as your DD - was holding my DD yesterday reading stories, telling her how much I loved her and started bawling! - but I have to believe that we'll both feel a fierce and crazy love for #2, too! 

    This mother's day I"m being totally selfish.  It's the first one in the 5 Mother's Days that my husband and I have been together that I'm not inviting both of our moms over to cook a fancy dinner.  I just don't have the energy, and I'd rather spend the day just the three of us this time.  I know my mom's fine with it...DH's mom sounded a little weird on the phone earlier this week when we were talking about it.  Ah, well.  Can't please everyone all of the time, but this time I'm not going to worry about it!!
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    Re: May Pregnancy

    Lissa, yes, I saw you, too! You were wearing a turquoise shirt. But, like you, didn't want to be a weirdo and just walk up to you. I'm sorry about your elevated BP, but it doesn't seem to be a concern.

    Thanks for all the comments on my weird pain. I honestly think it is everything just being squished. I still feel nauseous after eating, so I am convinced my stomach is just being jammed by the ever growing uterus.

    TGIF, I have been so exhausted at work this week....boy I hope this exhaustion doesn't last for the next 11 weeks. I had to sleep in the babies room last night (we still have a bed in there), because my DH was snoring his brains out and I couldn't get comfortable as it was.

    For those of you who only have two bedroom houses, did you keep a bed in the babies room in case one of you needed to sleep somewhere else (snoring, feeling sick, etc?) I am contemplating just leaving the bed in there for awhile, otherwise we have nowhere else to sleep except couches. Thoughts?
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    Re: May Pregnancy

    Liz - we have a 3 bedroom (but my brother lives with us so he's in the third) and we are keeping a bed in the baby's room for now.  We actually plan on having the baby in the pack n play in our room for the first few months so we can still use the other room as a guest room despite all of the nursery stuff.

    A question for your ladies regarding BH, in the past few days mine have become more intense and I've had a lot more of them than before. Earlier the doctor mentioned if I had more than 4 in an hour I needed to call.  Later in the pregnancy is that rule still in effect? I actually have a call into the nurse to ask but still haven't heard back.
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    Re: May Pregnancy

    Liz - we have a 2 bedroom and would like to keep a bed in the baby's room but it's too small. We are still trying to figure out a solution. We were thinking of either getting a pull out loveseat or just having guests sleep on the couch or air mattress (or in a hotel). I used to go to the other room when I had trouble sleeping, now I just go to the couch.
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    Re: May Pregnancy

    Liz, we've still got a double bed in DD's room, 18 months later.  It's great for when she's not feeling well, and wants to be held, also we use that bed for stories at night and as part of her bedtime ritual.  Now that we're expecting #2, it's a little more complicated, but I've been avoiding the idea of taking the bed down to accomodate two cribs or thinking about transitioning DD to the big bed. She was in our room until she was around 6 months, so we're planning to do that again this time, and crossing our fingers that our plan to buy a house next winter/spring will work out before we have to think about any of that!! 

    Also, you know from prior posts, that I'm a total minimist when it comes to baby stuff...and this has included decorating.  I am much more into the idea of decorating her room once she's in a "big-girl bed" than I was about setting up a nursery, so we've really just accomodated her crib into what was the guest room. 
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    Re: May Pregnancy

    Liz- we have a 2 bedroom and do not have a bed in the baby's room. We used to have another spare bed in our office (located in the basement of our townhouse), but we got rid of that too, so I could move my desk from the baby's room. So no extra beds here...couch it is, if needed!
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    Re: May Pregnancy

    lil, I just turned 40 this year, too.  I had no idea going past the due date was a risk factor for those terrible things at our age.  Best wishes!!
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    Re: May Pregnancy

    OK ladies...bit of an alarm went off in my head just now...DH and I just recently got life insurance (in the past couple months). Part of the process is a urine test, BP/weight measure, and blood work. We got our results back in the mail today, and my cholesterol is high! I don't know what it was before I got PG, so I don't have a baseline to compare it to, but now I'm so worried!

    I did some research (thanks, Dr. Google!) and most everything I found said that cholesterol levels rise during pregnancy because it's a necessary nutrient for baby's nervous system my concern is how high is TOO high, even during pregnancy? I'm not expecting medical advice so don't flame me, just wondering if anyone knows anything about this? I will certainly bring it up at my OB appointment next week...but for now I'm scared to even eat Frown
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    Re: May Pregnancy

    summer, cholesterol in and of itself is not bad.  If you have high blood sugar on a regular basis, it's a problem because sugar scrapes your arteries giving the blood cholesterol floating around a place to get stuck and build up.  It slides on through, otherwise.  Cholesterol lowering drugs brainwash people into thinking just having high cholesterol is a disaster, but it isn't necessarily.  You have to have other things going on for it to matter.  All that to say, there's no need to automatically freak out especially if you don't know what it will be after your pregnancy.
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    Re: May Pregnancy

    In Response to Re: May Pregnancy:
    I think Spikes is better suited inside and Mayo outside. Hightower can play any linebacker position, imo. He has alot of experience rushing the passer at Alabama under Saban. Jones will probably play outside in the 3-4 and DE in the 4-3. I still think they should bring Carter back though once he is healthy!
    Posted by I sat on your toilet

    How did my post end up here? I posted this in the Patriots forum and was wondering where it went, so I went into my history and found it here! Lol

    Anyway sorry for the interuption and best wishes with your pregnancies and Happy Mothers Day!
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    Re: May Pregnancy

    I've seen it happen before, Isoyt - always hilarious.  The glitches in this forum software are really weird.  LOL!