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May Updates

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    Re: May Updates

    Hi all...We're at 13 weeks, and I'm feeling good, although it's weird how every day my body feels a little different.

    We had our first ultrasound earlier in the week...heartbeat was strong and fast, and it was so amazing to see that little being in there!  Since I had a miscarriage before this pregnancy, seeing that really was such a relief, and I think I've calmed down and let myself start to be more excited too.

    We also started to tell more people since the ultrasound, and hearing their reactions has been's starting to all feel real!
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    Re: May Updates

    Luv, that's so great to hear! :-)
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    Re: May Updates

    Hi all, much has happened in such little time!  I'm 21 weeks now, and we found out at 18 weeks we were having a boy!  I was so excited I screamed.  haha.  It was awesome to see the little guy again too.  

    We also had a mini scare a week after that...some spotting.  I kind of freaked, but went to the hospital and the Dr. reassured us everything was going to be ok.  Despite knowing this is normal, it is still so unsettling when it happens!

    The LO has been kicking up a storm, which is so fun. We can even see some of the kicks now and then!  


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    Re: May Updates

    Luv - I am so glad to hear things are going well!
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    Re: May Updates

    Congrats to Luv and Eva.  Luv, you are entering a much more fun time of pregnancy!  Great news for both of you!

    Ok, well I am going to look at some maternity dresses this weekend.  I looked last time but there was nothing I would want to wear pregnant or not!  Hopefully I will find something cute.  I do have a regular dress option so maybe I will find something and bring both.  Of course, I also have to deal with a bathing suit.  My bikinis still fit but....

    I am wearing maternity pants for the first time today at 16 1/2 weeks.  I gave up. :)  I am with you Stefani and certainly things are going to happen earlier with you with 2 little guys!
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    Re: May Updates

    About people not commenting on your pregnancy even if it's "obvious," well, I have that story, the one everyone gasps to hear.  I woman I know had "clearly" been aquiring a bigger and bigger baby bump for awhile.  She was also wearing those "maternity" blouses that are empire waists and flare out all around.  When she looked about 8 months pregnant I figured it would be RUDE for me NOT to congratulate her and ask when she was due!  So, I did.  She wasn't.  I made it worse and play-argued with her assuming she had to have been joking.  She wasn't.  I'm telling you, she gained weight in a way that looked EXACTLY like she was about to give birth any minute.  So, I'll forever be one of those gals who always waits to be TOLD from now on.  Talk about mortified, and it was someone that I have to interact with on a regular basis.  Sigh. Embarassed

    P.S.  In my "defense" (if there is one), she said I was the 4th person to mention it THAT DAY.
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    Re: May Updates

    Yeah, I said something like it was the maternity-style clothing she'd been wearing that fooled us (which I assume she picked because it was comfortable given her shape).  Needless to say, I haven't seen her wear any empire waisted clothing since...
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    Re: May Updates

    Oh Kar, how embarassing!!  That's almost happened to me a few times, but I always try to ask someone else first, "Is she?".  It happened to my mom and she was mortified.  It happens!
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    Re: May Updates

    Poppy, I know!  I was always that person that asked someone else or let them tell me, too!  But, this time it was SO OBVIOUS - I really thought I had to say something or she'd wonder why I didn't!  I wish I had a photo but figured saying, "Excuse me, this is my 'most embarrassing moment,' and no one will believe how absolutely obviously 8/9 months pregnant you look so can I take a picture for proof?"  would make it worse. ;)
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    Re: May Updates

    Kar- thanks for the laugh- definately needed it this morning. Sorry that happened to you- I would have been horrified too (but it is a little funny)!!  I know that people are trying to be polite- I just feel like I should be carrying a sign (because the two neighbors I told were then like "why didn't you tell us").  sigh.

    And, as I got dressed this morning, I thought of all of you- the maternity shirt I am wearing is clearly one designed for people who are pregnant with quads or something- there is so much extra space it is crazy- especially since some of my others are getting small. they should have a belly size- like a band size for bras- or something.

    hope everyone has a nice weekend.
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    Re: May Updates

    Oh, it's funny, I can admit that - that's why I shared!  Not at the time...OK, well, maybe a little bit even then. 

    You could have a button fashioned, "Yes, I'm really pregnant.  It's safe to mention."
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    Re: May Updates

    Hope you don't mind if I share a story too!  This happened yesterday and I haven't been able to tell anyone because I wouldn't want word to get back to my friend.

    A friend from another department asked if my coworker is pregnant because they've been wondering over there.  Yikes!  Not only is she not pregnant, but she has been telling me for weeks that she has gained too much since her wedding and has been going to the gym a lot.  I am SO glad he asked me and not her!!

    I told him I will be sure to let him know if I'm ever pregnant so he can spread the word to the inquiring minds lol.
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    Re: May Updates

    I've noticed people will pass me in the hall at work or in a meeting, and then about three minutes later come back to congratulate me on my pregnancy. I know they've gone to confirm what they thought they saw with another co-worker. I have to say I am grateful. If I was just fat, it would be awful.

    That co-worker of Kargiver must have had some serious medical issue to blow up like that...scary.
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    Re: May Updates

    Speaking of stomachs, have you had that experience when you first tell someone your news and they immediately look at your stomach?  Perhaps they can't help it, but it always makes me feel weird!  Either like I have to prove it by having a protruding belly, or like they're thinking, "Nah... I think she's just let herself go."

    And I've caught a few co-workers almost tell me they noticed I was gaining weight... they've said, "I knew it!" and when I say, "How?" they say, "Because you look... you're glowing!"  Hmm... don't think that's what you were going to say!  :)
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    Re: May Updates

    How about the people who try to tell what you're having by the way you're "carrying"..."Oh, you're having a girl because your butt's bigger"...thanks for noticing!!!

    At my brother's college graduation party a couple years back (I got married the year before) I had 4 different people ask me if I was pregnant. I wasn't. There I was, thinking I looked really cute in this empire-waist little dress, my hair done, cute shoes, and that's what I hear...not fun! Needless to say, I went home to change half way through the party and the dress has been in my closet, unworn, ever since.

    The funny part is that  I tried to wear it when I was pregnant and it looked awful
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    Re: May Updates

    Just wanted to wish all of you mommies-to-be a Happy Mother's Day! Smile
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    Re: May Updates

    Happy Mother's Day to you too RHM.  Funny, today I was like, oh, I have to go online and wish RHM a Happy Mother's day!

    Kar - Seriously, I look around now that I am focused on it and there are a lot of women out there who are questionable mostly by their choice of clothing.  Thanks for sharing!   When I was TTC I was so careful to wear fitted things where people could not be mistaken.  That came back to bite me in the b*utt early in the pregnancy when I had nothing to wear when I had not told anyone!   I actually asked someone once (who I knew was pregnant) when she was going to deliver - her answer was 2 weeks ago.  So I am right there with you!

    Poppy - I have totally noticed they look right at my belly - too funny!!  One person I told said she thought I was pregnant or just not going to the gym as much.

    So the reunion dress update.  My lovely husband and I spent about an hour at the maternity shop.  We ended up picking out a dress and my husband said "wow you don't even look pregnant in that". In that case, I suppose I could wear one of my dresses.  I will bring both and see what happens over the next week.  Thanks for the advice everyone!
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    Re: May Updates

    IPW--If your placenta is in the front (as mine is) you might not be feeling anything big for a little while longer.  You'll find out next week!  Have fun!
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    Re: May Updates

    Hi everyone,
    I have a question - I would like to buy the Baby Bargains book I've heard so much about, but when I search it on Amazon two similar titles come up.

    Is it: Baby Bargains, 8th Edition: Secrets to Saving 20% to 50% on Baby Furniture, Gear, Clothes, Toys, Maternity Wear and Much, Much More! by Denise Fields

    The Complete Book of Baby Bargains: 1,000+ Best Ways to Save Money Every Day by Kimberly Danger?

    Or maybe both are good!  But I know one comes very highly recommended...

    In other news, got our results from the early risk assessment... 1/2100 risk for Downs, Trisomy 13, etc.  Was great news to get.
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    Re: May Updates

    Poppy-Congratulations on your test results.  Its nice to have that worry out of the way.  In terms of the baby bargains book, the first one is the one I've referred to and have seen everywhere.  I don't know if you used the Bridal Bargains book when planning your wedding but its the same authors.  Its definately  helpful with reviews of certain products and their take on which baby items are necessary.

    IPW-My placenta was also in front of the baby and I really didn't start feeling consistent movement until 22 weeks or so.  At 19 weeks, I think you probably wouldn't feel anything consistently.  I remember early on feeling flutters every few days and would be holding my breath at the appointments until I heard the hearbeat.  Now, I get a good kick every few hours and know that everything's OK.

    AFM-Had my check-up today and another ultrasound due to genetic high blood pressure.  It is a farily standard procedure to see if there is enough room.  It was nice to see the LO again (4lbs, 1oz) and how much s/he has grown since the 18 wk ultrasound.  I also booked my appointments up to my due date, which is exciting but strange to see that I'm almost at the end of the road (31 wks on Wed.).
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    Re: May Updates

    Poppy-  I *believe* it is the Baby Bargains, 8th Edition one that everyone talks about.  At least that is the one I got and I really like it so far :).  Woohoo for the early risk assessment!!  Did you do the sequential blood draws or just the NT and one blood draw?  I'm just curious.  I did the sequential and had my second blood draw last week.

    IPW-  We have our gender scan next Wednesday as well!  I'm so excited :)

    I also have been noticing people looking at my stomach while walking down the hall at work, I never know what to say or do, so I just ignore it :).
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    Re: May Updates

    Thanks Nene and Antimony - I think I'll go ahead and order that book.

    Nene - 31 weeks, woohoo!  It really all does go by so quickly (well, at least once the first trimester is over).

    Antimony - I had the sequential blood draw as well - I had it last monday and got the results Friday (NWH maternal fetal medicine).  Good luck as you await your results!

    After read that nursery thread and perusing the websites, I'm starting to want to know which gender we are having! (we had planned on being surprised)  My big US is at week 20 and I'm not sure if I'll be able to resist finding out...
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    Re: May Updates

    For us, it was definately a difficult decision regarding finding out the gender.  Initially, I wanted to know and after talking to some people I seriously considered not finding out.  My husband had a reverse thought process.  It definately makes it difficult to choose certain items when registering because EVERYTHING is gender specific.  However, we may have another child and I really didn't want some items to be based on the gender of this child.  Today the midwife asked if we were tempted to find out the gender after this u/s and suprisingly enough I wasn't which made me feel like I made the right decision for us.  Good luck deciding! 

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    Re: May Updates

    IPW...where did you order your crib from (also good luck tomorrow!)?  We went to look at baby furniture this past weekend (bru & the baby furniture warehouse in reading).  

    We didn't accomplish much unfortunately.  Either liked the crib, but not the dressers/changing tables or vice versa.  I was so disappointed b/c I thought we'd pick everything out and be able to start focusing on the rest of the nursery.  No such luck.  :(

    Any advice on where else to look, and also how do you measure (and how important is) the quality of the furniture?  

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    Re: May Updates

    I dont post much, just an occasional comment, but I just found out Im expecting again and Im freaking out since my DD is 5 months old.  I always knew I wanted 2 children, just a little shocked that it would have happened this quickly.  Ideally I wanted a 2 year gap between the two, not one.  Clearly this wasnt planned and Im just in total denial and having a little bit of anxiety over it.  I know once it sets in I should be fine, but wow is really all that is coming to mind.