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May Updates

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    Re: May Updates

    Poppy, I think that was your bean helping with you with whatever you were doing on your laptop!  My DD used to do that as well, she loved that laptop... now her brother, he's got an attitdue, he's a big kicker, all day, except morning :)

    I think the sibling spacing and gender thing can and does work no matter which way the cards fall, so to speak.  There is little we can do to affect either (gender for sure and spacing many times) so I have this theory that God only gives us what we can handle - so maybe if your kids are far apart (not that I think 4 years is far apart by any means!) then maybe, at some cosmic level, that's what you and your kids needed... things have a way of working themselves out I think.

    Hang in there all, and I can TOTALLY relate to the emotional thing.. my neighbour came grocery shopping with me and DD on Sunday (odd, we've never done this before) and I was so relieved for the extra set of hands, I almost got all teary eyed in the store... we're doing a house reno and DH has been killing himself with that, so it's just me and the 2 year old a lot. 
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    Re: May Updates

    Re: hormones -- right there with you, sister.  No worries on that front. 

    Re: spacing -- it's just life.  I think having a game-plan is great, but sibs are sibs whether they're Irish Twins or decades apart ... or they're not.  I think it's much more to do with family dynamics than ideal spacing.  Speaking as someone with everything ranging from a 4-year to a 16-year age range amongst the sibs, it can work.  In fact, my 19-yo sister just texted me to CALL HER IMMEDIATELY b/c she like, totally has boy drama and needs advice. XOXOXOXO calll meeeeeeee ...

    Re: swelling -- so far, so good at almost 23 weeks.  I am definitely more thirsty than I was naturally pre-pregnancy, and I drink in-kind.  I usually finish two bottles of water during my workout in the morning, then drink a big thing of seltzer throughout the day, and generally refill the water bottle around this time for the afternoon.  Then have some more soda water with dinner, so figure 14 cups a day, assuming the water bottle holds about 22 oz?  If you feel up to it and it seems medically-appropriate, exercise can really help with the swelling.  Swimming gets raves from my other preggo friends as well, including those who aren't working out regularly.  In fact, joining a local gym with a pool is on my short-list of Things that Seem Indulgent but are Really Quite Necessary  At This Stage of the Game. 

    AFM, feeling great, really can't complain.  Am pretty much in maternity wear now, and feeling deeply grateful for a bag of what seemed like questionable hand-me-downs that I got from DH's cousins.  After some culling, good lord -- I love these women.  They may not all be 100% my personal style, but they qualify as Good Enough, which is my new motto. 

    I am starting to feel ... not stressed, per se, but pressure to get more stuff done, baby-planning-wise.  We've registered (thanks to MIL dropping shower invites WAY early -- that'll get 'er done for you.), have found a daycare we like and are mailing in our deposit this week, have the nursery painted and most of the furniture purchased and delivered ... just waiting on DH to do some woodwork in there.  Medically, all is well, (knock wood) so I guess that, other than birthing classes, I can just relax?  I don't relax well, as you may have guessed. 

    Am I missing something major I should be working on, do you think?

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    Re: May Updates

    GC-It sounds like you're ahead of me so I don't have much to add ;-)  Have you considered taking a CPR class?  I think that and registering for a pediatrician are the only two things that you haven't mentioned that readily come to mind. 
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    Re: May Updates

    GC - I definitely would love some pool time and agree it would help (especially as the weather gets warmer), my schedule just wouldn't allow it more than once a week. For now, I just walk for 30 minutes at lunch time, and again after dinner.

    If you are drinking 14 cups of water a day and a cup = 8 ounces (googled it), then it looks like we are about the same rate of water consumption (you 112 oz. me 120 oz.)

    I did call my drs. office today. They said they were not worried, but if I wanted to come in this week instead of Monday for my glucose test, I could - but they only have mid day appointments necessary. So, I'll just be very careful with the sugar, keep drinking my water and walking and wait until next Monday. Really, I think I just realized how much sugar was in the dried fruit I've been snacking on heavily throughout my pregnancy. I'll cut back on that too, and switch to fresh fruit.
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    Re: May Updates

    Pedi, good point -- I'm in the gathering-names stages right now.  I kind of have birthing/nursing/CPR classes all lumped into one big category in my head, but breaking it out probably makes sense. 

    ML, I could be wrong, but I don't think GD is something you can eat your way into (or out of).  I think being mindful of simple sugars is always good, but my understanding is that you either have GD or you don't, and it's just your body's reaction to pregnancy, and the hormones your (liver?  pancreas?  No idea who the culprit is here) secretes in response to breaking down sugars.  If that's any consolation.  Breaking up the walking is the best thing, especially after dinner -- I read some study where light exercise after a meal had a dramatic impact on blood-sugar levels.  Thought that was interesting. 

    That being said, unless you're loving the dried fruit for, um, other beneficial reasons, I think the switch to fresh is a great idea -- more bulk, more water, fewer calories/oz.  The nutritionist I got referred to early on (they're doing some study about nutritional counseling during pregnancy and ease of labor -- I happily signed up to be a guinea pig) has me following what is essentially the same eating plan that you would with a GD diagnosis, just probably not as strict.  I can give you the details if you want ... might ease some of your nervousness. 

    I'm sure the GD test will go very well!  I'm nervous about mine, too, and it's still about a month away, I think ... have to schedule that. 

    FWIW, I seem to recall that certain foods have natural diuretic properties -- asparagus and watermelon come to mind.  That might help with some of the swelling.  Plus, they are yummy.  :) 

    Question: does anyone have any good maternity workout DVD's that they like?  I have a couple of yoga videos at home, which I admittedly haven't even tried, but I wanted to have some at-home options for when I can't get to the gym ... or when I don't feel like going.  :) 
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    Re: May Updates

    GC - Honestly, I stay off the internet so I base my concerns about GD on the fact that I am thirsty and puffy - I am sure you are right and I will have to look in to it.

    I had a weird revelation last night. We chose not to find out the sex of our baby, and we are basically settled on names, this baby is becoming very, very real. But what I realized is that if I have a girl, I'll mourn in some strange way for the boy I've been imaging. And if I have a boy, I'll mourn a little bit for the girl I've been imagining. I suppose that's normal, both options occupy my mind most of the day. But did anyone have a moment where they sort of mourned for a second the gendered baby they didn't have?

    Does that even make sense?
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    Re: May Updates

    ml-  I know exactly what you mean.  We're finding out tomorrow and people keep asking me if I have a preference, and I just say I think either way I will be a little sad, sad to miss out on the little girl things or sad to miss out on the little boy things.  We honestly do not care one way or another (although when I hear storied of DHs youth, sometimes I wish for a girl :), hahaha ). 
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    Re: May Updates

    I completely understand the idea of mourning a little for the gender the baby isn't.  We've decided we're not going to find out what we're having, but when I think about the baby, I usually imagine it as a girl (maybe because I'm from an all-girl family, maybe because I like girl clothes better?)...

    The woman who drew my blood a couple of weeks ago told me it's a boy, and I found out yesterday that my mom thinks it's a boy too (of course, she thought that about both my sister and me when she was pregnant with us, so I'm not sure how good her instincts are!)

    The worst part is that I still have 25 more weeks until I meet this person...which means 25 weeks of wondering and getting myself excited about both genders so I'm ready for either one!
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    Re: May Updates

    i think those of you who wait to find out the gender at birth are very strong!  i couldn't do it - i feel the need to know so i can set my expectations either way.   especially if i really wanted one gender, i'd need to know early to reconcile with my feelings if i got the other! 

    i also don't really get it - why wait, if it's going to be a surprise either now or then?  what's the rationale?  is it just fun, the suspense?

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    Re: May Updates

    I just read a really good article written by the mom of two boys about the daughter that wasn't ... it was probably in either Good Housekeeping or Better Homes, as those are the two magazines my MIL sends me and are likely suspects.  It was REALLY good, actually ... wish I could find it. 

    I think it's totally normal to mourn the other path in anything big in life.  It just shows that you're bonding with both a potential son and a potential daughter, but you only go home with one, so that's a loss of sorts. 

    I kind of can't picture a gender for our bub, so it's a genderless Bean with a limitless appetite who likes to pound on Mama's bladder.  I think I'm going to be shocked either way. 

    It's funny about finding out ... we'd originally wanted to, but the Bean didn't comply with showing the goods.  The tech had a guess, but we kind of didn't want to know unless we "knew" so while I know what her guess was, I still feel like we don't know.  And now I don't want to know.  I guess with knowing, you can't unring that bell, so people want to hold off until the Big Reveal.  I think either way is great. 
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    Re: May Updates

    Thanks for understanding about the hormones... so far this week they seem better, but I never know what to expect. Undecided

    ML - so funny that you say that about the gender.  I had that exact revelation last night lying in bed.  I came to the realization that although I can't say I have a "preference", I think I will mourn the opposite of whatever we end up with just a little bit...

    Stefani - I can't really explain why I decided I want to wait until the birth to find out the gender.  It is the exact opposite of how I always thought I would feel.  In the past, I've thought my friends crazy for not finding out. 

    Re: gender preference, I have one girlfriend who REALLY wanted a girl and decided not to find out the gender ahead of time, because she said at the moment of birth you are just so happy and full of love for this little creature that you don't have a moment of "Oh, I wish it was..."  (this was her second child)  She felt that she'd be MORE likely to feel that disappointment if she found out ahead of time.  But, as with everything, I'm sure it's different for everyone.

    I also have a friend who said that the fact the gender was a surprise is what "got her through" labor.  Now, I'm sure she would have gotten through if she knew it was going to be a boy, but she felt it was a handy psychological phenomenon that she felt really helped.

    Those aren't the reasons I'm not finding out, they're just some examples of why people might choose to wait...

    Of course, at my 20 week ultra-sound when the tech CLEARLY knows the gender of my baby, I may be singing a different tune about the whole thing... I make no promises. :)
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    Re: May Updates

    No offense to anyone who feels this way, but I always kind of giggle a little at the whole "not knowing will give me motivation to push" argument.  In my mind, my motivation to push is to end the pain.  I don't need a cherry on top -- that one's good enough on its own. 

    Everyone is different, and if that gives you an extra burst of pushing energy, that's fantastic.  I think what I actually find funny is that, well, it's not like if you know and aren't feeling super-motivated, you could kind of procrastinate and not give birth.  ;) 

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    Re: May Updates

    Yup, at first I was very girl focused, and now I am very boy focused. I think either way, I will probably mourn. This is also going to be our only child, so I think knowing that kind of adds to the mourning process.

    As for not finding out, I never wanted to find out and neither did my husband. We just wanted to be surprised. I feel like I read somewhere (feminist writing I am sure) that they tell you the gender of the baby, but nothing else and so you are left with months and months of applying gender stereotypes to an unborn child as a way of preparing and bonding. (Yeah, I know I'm going to get flamed for that one). We are having a baby, either way and babies are all pretty much the same with regards to their needs and wants, regardless of sex. 

    We'd just rather not know, and get to know our baby as a person, and if they are a girl who likes blue and trucks, or a boy that prefers yellow (or pink) and ladybugs, either one is fine with us.

    OK, I'll go put on my protective gear now, that's just what our thinking was in the decision not to find out the sex of our baby.
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    Re: May Updates

    GC - I couldn't agree more.  I have given birth twice.  In my experience there wasn't time to think about anything while pushing.  Both times it happened fast as the babies heart beats were decelerating.  For what it is worth I did find out.  I am a planner and figured it would be easier to plan if I knew in advance BUT I would not refer to the baby by it's name even though it was chosen.  I also cringed when someone else (my MIL!) did all the time.  I guess I was superstitious. 
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    Re: May Updates

    ML - I didn't think my reasons through as well as you did, but that is sort of why we are also not finding out - because it just doesn't matter to us what the gender is.  It won't help me "prepare" in regard to buying things or decorating the nursery, because I don't want to choose "girl" things or "boy" things.  I think I'm going to make my own decor for the nursery and plan to just choose the colors/fabrics that I love - it will most likely be a green/brown theme, with other splashes of color thrown in.  Either that or black and white, which I'm liking more and more.

    I also don't feel the need to know the gender in order to feel like I'm bonding with the baby. 

    But I know many people feel the opposite, and I can see many reasons to find out!  One being it would stop my mom from driving me crazy asking me to find out!
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    Re: May Updates

    ML, you are making me nostalgic for my "Free to Be You and Me" record.  Sigh ... what was the boy's name who wanted a doll?  I loved that record. 

    I may have to try to find that on iTunes tonight. 

    Poppy, our nursery is very neutral, and not super-"baby" in theme.  I say this not in any sort of "hip" way ... it was just the result of all my separate impulse purchases.  Oh well. 

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    Re: May Updates

    Eclectic can have its own charm. :)
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    Re: May Updates

    Hi everyone.
    Ant - we are finding out tomorrow too!  I can't wait.  I keep saying it is a big enough surprise that I am even pregnant and I don't need any more surprises.  I realize - totally personal choice!

    I have had days when I am incredibly thirsty and days not so much.  I have seen some huge variation.

    I have definitely been feeling the little bugger moving more.  It is so exciting I have to say!

    As an update - I survived the reunion in the maternity dress.  Not one person thought I was pregnant until I told them.  So... guess I could have gone either way.
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    Re: May Updates

    IPW... Girl or Boy???   

    We found out with both kiddos.  I really wanted a girl so I was so thrilled when I found out with my daughter.  I would have been fine with a son too, I just wanted a girl at some point in my life and to have her first was great!  Now at 20 weeks we know we're having a boy, so we're pretty psyched about that too!  We just like to know so we can be better prepared and so little junior isn't born into a world of hand-me-down pink onesies.  Now he gets his cousin's hand-me-downs instead!
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    Re: May Updates

    GC - "William Wants a Doll"!!  One of my fav records of all time (and yes, I will always think of it as a "record").
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    Re: May Updates

    It WAS a record.  A record I played a groove in.  God, I loved that. 

    To her credit, my mom tried to give me toys across gender boundaries -- Tonka trucks, dolls, etc ... but she gave up after she found me draping the trucks in lace to make "wedding carriages" for Barbie.  My poor mother. 

    She also used to change the ending of fairy tales to something a bit more ... well, like this:

    "'And the prince kissed Sleeping Beauty and she woke up.  After which she sat up, thanked him with a hearty handshake, went to law school, and sued the Wicked Queen for damages, lost wages and pain and suffering.  The End.'  See, honey?  Isn't that a much better ending?"
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    Re: May Updates

    GC1016 - Sounds like your mom would've loved reading you "The Paper Bag Princess" I had never heard of it, but for my shower at work everyone  gave their favorite book from childhood, and one of my co-workers gave it to me. It is hilarious, and very feminist.
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    Re: May Updates

    Congratulations, IPW!  You're excitement just rang through your post.  Although, I didn't find out the gender, I totally understand how helpful it could be in planning.  One of the best advantages of finding out is that you can actually refer to your LO by gender!
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    Re: May Updates

    Congrats IPW!  I got excited for you reading your post!  Must have been such fun to see all the working parts!  Among others, one of the nice things is you can just focus on boy names now (unless you already had one of each picked out).  That might be the thing that gets me to change my mind about finding out - we're struggling with boy names!

    Glad to hear you do not need to worry about not feeling movement - that it's just the pesky placenta!
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    Re: May Updates

    IPW, we're in the same boat!  20w4d here with a boy and a front-lying placenta.  Congrats!  If you have any good boy names feel free to send them my way!