MGH OB Recommendations

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    MGH OB Recommendations

    Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if there are recommendations on an OB at MGH (or notes of caution on who to avoid)?  I delivered my daughter there almost 2 years ago, and found out that my former OB now only works out of their Waltham location. 

    I have to choose a new OB at MGH, and short of choosing a name from a hat, was hoping to at least get some starting points.  I saw Dr. Harrington once last pregnancy when my OB was on vacation, but I don't remember much about her.  I have an intake appt with Dr. Baute in a few weeks.  Any experience with either of them, or should I request someone else? 

    I know that whomever I choose will likely not be the delivery doctor, and that's okay, I just want someone I can be comfortable with throughout all the appointments.  (Just got a BFP this weekend Smile). 



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    Re: MGH OB Recommendations

    Congratulations Jennifer!  I have interacted with a bunch of the MGH OBs, but not Dr. Baute.  I really liked Dr. Kachadoorian, who I saw several times and delivered my baby.  My regular OB only takes high risk patients, so that rec is probably not helpful unless you know you need a MFM specialist.