Natural childbirth techniques/experiences

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    Natural childbirth techniques/experiences

    Happy Monday!

    I know there are several ladies on these boards who went with natural/medication free childbirth.  I am hoping you can relay your experiences with the different techniques (hypnobirthing, Bradley method, etc) if you used a particular method.  I will be giving birth at Mt. Auburn and we are just starting to research childbirth education classes.

    Appreciate any input!
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    Re: Natural childbirth techniques/experiences

    I delivered at Mt. Auburn too. I took the childbirth with a midwife class that was offered through the hospital. I got info on it at my mw office, I went through the Arlington office.  The class was one FULL day, I guess they had done it Tue nights and then two weekend days and with busy schedules people wanted just a one day course. It was VERY long, but informational. Learning about the stages of labor and any interventions that would need to be done was the most helpful.  I do feel that my husband got more out of it than I did however. I had been reading things all along and have friends that I talked to about childbirth. That said, I know people that really liked the classes they took and found it very helpful.  The class did not focus much on breathing, but did have us practice with birthing balls etc. to see the options for helping through labor.  This class is very different than the Bradley method. 
        Others may not agree with me, but once you are in labor, what you have read or learned is not really what you are thinking about...the midwife helping me through labor was better than anything I could have learned prior to the experience.  She helped every step of the way and helped DH help me too.  
         That being said, best thing that I did to prepare for labor was taking prenatal yoga, which helped me learn to focus on my breathing.  If you have any other questions about Mt. Auburn let me know! 
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    Re: Natural childbirth techniques/experiences

    Hi Leila,

    I am 30 weeks so no first hand experience with delivery, but I thought I'd share what I have been reading and the classes: I just posted this on the June -Preg thread, but it directly applies to your question. ... lol I actually realized after I typed it that I was partially answering Ajuly in this post... not in the other thread ... woops!

    At any rate, I took the Natural childbirth class through Harvard Vanguard - it was very helpful, I really liked the teacher, she was very laid back and It was helpful to see labor and birth as a normal process that I don't have to be nervious about.  I also agree with AJuly - I think it was more helpful for my DH because I have been reading tons of stuff.  THe class listing is here:

    I am also taking the Hypnobirthing class through Newton Wellesley:
    I have been told that it is overkill to take both classes.  I really wanted to take the hypnobirthing class as I have heard very good feedback, but I have a friend that is a natural childbirth educator also trained in Hypnobirthing.  She said that Hypnobirthing is a very structured script and sometimes if something unexpected happens during birth (like an umplanned medical intervention) that people can get thrown off the script and have a hard time getting back on track so she recommended taking the Nat Childbirth class first to be mentally prepare for things that might throw you off track..

    Also, one of the books about birth I have been reading is Natural childbirth for dummies:  and I highly recommend it!   It is really easy/quick to read adn enjoyable.

    HTH, I am due in early September so I'll post how my natural birth experience goes then.

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    Re: Natural childbirth techniques/experiences

    I took a standard childbirth class at SSH with DD 3 years ago.  Then with DS, I didn't take any refreshers or anything like that.  With DD, I had an epidural, with DS, I didn't have anything, so really all I can say is that breathing is key and not being afraid of what your body is doing is also key.  Other than that, I had no special techniques that I used other than the fact that I knew what childbirth was like from the first time around, so the second time wasn't scary and I was able to have DS naturally.  
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    Re: Natural childbirth techniques/experiences

    I have no helpful input, but I do want to say that I did not take a class and I regretted that choice. I didn't want to spend the money or take the time, and I figured that babies come out one way or another and my body would do most of the work without me needing to prepare. I also thought I knew how to breathe. I'd been doing it my whole life! I was wrong on all counts. I had a really hard time and no idea how to deal with it. I think it would have gone a lot easier on me if I'd known some techniques -- if for no other reason than to distract myself. I also think the breathing techniques help -- one of the nurses (I love her) pressed her face against mine and was doing that puff-puffing you see in movies into my face, and I mimiced her and I DID feel better. I'd thought it was a load of **** before. There's probably more where that came from, but I didn't bother to learn it.
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    Re: Natural childbirth techniques/experiences

    I did the hypnobirthing classes through Isis, and also went to the info session at our hospital. I did not retain too much of the information to be honest, but I found it helpful to have time and structure for my husband and I to focus on the labor and delivery of our baby.

    Our plan was for an unmedicated birth with a midwife. In the end I developed pre-eclampsia and was induced with accupuncture and an insertable medication. Because of the blood pressure I was strongly encouraged to have an epidural to keep my blood pressure down a bit but I was very determined to have my baby naturally. It was not what I planned but in my minds eye my midwife gave me the perfect birth - I labored without pain, was very aware of every sensation and felt I could enjoy the experience with my whole mind and heart. While I was very determined to have a natural birth, with the good advice of these boards I was able to really embrace my own birth experience and love and enjoy it.

    Plan well, be prepared, but don't tie yourself completely to a single plan. Keep your heart open to the experience and enjoy it.
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    Re: Natural childbirth techniques/experiences

    Lemon – I initially felt the same, but after reading advice on these boards, plus with my DH wanting to be as prepared as possible, I changed my mind.  Thanks to these boards, I am definitely preparing myself in the event that I need an intervention if things don’t go according to plan.   You all are great about giving realistic advice to educate and prepare yourself for birth.

    Ajuly: I will ask my midwife about the childbirth with a midwife class at my appointment next week...sounds like something I should take no matter what.  I agree about the yoga breath.  I have been practicing for about 7 years and always thought the breath focus would be helpful during labor, and I starting taking prenatal a couple months ago and I find it invaluable.

    Krystabel: I am early November, so I look forward to your birth story!  I’ve also heard how if you end up needing an intervention, the hypnobirthing technique can get thrown out the window.  Let me know how you feel about the class when you’re done if you think of it.  Thanks for the book recommendations...I can download it to my kindle!

    ML, the same exact thing happened to my coworker’s wife.  Glad you were still able to still enjoy your experience.

    Thanks so much for all the advice!  November still seems so far off, but at the same time I can’t believe it’s almost July.
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    Re: Natural childbirth techniques/experiences

    If you'd like to take a natural childbirth class, its good to think about it earlier rather than later.  I also took hypnobirthing through Isis.  I had originally signed up through Harvard Vanguard and the class was canceled due to low enrollment and ended up taking the hypnobirthing class which ended a few weeks before my due date.  Hypnobirthing is scripted and the classes are 5 weeks.  I believe each class is 2-2 1/2 hours and there is 'homework' which is basically practicing scripts and breathing. It really works best if you are commited to practicing.  

    What happens when you give birth is sometimes out of one's control but I think its best to be prepared in the way which will  make you most comfortable.  I had my heart set on a natural birth.  I did not really read about interventions because I didn't want it to be in my consciousness.  I was a week late and my blood pressure was increasing (but no pre-clampsyia) and my doctor decided to proceed with induction.  I began induction on Monday morning and started feeling contractions sometime on Tuesday.  I used yoga breathing to get me through as well as relaxation techniques.  By Tuesday evening, DD heartrate was dropping and a c-section was strongly recommended (and we agreed).  Although it was not the birth I planned, I believe that my experience in hypnobirthing was helpful because I was able to handle both the contractions as well as accept the decision to have a c-section in a calm, rational way as opposed to fear (which I definately would have had if I was not relaxed). 

    Also, I've heard great things about natural birth and Mt. Auburn hospital so you'll definately be in a supportive environment which is key.  HTH

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    Re: Natural childbirth techniques/experiences

    I gave birth at Brigham.  Husband and I took a natural childbirth class at Isis in Needham when I was about 7 months along.  It was helpful, especially for my husband.  It gave him something to think about in a more concrete way and got us talking about things rather than assuming what each other wanted/was thinking.  They did a deep breathing/meditation/concentration thing in the childbirth class that I really liked.  It wasn't that lamaze hyperventilating they do on TV.  It was something like breathing in for 4 seconds, breathing out for at least 8, counting and regulating.  The teacher said if we wanted to use it we HAD to practice because we'd never remember during labor if we hadn't practiced to the point of it being completely ingrained.  I would imagine most hypnobirthing and breathing techniques are similar. 
    I really recommend consistent practice of whatever you learn.  I would do the breathing as I lay in bed, trying to fall asleep, every night. 
    It really came in handy during labor. It all worked out and I was able to give birth totally naturally.  It was really difficult but worth it. 

    I would recommend trying to wait as long as possible at home before going to the hospital if you are committed to a natural childbirth.  I labored for 35.5 hours with my daughter, 28 of which were at home.  I was much more comfortable at home than I would have been in the hospital.  I know they would have tried to push me to take pitocin if I had been there for that time.  We stayed at home until my water broke and my contractions were 2.5 minutes apart (they jumped from 4 minutes apart to 2.5 minutes apart as soon as my water broke).  As soon as we got in the car (of course, rush hour! ugh) they slowed because I was sitting and stressed.  When we got to the hospital they were at 3 minutes.  It happened that there was a bit of a rush on the delivery ward that night.  Plus my OB was on vacation in Aruba so they were limited in staffing options.  I waited to see a triage nurse for almost 2 hours in the waiting room, contractions 3 minutes apart, on my hands and knees for some, squatting for others.  It was very helpful that I had taken the class.  The breathing helped and it was nice that my husband was not freaking out and knew what to do to make me a little bit more comfortable (rub my back, help me into positions, etc.).  eventually they got me into a room to check to see if I was really in labor (they have to, I guess) then it was finally off to the delivery room. 

    Anyway, the point is, you might as well wait to go in to the hospital.  It takes forever to have a baby.  It's definitely worth it, though!
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    Re: Natural childbirth techniques/experiences

    I took the hypnobirthing cass through Harvard Vanguard, and it was defitiely worth it. Both my husband and I learned alot, and the techniques I lerned for relaxation (both breathing and guided imagery) helped not only with labor, but also when I had to have an external versioning (when a doctor uses ultrasound and his/her hands outside your belly) to turn DD because she was breech at 38 weeks.
    The hypnobirthing class does cover some of the things that might happen in labor where you might need further interventions, but it doesn't really go into any details, but they do point out that for most (not all, but most) cases, you will have time to decide what is right for you, so if a doctor is pushing for you to get pitocin, or something you aren't sure about, you can say,"hey give me 10 minutes to think about this" and ask them why they think it is so important, etc. That probably seems obvious to most people who read these boards regularly, but I hadn't found these boards back then, and I never really thought about asking a doctor why they were pushing one course of action over another. 
    I had a great experience with a natural bith, but I was also fortunate that my early labor was very easy, and the rest was very quick (I got to the hospital fully dilated and ~2 hours after I got there, DD was born).

    I hope this helps.