New Jobs and New Baby

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    New Jobs and New Baby

    I'm sure I've seen this topic covered before, but I'm looking for some advice and/or anecdotes.

    My husband and I are starting to think about baby #2, but I'm also starting to think about looking for another job.  My industry's not stable and my company's gone through some upheaval, so I know my career path has stalled a bit.  We really wanted to start trying for another baby this year, but I also want to start looking for a new job. 

    I would feel awkward, maybe even guilty, going out to look for a new job while either newly pregnant or trying to get that way.

    Any suggestions?  Insight?  Comforting words of wisdom?

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    Re: New Jobs and New Baby

    Look for the job and try for #2 - you never know what may or may not happen in either situation.  Watch this video of Sheryl Sandberg - a top executive at Facebook.  I recently saw her speak at a conference for women in computer science and she is very inspirational...
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    Re: New Jobs and New Baby

    Smiley, thank you so much for posting that. Her very last line actually brought a tear to my eye. She's a great speaker. I've been passively looking for a new job, and actively TTC #2. I started counting PG months and adding in the leave and was nervous about looking when we first started trying. Well, almost 6 months later and still no bfp, makes me wish I had been a bit more actively looking as well.
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    Re: New Jobs and New Baby

    I worked for the same company of 19 years and I can remember at least 3 women who started and then went on maternity leave within 12 months of being hired.
    Also lots who took the paid maternity leave and then resigned - including me.  So if you stay at your current position and move after having number 2 there is no shame in that either.
    Do what's best for you and your family - that's what's most important.
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    Re: New Jobs and New Baby

    We just hired a woman who is 4 months pregnant...even though they know she will be leaving for 8 weeks soon, she was so awesome, they couldn't pass her up.

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    Re: New Jobs and New Baby

    I was hired for my job at 6 mos pregnant...when I started, I was about 30 weeks.  Ended up working for 8 weeks, then was out for 10. 

    The hardest thing about being pregnant when getting hired is that you're only officially eligible for Mass family leave (8 weeks), not FMLA of 12.  It's officially a "don't ask, don't tell" policy when it comes to pregnancy when interviewing.  I didn't tell until I had the offer letter in hand, and we talked about maternity leave then.  In some ways, it was really nice to be there for those 2 months, to get my feet wet, figure out the place, and start to get some work done, then come back and start full steam ahead. Of course, mine was a new position for the organization, so I wasn't replacing anyone, just helping reshuffle the workload, and it meant that reshuffle was a little deferred. 

    Also, remember that your DH is eligible for FMLA too...if you get a new job and have to go back at 8 weeks, maybe he could take a month + off to keep the baby out of daycare/childcare for a little extra time.  It's not the same for you, but a great opportunity for your husband and the baby.
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    Re: New Jobs and New Baby

    I was going to say what Misslily said.  One of your deciding factors might be the maternity leave policy at your current company, versus the unknown at a new company.  For example, where I work we get 10 paid days maternity leave, then the rest (up to 26 weeks) we can use sick/vacation/personal time, or take it unpaid (but if you take it unpaid it affects your accrual of sick and vacation time).  Since all sick and vacation time is accrued, new employees here have almost none for the first 6 months or so. Also, we have a 6 month "probation" period in which any new employee can get laid off.  I'd be worried if I was a new employee out on maternity during that 6 months.

    I actually have been thinking of looking for a new job as well, but am pretty much resigned to taking advantage of the time I'm allowed to take off in that year after birth. So I'm thinking I'll at least stay until the new baby is close to a year, then start looking.

    Of course, what IPW said is also important to consider.  If you're not actually pg yet, everything is an unknown so you might want to start both and see what naturally progresses more quickly.

    Good luck!
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    Re: New Jobs and New Baby

    Try not to feel guilty about outcomes you cannot actually predict or control.  Trying to get pregnant is not automatically getting pregnant.  Getting pregnant is not automatically having a baby.  Looking for a job is not automatically getting a job.  You have no idea what your tomorrow will look like no matter what you plan, and even if your plans do work out immediately and exactly as planned, there's nothing sinful about any of it.

    Live your life and reserve guilt for things that you've done that are intrinsically wrong, none of which any of this's just living your life.  Life is hard enough as it is without heaping guilt onto yourself for the living of it.
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    Re: New Jobs and New Baby

    I'd say try for both at the same time, you never know what will happen first.

    Best of luck!
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    Re: New Jobs and New Baby

    Thank you for the feedback.  You all have confirmed what my husband and I have been discussing - endlessly, it seems - for the last few weeks.

    The maternity leave benefits at my current position are pretty standard so I would definitely want to see what any other company is offering.  Because I had a c section last time, I was entitled to a little more paid leave, but the unpaid leave was tough because we were covered under my health benefits at the time and had to write a pretty big check to Harvard Pilgrim to cover us all.  Thankfully, we're under hubby's now so at least we wouldn't have that hanging over our heads again.

    It stinks, too, because I actually like my job.  I just don't care for the direction my company's going in.
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    Re: New Jobs and New Baby

    I'll echo what several others said -- try for both and see what options you end up with. I did the passive job search/active TTC thing this summer, and ended up with a difficult decision. I was offered a new job at a higher salary but with crappy benefits and a boss I didn't have the greatest feeling about. Ultimately, I went with my gut and stuck with my current job. I didn't know it then, but when I was offered the new job, I was already a few weeks pg!

    I'm relieved I made the decision I did, because I'm getting good benefits including paid leave and have a lot of support from my colleagues. That said, if I'd been offered and taken a different job with better benefits and that I just had a better feeling about, I can imagine I'd have been happy with that decision as well.

    Overall, I'm glad I at least tried and didn't put stuff like that on hold because I was TTC -- that process was stressful enough as it was!

    Fast forward 6 months: I very much want to get out of my current job (previously great relationship with a very fickle boss seems to have run its course). I still don't regret my decision, and I know I can make it ~10 more weeks. But, besides getting back in shape, my #1 goal once I'm able to think about anything other than my son once he's here (ha!) is to start looking for a new job while I'm still on leave. Anyone had experience with that?

    Good luck with both the search and TTC!
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    Re: New Jobs and New Baby

    Life changes all the time, expectedly and unexpectedly, for every single one of us.  There's no sense feeling guilty about any of it, just make your plans and go with the flow.  Everyone else will because we all have to - it's life!  Even without actual plans things can and do up and change dramatically.  If everyone felt guilty about life's big changes, that'd be a lot of unnecessary guilt goin' on.