November 2013 Pregnancy

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    November 2013 Pregnancy

    A little late getting started this month.  Had my 2nd to last doctor's appointment yesterday.  All looks good.  Did get a measurement ultrasound and at 37.5 weeks (because my belly size is 41 weeks), baby measuring 8.5lbs.  I know they can be off, but since I can literally feel him everywhere, I'm not doubting his size.  My first was 9lbs, so they are thinking they'll be pretty close in size.  Had seriously considered trying a VBAC if I went into labor ahead of scheduled section (at 39+1 weeks) - but not with a 9 pounder.  So baring any early labor (which I'm doubting), we'll have our new little man on Nov 18th.  10 days away.  Feeling ok overall.  Tons of BH contractions throughout the days, and probably only 1-3 painful ones each day.  Very irregular.  Sleeping is really the only thing that brings about pain - staying in one position too long just aches my hips/back/privates.  But I must be getting some sleep as I'm not totally exhausted yet.

    There's a few other PG ladies; hope everyone is feeling good, and would love some more updates.

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    Re: November 2013 Pregnancy

    I'm finally starting to feel the baby which is both cool and weird all at the same time, she's more active when I am sitting up at work instead of lying down. Some other ladies who are as far along as me (21 weeks, measuring about the same as well) have said if they put their hands on their stomachs, they can feel the baby kick too. Tried this and she just stops moving instead. Next appointment is for the glucose test.

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    Re: November 2013 Pregnancy

    This board is awfully quiet these days.  This is my last work-day before baby comes on Monday.  C-section scheduled for 11am.  Felt like it would never get here, and now I'm just 3 days away.  I'm having some major guilt as I have just not "bonded" with this baby yet.  I know he's not even here yet... but I felt so different expecting DS1.  And still feel like he is just my entire world, and not really sure how someone else is going to fit into that.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who has gone from 1 to 2 that feels this way, but I am really struggling with these emotions (or shall I say, lack of emotion for Monday's arrival).  Not at all nervous about the birth - I got incredibly sick last time - really don't remember the first 24 hours of my son's life because I was vomiting non-stop for that long.  But we're taking steps to remedy that this time.  And otherwise, I know I'll have to take it slow and there are going to be things I can't do with DS for 2 weeks.  DH will be home, so I'm hoping DS still feels like he's getting attention.  I'm prepared for some acting out and regression... I just hope its not with the potty, since that is just going so well now for several months (even dry overnight!).  Anyways... I'll post next week about DS2's arrival... and hope by then I will be enjoying being a mom of two.

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    Re: November 2013 Pregnancy

    IPW, just sending good thoughts your way for next week. 

    I remember before DS was born last year, looking at DD and wondering how the heck I could ever love someone as much as I loved her.  But he arrived, and I do.  I will say that shortly after delivery, one of the first things DH and I said to each other was that we couldn't wait for DD to meet him, so your older son will never be far from your thoughts! And watching the two of them together is incredible...first in a nervous, "I hope she doesn't bite his fingers off" way, but now, just amazing to see how they love one another and play together...she can, and could always, get him to giggle and laugh like no one else!

    And even if in those first two weeks you can't be as mobile as you normally are, make an effort to do something with your older son every day, even if it's something as simple as reading a story or having a snack, just the two of you.  Show him that although there are times you can't put the baby down (feedings, for example), that there are other times when he is still the primary focus.  And let him help you...bring diapers, grab a blanket, pick out the baby's outfit...if he feels part of it, he'll be less likely to act out. 

    Good luck!!!


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    Re: November 2013 Pregnancy

    IPW, I'll be thinking of you!

    And I felt exactly the same anticipating DS (an induction).  I did not feel nearly as bonded to him in utero as I had to DD, both because I was always thinking of DD and because we had all the worries that something would go wrong so I held back.  Now I just love him so much I can't even stand it.

    Keep in mind that some people (me) feel like they want more baby time and are irritated by the older child.  Other people feel like they want more time with the older child and are irritated by the baby.  Whatever you end up feeling, you're normal.  It's very hard to manage giving of yourself to two children, but once life reaches a new equilibrium, all will be well.  :)

    Northern - hope you are doing well, too!  Hi.

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    Re: November 2013 Pregnancy

    I know you won't read this until later, but good luck today, IPW!! I hope everything goes smoothly and they deal with the sickness issue ahead of time so you can enjoy your first days with your new little one.

    I felt exactly the same way going from 1 to 2. You *will* bond with your new DS; in fact, I actually think having a c-section and being in the hospital longer can help with that. You're not instantly rushing home and dealing with all that comes with that.

    Let us know how everything goes!

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    Re: November 2013 Pregnancy

    It helps that when you do have a second, that second child is his/her own unique self, with a personality and capacity to amaze you and awe you, just like the first was.  Unfortunately, this means, frequently, that you STILL have no idea what the heck you're doing, the same way you had no idea what to do first time around! haha. 

    You might have momentary pangs of guilt, as I have from time-to-time, that things go by much blurrier than they did with the first.  It's not just the pregnancy and not caring how many weeks you are as long as you don't accidentally skip an OB appointment--you end up not really having an answer right away when strangers ask you hold old the baby is, when with the first you knew how many days it had been. 

    Also, in my experience and from what friends have also experienced, it seems like for most some of the regression/acting out of older siblings doesn't happen for a couple months.  It's like they have to let it sink in that the baby is staying and then they get annoyed.  Also, once the baby is mobile and can get into big kid's stuff things start to get crazy.  I always think of my uncles telling the stories of how my gram used to LITERALLY smack their heads together when they were roughhousing, to get their attention.  Then she'd send them all outside so they didn't kick holes in the walls while they wrestled.

    Also, I found my husband was incredibly helpful and wonderful the second time around.  He was earnest and helpful the first time, but I had to TELL him what to do a lot because he was sort of lost and not confident, so he'd wait for me to exasperatedly beg him "can you please just . . ."  Second time around, he was on point and ready to help without being told (most of the time). 

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    Re: November 2013 Pregnancy

    My second little guy is here. Came yesterday as planned, 8 lbs, 13 oz at 39.1 weeks. So he would have surpassed big brother had we gone much longer (DS1 was 9lbs exact at 41.2 weeks). He is identical to DS1. It's wild. Crazy fun hair, great little face. Totally love him, but it is different. Can't put into words, but just as you have all said above. Csection went ok, tubal too. More pain, which they said was unlikely. But glad I had it done all at once regardless. Meds not as bad as last time, but still vomited several times. I think I just can't handle narcotics. Nursing going great so far. Wow forgot how much those first tugs hurt, and yowser those uterus shrinking contractions!!!  Here until Thurs I think. DS did awesome mtg him last night. Wanted to sit with him, kiss him, bring him home. Tonight...not quite as interested. And silly me I brought a blanket that I didn't think DS would remember. By of course... "Is that my blanket?!"  Didn't like that I was asking him to share for a few days. :-).   I kept his preschool schedule this week, but were all home next. We'll see how he is then. But very excited to have new arrival and get to know who this little person is. I'm totally outnumbered by boys, even our cat is a male :-). But thrilled at the same time!!

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    Re: November 2013 Pregnancy

    Congrats IPW! I'm glad everything went so well (except for your reaction to the meds)! Enjoy your time with your new little man!

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    Re: November 2013 Pregnancy

    Congrats IPW!  I'm glad your delivery went as planned, though not so great on the extra pain!  Since I had a C-section, I am still thinking about whether to try for a vbac or get another one (when I get pregnant again) - reviews seem to be mixed with whether it was easier/less painful with the second, or more painful.  I think everyone is different. 

    Good luck in the hospital these next few days and then the transition home!


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    Re: November 2013 Pregnancy

    Congrats IPW.  Enjoy your house full of boys!! Hopefully you have a a smooth recovery!

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    Re: November 2013 Pregnancy

    Congrats IPW!  Glad you have a couple of days with your new son! 

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    Re: November 2013 Pregnancy

    Congratulations, IPW!  Glad to hear you are all well.

    (Uterus shrinking contractions!  Somehow I missed those the first time (maybe because I had pitocin after delivery anyway and it did the job...) but yeah!  They are surprising!)

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    Re: November 2013 Pregnancy

    Congrats on your little boy IPW!

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    Re: November 2013 Pregnancy

    the uterine shrinking contractions get stronger with each pregnancy/birth.  Usually the milk comes in earlier and harder with each one too.   My mum said with her 4th, it was like she was in labor for days after, compared to hardly feeling them after with the first.

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    Re: November 2013 Pregnancy

    Congrats, IPW! Glad to hear you're all doing well. Can't imagine how you handled vomiting after a c-section....I sneezed and was amazed at the pain! 

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    Re: November 2013 Pregnancy

    Congrats IPW!!

    I am 21 weeks along with my first - DH finally felt his first kick/bump last night, and he was so excited. It was cute! 

    I definitely feel him more laying down at night and always have my hands on my stomach. It is so cool! I do not notice much during the day, but it could be my job (special ed teacher) so I am running around all day and do not sit down, so I think I am just too busy and the kicks too light to notice right now. 

    I feel great otherwise, although I cannot sleep for anything! Everyone says oh, it's good practice for the baby but ugh, i want to sleep now!  

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    Re: November 2013 Pregnancy

    Congratulations on your son, IPW!