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November Pregnancy

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    Re: November Pregnancy

    Tangerine, the glucose test is done around 24-28 weeks to test for gestational diabetes.

    Boston, I didn't know about the ab separation business either. The joys of pregnancy, huh? Sounds like we're in a similar boat for weight gain - I don't know how I got this huge without gaining a ton of weight, not that I'm complaining!
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    Re: November Pregnancy

    I'm not sure if info about your ab muscles is really covered in any books, one of my good friends is also my kickboxing instructor (who has a 2 year old son and is currently 34 wks pg), so I usually learn this sort of stuff from her.  It is not uncomfortable or painful, but I can tell the difference in my ability to use my core muscles.  Until about 3 weeks ago I could still do situps, etc ... but last night (31 wks) that was definitely a no-go.  She really emphasizes that I should work my oblique abs, as that is what youre actually using to push the baby out since the central abs have separated to allow for your growing baby.  It is not super obvious visually on me... but on her 6 pack it is really obvious how the muscles move around.  She says that after delivery, within a few days you can start doing gentle exercises to help bring them back together.  The one she suggests is lying on the floor on your back with your knees bent, and just trying to tighten your abs.  (not a crunch, just a sucking in your gut sort of move)  She suggested 10 minutes 2-3 times a day.  In the very beginning, she said it was like her abdomen was a hollow cavity becuase the muscles are separated and nothing is protecting your organs.  As you do these "vacuum" exercises, the muscles gradually move closer to each other and reestablish a wall protecting your organs.  As the muscles come back together, you'll then be more able to move on to more traditional core strengthening exercises.  Now of course, I haven't actually delivered yet, so I can't speak first hand of what these exercises feel like or how effective they are ... but I've been picking my friend's brain for months now as I contemplate what will be involved in "getting back into shape" post-baby. 

    HTH ... and I'll definitely post more in a few months as I try all this myself.

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    Re: November Pregnancy

    In Response to Re: November Pregnancy:
    Summerbride, it's so true...whenever I caught myself stressing out about it, I'd remind myself "be calm for the baby!" It sort of helped....everyone kept telling me to just enjoy my easy pregnancy, but it's hard advice to take! How far along are you? Good luck today, Pitt! At what point during pregnancy does the glucose test happen? Boston, is the ab separation uncomfortable? I didn't know that was bound to happen (obviously I have NOT been reading ahead in What to Expect, and probably should ;). I've been trying to do some planks for core strengthening, when I remember, anyway - but I'm guessing that once you feel them separate, ab exercises are out? How are you feeling otherwise? clc, aren't maternity clothes fun? :) I just got a big order of stuff from Old Navy and Gap last week, thinking I'd return a lot of it, but I actually like most of it! I'm with you - I'm not a big fan of the bella band. It's sort of useful, sometimes, but I find it slipping (or my pants falling down) enough to make it pretty annoying. Oh, and yes, maternity jeans are awesome! I've finally reached the point where I sort of need them, and they're so comfortable. I'm loving all the full-panel stuff. Although I'm grateful to be pregnant in the fall/winter, as I'd imagine it'd be pretty hot and sweaty with a lycra band plastered from waist to b00bs all summer.
    Posted by Tangerine5

    I am a little over 8 weeks. Still sooo early so I have the attitude that anything can happen...

    At such an early point I'm finding my pants getting more uncomfortable- I'm not sure how much of it is due to the fact I gained weight even before TTC, and my pants always shrink a bit  in the drier til I wear 'em in again...but today I had to leave my work pants unbuttoned...cue to me checking every 2 minutes to make sure they were at least still zipped!
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    Re: November Pregnancy

    Good luck Pitt!  I had my Glucose and previa ultrasound at the same appointment about 10 weeks ago.  Placenta had moved up and Glucose came back normal, so hopefully it is the same for you! 

    AFM, I am due exactly 29 days from now - the countdown is on!  We had our baby shower on Sunday and now have a nursery full of clothes!  This will be one well-dressed baby, that is for sure!  We also now have the car seat, stroller, boppy, and bath, along with lots of sheets and blankets, and bobs and burp cloths, so I feel a little better about potentially delivering early, though we need to do some serious organization and laundry.  We also need to purchase some other essentials, but we were waiting until after the shower to see what we still needed.   It kind of surprised me how much stuff we DIDN'T get from the registry, and how many clothes and other miscellaneous items we got.  All are of course appreciated, but I think we have more clothes than she can wear, and not a lot of the "boring" essentials that we wanted. For those of you who have already had showers, is this common?
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    Re: November Pregnancy

    Summerbride -- Congrats on your u/s and don't worry about symptoms/no symptoms. I know people who have run the full gamut from none to getting sick every day, and all have had healthy babies!

    As for the tight pants, I reached that point around 8 weeks, too. In fact, I think it was after spending and afternoon with my pants unbuttoned (and maybe even unzipped a little!) at my desk that I caved and bought a Be Band. I didn't absolutely love it, but it did make me more comfortable until I went into maternity clothes.

    Pitt -- Good luck with the glucose test!

    Clc -- Thanks for the tip on Old Navy. I bought a bunch of tanks (I need them to wear under the back brace I've been wearing lately -- boooo!) AND found what looks to be a warm winter coat for like $20 with the discount! I think it may end up being kind of ugly, but I doubt vanity will matter much to me come the dead of winter :-).

    Jenn -- The seasonal microbrews are what get me, too, though the not-even-enough-to-swallow sips help. I agree about articles like that possibly being interpreted as giving permission to people who will be irresponsible, and I don't like that, but it is interesting. Regardless, I'm going to keep up my teetotaling and address the real stress issue -- work. Ugh.

    Awesome about your shower, not so much all the stuff you didn't get. I was wondering the same thing when DH and I went to register a couple weeks ago. I was seriously intimidated by the cost of everything, and there was so much "boring" stuff that I'm sure will be last on people's lists. Before I got pg, I remember always going for the cute stuff and often going off-registry if there was none left, but I think I'll take a different approach from now on. As for mine, I obviously don't want to be picky and want people to have fun if they buy gifts, but I'm considering looking for Craigslist deals on some of the bigger stuff like carseat, stroller, etc. and hoping that clears out the registry for people to get the smaller stuff we need. That could backfire, though...

    AFM - I'm trying not to get paranoid with monitoring kicking. LO was super-active last week, kicking for long periods multiple times a day, and the last few days I've just felt a nudge here and there. All the books say it's inconsistent until about 28 weeks (I'm 23 today) but I can't help but worry...Considering calling my doc for reassurance.

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    Re: November Pregnancy

    I just found out that I am pg last night!  Yoohooo!  So I am 4 weeks.  I am going to call the dr to make appt today.  I didnt feel any different until today.  I feel a little dizzy today and I can feel a dull pull in my left lower side.  Does anyone else feel these symptoms?
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    Re: November Pregnancy

    Jennifyr, I've heard that same thing from other women who have had showers recently. I know everyone wants to buy the cute little outfits, but I certainly hope someone buys us the "boring" stuff!

    AFM, waiting to hear back on my glucose test today. The u/s showed that my placenta has moved up enough to not be a concern anymore, and baby is already head down, so I'm very excited on that front :)
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    Re: November Pregnancy

    Congrats, Pitt, on the placenta.  It must be such a relief!

    Pugslove - I've noticed that I get dizzy if I stand up too quickly.  Also for a few days I had a dull ache in my right hip area.  It wasn't enough to cause me too much concern but was sort of annoying.  After a few days it went away and I haven't felt it since.  Congrats again on the BFP!

    Jenn - sorry about the lack of essentials at your shower.  Did any of the clothes come with gift receipts?  You could return them and try to buy some of the basic items you still need.
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    Re: November Pregnancy

    Congrats on the placenta moving up, Pitt!  Yay!  Hopefully the glucose comes back okay too. 

    Congrats Pug on your BFP!  Is this your first?   You might be surprised at how late they will schedule your first appointment.  I know when I found out I thought they'd want to see me right away, but most doctors wait until 8-12 weeks to book the first appointment.  But, I'm thinking good thoughts for you until then!

    As for the shower, I don't want to sound ungrateful for all the gifts we got, because people were very generous.  But we will likely need to return a few clothing items, or at least exchange them for bigger sizes.  We are also looking on Craiglist for some of the stuff we didn't get.  In fact, I am meeting a guy tonight to pick up a Snap n Go Stroller frame, a bumbo, and an extra car seat base.  Craiglist is awesome!  We were sort of waiting to see what we didn't get from the shower before going that route, but it might be a good idea to get that stuff ahead of time and "make room" on the registry for the stuff you can't get used.

    I also often went "off registry" when purchasing baby gifts for people, and would just get a cute outfit, a book, and maybe a toy or accessory.  I would look on the registry first to get an idea of colors and styles that the couple liked, but I often wouldn't make the trip to Babies R Us and just go shopping at Marshalls or Kohls or Target, since they are all much more convenient for me to get to.  But I think I will stick with the registry from now on!  Even if I have to buy boring bottle cleaners and dishwasher baskets.  If that's what they want, then that's what they want.  And then maybe a cute outfit in a 6 or 9 month size once they are born :)
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    Re: November Pregnancy

    Not pg but I also wanted to added that lots of my friends had luck with "Freecycle" for baby/infant things! 
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    Re: November Pregnancy

    Congrats pugslove on your BFP!  so exciting
    And Pitt... good to hear that your placenta has moved to a better location, and crossing fingers for your glucose result.
    Arcain... I noticed the same thing in the mid-20 weeks ... somedays I could feel very strong kicks, and then there would be whole days go by where I didn't feel much.  I think at that point it has a lot to do with which way they are facing, how your placenta is lying, etc.   

    Jenn... that is such a bummer about not getting the "must haves".  When I was younger I use to always get non-registry things as well, but these days I go right for the nursing pads, BM storage bags, bottles, etc.  I've actually been hesitating putting to many "fun" things on my registry because I'm trying to make sure we actually get the things that we need.  I have purposely not registered for exersaucers, playmats, etc ... as I can get those used at consignment shops for way less .. and if someone is going to be kind enough to spend $50-$100, I'd rather it be on diapers and bottles.  It may sound silly, but one of the main reasons we have not told our families the baby's gender is that I want to avoid getting too many clothes at the shower.  Our current plan is to reveal the baby's gender at the shower by having the icing inside the cake be pink, but until then not many people know.  Then, if people want to give us clothes at Christmas or when the baby is born, that is cool, but we'll hopefully have a better chance at getting the gear/supplies we need at the shower.  hehe... we'll see if my grand plans actually work.
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    Re: November Pregnancy

    Thank you for all the well wishes! 

    Jenn - Yes this is our first!   Thanks for the heads up on the dr. appt.  now I wont be surprised!

    Boston - I think that is a great idea about keeping what you are having to yourselves until the shower!  I have been to baby showers where the couple do not know the sex and they dont recieve many clothes.  I have been to others where clothes is all they recieve.  Im not sure that I would be able to keep that secret!
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    Re: November Pregnancy

    Throwing my hat in the ring officially with my blood test results today, since you all seem so nice. I am about 6 weeks.

    Glad to have a place to share that info. I am being superstitious about telling even close friends right now because I miscarried over the summer at 8 weeks. We're on our second attempt at a first pregnancy.

    If anyone else had this experience and wants to share how the handled breaking the news on a second try, I would be grateful. Last time, we had only told a few close friends before we lost it, so we didn't have a ton of people to have to break the news to, but it was really hard just the same.

    I'm happy, but struggling with telling people or not. It's tough!
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    Re: November Pregnancy

    Welcome, Hibernian. My husband and I had a similar experience, with a miscarriage at 8 weeks. We'd only told our families, so we didn't have that many people to break the news to. This time around, we waited until we'd had an ultrasound and a positive doctor's appointment and heard a heartbeat before we felt confident telling anyone our news.

    Good luck to you!
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    Re: November Pregnancy

    Hi all!  Congrats on all the recent pregnancies!  Wondering if itsallnew has had her baby??

    AFM, I was due last week and still waiting.  We scheduled an induction for next week, at my 42 week date, but I am hoping for 11/11/11!  We went out for Mexican last night and tonight I plan on another spicy dinner tonight and a long walk.  I am still working, but decided tomorrow would be my last day whether or not the baby comes by then.  Fingers crossed.
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    Re: November Pregnancy

    Welcome Hibernian!  Like Pitt, my DH and I had a m/c at 7 weeks earlier this year.  Only one close friend knew what was happening at the time, and in the weeks after I confided in a few other close friends because I needed to have someone to talk to.  (DH didn't really know how to help/console me)  We got pg again 3 months later (due in January) and I told the same 3 friends almost right away but held off on telling family until after our 12 week u/s (which is also where we heard the heartbeat for the first time).  For me, it was easier to share with friends rather than family because there isn't all the baggage of family getting excited about the first grandchild, etc.  When I told my friends about the second pregnancy ... they were just so happy for us.  It was very easy to tell them because I knew they were rooting for us and all were really good about just being (quietly) excited for us. 
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    Re: November Pregnancy

    Thanks pittftw. That is sort of how I am feeling, that I want to be cautious. It was at my first ultrasound (8 weeks) that I found out there was no hearbeat and things had stopped developing in the pregnancy.

    I have an ultrasound Nov. 30 at what they think will be just after the 8 week mark for me, but we won't know for sure until then. It's going to be a nervous few weeks for me. The biggest issue is getting DH to keep the new under wraps. Last time he's the one that leaked the news early, not me! I guess we will just have to walk around with dopey grins for now and explain ourselves later.
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    Re: November Pregnancy

    Hi Ladies.  I'm making the jump from TTC.  I'm also 6 weeks.  EDD = July 4!  I have an u/s scheduled for a week from Monday, then my first ob appt two weeks after that.  I can't wait to acutally see what's going on inside!
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    Re: November Pregnancy

    Congrats, Novembride! Lots of new folks joining in here recently.

    Just got the call that I passed my glucose test - yipee! I'm a little anemic, but other than that, we're in the clear. I'm so relieve I don't have to do the fasting 3 hour test. Who thought making a pregnant woman stop eating for 3 hours was a good idea? :)
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    Re: November Pregnancy

    Pitt... do you drink a lot of tea?  Supposedly that can lead to being anemic even if you are getting enough iron in your diet.
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    Re: November Pregnancy

    Bostongrl, I actually dirnk close to no tea. I think the fact that my prenatal doesn't have iron in it plays a part; my regular multivitamin had iron in it. I also haven't been eating much red meat or other really iron rich foods, but I guess I'll have to step up the effort there. My dr also recommended a suplement called Slow FE that is over the counter.
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    Re: November Pregnancy

    Pitt, your pre-natal doesn't have iron?  Goodness gracious, I'd find a new one pronto.  BUT, if you do, make sure you don't OD on iron if you also take the iron supplement your doc recommended.  

    Congrats, Hib!  We have close friends who m/c'd at 10 weeks and then went on to have a healthy baby girl.  They were EXTREMELY nervous about sharing the news the second time (and were cautious the first time).  They thought if they breathed a word it would go wrong, again, but it didn't - their lovely daughter is 2, now.  I think how you're feeling is unavoidably normal.  Tell only when YOU feel comfortable telling. 

    Congrats, Pugs, too!

    Nov, one of my nephews was born on the 4th of July. :)

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    Re: November Pregnancy

    Exciting to think that my due date may also be July 4, Novembride! I am doing my u/s and OB first appointments on the same day, 11/30.

    Thank you all for the advice about breaking the news given my nervousness about my m/c. I think I will tell one close friend just so I know I have someone I can trust rooting for me. We did not tell family last time as it was just too early, and I will stick to that this time as well. Fingers and toes crossed!
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    Re: November Pregnancy

    Good luck Hib!  Fingers crossed that we head straight through the next nine months together!
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    Re: November Pregnancy

    Hello ladies!  I haven't had a chance to catch up on the posts as we've been quite busy with our beautiful baby girl!!  I didn't go into labor, but ended up having spontaneous rupture of membranes so I had to be given pitocin.  I eventually got an epidural because I was so exhausted and hadn't progressed more than 1 cm since I had come in.  It was a good thing I did that, since my little angel wasn't born until about 22 hrs after I got to the hospital.  She is just so perfect and I can't believe that we made her and she is ours :o)  I hope everyone is doing well and I look forward to hearing your updates! 

    Leila- you must have had your LO by now too.  How are you?