November Updates

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    Re: November Updates

    OCC - Glad to hear from you!  I hadn't seen you post in a while so I was getting worried.  Sorry to hear that you're on bedrest already :(  But good that you'll get a laptop and work from home!  I WFH often and often from bed - LOL.  Have DH get you one of those lap desks that have legs on it.  I got one from BBB.  It's so much more comfy and you can pretty much lay down and do your work at the same time and without strain on your back.  Hope you feel better!

    K - that is so weird that they would chage you for the glucose lab work.  Did they charge you for any of the blood tests?  That should be lab work too, right?  I think OCC is probably right in that the doc's office may have submitted the bill wrong.  Sorry you have to go through all the calling around now :(

    RHM - thanks again for the be (bella) band rec!  I just love it so much and feel sooooo much more comfortable.  Is GTT the glucose test?  Good luck on that too!  :)

    EOE hope you're feeling great!

    AFM, 16 weeks today and I got the results of the NT/early assessments today :)  All negatives for everything they tested and the downs risk is now 1/34,000  :)  I think that's pretty good!  Now I guess I can tell everyone about the bun in my oven!  So exciting!!!!  I'm still nervous to tell work though.  After all the hiding, it'll be so weird to have it in the open!  :)

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    Re: November Updates

    hi everyone!  glad to hear all the updates! 

    occ - I'm sorry you are on (modified) bedrest.  At least you are at home and can start working from home like you said.  Is there a chance it won't be necessary for the entire rest of the pregnancy?   that if the BP gets under control you can go back to just taking it easy?  I'm impressed the baby's room is all set!  I finally set up a consult with california closets next week, but we still need to paint it too!

    rhm - good luck with the registry!  I spent so much time reading reviews everywhere I could find them.  We finally picked everything and I haven't looked back.  I'm sure some things will turn out to be a waste but hopefully we chose enough good things to balance it out!

    Trouble - great news about your NT scan.  1/34,000 is ridiculous!  I think you can safely start spreading the word :)

    kaydo - I have HP also, but not a plan with a deductible.  we didn't get a bill for my GTT though, so hopefully resubmitting it will be the answer.  I can't believe how close you are getting to the big day!!

    afm, I'm doing well...  I had my shower last weekend and it's very exciting to have so much baby stuff in the house now.  we also took the newborn care class at NWH and it was very helpful.  basic stuff if you have alot of experience with babies I'm sure, but DH and I are pretty much clueless!  we're doing a tour at NWH this week, but I heard they don't go into the postpartum or nursery areas anymore b/c of the flu risk.  I'm a little overwhelmed with everything we still need to do in the next 2 months, plus the holidays...  I'm at the point where I can count out the remaining weekends and think holy cow, not many (or any) free ones left!  my next goal is to chose a pediatrician, I'm getting stressed that we haven't even met with anyone yet.

    I hope everyone is doing well and I'm looking forward to hearing more updates!
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    Re: November Updates

    Yeah, the woman at Harvard Pilgrim said that the hospital is the one calling it labs & diagnostic test, but she didn't seem to think I could get them to submit it any other way.  I'm going to wait and see if she has any luck resubmitting the claims internally and if she doesn't, I guess I'll call MGH next.  (If I'm not already there giving BIRTH by then!)

    On the plus side, we found a daycare today!!  We've visited a bunch and hadn't found any we were thrilled about, but we visited one today that we LOVED, is barely a 3 minute drive from our house (maybe a 20 minute walk on a nice day?), and which has infant availability when we need it!  We're thrilled!!  Another biggie crossed off the Baby To Do List - yahoo!
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    Re: November Updates

    Lesal - I am glad that your shower went well.  I hope you got most of everything that you need the big stuff anyway.  I am going to ask my Dr. about the classes and see if I can still go.  I want to take that class.  Unfortunately this is it for me there isn't much chance of it going down and they have said it's not if I get preeclampsia it's when.  Let me know how it goes with California Closets if you don't mind.  That is the only thing I have left for his room. 

    Trouble - Great news about the screening.  Those are great numbers and now is the time enjoy telling people.

    Kaydo - That must be a relief it pays to be patient you found the right place for you.  I think you end up having to pay something when you have the baby so if this situation doesn't get resolved at least it will go towards your deductible.  How are you feeling?
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    Re: November Updates

    kaydo - that sounds like a bunch of bureaucratic bs to me. Hope they get their acts together soon - who does that in the last weeks of pregnancy?! Congrats on finding a daycare! That's a relief to have it off the to-do list.

    occ - guess it's the advantage of being the last sibling in 2 yrs to have a baby - my SIL in NY wants to clear their apt from small baby stuff since my nephew is 1 so she's given some stuff to my sister who will then give things to me and some will come to me directly. We already have an exersaucer sitting downstairs, even though we won't need it for months! We're also getting a bouncy seat, a co-sleeper (not sure if we'll use that or the pack & play with the bassinette we registered for), the infant car seat I mentioned before and I think a few other things. As for increased DA's, I think after my next one in December, I go to every 2 weeks. My OB had mentioned possibly doing another u/s because of my cysts/fibroids which are on the outside of the uterus around week 30. We'll see if she mentions it again when I'm there next month. Hope you do okay on the modified bedrest - at least you can get up a little, yes?

    trouble - glad the bella band is working so well for you. It's a pretty inexpensive solution for this time, huh? What geniuses! Yes, the GTT is the glucose tolerance test. Hoping I pass and don't have to go for the 3 hour one. Of course, DH panics when I tell him I have to do this, but I told him absolutely all pregnant women do so that made him feel better. Congrats on the great news on the NT!! Let us know how the announcing goes.

    lesal - I started reading about strollers last night for registry stuff - it's pretty overwhelming! The Baby Bargains book actually suggests you hold off on a second stroller until the baby is born if you are getting an infant car seat that goes into a stroller (which we are getting from DB/SIL), but it would be nice to register for it in case someone wants to get it for us. The book also breaks down what you may need for usage - of course, I'm in between using it for malls and smooth surfaces and using it in our neighborhood where there are no sidewalks half the time. Hmm... Congrats on the shower - very exciting! I'm also starting to look for pediatricians. I got a few recommendations, but need to schedule time to meet them.

    How's eoe out there?

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    Re: November Updates

    Trouble and Lesal--glad my vaccine post was helpful.  I get so irritated about people who use completely incorrect information to try to scare people.  And intentionally scaring pregnant women about that stuff is just WRONG!  It's bad enough that they have to hear everyone else's pregnancy horror stories!

    Trouble--I think I remember you from the wedding boards b/c we had similar wedding plans...if I remember correctly, you had your wedding at the Public Garden and reception at The College Club?  That was our plan but it rained, so we had the wedding at The College Club too....  If I'm thinking of someone else, sorry!

    OCC--Sorry to hear about the modified bed rest, but at least you can work from home, so that will give you some focus and something to occupy your mind during the day.  And at least you can get up and move around on occasion/as needed!  Keep taking care of yourself!

    I'm glad to hear that things are going well for the most part for everyone else!
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    Re: November Updates

    Hi Daisy!  You are absolutely right!  I did have my wedding at CC and I definitely remember you giving me a stellar review on your experience there that sealed the deal :)  See I'm always getting such good advice from you!

    EOE I hope you're doing great today!

    I told my manager today about my pregnancy :)  I was so nervous!  But I'm a pretty nervous person so I guess it's normal for me.  He's remote so I may have caught him off guard, but he recovered and said it was terrific and was relieved to hear I'm coming back full time after!  He's a dad with young children who he adores so I think that helps.  Now I just need to find a daycare!!!  Is that the worst part of planning or what?  I so wish I had family close by to help out.
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    Re: November Updates

    Trouble - Glad he took it well!  (I had to tell my 2 supervisors, both of whom are childless women in their 50s and it wasn't fun!)

    Finding a daycare and finding a pediatrician were 2 of the most challenging things for us, but I'm happy to say we found both and are really confident in our choices.  Good luck with the searching - at least you're starting early so you have plenty of time to really weigh your options.
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    Re: November Updates

    Lesal - Did you decide on a stroller yet?  I am really leaning towards the UPPABaby. 
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    Re: November Updates

    :)  well, I think so... but we haven't actually bought it yet.  I had completely decided on the SnapnGo + Bob + umbrella.  but after mulling it over obsessively, we are really leaning towards the Cameleon (vs the Frog b/c DH is tall the Frog handles are too short for him)  I like the Uppa alot too, but if I'm going with a stroller like this (expensive) I want the ability to reverse the handle direction on the fly.  with the Uppa you can put the seat in forward or rear facing, but can't change it once the baby is in it.  although DH was in NYC one day recently and he said he saw nothing but Uppa's everywhere, and I've heard they are outselling the Bugaboos now :)  In the spring, we will probably look for a secondhand jogger, hopefully the Bob.  I don't know if it's the best decision, but I feel better seeing how high the resale is for the bugaboos on craigslist if it doesn't work out.  and a generous relative is going to help out with the stroller purchase, so that helps too.  I've gone around and around on this and we are big walkers so we're taking the decision probably too seriously.  But it seems the Bug will meet most of our needs, except for the extremes - plus we have plans make good use of the bassinet this winter.  the cameleon also offers snow tires now, I haven't looked into whether they are any good or not, and like all their accessories they aren't cheap - but it's nice to know it's out there.
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    Re: November Updates

    Just back from my 38 week appointment.  The last few days, I've had a LOT of trouble standing up and walking (been working from home every day) because of the downward pressure & pain... turns out our little guy is now measuring in the 90th percentile in terms of size (eeek) and is very low in my pelvis, which explains the pressure & pain.  My doctor said if I go into labour on my own, they'll have extra nurses and doctors on hand to make sure he doesn't get stuck at the shoulders, or if it looks like he might, then I should be ready for a c-section.  Not exactly the kind of stuff you want to hear but oh well.  I wonder if I can ask for my epidural to be Extra Super Strength...?
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    Re: November Updates

    Kaydo - Yikes I would ask for an extra strength epidural for sure.  They still haven't mentioned inducing you.  I would think they would want to get the party started before he gets too big.  I can't even imagine how uncomfortable you must be.  Keep us posted and try to stay put!

    Lesal - Sounds like you have a stroller plan.  My girlfriend has the Bob stroller and loves it.  Great idea in looking on Ebay and Craigslist get more bang for the buck.  I can't really go around shopping and looking at all the strollers so I think we are just gonna go to UPPA and get one there but I will wait until the 2010 is available. 

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    Re: November Updates

    Thanks OCC.  My doctor said that there's been no proof that inducing women who are having big babies makes any difference in terms of the ease of delivery, so they just ride it out.  She did say if he doesn't arrive by my due date, they'd only let me go one week over before inducing, though.  So, come hell or high water, this kid will be here by Dec 8 or thereabouts!  :)
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    Re: November Updates

    Kaydo have you started to dialate yet?  As of my 38 week appointment last week, I hadn't. but I am hoping tomorrows appointment shows some sign of progress.
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    Re: November Updates

    Kaydo - But don't they gain a pound a week?  I was thinking they wouldn't want him any bigger.  My SIL ended up delivering a 10 pound boy she was two weeks overdue.  I thijnk it's time to start the old school tips for induction maybe castor oil for dinner? 
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    Re: November Updates

    No dilating yet, although my cervix is thinning.  (And I have to say, having it checked HURTS!!!  Apparently my cervix is tipped?  Doc said when it dilates it'll move forward and not hurt when it's checked but right now - OW OW OW.)

    I think they gain a half pound a week, but my doctor said unless he's looking to be over 10lbs, they won't do anything but let me go on my own (and he's not there yet).  She wouldn't let me go 2 weeks past my due date, either way, though... one week max.
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    Re: November Updates

    I know it hurts...I have been getting checked internally since 35 weeks and man oh man does it hurt, I actually said holy crap doc are you shoving your hand up there!!!  I am just praying something is changing for me...thinning, effacing, dialation...anything would be better than nothing....only 8 more days till my due date!!!
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    Re: November Updates

    June and Kaydo, if it makes you feel any better, when I went to my 40 week appointment (the day after my due date), I was NOT AT ALL dialated or effaced.  I was still closed up tight.  I was so bummed, thinking it was going to be a while longer (my baby was small so they wouldn't have induced for a while unless there were other issues that came up).  My water broke and I went into labor 2 days later, and DD was born 14 hours after that, so it can happen quickly even if you're nowhere at the moment.  Best of luck to both of you for a smooth and relatively easy delivery!

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    Re: November Updates

    That is good to hear!!  I was really disappointed to hear that I wasn't dilated at all this morning.  I had lovely visions of my doctor examining me and saying, "How do you feel about having this baby today?!" but alas, it wasn't to be.  Fingers crossed that comes soon, though.  (Fingers crossed, legs not.  Haha.)
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    Re: November Updates

    Yeah, being dilated or not doesn't really indicate how soon you'll be in labor. I have a friend that was 4 cm for 3 weeks! I've been 1 cm for the past 3 weeks but she didn't check me this week. Wednesday is my next exam. Thankfully, the exams haven't hurt me at all, she said my cervix is right there so she doesn't have to reach in very much.

    I'm miserable sitting here at work. Thank goodness next week is a short week, I couldn't take another full week. Only 12 days to go until d-day! I really hope I don't go 2 weeks over... Oh the thought of it! My baby is small, so I think they would let me go 2 weeks over until there are signs of distress or placenta issues.

    Hang in there Kaydo! 12/1 is right around the corner... I'm thinking of raking some leaves this weekend in case that gets things started!
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    Re: November Updates

    About the whole gaining 1 lb or 1/2 lb per week, I've heard from several women in the past couple of years that this was not their experience and they think it's a myth.  Clearly that is not scientific information, but I figured I would share! 
    Most recently a co-worker gave birth in July.  Her doctor had said the baby was measuring over 8lb and would be over 9lb by the time he was born.  Well, he ended up being less than 8, soooooo you just never know!!
    I hope you ladies will check back in after delivery and let the rest of us know if it turns out to be accurate :o)  I really can't wait to find out all of this stuff for myself.
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    Re: November Updates

    I think sometimes the docs kind of mess around in there when they check your cervix at your appts.  I think they are trying to get things going for you alittle bit.  I swear that's what did the trick for me.    Good luck girls.....hang in there kaydo, either way it won't be long now!!!!
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    Re: November Updates

    kaydo - just wondering how you're doing this morning. Hoping for good progress for you.

    Big hellos to eoe-

    AFM, just got back from a few days visiting my parents in FL. Weather was great - sad to be back to wearing a jacket and long sleeves. Felt fine on the flight (I'm 25 weeks). Need to catch up on all my work but wanted to say a quick hello!
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    Re: November Updates

    I've been so busy with work lately I haven't checked in in a while, and I can't believe how much things have changed! Kaydo- it sounds like you are almost there :) Although the end-of-the-pregnancy checkups have me a little freaked out- they don't sound pleasant. Fingers crossed everything progresses quickly and you get to meet your baby soon!

    Rhm, Occ, and Lesal- I can't believe how much you guys have done! (although you're 3, 6 and 11 weeks ahead of me, I think- I still feel behind). We haven't done anything. I'm 22 weeks now, definitely showing, and but still feeling great. When did you start to get things done- baby room, register, etc.? I still feel like it's too early, like I'm going to jinx it. I did tell work- right before I popped, which was a good thing.

    A question for everyone- how much input did you have with your showers? Did any of you have a Jack and Jill? I think I'd prefer it- most of my friends already have kids, so we've done so many of the traditional showers before. One of our friends had a J&J and it was the most fun by far- it was more like a regular fun party where there was some baby stuff than a shower where everyone sits and looks at the mom-to-be. Even my DH had a good time (although he wasn't happy about going beforehand), and he's been so wonderful about everything I would like to include him in this too. Thoughts?
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    Re: November Updates

    rhm - Glad that you were able to have a little get away and your feeling good.  I can't believe it's 25 weeks already.  It seems strange I can say third trimester.

    Kaydo - What's the latest?   How are you feeling?

    Lesal - What's happening?  Did you get a quote from California Closet yet? I am really interested to hear what they have to say. 

    Trouble - How's it going?

    Amie - Glad that you are feeling well.  I got his room done pretty early because I had a feeling that I would not be able to do it later on, which unfortunately I was right plus my type A personality doesn't help. 

    I think everyone has different opinions on Jack and Jill showers.  I am not a huge fan of them and I know that my DH wouldn't go to one.  I think it depends on your circle of friends and you would know best.

    AFM - Have an u/s today and doing my GTT.  Trying to get them all scheduled so together so I am not running around.  We will be spending Thanksgiving home on the couch.  I am sooo bored but my BP goes right back up when I am up so I am really trying to behave. 

    I have narrowed down two peditrician offices. I can't go and meet with them so I am just going to do it over the phone and decide.  I am of the mind frame of getting these things done sooner than later.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!