October 2011 Pregnancy

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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    Summer - With my 2nd pregnancy, I didn't even make it to my first doctor's appt., before I called looking for a solution to my nausea.  They prescribed something (sorry I can't remember what). 

    But the other thing that helped me was actually getting sick.  I felt much better after getting sick and I was just able to get on with the rest of the day.

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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    In Response to Re: October 2011 Pregnancy:
    Sorry summer!  That sounds miserable.  I would say at this point anything that you can keep down is helpful.  Personally I'm all about the starch right now: oyster crackers, bagels, grilled cheese and teddy grahams and I can't get enough ginger ale.  Is there anything that you find appealing?  My OB recommended taking vitamin B6 for nausea.  You might want to call your OB and see if they agree.
    Posted by clc51510
    Thanks for the ideas. And unfortunately no, nothing appeals to me. I haven't actually thrown up,so I can keep food down *knock on wood* it's just a constant gross feeling that makes me not want to eat anything. I'm sure the fact I'm not drinking enough doesn't help, so I'm trying to increase my gatorade and water intake. My first appointment is next Friday so I'm trying to hold out until then.

    I just put on my Sea-bands though, to see if they help. Only thing is I can't wear them at work as I haven't told anyone there yet...

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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    Just out of curiosity who did the first trimester screening for Downs and two other abnormalities that are escaping me at the moment?  Our OB asked us to make a decision in the next few weeks if we would like to do it.  DH and I discussed the pros and cons but are still wavering with a decision.  We are leaning towards doing the screening but I was wondering what others did.

    Pros: It's non-invasive for the baby, if they found something it would help us be more prepared after the birth and we get an extra ultrasound

    Cons: depending on the results it may cause unnecessary stress, the results wouldn't change our mind to carry the baby full term

    I would love to hear what you all did and why. Thanks!
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    clc, we did the 1st tri screening. I'm the type who feels that more info is better, and since the odds were on our side, it wasn't something we were too worried about. It was a nice relief to get the news that all was well with the baby, too. I'm not really sure what we would have done had we received bad news, but at least we'd know we had to brace ourselves.

    AFM, I'm now at 27 weeks, and I have a weird situation on my hands that I'm not sure how to handle. I guess my bump is smaller than average, because I still have coworkers who can't tell I'm pregnant until I say something. People also assume that I'm much earlier in my pregnancy if they can tell at all. I'm not sure how to react to the comments - should I take it as a compliment when people say "Oh you barely show" etc? Entering my third trimester soon, it seems weird to still be getting these kinds of reactions from people.
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    Thanks Pitt.  I would take it as a compliment.  As long as you and your OB aren't concerned about your weight gain and the baby's growth then I would just brush aside the comments.
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    Clc -- I did the first trimester screening, at least partly out of a lack of information. My doc treated it as almost a foregone conclusion that we'd do it (I'm sure we could have said no, but as a woman in the first trimester of her first pregnancy and still worried over everything, I wasn't really in the mindset to question at that point). I'm still kind of irritated about that.

    Our results were fine, and DH and I both experienced an unexpected flood of relief when we got them. That said, I'm not sure I'd do it again. I felt the same as you -- would have carried to term regardless. If the results were more conclusive, I would have appreciated the extra time to plan for a child with special needs, but the first tri screen only gives you an estimate of your risk for Downs, etc. You have to do further invasive testing to get any real answers. If I had come up high risk, I don't know if I could have brought myself to have amnio in order to get a more conclusive answer. I would just as likely have spent the rest of the pregnancy wondering and worrying, and I think that would have overridden the benefit of knowing we might have to plan for challenges ahead.

    I think it's a really personal decision, depending on whether you'd carry term under any circumstances, whether you're someone who wants all possible information, and perhaps whether you have any factors that might make you higher risk to begin with.

    Good luck, and kudos to your doc for being open with you about the choice.
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    I did the 1st tri screening with my second pregnancy (it was noe standard 4 years ago when I was pregnant the first time). I was asked if I wanted to do it and I said absolutely yes to a first glance at the baby. Or it our case babies. It actually was where we found out we were having twins.

    I'm the type who wants all the information possible and there are a couple of genetic abnormalities the I would probably chosen not to continue with the pregnancy so I wanted the information more quickly than the blood test could provide.
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    We chose not to do the screening because it wouldn't have changed our decision to have the baby, and like Arcain said, had I come up high risk I wouldn't want the further testing anyway.  Plus, I was still trying to keep it a secret from work, and that was just another appointment I would have to find an excuse for.  The only reason I would choose to do one next time is only to have an earlier u/s.  Since we chose not to do the early screening, our first u/s was at 18 weeks. 

    Pitt - there was a woman in my Newborn Essentials class a few weeks ago who was due the same time as me (next week!) and she looked like she was only about 5 months along.  The way I see it, whether your bump is big or small, you're gonna get weird comments.

    itsallnew - how are you feeling?  Any contractions?  I've felt some random ones, but nothing significant.  I've had a bit of nausea and diarrhea yesterday and this morning, which could indicate labor is imminent.  I have my weekly appointment this afternoon so we'll see if they can tell if anything is happening.
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    pitt, some people just carry small.  my bff from college was a size 00 when she got pg (in college) and actually, honest to goodness, wore her (white) prom dress UNaltered when she was 7 months pregnant as a wedding dress.  She never even needed maternity clothes and gave birth to a healthy 7 lb and something baby.  Did I mention she was a size 00?  WHERE was the BABY?  I don't know, but I was at the wedding personally so I saw her, and she did give birth 2 months later so...

    clc, if I get pg, I'll get the tests.  I'll be 40 in January, and I'd rather know about a problem earlier rather than at the birth, but that's my philosophy about everything so it's no departure for me to feel that way.
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    clc... we opted for the 1st tri testing because I like to have all the available information and as an added bonus we got the extra u/s.  (probably my real reason for doing it if I am completely honest with myself).  My practice does not do a dating ultrasound, so the first "scheduled" u/s is 20w.  I am impatient and wanted to see our LO earlier.  I know from your other posts that you've already had 2 u/s... so maybe your decision will be more based on the merits of knowing the test results rather than my selfish reason for wanting an u/s.  then again... no one would ever question your decision for the testing if you want to... it is almost standard for most people these days.  All of the friends that I asked had the screening done.  I will say it cost me about $250 in co-insurance (arg... don't get me going on that front! I understand copays, but 10% co-insurance is becoming a royal pain) between the u/s and the blood tests.  In the end it would have literally been cheaper to pay a commercial u/s place in cash if all I really wanted was the pictures. 
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    CLC, we also did the ERA.  I agree with previous posters that I want all the information I can get.  And, of course, we wanted the extra ultrasound, since we weren't going to get one until 18 weeks.  Ours was fully covered by insurance though.  If it had cost $250, we might not have done it. 

    Pitt, as for how you are carrying, everyone carries different.  Have you ever seen that show on TLC "I didn't know I was pregnant"?  Most of those women didn't show AT ALL, like Kar's tiny friend.  I would just shurg off the comments and be grateful that you are not huge and getting the comments on the other side of the spectrum.  As long as your doctor is comfortable with your belly size, then I wouldn't worry!
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    Jennifyr, I have seen that show - it is fascinating to me! I've had so many symptoms of pregnancy that it just baffles me that these ladies didn't know they were pregnany, but I guess everyone is different.
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    Thanks for everyone's input.  We got a little more information and apparently if the screening were to come back with anything that my OB was concerned about they would send me for another ultrasound with a high risk OB before making a decision whether or not to do an amnio. So we would have two non-invasive procedures before they would consider an amnio which makes me feel better.  I think we've decided to go forward with the screening and take it from there.  Again, I appreciate everyone's input!
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    CLC- if you want more thoughts about ERA testing, I'm pretty sure there was a pretty active discussion about that last month or the month before on the pg boards. 

    Pitt- you are a beautiful pregnant woman, no matter how much you are or are not showing.  :o)

    Leila- I don't know if I am feeling anything.  I have an appointment this afternoon and plan to grill my ob because I'm paranoid that I could be in early stages of labor but just not know or that I'm leaking fluid without knowing it like Thistle.  I haven't had BH during my pregnancy, but I've been feeling some crampiness in my lower abdomen that I think could be BH, which also possibly means labor could be coming.  I think i slowly started to loose my mucous plug a couple weeks ago, but I haven't seen any bloody show.  My baby has noticeably moved down in this past week and is absolutely resting on my bladder.  It's definitely heavy and I wouldn't mind if things progress over the next couple days so we can meet this little one!!  How was your appointment? How have the contractions felt for you?  Clearly painful?  Just the sensation like you have to pass a BM?  Menstrual cramp like?
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    My appointment yesterday went well, and I feel a lot better about the GBS+ issue...I wish I had spoken to her initially instead of the nurse.  I had a pelvic exam and my uterus is still closed and long...not “ripening” quite yet.  She said she wouldn’t be surprised if I go over my due date.  My due date according to what the u/s came up with is 4-5 days before the due date according to our conception date (which we’re 100% positive about) so I think he will come next weekend at the earliest.  Not that one can really predict it.  My mother will be in town next week, so that may be enough to send me into labor ;)

    I’ve felt the BH contractions since early in my pregnancy, but less frequently the last 4 weeks...but I think I’ve just gotten used to them.  I’ve had a few random contractions over the last few days that felt a bit different that the BH ones from before.  They basically felt like a period cramp...at least it only lasted for about 20 seconds, versus hours like during my period.

    Good luck at your appointment today!

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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    Supposedly if the nuchal comes back as a high risk (its just a screening test) the CVS cannot be done until 15 weeks... which is kinda far along to do too much with the info, IMO. 

    The nuchal is testing for Trisomy 13, 18, 21.  Trisomy 13+18 are incompatible with life, so although rare, they are something that usually you are induced, abort, or go to term and have a stillborn.  Its very bleek.  However, like I said that is rare, so really the biggest thing is what would you do if you found out your baby MAY have down's??

    And, like another poster said, for us it was all about an ultrasound and a chance to see baby!!
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    We were on the fence on the first tri screening and decided to go for it at the last minute. I'm glad we did because at our 20-week US our baby had a bright spot on his/her heart which can be an indicator for Downs. Our screening had come back with a very low probability of Downs so the High Risk Doctor and Genetic Councelor were able to put our minds at ease. If we hadn't done the screening, I would be much more worried in the second half of my pregnancy.
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    Hi all,

    clc, I was in the same boat as many others in terms of the NT screen. DH and I agreed that we would want to do amnio/CVS should anything suspicious turn up - we're definitely in the "know more" camp. We didn't really discuss what we would do with bad news; we decided we'd just cross that bridge if we came to it. It was amazing to see the LO again (like you, I'd already had two early ultrasounds, so I felt spoiled) - and the tech turned on the 3D feature, so we were able to see our baby looking like a little claymation figure. I had my 2nd blood draw yesterday, so we'll have final results next week. The nice thing is, at least in my practice, they give you an incremental update after each screening, so you don't have to wait in total suspense for a whole month.

    And as for BeBands and maternity clothes, I'm 16.5 weeks now, and am in a frustrating in-between phase with clothing. I've gained 8-10 lbs so far(yikes!), and my bump is there but since I'm short-waisted, I look kind of distended and barrel-shaped (lovely, let me tell you). Most of my pants and skirts are quite snug, so the BeBand is sort of helpful, though I honestly don't love the thing. I bought a pair of full-panel maternity jeans and have worn them a few times, though I don't totally need them yet...LOVE 'em. So comfortable. I keep waiting to really pop - my mom assures me it'll be any day now! ;)

    Pitt, I agree with the others - I'd take it as a compliment! (although those comments would probably make me feel a little weird too. I'm starting to think the only remark people should make on a pregnant woman's appearance is "You look great!" Telling someone she looks huge is definitely not a compliment, and telling her she's too small is weird too. Note to self.)
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    OK, so now that we've had a sprinkling of snow, I realize that my winter coat has no hope of zipping up this winter. Anyone have suggestions for an inexpensive place to find one?

    I'm thinking of trying some thrift stores, since I hate to invest in a nice heavy jacket that I'll only wear for one winter. I did see that Motherhood has some that aren't outrageous. I just want to make sure I'm warm enough - some of these are just cute, but not so functinoal for Boston winters!
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    Pitt, I've been thinking the very same thing. I'm going to try thrift/consignment shops, as there's no way I'm spending $100+ on a coat with such limited use, and I think I'm going to check out the maternity place at the Wrentham outlets this weekend. Let me know if you have any luck, and I'll do the same!
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    Pitt and Tang - check out Old Navy and Target.  Both have some cute options that aren't that expensive.

    Do TJ Maxx or Marshalls carry maternity clothes? They might be a good option too.
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    clc, the coats at Target and Old Navy are cute enough, but I worry they aren't warm enough once we get really cold weather. I'm due at the end of January, so a cute pea coat isn't going to cut it for the long haul :(

    I haven't found maternity clothes at the Marshall or TJ Maxx near me, but they might in some locations. If all else fails, I'm stealing my husband's coat!
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    Im in the same situation with the winter coat ... I can still zip mine now... but that will last for a few more weeks at the most.  I have been somewhat ignoring the issue, but checking out stores that I happen to be near.  I would agree that the ON and Target selection currently on the racks is just not going to be warm enough.  I checked out EBay ... but it was hard to tell if they would really be warm enough.

    DH reminded me that I could just buy a regular coat in a bigger size.  I am not a huge fan of this approach because then they do not fit in other places, but I guess that is less important for a coat than something like a shirt or pants.  For this situation... it may make the best sense.  Then I can go somewhere like TJMaxx or Burlington Coat Factory and find something that isn't too expensive for just one winter's use.   I am also going to check out some consignment shops this weekend to see what I find.

    Oh... and Pitt ... I've been getting the same comments about "how small I still look".  it was to the point that DH commented the other day, that wherever we go people are telling me how small I look and he wanted to know if there was something wrong.  I had to reassure him that my doc thinks I'm right on track for weight gain, and that since I'm a little taller (5'8") that my torso is long enough to keep some of the baby "tucked in". 
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    Count me in on the winter coat issue. DH has a spare and says I could use it, but I don't really want to wear a men's coat -- I still want to look cute if I can! I'm going to do some poking around and I'll check back in if I find any good deals!

    On the size thing, Tang, I agree with you -- after thinking about this I'm keeping my mouth shut about how big other pg women are. I remember commenting to my cousin who is due in Dec how tiny she still looked, and now I'm kicking myself. I was thinking I was giving her a compliment, but now that I think of it, I would be pretty annoyed to get those comments because I'd be worried they meant I wasn't eating enough or something. For what it's worth, though, Pitt and Boston, it probably is just people making the same bad judgment call I did and thinking they're giving you a compliment. If you're so inclined, it might be worth saying something like "Yeah, I'm actually kind of sensitive about it, but my doctor says I'm doing fine."

    I can relate to the size comments, although I'm at the other end of the spectrum. I am officially sick of people -- at least people at work -- commenting on how big I am. My boss has been saying "Oh NOW you REALLY look pregnant" since I was like 10 weeks, and another coworker came up to me the other day with her hands way out in front of her belly to indicate how big I am. I pretended not to know why she was doing it :-).

    It's weird, I LIKE having such a prominent bump, and I probably wouldn't mind the comments if I weren't already up 17 lbs at 21 weeks. My doc isn't really concerned, but I can't help but worry about what happens after baby. I was overweight in hs and college and dropped a bunch of weight after graduation and have managed to stay thin for almost 8 years now. I guess I'm afraid that gaining so much weight with this pg means the jig is up somehow :-).