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October 2011 Pregnancy

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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    Thanks for everyone's input.  The locations are all over the place: Baltimore, St. Louis, Albany, Fort Myers, San Juan and Guam.  The only one that I really don't want to do is Guam considering it's 24 hours on a plane each way. 

    I've decided not to say anything for now and hopefully we wont start the planning process until next week and after the ultrasound I will feel better.  Who knows, perhaps all this worrying is for nothing and my boss has another person in mind for the Guam trip.

    Kar - I agree that if something were to happen right before the trip we would scramble and find a person to fill in but I hate to put my team in that position if I can prevent it. 
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    clc, I wouldn't say anything now.  It sounds to me like everything is fine and progressing well with your pregnancy, but even so, I think you should give yourself some time before adding the pressure of having work know about it.  If it turns out next week that your boss has you in mind for the Guam trip, you could just say that for personal medical reasons you don't want to leave the country right now and you'd appreciate it if someone else could visit that location.  Given that it sounds like you have a decent boss, I would hope he would be understanding and not inclined to pry. 
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    CLC- agree with others and your decision not to tell.  Like everyone else said, it's something that you can share when you are ready to not because you feel like you have to give folks at work a heads up.

    Arcain- I don't know if everyone always feels a distinct kick or punch.  I have always just felt movement that grew stronger.  Based on the fact that the dr. told me that baby was head down, I am assuming that certain movements are leg/feet/maybe baby bum versus arms/hands.  Enjoy the movements, even if you can't distinguish them :o)

    Thistle- I know what you mean about work being really busy.  All of September was pretty quiet and suddenly October hit and it's been a flurry of "emergency" situations.  I guess it helps the day go by!

    I think Thistle is right- the 3 of us are all on deck for late Oct/early Nov!  I can't believe it.  I am also about 3.5 (closer to 3) wks away from my due date!  I don't know whether baby has dropped- I'm peeing a lot, but I can't tell if the severe indigestion I've been having has subsided or not.  I have also been really careful about what I eat to avoid feeling miserable.  I'm really excited that the Dr. ordered another u/s though!  I am looking forward to seeing what this little one is up to  in there.  We have that Friday morning just before my 37 wk checkup.  Other than that, we bought the car seat this weekend so we need to install that and the baby furniture is being delivered next weekend.  I think after that we should be almost ready with baby stuff.  I have to say that I needed every single week of this pg to wrap my head around each piece of it.  I am a planner and organized, etc. and we planned for this baby. but the baby process has been something that I needed to take one step at a time.  Almost there!

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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    I'm experiencing constant hip pain on my right side.  It's  like a dull ache that doesn't stop.  Sometimes I can feel it in my knee as well but mainly it's in my hip.  I've only felt it the past two days but it's woken me up both nights.  Can this be pregnancy related?  I expected hip pain but was thinking it would be later in pregnancy.  Any suggestions on what to do?
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    CLC, I didn't have hip pain in the joint until later in my pregnancy, but I don't think that means yours necessarily is unrelated to pregnancy.  I had all kinds of weird aches and pains in early pregnancy (particularly in my abdomen, which was *not* reassuring).  It's safe to take Tylenol, so you could see if that helps, or you could try sleeping with a pillow between your knees, which is what they recommend for the late-pregnancy hip pain.
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    Clc - I second all the advice on your work situation. As for the pain, I didn't have hip pain specifically, but I had a lot of random pains early on, including the abdominal ones thistle mentioned. Right now, it's back, ribs, and wrists (carpal tunnel - ugh!). Good luck with your ultrasound next week!

    AFM - I've started doing daycare research, and made some initial inquiries to home daycares in my area (there are so many!). I'm going to set up a meeting with at least one, and I want to be prepared. One provider mentioned in and email that she offers paid sick and vaca days for families -- it hadn't even occurred to me to ask about the policy on days we miss! For those who have gone through this process, what questions did you ask other than the basics? Also, a lot are saying that they don't currently have openings but might when the time comes (I'm looking for next June). Is it worth meeting with these people in case a spot opens up?
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    clc, I had hip pain early on, too...not sure what it was from exactly, but I correlated it with dehydration.  I drank a lot of water and it usually went away.

    I also thought it might be from sitting differently at I was a big fan of regular butterfly stretches. 
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    Thanks all.  I've been trying to keep up on my water intake but maybe I wasn't doing a good job the past few days.

    Also, I worried about work for no reason.  They let me pick my own schedule which was nice: Boston, Albany, Fort Myers and San Juan.  No Guam trip necessary, my boss actually decided to do that trip!
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    In Response to Re: October 2011 Pregnancy:
    [QUOTEwhat questions did you ask other than the basics? Also, a lot are saying that they don't currently have openings but might when the time comes (I'm looking for next June). Is it worth meeting with these people in case a spot opens up?
    Posted by Arcain[/QUOTE]

    In the infants and toddlers section, check out the thread in daycare - questions to ask.

    For family childcare, you definitely need to find out what her policy is re: payment for when she takes vacation, when you take vacation and baby isn't there, when your baby is sick and doesn't attend, and when she or one of her children is sick and she therefore cancels childcare.  (she may or may not close when one of her children is sick - ask her - but if her child is feeling a little under the weather that's one thing, if the child is really sick she probably can't deal with a constantly throwing up 9 yr old and her regular childcare kids.

    also find out when her vacations are, and how much advance notice you get, or if she has them the same time every year and therefore she can tell you now.  then you can decide if those will coincide with your vacations, or if you will need to find backup.

    yes, i'd go ahead and visit some now because you don't want to wait until the last minute, and the you can either go on a waitlist (if family chlidcare does this) or at least know which ones you like so you can call only those in the spring to check on June openings. 

    you may visit the first time when childcare is closed so the provider can answer questions and not be caring for children at the same time.  but before you make a final decision, do spend some time in her home while kids are there, so you know how the day goes, you see her interacting with the chlidren, etc. 

    for a childcare center, you will most likely pay whether your child is at the center or not (for vacation and when your child is sick and can't come).  often for family childcare they don't charge all those things.

    oh!  find out when your child (and others) can come when they are sick, and when they'll have to be sent home - what's her policy?
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    Hi Arcain... we just finished the process for an April daycare start.  We chose a home daycare that is in our town (Worcester) and on our route to the highway so it will be easy for commuting.  Of the 50 daycares (seriously.. there were soooo many!) that I called, only a handful passed my initial screening.  I found the two biggest factors were the hours the daycare was open (home daycares often have limited hours compared to the centers) and whether they anticipated an infant opening in April.  The state website was a good place to do the initial screening, though many did not list hours, and the ones that did were not always correct.  I was looking for 7am to 6pm coverage (2 hours of commuting + 9 hour work day, though we will probably be able to do 7:30-5:30, but I wanted it to be flexible).  I ended up with 2 that met my basic requirements.  The first visit at each was 4-5pm when it was quieter and the providers could spend some time talking.  Then I called their references, and had a follow up phone call with each to fill in some missing information.  At the same time I had eliminated several other options (one center, a home daycare near my work, and a home daycare near DH's work) ... and once I was clearly down to 2 choices, I scheduled a daytime visit at each.  I debated doing the visits unannounced, but decided that it was simply more considerate and nicer to call and make an appointment.  These ladies are literally opening their homes and businesses to you, so I wanted to be respectful of their time.  DH helped me make the final decision, as I was having a really hard time making the final call. 

    When I was calling all the places initially... I kept a list in Excel with names, numbers, hours, costs.  On the same list, I would put which ones I'd talked to, which ones I'd left messages at, etc.  It got kind of confusing when I'd called 20+ places, and it was nice to have a handy reference.  I had a standard message I would start out with our leave on the answering machine.  "Hi, my name is ..., I am calling about your daycare and I was wondering if you anticipated an infant slot being available in mid-April"  ... After that, I would ask about their hours and daily/weekly costs.  Other questions:
    - How many kids are you allowed to have?  What are their age ranges?
    - Vacation/sick policies (for her, for your kid, paid, etc)
    - Do you have any assistants?
    - Is lunch/snack provided?
    - Do you go out and about or stay in the house?
    - What is a typical day like? (both for summer and winter)
    - Is there a TV on during the day 

    CLC .. I also had very random pains in the beginning, though no hip pain.  For me I had shooting/searing pains that would radiate from my elbow to wrist (but wasn't carpal tunnel).  My doctor was kind of funny about it... I said it happened most when I would reach for things ... he told me to stop reaching for things.  It lasted 3-4 weeks and then just magically went away.  And that is great about the trips!  We didn't tell people at work until 17weeks.  (waited until 12 to start to tell family, and then it took us a few weeks to get the word out to everyone). 
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    Definitely use the Daycare question thread in Infants/Toddlers.  It's a sticky so it's right on top.  I think there is a link there for the EEC website, which lists all providers based on zip code and provides a lot of basic info like hours, number of kids, etc.  Though, I agree that not all info posted is accurate.  Some places I called had slightly different hours, one was moving, some didn't have any hours listed, etc.  But it's a great starting point.  Like Boston, I also created an excel spreadsheet to track the basic info for all the places I called.  I listed Name, address, phone number, hours, price, # of kids, and some miscellaneous items like whether they provide food or have pets.  Then I had a column for notes where I indicated if I left a message, or if their start/end times were fixed (I wanted to see if there was any wiggle room in their posted hours), if they charged for overtime if our train was late, etc. 

    It is amazing to me how many day cares are open for limited hours (8-5, 7:30-4:30)  Most people work from 8-5, but you also have to allow for commuting.  One place I called had hours listed from 7:30-5:30, which was basically what we need (it would be a little tight, and DH and I would have to stagger our work times a bit, but we could swing it), and she said she actually switched her hours to 7-4:30.  Turns out most of her clients are teachers and they needed her to be open earlier, but pick up their kids by 4pm. 

    Arcain, you are in Wakefield too.  I would recommend the place we chose, but she won't have an infant spot open until January 2013.  Most home day cares can only have 2 infants under 15 months.  We got her 2nd slot, and she has another infant starting right before us.  But, she was a perfect fit for us. 

    Good luck!
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    CLC, I'm glad the work travel thing worked out without you needing to reveal anything.  Keep us posted on the ultrasound.  I don't have any advice on the hip pain early on, but hopefully that goes away and everything checks out great at your appt. 

    Arcain, on the belly topic, I also felt my heartbeat a lot.  I think it was because my placenta was in front.  I got all excited at first because I thought it was the baby, but then realized it was just my (very strong) pulse.  I certainly could not differentiate between kicks, punches, gas, or hiccups early on.  Most of the time I still don't know what I'm feeling, though I generally know if it's a lower limb or upper limb.  But I can't tell if it's a knee or a foot (or a hand or elbow).  Sometimes I just feel general twinges, which I think may be Braxton-Hicks contractions, but maybe not?  I try not to worry too much about it.  As long as I can feel her in there and I'm not in pain, I am happy. 
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    I have a couple of pregnancy symptom questions that I would love advice on:

    (1) I look like a 13 year old boy my face and body (eww) is breaking out everywhere.  Any recommendations on face and or body wash that might help?  Prior to coming off BCP I was blessed with great skin.  Ever since it's been a mess and now add in pregnancy and it's awful. Also I have sensative skin and I'm not sure what to use.  I tried Proactive but had a bad reaction to it so had to stop.  I use Cetaphil now but it doesn't seem to be getting the job done.

    (2) "morning" sickness is now in full swing.  Any tips or tricks to get through it?  I've yet to be sick but have that constant yucky feeling.  I know some posters mentioned lemonade so I'm going to grab some during lunch and see if that helps.  Anything else?

    Thanks in advance!

    How are the ladies nearing their due dates doing?  Also, we never heard from Krysta - hope everything is going well and she's enjoying her LO!

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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    On the acne, I had that problem too, and have no advice.  Nothing worked for me.  It did improve, but not until pretty well into my second trimester.

    On morning sickness--I found it really helpful to have hard candies with me all the time.  I ate a LOT of jolly ranchers and it definitely helped just having something sweet and sour to suck on.  Ginger ale and popsicles helped some too.  Otherwise, just eat what you can stand to and avoid the things that specifically trigger the feeling of sickness.
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    CLC- my derm told me that products with sal acid are safe for use during pg, so I use the Neutrogena cream cleanser alternated with the micro-scrub type exfoliating cleanser.  I was also given the ok to continue using a topical erythromycin pad (prescription) but I didn't use it throughout pg.  My skin is not perfect, but it's stayed manageable through pg with the Neutrogena cleansers.

    Morning Sickness- I agree with Thistle that you shoudl eat what you can.  don't worry about getting fruits/veggies in if you're not able to.  Sipping cold water, lemonade, sprite, gingerale, or sparkling water helped me.  I had to have ice in everything though (which is not my normal).  I remembering eating plain white bread toasted with cheese, honey nut cheerios, cereal and not much else.  Find out what works for you and stick with it without worrying about the nutritional value for right now.  Constantly having something in very small amounts can help too.  Hope you feel better soon!
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    Leila - Sounds like you're almost ready to go.  So exciting!

    Arcain - I agree 100% that you should stick with your favorite name, even though your friend chose it.  Unless one of our siblings used a name, I would absolutely still use it.

    About day care, personally I wouldn't bother going to visit day cares that might have an opening when you need one.  I really really wanted to have day care set up before the baby arrived, but the ones I called either had no openings or told me to call back.  I ended up calling back after the baby was born and then calling about 10 more that I found on the EEC web site.   I went with one of those 10 more.  It is really hard to find an infant opening!!

    Someone mentioned going to visit while the kids are there and I second that.  We first met our provider in the evening... She was great but I think I was super critical because I knew she was probably the one and I didn't want to leave my baby with anyone!  I went back during the day and felt 100 times better after see how great she was with the kids.  I think she actually has an infant opening if you would like the info - in Reading, near Wakefield.
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    Clc - I can't speak to the acne, but I had the same kind of morning sickness. Sometimes I wished I WOULD just get sick and maybe get some temporary relief! If it's particularly bad in the morning, several people told me to keep saltines next to my bed and to eat a couple before I even got out of bed, then lie for a minute before I got up. Mine wasn't particular to the morning, but it did help me get up and going. Other than that, I second what everyone else said.

    Framerican, I'd love the info on your daycare if you're willing to share! Is there a way to direct message through our accounts on here? I've never tried it before.

    AFM - Have my next ultrasound tomorrow to get the anatomy scan and hopefully find out the sex. DH and I decided we want them to write it down and give it to us in an envelope, then we'll have a special dinner at home for the unveiling. Here's hoping LO isn't hiding and/or it isn't SO obvious we find out right there (since we seem to think we're having a boy, that may be possible :-)). In any case, I'm glad we'll get to see LO again. I had a great non-paranoid run after my last u/s but I've started letting myself get worried over how many kicks I'm feeling, etc. and some reassurance will be good at this point.
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    clc... wheat thins were my saviour for a few weeks early on.  For some reason the slight saltyness helped me.  But only the bad-for-you white flour version.  The whole-wheat ones tasted gross to me.  As for the acne, I used Neutrogena.  You can use the sal acid version or the slightly stronger with  Benzoyl Peroxide. 

    arcain... it is awesome to see the LO during the anatomy scan.  Ours was so much more "human" looking.  That and you get to see them for a while as the tech collects all the pictures they are looking for.  we also got to see the baby move around, as the tech was poking it and trying to annoy it into moving into better positions for the pictures she needed.  Some techs will put the machine into 3D mode ... so it might be worth asking since you could get a 3D look for free.  One of my friends had a really nice tech and totally lucked out with this. 

    AFM... just started the 3rd tri... and started feeling my first BH contractions during a weekend bike ride (2hours, mostly flat riding, but a little strenuous at times).  Somewhat concerned me since it was so early, but at today's dr appt he said it was probably just a little dehydration.  That and I wasn't thrilled with today's weigh in.  I am now up 20lbs at 28 weeks ... but I know I've let the quality of my diet drop.  So that is probably good motiviation to start eating healthier again.  I've been pretty good about making sure I've been eating lots of veggies and other sources of vitamins... but all those cookies, peanut butter, and other treats are probably sneaking up on me.
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    Arcain- how did the ultrasound go today??  Wondering if you got the boy you thought you were carrying!!

    I had mine last week on my 30th birthday. The baby was sooo stubborn!  After an hour of poking, position changes, and a very patient u/s tech she told me to go to the bathroom (oddly enough, we watched my bladder filling on the ultrasound screen over the last hour haha!)

    While in the bathroom I did toe-touches, did some high kicks and sure enough when I went back the baby had flipped from breech to vertex and opened those pesky knees.  100% GIRL!!!  So we'll have 2 girls now, and although I didn't mind either gender, just KNOWING made it so emotional and real!

    I'm wondering at which week they stop flipping so freely inside. I'm eager to know if we're going to end up vertex or not.  I'm 20 weeks.  Cannot feel the baby doing these flips!
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    Congrats on DD #2 hugh!!  For me, knowing whether DD was going to have a brother or a sister would be super exciting!

    Arcain - I will add you as a friend so I can send you a message, though those aren't really private anyway.
    Some OBs don't recommend using acne products with salicylic acid, which is one of the main ingredients.  My OB was fine with me using over the counter topical stuff, but I just thought I'd mention it.  (Oxy pads because I like to pretend I'm 15.)

    Bostongrl - Obviously everyone is different, but my weight gain slowed way down in the final weeks.  I'd say in the last 5 weeks I only gained like 2 lbs.  So of course everyone should watch their diet to an extent, but I hope that gives you hope!  :o)
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    Hi, All!
    I'm 5 weeks pregnant with my second!
    We're not telling anyone until later when we're sure it's going to stick, but I figure "coming out" on the boards will help me keep quiet and cool around my sisters and mom. 
     Already nauseous, off and on in waves.  Last time it was around 5.5 weeks I started getting morning sickness 23 hours a day or so.  This time around I was nauseous before I got a positive result on a pregnancy test. So this should be fun.  Plus lying on the couch after work isn't much of an option with a toddler.
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    Congratulations Lissa!

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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    congrats lissa!!  Here's hoping that the earlier ms isn't a bad omen.  I also found "coming out" on the boards to be tremendously helpful in keeping quiet in real life about our exciting news. 
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    Re: October 2011 Pregnancy

    Wow, congrats to Lissa and to Hugh on a baby girl!

    As for morning sickness, I kept starchy snacks on me at all times (granola bars, 100-calorie packs, crackers) and would just nibble on them when feeling queasy.  Good foods for me were bread and cheese based (grilled cheese, pizza, toast, string cheese, etc).

    Also someone here suggested this and it worked well for me: drink out of a straw.  I don't know why it helps, but it seemed to work for me.