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October 2012 Pregnancy

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    Re: October 2012 Pregnancy

    My ultrasound this morning went fine -- everything looks good and we heard the heartbeat again. I am so relieved! I'll be 11 weeks on Thurs. and my next ultrasound isn't till almost 17 weeks. Does it seem weird that I'm not having another one around 12-13 weeks to confirm everything is ok? We also found out that I'm a carrier for cystic fibrosis so my DH got tested today. Really hoping he's not.

    Chiclet, good luck with the work situation. When do people normally tell work? I'm not showing yet, just looking kind of pudgy, so I'm hoping I can wait another month at least.


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    Re: October 2012 Pregnancy

    Congrat, jl!  theres no reason to have another us that early.  best wishes with your husband's genetic testing.

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    Re: October 2012 Pregnancy

    That's great news, JL!!

    With my older DD, I never had an ultrasound (at all) until about 17 or 18 weeks.  I think that's pretty standard.  I get the impression that OB offices that have the equipment handy do them whenever, but smaller offices (like mine) that have just a little machine send you elsewhere for a full u/s exam and it might not be as often.

    I do have one on Friday (11-12 weeks), but that is just because of my now "advanced maternal age".  :)

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    Re: October 2012 Pregnancy

    Thanks everyone for all your responses regarding cramping. It's really reassuring to hear from others who have been through it. It subsided about two weeks ago and I had my 8 week ultrasound and appointment last week and all is well. We saw the heartbeat and everything is as it should be. So I'm just about 9 weeks now.

    jl, were you planning to do the down syndrome screening? If so you would have another ultrasound around 11-12 weeks. We did it with our first and will do it this time, but I know if we elected not to I wouldn't have another ultrasound until 16-18 weeks.

    As for telling work, with my first I had a very close relationship with my boss and was excited to tell her so I let her know right at 12 weeks. I am currently in a new position at a new company and have only been here about 7 months, so I am more nervous to tell my boss this time around, although I will have worked here over a year by the time I am due so I will get full maternity benefits. My plan is to wait until I can't hide it anymore to reveal the news and then about two months before I'm due I'll submit my maternity leave and return to work proposals. 

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    Re: October 2012 Pregnancy

    Butting in again--JL some offices offer a screen between 11-14 weeks to assess risk of Down's Syndrome and some other genetic abnormalities.  Did they do this already for you?  This is called different things at different places, and it involves an u/s and bloodwork.  MGH calls it an "early risk assessment".  I think I've also heard it called a triple or quad screen.  A nuchal translucency screen is part of this.

    It is mentioned on this website:

    Some more details are described here:

    It's definitely not required and not offered by all practices, but MGH offers it to all pregnant women regardless of age.  It's not a perfect test either. (See more limitations are described on the Washington website.) 

    Anyway, just throwing it out there in case you may be interested in asking your provider about it.

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    Re: October 2012 Pregnancy

    JL - I'm psyched to see that you had a such great news today! Good luck with DH's testing.

    As for the work thing, thanks for the advice. My boss is out of the office next week and I'm planning on telling him when he gets back. I'll be a little over 13 weeks by that point. I've already had to dodge my way out of two department trips to the bar. I was hoping to not tell the rest of the department until Thanksgiving but I think my boss and my immediate coworkers are going to need to plan, especially where I think it's going to mean a new hire. Those things take time to get approved and posted, etc.

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    Re: October 2012 Pregnancy

    Hi siera-  12:43pm, it's me!

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    Re: October 2012 Pregnancy

    Wait- 12:47, I was dumb with your name :)

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    Re: October 2012 Pregnancy

    For those of you who have started telling people about your pregnancy, have you asked people to keep it off of Facebook for now? If so, have people been respectful? DH and I are planning to start telling people in the next few weeks, but I really do not want it on Facebook for another few months at least. We're worried that people will disregard our wishes (especially his mother). I know that it is exciting news for other people (especially the grandparents) but I do not want  hundreds of people knowing if something goes wrong. Just curious about your experiences.

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    Re: October 2012 Pregnancy

    JL, we've asked everyone to keep the news off of Facebook and so far people have been respectful. I actually disabled my wall so that if someone did get our news and felt the need to congratulate me on my wall, they wouldn't be able to. DH has not done that and we haven't had any issues yet. I was actually pretty sure that DH's mother would be the loose cannon but so far she's been good. She's been telling me how hard it is too keep a secret but she's been good. I actually think my mother has been telling people but none close enough to get back to me or, more importantly, to the people who we haven't told yet. (All of a sudden, my mother has become an expert on local midwives and the best places to buy maternity clothes so I imagine she's talking about it.) I've told everyone that they need to wait until we hear a heartbeat and then get to tell DH's grandparents in person and then it's fair game. I'll still probably keep it off Facebook for another month or so after that.

    FWIW, everyone who we've told that we're keeping it off Facebook has completely agreed with us, so I don't think it will be as big of an issue as you think. I think we've all been burned by oversharing on Facebook and people are much more sensitive to that these days. Almost 3 years ago, we asked people to keep our engagement quiet until we asked our wedding party in person and that request was not respected. But I think either things are different now or people take baby news more seriously than engagement news.

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    Re: October 2012 Pregnancy

    I'm going to butt in too.  I had an ultrasound at 12 weeks as part of the ERA.  My OB offered it to everyone regardless of age (I am 27). I had a tough time deciding whether or not I wanted to do the ERA because I knew that I would not terminate the pregnancy based on the results so I wondered if the results would end up just causing more stress.  I discussed this with the NP and she assured me that there were several more steps (e.g., ultrasound with high risk specialist, amnio) before we had to make any decisions if the ERA results were concerning. Luckily for us everything came back wonderful and I was happy I had another picture of the little guy.  JL- if this is something you're interested in I would ask about it.  The ERA also requires two blood draws and then you get the results.


    As for FB, we told close friends and family at 9 weeks, right after we saw the heartbeat, but we asked them to keep it off of FB until we posted something.  Everyone respected our decision which was an unexpected treat.  We ended up posting a picture of our little man fist pumping in his 12 week ultrasound.

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    Re: October 2012 Pregnancy

    Chiclet and clc, glad to hear you had no issues with FB. clc, I love that you had a picture of your baby fist-pumping. So cute. My mother-in-law has trouble respecting boundaries, so I may just deactivate my wall -- good idea! Today is my parents' wedding anniversary so I decided to tell them. They were shocked and so happy, so that made me feel good. And I know they'll keep it quiet till I give them the go-ahead.

    Thanks for all the info re: genetic testing. I think I had some form of early risk assessment, as they drew blood yesterday to check for some genetic issues and they are doing part two at my next appt. I asked about the nuchal translucency screen, and my OB doesn't do that for some reason.

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    Re: October 2012 Pregnancy

    everyone's offices are so different.  For my early risk assessment, my OB sends me to do the ultrasound with a specialist at the hospital.  However, my understanding is that my insurance ONLY pays for it because I'm 35.  I'm sure I could still request it otherwise, but I'd have to pay for it myself, yikes.

    It's tomorrow and then I'll be 12 weeks on Saturday.  I am nervous, but optimistic.  If all goes well, we'll probably start telling more friends and family, and probably work pretty soon.  Pants are starting to feel a little tight, although I haven't caught anyone staring suspiciously or anything!

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    Re: October 2012 Pregnancy

    Congrats on your recent visit, JL!  Glad all is well!

    Well, I have an interesting story from yesterday.  I work in Boston and had to walk (well, we were running walk fast) to a meeting that my boss was speaking at.  Got to the meeting and it was packed full and I had to stand in the back of the room with a bunch of other people.  Within 5 minutes I started feeling light-headed like I was going to pass out.  Went to the bathroom for a few minutes and felt better, so went back into the meeting and immediately felt bad again with black spots in front of my eyes.  So, I ran out of there with my stuff and called DH.  DH told me to leave and call the doctor.  I ended up being seen and all was fine, I just need to be more careful about drinking enough water and slowing down.  But, it just meant that I had to tell my boss the news since he was wondering why I had disappeared from the meeting! But, he is great and I wasn't worried about telling him about the pregnancy.

    I got to hear the hearbeat yesterday though, and we already had an ultrasound scheduled for this morning.  Two baby checks in two days was awesome!  All is well with the baby, heart rate is great, and baby is actually measuring a week bigger than my 12, I am feeling relieved and hopefully I can relax a little now!  Since all went well with the ultrasound we also sent an email to all of our extended family and friends today.  I will probably also post it myself on FB soon, because I don't trust everyone to show FB restraint, and I would rather do it myself. 

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    Re: October 2012 Pregnancy

    Hi ladies,

    It’s been a while since I posted and I’m so glad to see some new faces here especially those how graduated from TTC.  I’m glad to hear all is going well with you guys and looking forward to hearing your pregnancy stories.

    Baby and I are doing really great.  We are 33 weeks along which so unreal to me.  I’m going to miss carrying her but I can’t wait to meet her. Our families have been great and are looking forward to meeting this little, very active girl.

    Things with work have been crazy and there are super worried about me leaving for maternity leave.  I have trained people and have done all that I can to ensure coverage for my maternity leave.  I have also been mentally and physically exhausted due to dealing with by husband’s relapse of depression.  He is finally getting the help that he needs and we are just trying to push forward. 


    P.S. I was finally able to post after a month of trying!

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    Re: October 2012 Pregnancy

    Quiet boards this week! I hope everyone who had ultrasounds etc this week got to see healthy babies!

    Tom - I can't believe you're so close! I'm glad you're doing well!

    I need to pick a midwife/hospital this week. I toured Anna Jacques last night and it was nice. I wanted it to be lame so I didn't have to choose between them and Beverly. I think I'm leaning towards Beverly because they have tubs in all the rooms where Anna Jacques only has the one. But, the nurse I spoke to from Anna Jacques said that they would take my labs from MGH and not make me repeat the tests I've already had, so that's obviously a huge plus for me. I've been trying to get in touch with the midwives in Beverly this morning but their office seems unexpectedly closed. I hate big decisions like this!

    Unrelated, are there guidelines of how much water we're supposed to be drinking? Something I read said 8 cups for me and 24 cups for the baby but that's 2 gallons of water a day, so that can't be right.

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    Re: October 2012 Pregnancy

    I'm not sure about water guideline but I'm constantly drinking water.  I never measured what I drink but if I were to guess it’s around 40 to 50 ounces of water.



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    Re: October 2012 Pregnancy

    maybe it said you need 24 ounces for the baby over your standard amount?  24 cups would be completely insane and possibly dangerous!

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    Re: October 2012 Pregnancy

    I know, doesn't that sound ridiculous?! It's probably not a reliable article, but here it is:

    "As you might guess, the single best dehydration prevention is: Drink your water! Try to meet a minimum goal of 8 cups of water for you, and 24 cups of water a day for baby (amniotic fluid is replaced at the rate of approximately 1 cup per hour)."

    I take that as 32 cups, which is 2 gallons. That's like 2 cups an hour for every hour I'm awake! I drink a lot of water during the day, but that seems unreal to me.

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    Re: October 2012 Pregnancy

    I've never known anyone to follow and have never heard of that advice, and I'd seriously consult a doctor before attempting that!  I think med's guess of it meaning 3 extra cups a day is reasonable.

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    Re: October 2012 Pregnancy

    Hi Ladies - Just checking in as tomorrow is my last day in Massachusetts! Ack. Had the fetal survey u/s yesterday and baby is doing great - we did not find out the gender, although for like 2 seconds I was tempted. It was the longest u/s EVER b/c the technician was new and had to have the photos reviewed and she missed a few so her boss had to come in and take some more...all fine except the longer I lay there the more I had to pee and they just kept pushing on my bladder.

    I'll meet my new Las Vegas OB on November 12 - hopefully she's nice!! Good luck to everyone and I'm sure I'll check in sooner than later



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    Re: October 2012 Pregnancy

    Good luck with the move Silver! I hope it goes smoothly!

    I finally got in touch with the midwife practice in Beverly. They're having an orientation next Friday where apparently all my questions will be answered. I'll be almost 14 weeks by that point. I can't believe I've managed to drag out making my first appointment this long! I probably could have done the orientation sooner but I didn't know that they even had them. I don't know what to do. Do I wait one more week? Do I make an appointment with them anyway and forget the orientation? Do I just forget them and go to Anna Jacques because they've at least answered my questions? My head is spinning right now!

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    Re: October 2012 Pregnancy

    I don't think it will hurt to wait one more week for the orientation, although I'd imagine you're excited to get started and make a decision.  But then you'll be better able to decide which practice you want to use. 

    And silver, I live in Maryland and "commute" on these boards...  so we hope you do check in occasionally and keep us updated!  Good luck with the move, it's quite a change from MA to Las Vegas.

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    Re: October 2012 Pregnancy

    Hi everyone.  Silver, good luck with the move.  Chiclet, I just googled the water and every reputable source said somewhere between 8-12 cups per day.

    So.  I haven't posted much in the past couple of weeks because we had some bad news at the early risk assessment ultrasound.  They made a diagnosis of cystic hygroma, which can indicate a lot of different types of problems, including a 50% chance of chromosomal disorders (Down, Trisomy, et cetera).  We took the genetic testing (CVS - that's the name of the test, not the pharmacy) right away, and heard back last week that it was negative for the most common ones.  We'll hear back today about the full results on all possibilities (but the remaining ones aren't very likely).

    So that was good news, but the bad news is that even with those chromosomal tests negative, we still only have about a 1/3 chance of a healthy baby being born.  (Other remaining risks are things like heart defects, skeletal defects, or just losing the baby.)  The other tough thing is that we have to wait four more weeks before they will be able to tell anything on u/s about the potential problems and how severe they might be.  I'm 13 weeks now, so I'm really struggling with the part about starting to show, yet not knowing whether or not to say anything.

    So that's what's up.  I probably won't post over here very often for a while!  I'm pretty shocked about the whole thing.  We've been very blessed in my extended family with healthy babies and good fortune with fertility, and I'm caught between not believing that this is happening and occasionally thinking of it as a balance to all the unfair good things that I've had already.

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    Re: October 2012 Pregnancy

    Just peeked back on here because I'm procrastinating at work, even though DS is 8 mos old and I don't plan to be pg again anytime soon :-).

    Memes - I had a similar near-fainting incident at work around the same time in my pregnancy. I'm sure they told you this at the doc, but it's important to keep blood sugar up. I'd been waiting until I got to work to eat breakfast which meant being up for 2+ hours without food, and that simply didn't fly when I was pg. I started eating little snacks more often and never experienced it again.

    Medford - I am so sorry you're dealing with this, and that you have to wait to find out more. No one should have to go through this, but I wish you and your family all the strength and support you need to get through whatever is ahead.