October Updates

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    October Updates

    I figured it would be good to start a new thread for October updates.

    I had an ultrasound this morning and everything looked great.  It's amazing the changes in just 3 weeks.  October is going to be busy for me.  I have the fetal echo first week in Oct., 2 weeks later check up for blood pressure, another ultrasound at the end of the month.  I guess better safe than sorry it just seems like a lot of appt.'s and early on. 

    I hope all the new moms are doing well.

    Lesal - how are you doing?  You must be in the mode of picking everything out and getting ready.  I hope you are feeling well. 

    Rhm - How is it going?  You must be getting excited for the big U/S. 

    Kaydo - How are things with you?  I hope your back is holding out.  Has the iron kicked in yet?  You are going to need your strength you have a lot coming up from what I remember between showers and the house.  Good luck!

    Amie and Trouble - How are you feeling?  You will have to refresh my memory I can't remember how far along you guys are.

    Vase - How are you?  We haven't heard from you in a bit.  I hope all is well.

    I hope I am not forgetting anyone pregnant brain is in full effect.

    I am wearing maternity pants for the first time today.  They are a bit big cause I am not quite there yet, but I will say pretty comfortable.
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    Re: October Updates

    Wow, I just love this board and the support of everyone here! 

    I'm in the middle of my ninth week right now and have my first doc appointment a week from today.  I had my intake last week and had an early U/S.  Everything is just so exciting right now!  DH and I haven't told many people, just our parents and a few close friends.  I'm so looking forward to telling everyone provided the remainder of this month goes well!  :-) 

    I've been feeling fine really!  No morning sickness really to speak of.  Maybe that's inherited because my mom never had any with my brother or I either.  I'm so thankful too because I take the commuter rail and was nervous as to how the journey would be if I did feel queasy!  My biggest "symptom" has been that my breasts have balloned!  I have always been large chested (c) but I think I might be up to a D now!  DH loves it, but I'm so worried about how much bigger I'll get and about sagging after.  Any tips?  Oh, what about creams to prevent stretch marks?  Any recommendations?

    Thanks for thinking of me in your post OCC!!  :-)
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    Re: October Updates

    occ, glad to hear everything is looking good!  I haven't had an u/s in 2 months, I miss checking in on it like that.  When I first started wearing maternity pants I felt like having an elastic waist was soo comfortable.  now I'm already sick of always hiking up my pants.  I don't think they stay up any better as you get bigger!  are you feeling any movement yet?  I'm almost 26wks and feel it fairly often, like every day, but it is very subtle.  if I'm busy and on the go, I won't feel it at all.

    Trouble - I put on the Palmers stretch mark cream every day, but I'm sure it's all in vain :)  your next u/s will be a good one, it really looks like a baby by then!

    I'm doing well, feeling good - and yes I am in the thick of the registering, etc.  And I'm totally frustrated with the nursery decor, so I'm probably going to wait til the baby comes.  I still love that lamb bedding, but I can't find anything else with lambs to decorate with.  and without the quilt, pillow and bumpers while the baby is too small, it's not much of a theme!  Jungle animals seems to be the main theme for gender neutral nurseries, and I'm just not that excited about it.  It doesn't bother me to wait til the baby is born to decorate (still have lingering jinx fears) but it would have been nice to include bedding on my registry, it's hard to pick things out!  btw, I did get a prenatal massage last week and it was awesome.  it didn't really help my back issues, but it was so relaxing.  and felt sooooo good to lie flat on my stomach, it was worth it for that alone.  they had a pillow wedge for my belly, and an adjustable table that makes a reclining seat with knees raised for when you are on your back - also very comfortable.  I really miss lying on my back and stomach.

    I hope everyone else is doing well and feeling good!
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    Re: October Updates

    I'm doing okay. Getting excited for our u/s next week. It's been a while and since I'm not considered high risk, I don't know if we really get more u/s's after this! I'm not feeling anything that I can tell as kicking yet (I'm 17.5 weeks), but I think I am feeling that round ligament pain I've heard about. Just my body stretching out I guess.

    Also, my CA SIL had her twins on Sunday - they were only 30 weeks, but seem to be doing okay so far. Two boys - one was 2lbs 2 oz and the other was 2lbs 14oz. I think the bigger one was already coming off the venitilator yesterday. Her water broke Saturday night so they rushed her to do an emergency c-section. We'll talk to them more tonight to get more details, but SIL will probably be discharged soon and the twins will likely be in the NICU for 6-8 weeks.

    Looking forward to hearing eoe's updates!

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    Re: October Updates

    In Response to October Updates:
    Kaydo - How are things with you?  I hope your back is holding out.  Has the iron kicked in yet?  You are going to need your strength you have a lot coming up from what I remember between showers and the house.  Good luck!

    I'm actually feeling not too bad.  Last night was the first night in about 3 weeks that I wasn't completely exhausted by 7pm, so I think the iron may finally be kicking in (YAY!).  I was tired, but I actually had strength enough to unload the dishwasher and cut up a cantaloupe which, for me, was pretty huge.  DH noticed I seemed much "peppier" than I have been the past few weeks, so my fingers are crossed.  This morning I'm tired but not as woozy & light-headed as I usually am.  So we'll see...

    My back is totally fine (amazing to me, at 31 weeks), so I'm going to knock on wood there, too.

    One hilarious thing - we had put a memory foam topper on our bed a while back and it really helped with my hip pain, but it actually seemed to bother DH's back.  We took it off, but then when he was out of town for a week, I had him put it back on and it was lovely.  When he got back, we took it off again, and my hip pain came right back.  So, the other night, he jerry-rigged it on my HALF of the bed, so now I'm comfy, his back doesn't hurt, our bed looks weird, and our dog is confused, but it's all good. :)

    Regarding ultrasounds... I kept thinking at every one we've had "this will probably be my last" but they keep coming up with reasons to schedule more.  At my appointment this week, my doctor noticed my belly is measuring a little big (measuring 33 weeks) so she scheduled one for a few weeks from now.  Yay, another peek!
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    Re: October Updates

    Trouble - glad your feeling well.  You will be telling people soon enough time seems to fly by.

    Lesal - I have a few suggestions for your room get some shelves and put stuffed lambs on them, I have seen lamb picture frames, get a few cute lamb pictures and frame them, the lamb mobile from pbk is cute, if your getting a chair drape the lamb blanket over it. You could register at pbk for all the bedding and a few things people don't have to buy it.  Thanks for sharing about the massage I think I am going to have to do that. 

    Rhm - Congratulations on the nephews.  I am glad they are doing well 30 weeks is pretty scary.  Medicine has come so far twenty years ago would of been a different story. 

    Kaydo - I am glad the iron is finally kicking in.  It's terrible that you can say you were able to actually empty the dishwasher and cut cantaloupe.  Good luck with the showers.

    I have felt some flutters but that's really it.  I am thinking in the next few weeks I should start feeling something.  As much as all the appts are a pita I am glad to be able to see him often. 
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    Re: October Updates

    thanks for the decorating ideas occ.... I do still love the bedding and lamb theme.  another problem is that the pattern is being phased out, so the rug is no longer available and no guarantees everything else will be around for long.  maybe I'll register for it anyway and see what happens.  if it works out, great, if not I'll be no worse off than I am now!  and I only feel flutters too, no big kicks or anything.  I've felt it with my hand occasionally, but DH has yet to feel it.  always stops moving if he puts his hand on my belly, it's weird!

    congratulations rhm!  I'm glad they are all doing well.

    and I'm glad to hear you are getting some energy back kaydo, good luck with everything going on this month!
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    Re: October Updates

    Glad to hear that all are well. 
    Lesel I think if you could find old illustrated nursery rymes with lambs and have the pics framed would be really neat.  Try Annie's Bookstop and used bookstores of course  in all your free time :)
    RHM Congrats on the nephews - My thoughts will be with them for healthy and fast growth.
    AFM - I had my dating Ultrasound on Tuesday.  I measured a week earlier then I thought so rather than 7 weeks I am 6 weeks.  I saw the Egg Yolk and Heartbeat - so amazing.  Then we saw 2 more Gestational Sacs...I should have been suspicious when she started asking me about fertility treatment at the beginning (I did not use any).
    The third she was pretty sure is a non-viable pregnancy but the second she said could go either way.  It was only measuring 5 wks, 1 day so the Egg Yolk and Stem would not have been there anyways.   My doc is on vacation this week so his nurse is on reduced hours, so it is a wait and see game at this point.  I will admit - freaked out a bit but now I am to the point where I will be happy no matter if there is one or if there is a party in my uterus.  At least the grandparents wont have to share. :) But I am just trying to take it all in stride as it is so early.
    Hope everyone is having a good day.

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    Re: October Updates

    I love reading everyone's updates, especially those of you slightly ahead of me- it's like telling me about the future :)

    Occ- happy to hear everything is looking good. I feel the same way, all the early DAs are kind of a pain, but I love checking in and seeing the changes and heartbeat.

    Kaydo- glad the iron is finally working. Anemia is so hard to deal with.

    Lesal- getting the nursery ready must be so exciting, I can't even imagine. I've also been really wanting to go get a massage, since my back is sore, but I've been nervous about how I would lay (which is silly, because I know I'm not the first pregnant woman they would see). Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

    AFM, I'm doing better. My m/s sickness is completely gone, I have energy, and except for the little bump I would forget I'm pregnant. We just got our high-density ultrasound screening results, and I'm relieved (as much as I'm going to be)- Our trisomy 18 risk, which had been 1:500 based on my age alone, went to 1:10,000. Our Down's risk, which had been 1:250 based on my age alone, went to 1:954. I think based on those numbers, we're probably going to forgo the amnio, since I'm terrified of increasing my risk of m/s. What did everyone else do? I'd love the knowledge of the amnio, but I'm scared.

    I think I felt a flutter yesterday, but maybe it was gas.

    When is everyone due? I've been wanting to keep track, but my pg brain has trouble counting weeks. I'm (currently) due March 30st.
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    Re: October Updates

    I'm due December 1.
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    Re: October Updates


    I had a similar experience at the first ultrasound.  We got pregnant the old fashioned way and were shocked at our dating ultrasound when the tech told us there were two gestational sacs.  (I am sure you were even more shocked when they saw three!!!!).  One of the sacs had a HB and was measuring right on track, the other didn't have a HB and was measuring a week behind but the tech said it could go either way.  We scheduled a f/u for about a week later and the whole week we were on pins and needles waiting to hear.  Ultimately, we went back and the second sac hadn't developed at all, in fact had grown a bit smaller, but the other one was still on track (and it was so cool to see its progress over a week!!).  We felt blessed to have the one healthy baby but it is kind of a weird thing emotionally to sort of "lose" one w/out ever really knowing it was there.
    In the end, I went back for my 12 and 18 week U/S and the second gestational sac was no longer there - they call it Vanishing Twin Syndrome.  I never had any bleeding or anything.  Whatever the outcome is for you, I am so happy that you have one baby in there who is measuring on schedule :)

    AFM, our little tiny bean is now about a half of a pound girl who looks great.  I'm due March 1.  
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    Re: October Updates

    kaydo - glad to hear you've got more pep in your step, both with the iron and your back.

    Amie - I'm due March 6th so I'm just a few weeks ahead of you.

    BE - we are very close in due dates!

    Just wanted to give another twin nephews update...DH spoke w/his brother yesterday. SIL was discharged from the hospital and both boys are off the ventilators. We'll probably talk to them again over the weekend.

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    Re: October Updates

    Thanks for the update on your BIL and SIL twins.  Sounds like things are moving in the right direction! I have been  following your TTC journey on these boards, and was so happy for you when you got a BFP !  Very cool that our due dates are so close!! (Seems like quite a few March babies, including Amie and others??)  If I'm not mistaken, your big u/s is coming up next week, right?  Very exciting!  We just had ours on Monday and it was so amazing to see how much the baby had grown and formed all in the past 6 weeks since the last time we saw her.  Finding out the sex was very exciting also, although we almost didn't find out because she is very modest and was not opening her legs for anything, even when the tech jiggled my belly up and down several times.  Finally at the end, we caught a glimpse of the money in between the legs shot!  Keep us posted with how yours goes, it's so amazing! 
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    Re: October Updates

    Thanks BE it is good to hear of a similar circumstance. It is a weird feeling.  I automatically said "oh good" when I found out the 3rd was not viable then instantly felt awful about it.  I definetly will be sad if the second does not develop (which I have a gut feeling it is not) but at the same time relieved as I dont think we can afford 2 babies in daycare.  It is very much a schadenfreude scenario.
    RHM - glad to hear the babies are doing well.  Cant wait to hear how the ultrasound goes.
    Amie glad to hear the positive news with the test results.
    Kaydo glad to hear you are feeling better - that sounded miserable.
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    Re: October Updates

    Alas, one step forward and two steps back... this morning I was so woozy and light-headed I had to have DH drive me to my hair appointment because I didn't trust myself to drive.  I felt not too bad when I got there, but was exhausted again by the time I got home.  Napped for 2 hours this afternoon and would LOVE to be home on the couch right now but unfortunately I have to work this evening (a performance at the arts center where I work).  Thankfully, I'm manning the merchandise table, so it'll be a mostly stationery evening (and I'll probably leave after intermission).  We have our all-day Prepared Childbirth class tomorrow, though, so that oughta be interesting.  Might have to shovel a little caffeine into me in the morning...
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    Re: October Updates

    Kaydo - that stinks .  Just think less than 2 months to go!
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    Re: October Updates

    Just a quick update and then I have to get to the piles of work on my desk...had our big u/s this morning and all is good! We got to see the brain, heart, kidneys, legs, etc. We've got a shy baby who kept putting their hands in front of their eyes so the 3D pics all look like that (actually, one of them is the baby facing away from the camera with their arm draped over their head like they are hiding). Pretty cool! I wonder if we get any more u/s's after this.
    Hope all is well with all of you!
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    Re: October Updates

    Congrats RHM!  That is amazing.
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    Re: October Updates

    rhm--glad to hear all is well! You must be so excited and relieved. I know that after my "big" ultrasound, I really settled into the pregnancy and was a lot less nervous about every little thing.

    AFM--we're all adjusting to our new lives, baby included. When I do get some sleep, I end up dreaming about the baby. Sleep comes in 2 hour chunks when it comes. Now, I wish I had slept even more during my 3rd trimester. :)

    Breastfeeding has been a challenge. LO did some real n*pple damage in the first few days and was extremely fussy at feedings. I began to pump on Sunday and it became clear that one of my breasts is not producing very much milk. We have an appointment with the lactation consultant on Friday, so hopefully she can help work things out.

    Otherwise, baby is wonderful.
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    Re: October Updates

    great news rhm....  did you find out what you are having?????

    occ - how are you doing?

    kaydo, how was your class?

    austengirl, have you had a followup u/s yet?  I can only imagine the range of emotions you must be going through.

    Amie, glad you are feeling better....  if you get a massage, just let them know you are pregnant.  alot of spas have mommie to be massages on their menu, so it's not a big deal, but make sure they know when you book it.  and getting the nursery ready is unbelievably exciting, not that I've made much progress!  we're hopefully going to pick out and order furniture this weekend....  oh yeah, and the baby movements feel exactly like gas or digestive twitches.  I honestly can't tell the difference especially in the beginning.  now I feel it alot more frequently so I just know it's not all digestive.  but even at almost 27wks it is still very subtle.  I wonder when the jabs to the ribs will start.

    hope everyone else is doing well!  I'm due Jan 9, so just entering the 3rd trimester, hard to believe.  i have the glucose test next week, and after that appt I think I start going in twice a month.  I can't believe how the time is flying, although I am also starting to feel really big and getting tired of being pregnant at the same time.
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    Re: October Updates

    lesal - still in the dark on the gender. They asked us if we wanted to know as soon as we got there. I don't mind, but I still feel weird not referring to the baby as a "he" or "she". Guess I'll get over it in about 22 weeks!
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    Re: October Updates

    oh, me too, and I'm honestly still glad we didn't find out.  friends and family are dying to know, but I'm happy it's going to be a surprise.  I love hearing everyone's guesses based on crazy old wives tales.  I know what you mean though about not being able to use 'he' or 'she'...  'it' just doesn't sound good.  we mainly refer to it as 'the baby' because we are also keeping names a secret so we don't even use our name choices with each other in case we slip sometime :)
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    Re: October Updates

    we mainly refer to it as 'the baby' because we are also keeping names a secret so we don't even use our name choices with each other in case we slip sometime :)
    Posted by lesal

    Haha, us too.  Our families know it's a boy and we have a name but we're keeping it completely to ourselves and we rarely even say it when it's just the 2 of us, for just that reason (don't want to slip up).  We figure there should be SOME element of surprise at the end (and also, we have very opinionated families and we don't really care whether they like the name or not, so we figure not telling them until he's here should prevent judgemental comments.)

    I was actually reading a thread on BabyCenter about "the rudest things people have said to you while pregnant" and I was shocked by how many said, "Our families hate the name we've chosen."  It amazes me that people would actually TELL you they hate the name you've picked but clearly, people do!

    In other news, another thoroughly wretched day over here.  I woke up at 4am last night, completely uncomfortable and with the baby kicking like crazy.  Got up, stayed awake until 7am, fell back to sleep as DH got ready for work, slept until 9am, felt sort of ok until 11am, and then my woozies hit.  I was supposed to be to work by 12:30 but I just couldn't do it.  Told them I'd be in later, laid down, and slept from 1pm to 3:30pm.  UGH.  Every time I think the iron supplements are helping I have a day like today and feel like I'm right back where I started.  Awful. 
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    Re: October Updates

    Just reading quickly over everyone's updates and it's so  good to see that everyone is doing well!!!!    It's been really great to follow everyone through the different stages of their pregnancies and see how things have progressed.

    occ - I know it might seem like a lot  of appts., and it is, but it is definitely worth it.  I had a lot of appts. for the last trimester and it did get a bit frustrating since I was always taking myself and at the end it was uncomfortable to drive.     You'll forget all about it when LO arrives.   I'll be thinking of you and hoping all appts go well!

    lesal - I completely agree with you about always hiking up those maternity pants.  Some stayed up better than others but it did get rather annoying!!    So happy for you that things are going well and I have to say I am happy for you that you are waiting to find out the gender.  Seriously the best moment ever!!  BTW, we still don't have a theme or bedding or decorations for DD's room.    I don't mind at all.   She sleeps in the living room in her lamby swing (which I LOVE and so does she - I HIGHLY reccommend to everyone getting one.  It's a cradle/swing so she sleeps in it without the movement).

    rhm - I was wondering if you'd decided to find out or not.  You'll love the suprise, promise!!  And like lesal said, it is fun to hear everyone's opinions.  How are you feeling??

    kiwi - glad to hear things are going well for you.   BF can be very tough and frustrating and overwhelming.  And it can really hurt too! For me DD was soooo sleepy all the time I wasn't ever sure how much she was getting and then she'd be hungry again so soon after and I just didn't like how feedings were so unpredicatable.   I started pumping at about 3 weeks and fed exclusively from bottles.   She ate like a champ with the bottle and we were able know exactly how much she was getting and get into more of a routine.  Plus it helped get me out of the house more often too, which was nice.   We feed her 3 oz every 3 hours.  My pump   broke yesterday and I had to go back to the b*est and she did a great job, now that she's older.     Regardless of what people tell you or what you read (I quit listening and stopped reading the books) just do whatever works for you and makes you happiest and most comfortable.   Otherwise it's too much.   Good Luck.

    kaydo - I've been wondering how you're doing with everything.   Counting the weeks now I am sure!!!     Love your story about the memory foam!!  I'm impressed you and DH are still in the same bed.   My DH and I were in separate beds for a long time, and still are since he's working and needs his sleep and I sleep with the baby in the living room!!  Haha.  :)   

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    Re: October Updates

    I'm new here and thought this would be a good thread for me to introduce myself. I'm 14 weeks pregnant with twins (my first children), due on 4/7/10. I've had a lot of anxiety so far, mostly about things going wrong, but with each passing week, I start to worry just a little bit less.

    I'm looking forward to (hopefully) finding out the babies' genders at our Level II ultrasound ... so I'm eager to get that scheduled. When did most of you have your Level II? The paperwork I got from Brigham & Women's (I'm with their maternal fetal medicine practice) says between 17-20 weeks, so not too much longer ...

    Nice to "meet" all of you!