OT - San Diego

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    OT - San Diego

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    OT - San Diego

    I picked San Diego as i didnt want to go to Florida (again). But i'll take 60 degrees over this weather!
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    OT - San Diego

    You never know how the weather will be... it was in the high 70s here for the past week and a half!

    I agree with boston-- definitely rent a car!

    As for where to stay, I recommend the Gaslamp Quarter or Little Italy. Lots of restaurants and shops within walking distance, and a 10 or so minute drive to the Zoo, Balboa Park, SeaWorld, etc.

    My parents recently stayed at La Pensione in Little Italy for under $100 per night. It's not fancy but it's cheap and in a great location!
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    OT - San Diego

    Warning: this is looong!

    I live in San Diego, so I can give you some suggestions of my favorite things to do here. Also, if it were me, I wouldn't bother going to LA. With traffic, it can take about 3 hours each way. Yuck! As for Mexico, there has been a lot of violence in Tijuana lately, with kidnappings and shootings, so I wouldn't bother taking a trip there, either. If you have a hankering for Mexican-style pottery and a burrito, go to Old Town in San Diego.

    -- Visit the museums in Balboa Park, or just wander around admiring the architecture and gardens. Then have lunch or dinner at The Prado in the park or walk the 1/2 mile or so into Hillcrest and eat there-- lots of good restaurants to choose from.

    -- Explore the Gaslamp Quarter at night-- fun bars and restaurants.

    -- Go to the San Diego Zoo or the Wild Animal Park (the WAP is in Escondido, about 40 minutes outside of SD)

    -- Visit La Jolla:

    - In the La Jolla Cove area, there are lots of shops and restaurants and nice views of the coastline. You can also watch the seals sunbathe and swim around the "Children's Pool."

    - In the La Jolla Shores area, you can rent kayaks or surfboards (or take a tour/lesson), and there are also some fun restaurants in that area (Barbarella is my favorite).

    - Go for a hike at Torrey Pines State Reserve (more great views!)

    -- Rent bikes and ride on the boardwalk between Mission and Pacific beaches

    -- Visit the wineries in Temecula (about an hour from San Diego)

    -- Drive up to Cabrillo National Monument in Pt. Loma for amazing views of San Diego. There's a pretty easy hiking trail (Bayside Trail), and you can also drive down to the tidepools in the same area. If you like seafood, go to Pt. Loma Seafoods for lunch (about 5 minutes from Cabrillo) or to Con Pane, a great artisan bread bakery.

    -- Visit Coronado:

    - Take the ferry from downtown SD and rent bikes at the ferry landing area, and explore the multi-million-dollar houses and the beach. (Or you can just drive across the bridge instead.)

    - Visit the Hotel del Coronado

    -Walk/ride bikes down Orange Ave for window-shopping and lunch/dinner.

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

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    OT - San Diego

    boston makes a good point. February and March are winter. It rains and can be chilly - meaning 60. Still a terrific city and still way warmer than here....
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    OT - San Diego

    Hash House A Go Go - My husband and I drive to San Diego literally just to go to breakfast there. We drive out overnight, eat breakfast there, and drive back after a coffee at The Pacific Bean which is on the ocean. We live in AZ and it is about a six hour drive for us.
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    OT - San Diego

    I went in January last year and it was only around 60 degrees every day - I don't know how "warm" you're looking for it to be! I went with all my cutest sundresses packed, and ended up in the same San Diego sweatshirt I bought at the hotel gift shop all week lol! I was a bit surprised it wasn't warmer!

    My one suggestion that we didn't do and wished we did was rent a car!!! We spent more money in cabs than it would have been to rent a car! We did for just one day and drove up the coast to Disney - wasn't a big fan of Disney, but the drive up the coast is GORGEOUS!
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    OT - San Diego

    I also am interested in hearing suggestions we are going to try and go in May. I think we will take a day tour of some wineries (I heard there are some more southern). I think we may do the Mexico day trip as well and will most certainly hit the Zoo. Maybe a day trip to LA? We are thinking it will be a more active vacation with so much to see.
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    OT - San Diego

    My husband has insisted that I add Cafe 222. They have peanut butter banana french toast which is out of this world. (and I don't even like bananas)
    We do like to go to the Gaslamp Quarter as well in the evening. I used to go to Balboa when I was younger. We would always get a Dove bar or chocolate-dipped banana and walk around on the island. Peter Benchley's house was there. The front looks like the open mouth of a shark the way the windows are arranged. (Only fitting for the author of Jaws)
    Weather-wise, it does get foggy and the Pacific is much colder than the Atlantic, but definitely not the bone-chilling cold of a Boston winter.
    I would recommend staying at a Bed and Breakfast for your 'babymoon'. This is one I am considering for our next trip and prices start at $89 per night in Little Italy.
    Little Italy B&B

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    OT - San Diego

    Thank you for the great suggestions. I want to check out the Zoo and Sea World (though we've both been to the one in Florida). I would love to check out the wineries, but no tasting for me since I"m expecting.

    Any suggestions on where we can stay? We are still looking for vacation packages and so a few deals for hotels/resorts on Shelter Island, which looks nice since it is on the water.

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    OT - San Diego

    Lived there 13 years. Mission Beach is fun!! Looks like you expect a southern california beach to look. Hard bodied youngsters rollerblading on the sidewalks, surfers, outdoor bars.

    Encinitias is also a great day trip.

    Cannot recommend the Wild Animal Park enough. We used to be members - went frequently. The Zoo is also great.

    Temecula wine country is a bit of a drive - but it is a great area. The vineyards are close together and the wine is good.

    Seaport Village is a good shopping destination. If you stay at the Mariott there, you can sit by the pool overlooking the harbor. Beautiful.

    Agree with the others - Balboa Park, Old Town, La Jolla shores. (We got engaged in a gazebo overlooking La Jolla Cove. sigh.)
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    OT - San Diego

    DH and I are planning a trip in February and are thinking about going to San Diego for 4-5 days. Neither of use have been there (or California), but want to get away someplace warm. May consider this our "babymoon" since I"m due in August.

    Looking for ideas on what we can do out there? I know there is the San Diego Zoo and Sea World and DH is a diver, so he could take the day to do that while I check out some shopping. Also, will not go to Mexico - I don't have an updated passport. Would love to hear some suggestions.