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Pregnancy-April Updates

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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

    Hahahaha!  Congrats, Silver!!!  I love that you jinxed yourself!  Welcome baby Mary Lyn!  What a lovely name! 

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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

    Congrats Silver!!!
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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

    Congratulations Silver!
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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

    Congrats to the Festiva family!  Love the name!

    aJuly - don't worry, you'll do great!
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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

    Congrats Silver - love the name!
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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

    Hi everyone - thanks for all the well wishes! Where to's our birth story:

    Everything started with the little April Fool's prank. At 9:45AM on Friday, I had a slight cramp/contraction which resulted in my mucus plug. Exactly 12 hours later, while watching a Ryan Reynolds movie, my water broke at home. I wasn't completely sure that was what it was, until the contractions starting getting stronger and more frequent. It wasn'ta  huge gush, it was a small gush, and I couldn't stop peeing - or what I thought was peeing.

    So it figures that of all nights, DH had gone to play poker this night. He had left only an hour earlier, if that. He almost walked out the door without his phone. I called him and told him what was happening but didn't tell him to leave right away b/c I was having a hard time convincing myself that this was really happening. I called my mom, who is an RN, and she was able to convince me - plus the contractions were getting so strong I could hardly stand upright.

    And...still waiting for DH to come home, allt his time.

    He finally got there, and we head to the hospital. Once we got into the delivery room, they had to check me to for dilation and to confirm the membranes had ruptured (water breaking). Well, after 3 different nurses were elbow-deep in my vag, mid-contraction no less, they said I was only 1cm (still!!) and that they couldn't confirm that my water had broken b/c they weremn't getting any amniotic fluid. OH. MY. GOD. They told me they weren't going to be able to admit me right away, and there was a chance I would have to go home. Well, that information was not helping me breath through the contractions. I was so anxious and worried about having to go home to deal with this pain....that it made it worse. About 30 minutes later the doctor came in to check me. She said 3 1/2 cm, they admitted me and ordered the epidural.

    Turns out baby's head was blocking something so they weren't able to see that the membranes had ruptured - but they had, so what I felt at home was my water breaking. I wasn't able to confirm that until after ML was born.

    So I got the epi, and once it kicked in it was heaven. Couldn't feel a thing. Even when 5-6 more different nurses went elbow-deep to check progress. We were the only people there, and there were students, so everyone was bored and just working on me. It was nice, but at times overwhelming.

    I ended up getting the shivers really badly - apparently this is normal b/c of the transition/dialtion but i had never heard anyone talk about it before. So while DH and I are trihng to get some sleep before I have to push, I was just literally shaking and my teeth were chattering so I couldn't sleep. I ended up shivering the entire time, all through labor. So wierd! I wasn't cold at all.

    I was stuck at 3 1/2 for awhile so the doctor finally ordered Pitocin to move things along. It worked, and things moved along quickly but the problem was that the epi was so good I literally could feel NOTHING. Had no idea when I was having a contraction, and when it came time to start pushing, I couldn't even feel where to direct my energy - so for a while there I don't thikn I was pushing well at all. But I managed to get her to crowning, and everyone commented on the hair that was the first thing to start to come out - she has mommy's hair, and I was born with shoulder length hair I'm not kidding. Finally they turned down the epidural so I could feel the last fwe pushes. ONce they did that, and I could feel the pressure from the contractoins, she was out in about 15 minutes. She was face up, which apparently is more difficutl to push out so of course I was proud. :-)

    I was the only one in the room who thought it was a girl. They were all going by the baseline heartrate. I was going by what I felt the whole pregnancy. :-)

    It was so amazing, as I'm sure everyone can relate to or will soon...that final moment and then BAM - baby's here. Incredible. I'm still in total awe.

    Our postpartum care was great - but like I mentioned there were a lot of students, and it was a very slow weekend for the maternity ward. A few times I started to get extremely anxious and once I had a meltdown. They just had nothing to do, they ask a ton of questoins, and they are always checking on you. Don't get me wrnog, they were all great - but boy were we glad to get home Monday.

    Which brings me to today...I'm back in the hospital and ML is in special care for Jaundice :-(

    Her level was slightly elevated on Sunday (they test belirubin levels), so they wanted us to go to the pedi yesterday to follow up. well she was getting more and more yellow, and although she was having regular BMs, they were'nt changing consistency and my milk still hasn'at really come in so even though she seemed to be doing OK she wasn't getting enough hydration. Her level yesterday was 22 which is scary high so they wnated me to bring her in immediately for treatment under the lights plus hydration. I am staying here so I can nurse her still, but they are heavily supplementing w/ formula b/c I still really have nothing to give her. I am pumping, so I'm ho ping that will bring the production along...but at this point I'm fine with not BFing since my main goal is to have her home and healthy. As of this morning her level had dropped to 15 which is good, she's responding to the treatment. We have to stay here for 3 days, but at least i know its working.

    Sorry this is so long and hopefulyl not all over the place...I have a few andectotes that are MIL related but I will share those in a separate post.

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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

    So, so happy for you and your DH, Silver!  Welcome, ML!  Loved the birth story, too.  Many thanks for sharing.  Looking forward to the MIL stories!
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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

    Thanks so much for sharing, Silver!  Good for you for delivering a sunny-side up baby and not even knowing it :)  I've heard those are so painful!  Hope that Mary-Lyn recovers quickly in the hospital and you guys can go home and start your life together :)  Good luck! 
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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

    Question:  Have any of you ladies had pubic bone pain?  I googled and it appears to be something like "pubic symphisis diastasis" (but mine's not as severe as they describe).  Sounds like there is nothing I can do for it and it's just the pelvic bones stretching out...but I have 10 more weeks to go and it's so painful :(  Luckily it only hurts to walk and stand so sitting relieves it pretty quickly. 

    Anyone else experience this?  Any suggestions on what to do to make it feel better? 
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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

    Congrats Silver! What a beautiful birth story! 
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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

    Since I have all this spare time, here are the MIL parts:

    1.) Remember a few months ago when I had a talk with her about a.) not being in the delivery room and b.) giving me space, letting us come to her? HA. Well. We didn't call her all night - hello, I was in labor. So she shows up first thing in the morning, almost immediately after ML was born. She didn't just come to the hospital. She walked herself right into the delivery room, while I'm laying there spread eagle being stitched up, DH is holding DD, and one of the students says, "can I help you" and she says, "im' the grandmother!" thankfully there was a curtain up so I couldnt see her and i dont think she could see me. But both DH and I yelled "NO!" and all the student nurses ran to escort her out. Still no idea how she got in there. I was SO mad (for like 2 seconds and then I remembered about DD).

    2.) Next day, in postpartum, I was getting overwhelmed with all the nurses asking me questions, poking me, prodding me, not to mention I hadn't slept, I was sore, etc. I was just about to start nursing DD, and I was getting frustrated b/c I wasn't able to get her into a good position by myself - there was always someone doing it for me. As that anxiety was building up quickly, guess who walks herself RIGHT into my room AGAIN without calling ahead, without so much as even a knock. DH ran to pull the curtain and he went out and had a long talk with his mother about how she needs to call ahead she cannot just show up unannounced - starting today, effective forever.

    I mean seriusly, isn't this just common sense? That was bad enough, then my parents finally showed up - the ones I'd been waiting for and so excited to see - and minutes after they finally arrive, SIL, BIL, and DH's cousin's family of 5 walk in unannounced. NO ONE CALLED AHEAD. What is with these people?? My own mother called from the lobby to make sure it was a good time to come up - and she drove from Ohio!!!

    I had a meltdown. I was hot, I was frustrated, I was sore. I could not believe what these people felt was OK. And the normal response from MIL, "Well, this is our family, that's just how we are." Lady - that's not OK, that is rude!!

    Argh. Thankfully DH has been VERY supportive of me and so helpful, and he has had no problem turning away his family/friends in order to keep me comfortable.

    so that's that... :-)
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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

    Thanks for sharing Silver!  It was suspenseful reading, waiting for your DH to get home!  I am going to make sure my DH always has his phone on him, charged!  
         I am glad that the birth went well and sorry about the jaundice. Sounds like Mary is doing better and that is great. Hopefully you'll get your milk in soon. Keep us updated and get some rest while you have some help from the nurses! :)
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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

    Congrats Silver!  My DS was jaundice and had to go under the lights but only for 24 hours or so.  I also had to supplement.  
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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

    Congrats Silver!  My DD was jaundiced too.  It is hard seeing them under the lights, but hang in there.  One word of advice - no matter how much the nurses adjusted DD's little "tanning mask goggles", she always managed to make them slide down her face.  Just something to watch out for.  I was constantly reaching into her isolet to put them back over her eyes.  Also, the nurses said that sometimes babies need to have a little formula to help break the jaundice, so feeding her some formula right now might help things. 
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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

    Silver, hope DD recovers quickly!
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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

    Silver - Glad to hear that you had a good delivery but hoping your DD gets to come home with you very soon!
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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

    Silver, congrats on your little lady! I was only 3cm when I went to the hospital with #1 (after 10 hours of painful labor) and was horrified at the thought of going home in that pain - so, I hear ya on that one! Luckily I dilated to 4cm and got to stay.

    Lil - I've been having pubic bone pain as well... I don't remember having it the first time, but I've had it more than a few times this round, especially if I've been sitting for a while... the sharp cervical pain is a whole other issue that is not fun right now as well. 9 weeks to go! :) Yikes....

    Oh, and Silver - OMG about your in-laws, my blood is boiling just reading that, thank goodness your husband took control of the situation(s) - but arggggg!!!!
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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

    Congrats Silver!!!  And wow, I have to say that I'm really thankful for the MIL that I have after reading that!!!

    Oh and keep pumping, because that will help your milk come in (usually 4-5 days PP).  
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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

    thanks everyone! looks like she might be coming home tonight! i'm so relieved. seeing her once every 3 hours for 20 minutes is just not enough!!
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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

    Congrats, Silver!   So glad DD is here, and now almost home again.  Your MIL story has me a little worried about mine, but I still have a little prep time (23 weeks).  Note to self to start working on her, and getting DH to be my backup.  Congrats on only melting down once!  Who brings a family of five to postpartum???

    Good luck to Ajuly and AM.  Best wishes for quick and uneventful deliveries!

    Finished nasty chemo # 4 yesterday.  So glad that's done.  Can't believe how active the little guy is today.  Must be the steroids.  For the first time, he actually moved the laptop.  Guess it's time to put it on the table!
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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

    Silver - hope ML gets to come home soon!  I'm sure she will.  And good point about the shivers!  I forgot about that.

    ETA: Cookie, congrats on finishing the recent round of chemo!
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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

    Glad to hear you wrangled your MIL.  I can't believe the hospital let her in.  W T F, seriously!  I would have some serious words with them.  My maternity ward is like LOCKDOWN CENTRAL.  Even though my mom was on the OK list, they still asked me BEFORE they let her into the ward if it was okay for her to come in.  And then they escorted her to the room. 

    Nice to here everyone is back at home and nice and comfy.  I totally get what you are saying about the nurses driving you nuts with all the checks.  I will know next time not to let it happen.

    As for my pregnancy updates, I'm nearly 23 weeks.  DS's 2nd birthday is next week and everything is going smoothly.  The kicking is out of control these days.  And for those with the crotch pain, I'm pretty sure there is a support belt out there for you.
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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

    Congrats Silver! 

    I am way behind over here b/c I have been enjoying every minute with DS...(well maybe not every minute of the late night feedings....)  I will try and type quickly before someone wakes up to eat :)

    DS was born at 4:26 pm on March 25th weighing 7lbs 5 oz and 21.5 inches long.  He has a full head of dark hair just like his mom :) 

    Things did not go as planned at all...but I guess that is to be expected.  I had wanted a natural (no meds) birth and did try for 9 hours but that was all I lasted since the whole labor was 25 hours! 
    My water broke at 7:30 am on Thursday and we had to go to Dr. to confirm and were then sent to BI b/c of my high BP.  After being monitored but still no contractions, they sent  us home and we were told to return at 8pm to induce if things didn't start on their own.  We went out for a HUGE breakfast :)  and then contractions started at 3:00 pm.  I was not feeling DS move, so we had to go to BI right away.  I made it through the contractions until 1AM when they were 1 min apart and VERY painful.  Dr checked me and I was still only 1 cm!!!  She said I would be going all night and I just knew that I couldn't do it for all those hours and then still have the energy to push.  So, I got the epidural - that was amazing!  I was able to sleep and good thing I did b/c I didn't start pushing the next day until 2:00 and pushed for 2.5 hours. 
    We had a lot of complications - DS heart rate dropped several times, I had a fever which they thought was an infection in the amniotic fluid b/c it had broken over 24 hours ago.  Also, my urine now had protein and I was considered to have preeclampsia at this point...kidneys were not working properly either.  We just barely escaped a c-section! 
    When DS was born, he had the cord around his neck twice and was not crying....they had to page "NICU resuscitation team" (SO scary!) and what seemed like hours later, we finally heard him cry.  He had to be rushed to NICU for the night for antibiotics so we really didn't get to meet him until later that night. 
    A rough start to life, but now we are ALL doing well.  DH was AMAZING during it all even though he saw way more than I think he could ever have imagined Wink 

    The first few days were rough with hormones out of whack, but now things are just perfect and I can't imagine how life was without him :) 

    Hope everyone is hanging in there and enjoying this beautiful weather!

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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

    Congrats, boston. Even though it wasn't the birth you had planned, it's great news that everything is well with you and DS!