Pregnancy-April Updates

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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

    I'm now 35 weeks and at my appointment yesterday my doc said baby feels like he is still transverse, and that I'm measuring like a transverse baby (3 weeks ahead). He's been transverse since at least 30 weeks but we were hoping he would turn. I have a U/S a week from today to really see his position. I guess if he is still sideways next week I'll look into acupunture and all the crazy suggestions I've seen online. I really would like to avoid a c-section if possible and there is no way to deliver a transverse baby any other way.
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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

    Quad, that's the third trimester, girl!  I totally started counting at 27 weeks, too :) 

    TR - what about external versioning?  I don't know much about that, but it seems like it can be a successful way to get baby to turn?  (It should be known that everything I know about external versioning came from an episode of "A Baby Story" last week.)

    And KAM - girls have p00p and boogers, too, so keep on singin' :)  I'm sure you'll be a great girl-mom! 

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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

    Quad, I totally think this baby is breech too (movements are down low just like with my DD).  Was your DD breech as well?   And I also feel like he moves a lot more and his movements are stronger that DD ever was.  Hopefully he still will be as calm and relaxed as DD was/is.  Maybe it's a boy thing?

    TRHoward, I had a version with my DD but it did not work for us.  My DD was supposedly frank breech, but I really think she was a footling breech and that was the problem.  They can't really see the limbs very well on the U/S (at least that's what they told me).  Traverse might be easier though.  You can also get moxa sticks in chinatown.  These are incense sticks that your DH will burn by your little toe.  This also didn't work for me ( and smelled awful) but I think it works for some!  Worth a shot  and it's very cheap :)  Good luck!
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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

    Made it to 32 weeks!  The last couple days my little one has not stopped moving.  She has never moved so much.  She was moving mostly at night when I was trying to sleep before, and now it's all day from about 6AM until I go to bed with only a few breaks in between.  I thought they were supposed to start slowing down around now since room is running out?  I love feeling her move, just curious.  

    The furniture comes this weekend, we are excited to get the room set up!

    Last week I finally had someone offer me a seat on the T.  I must really be looking big now!  It was nice, and much appreciated as the ride gets longer and longer each day standing.
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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

    Wed - Mine's still worming around in there a lot, too!  It's more rolling around in there than it is kicking, but still a lot of movement.  I figured it would slow down by now, too, since it's getting pretty tight in there! 
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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

    Trouble- No DD was not breech and I had a wonderul delivery with her.  I am hoping things go the same.  I have had pretty wonderful pregnancies and so far one great birth, hoping for a second to!

    It is probably a boy thing, I think boys in general tend to be crazier.  Since my DD is pretty easy (well maybe she has been pushing my buttons for the last month or so, Guess it is a 2 yo thing), I know this boy cookin in my belly is going to give us a hard time.  I just really hope not.

    You first time mommys are sooo good.   I have not done hardly anything for this new baby.  Although for DD Everything was done by probably 32 weeks or so.  DD decided to start jumping out of the crib this past weekend so we are going to try and do some arranging of the furniture and get her into a bed this weekend. I wanted this done before DS was born so I guess it was perfect timing and just gave us a little push to get this done faster.  Not sure I am ready for my little girl to be in a bed :-(.  Didnt I just bring her home from the hospital last week?  so sad how big they get so fast
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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

    Wow I have missed so much! 

    ajuly - congrats on baby william!! hope you're doing great. 

    great to see all the other good news on here - i'll try to remember to check in more often. it feels weird to be so out of the loop!

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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

    Trouble, what's your DD?  I'm 8/8 and also 25 weeks. 

    Movement is ALL OVER THE PLACE right now.  I get the dual elbow,foot/knee action all at the same time and I'm starting to loose it.  My work colleagues are amused at all the jumping and yelping I do at meetings.
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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

    I've missed so much too!

    Ajuly, congrats on William (also love the name!) and thanks for sharing the story of his arrival.

    AFM, I'm on restricted activity.  US last week showed a short cervix, so I'm not allowed on my feet for more than 4 hours at a time.  Made my clinic schedule this week very challenging.  But, so far no bedrest, so that's good.  The boy is fine, measured just about 2 lbs at 25 weeks.  Had a repeat US yesterday, and essentially no change.  So, for now, I can keep plugging along with the restricted activity.

    Started my weekly chemotherapy last night.  It went relatively well, I actually went into the office for a half-day today.  Finally ordered the nursery furniture, but haven't even thought about a registry.  I think we're a little behind...

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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

    Don't worry about it, Cookie!  You have a lot going on!  If it helps, all baby really needs is a place to sleep, a way to eat, and a mama to cuddle him.  (Oh and diapers, too, I suppose...)  I keep reminding myself of this because we (at ~34 weeks) do not have a nursery, which means we don't have nursery furniture, nor do we plan to buy any in the near future.  We will just work with a moses basket and the pack and play as the changing table/nap spot for the first few months.  I'm trying to convince myself that babies don't really require all that much.  (I may be in denial, I realize.) 
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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

    Sprout-your right.  They really dont require much mostly just love :-). I remember when I registered for my first I kept in mind that I survived without most of the stuff that is in babies r us an DD will to.  You will see as go you what you need.  I gave my sister all my baby stuff when her son was born and she just gave it all back, as I went through it, I realized there is not much I really need for DS.   For the big stuff, like car seat, pack and play, swing and bouncy, we kept it all neutral so we can use again.   There is a lot we go and could have done without now that I look back.

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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

    Sprout the only nursery "furniture" we have is a crib, we're using an old dresser as a changer and he has slept in his crib from day one. Our bedroom is too small with our dog crate in there for a bassinet.  You are right that all you need is a place for him to sleep and a place to change him, no need for anything fancy.  We remodeled our kitchen and it didn't get finished until the very end I started on his nursery about 3 weeks before he was born. If he came early he would not have a nursery and I would have said oh well!  
      Things I realized we did need that we didn't have..extra diapers! 15 a day so far! extra changing pad covers so you don't have to change the cover all the time (esp. with a peeing boy!) extra sheet protectors for the crib for when he spits up pees through his clothes. 
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    Re: Pregnancy-April Updates

    Good suggestion ajuly, thanks!  We are hoping to move soon-ish... so we decided to not make our second bedroom into a nursery and rather just keep it as a guest bedroom for the parents/in-laws.  One thing we will have to buy though, is a rocker/glider...I totally forgot about that!