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Registry Questions

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    Registry Questions

    DH and I started to look at BRU online and started our research for the registry. I got Baby Bargains and am obsessed with it now, haha!

    Couple of questions:

    We live in a town house, so the kitchen/dining area isn't huge. I was thinking of registering for a Fisher Price Space Saver high chair. Both the SS and full size Fisher Price high chairs get the top ratings in BB. Does anyone else just have a space saver or something like that? It is for newborns up to toddler, so I thought, why not. No need in getting a full size high chair if I can just attach one to my chairs. Opinions?

    Also, we don't have room for a pack n play. I was researching smaller bassinets to nap the baby downstairs, but is that necessary? What do you all do? My parents will get a pack n play or bassinett for their place, but do we need one? For diaper changes downstairs, I was just going to get the JJ Cole diaper caddy.

    Any other suggestions on stuff I really do need, or things I can skip?

    BB gives the Fisher Price Jungle Bouncer an A which is nice because it is a lot smaller than other bouncers I have seen out there.

    Any suggestions for a smaller swing? They suggest FP My Little Lamb, but it's huge!!

    Sorry for all of the questions!
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    Re: Registry Questions

    We have the Fisher Price Space Saver high chair.  I love it!  Our place is kitchen - dining room - living room in a line, so since the DR is a throughway, I didn't want one of those high chairs with the enormous bases to trip over.  When she was 6 months, I liked the recline option.  Now, I like that I was able to take off the shoulder straps and just use the waist strap so she can feed herself more easily.  We can also now take the tray off and pull her right up to the table to eat with us -- some traditional high chairs you can do this with and some you can't because they have a bar thing across the front.
    I also find it pretty easy to take off the cover and straps and put them all in the washing machine.
    My only real caveat is that you do want a very sturdy chair to put it on.  We had an extremely solid old wood chair, like you'd see in an old fashioned office.  I don't think I would trust it on our rickety falling apart dining room chairs now that she is bigger -- sometimes she gets mad and slams herself backwards, and I can definitely see her tipping a rickety chair.

    We never had a swing because of the space issue, but some people swear by them!  I did love the bouncy seat so I could look at her and be with her in any room -- but other friends have gone even more minimal and skipped that.
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    Re: Registry Questions

    I was a "less is more" person when it came to registering...we have a small place too, and I didn't want to have too much stuff around until I needed it.  The things I did want right away: breastpump is a huge one if you're thinking you'll nurse (just don't open it until you know you'll use it), bouncy seat, carseat, snap n go stroller, pack n play, baby bjorn.  Then the little stuff: crib sheets, waterproof pads, nursing pads, triple paste, fragrance free baby soap/lotion, newborn and size 1 diapers, wipes, spit cloths (aka cloth diapers), swaddling blankets, white kimono t-shirts, onesies, footie outfits and hats. 

    I got a baby tub, but never used it (sink for a long time, now the "real" tub); I registered for a swing, but ended up borrowing one and took it off the registry (great since then I could return it...they're all huge!); waited until DD was older to buy a "real" stroller, and got my BOB on sale and my McClaren second hand.  Ended up borrowing a jumperoo too...again, could get it when I needed it and give it back when done.  Love not having to store things! 
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    Re: Registry Questions

    Thanks, girls! I am totally into the whole "less is more" approach! I just don't want our entire place to be baby mania!

    Luv, thanks so much for the suggestions, they really help.

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    Re: Registry Questions

    OK, here is my 2 cents:

    Highchair: We have a regular highchair, but my DD is still using it, so when it came time for DS to join us for meals, I stuck him in a booster seat (with the tray).  It works great for him!  So maybe a booster?  That would save space.  Even my highchair is old school.  It's wood and doesn't have all the recline, etc. features.  And I think it works fine!

    Pack-n-play: We have the uber one with changing station, bassinett, etc.  How many times have either of my kids slept in it?  I'd say maybe 10.  And that's for both of them combined.  My kids (and most newborns) loved to be held.  I pretty much held both of them for their first 12 weeks.  And the changing part is pretty bad.  It's doesn't go completely flat so baby is always rolling to the side.  But it is nice to have somewhere to put the baby even if just for 5 minutes so you can get a drink or go to the bathroom.  So, I guess my verdict is only get it if you have plenty of room.  It's not worth it if you have to squeeze to make room for it.

    Swing: I'd say get one.  Both my kids liked the swing much better than the bouncer especially when they were newborn.  I have a fisher price travel swing that folds up for storage and isn't much bigger than a bouncy seat when open.  Here it is:  In fact, it was on our kitchen table for about 5 months!!

    I'd also say get a bouncy seat.  Older infants go nuts for it.  I think mine both started to get into it at 3 months.

    Also, get one of those gymini mats for tummy time, bucket seat and snap and go (we also waited to get the uber stroller and were glad we did because we ended up getting the uber DOUBLE!) and then the little stuff, sleepsack (with swaddles), flannel receiving blankets, flannel crib sheets, changing pad covers, boppy, boppy covers, hooded towels, washcloths, triple paste, cotton rounds, diapers, etc.  

    Good Luck!

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    Re: Registry Questions

    In Response to Re: Registry Questions:
    Thanks, girls! I am totally into the whole "less is more" approach! I just don't want our entire place to be baby mania! Luv, thanks so much for the suggestions, they really help.
    Posted by lizinboston

     Impossible.  It will happen whether you want it to or not!!!  ;)
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    Re: Registry Questions

    So much of that big stuff they use for such a short time and it's so expensive! 

    One idea for downstairs naps is a moses basket...we have one of them and now that DD is 16 months, it's become sort of her toybox...has all of the stuffed animals in it has uses beyond the short term and is great if you travel when they're young too...can put it right in bed between you, but baby is secure. 
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    Re: Registry Questions

    We also lived in a smallish condo when DD was born.  I never once used my pack-n-play while we lived there.  Are your bedrooms on the same level?  If not, you will want something like a bassinet or "moses basket" so the baby can nap on the same floor where you are.  We were all on one floor so the baby just napped in the bedroom.

    I will say, however, it is handy to have the pack-n-play for when/if you travel.  We have used it many times if going to a friend's or family member's house for dinner or whatever.  We have also brought it to hotels although they often have cribs you can use while you're there.
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    Re: Registry Questions

    Poppy, our bedrooms are on the second floor, and the big playroom is on the third floor, which is a PITA, so I am trying to get stuff that will fit on our first floor, until we move to a bigger place.

    I will be spending most of my time on the first floor to have access to kitchen, so I plan on doing most of the diaper changes down here and napping. Although, I do know some people whose babies napped in their cribs from the very beginning. I will look into the Moses Blanket. We have zero room for a pack n play, even a small bassinett would be pushing it.

    Oh, Poppy, any luck in the house search? Have you started that yet?

    And Trouble, I know!! We are going to register for a couple of toys, but Christmas will be 5 months after the baby is born and I just know the grandma's will go crazy!

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    Re: Registry Questions

    I've been working on my registry, too. Anyone have or know someone who has the combination bouncing seat and swing? Fisher-Price makes it. I'm wondering if that might be a better option than having both a swing and a looks compact, too, which is a bonus.

    Liz- my friend has the FP Space Saver high chair and that is what we've registered for based on seeing hers and recommendations of others. I like that I can travel with it, too, like to grandma's or for a weekend away (hopefully someday?!).
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    Re: Registry Questions

    I love Baby Bargains!  Everyone's situation and preferences are SO different - not to mention the baby's preferences! - but here is my two cents.

    Space Saver High Chair - This is what we have.  DD is 1 year (tomorrow!!) and it has worked great.  I do wonder if she'll be too big for it soonish... but by then, she may not need a high chair anymore or maybe we'll switch to a booster.  People with older babies can weigh in on that...

    Pack n play - We live all on one floor and didn't have room for a pack n play.  I decided that if we needed it later, we could buy one later.  I eventually borrowed one from a friend and then, when she got pregnant again, from my MIL.  They seem to be the type of item that people have multiples of or don't mind lending. 
    For napping, we almost always put the baby down right from the beginning.  We used a Fisher Price newborn rocker thingy for naps and night time until 8 weeks.  We also used a moses basket (borrowed) during the first 2 weeks, but she didn't seem to like it as much.
    That doesn't help with diaper changes though.  I would make sure you have someplace where you don't have to lean over and hurt your back.  A pad on the dining room table would work as long as you are careful.

    Bouncy & Swing - I found both of these things to be invaluable!  We have the Luv U Zoo bouncy and Little Lamb Swing.  Baby loved the swing and napped in there sometimes early on, but we didn't want that to become a habit.  Even given how much she liked it, we still only used it for maybe 3 months.  I found the bouncy to be more useful after a month or two, especially when I needed to shower, etc.

    I have a friend who got one of the smaller combo bouncy/swings.  I'll ask her if she liked it or wished she had gotten the bigger swing.
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    Re: Registry Questions

    I have to say that if you are short on space - hold off on buying a swing. I had twins and they both hated it.  It's huge and expensive. See if you can borrow one from a friend - or get a gently used one at Kid to Kid.
    I was able to borrow from a friend and i'm glad I did since I could easily give it back to her and open up that space for something my kids liked better.
    They loved their bouncy seats and once they were about 4 or 5 months they loved jumperoos. Again - check out Kid to Kid or similar resale places - you only use this stuff for a few months.
    And a Moses Basket is a great alternative to a pnp for daytime napping. At around 4-5 months you'll want to have baby start napping in the crib anyway to help start getting on a good sleep/nap schedule.
    Congratulations and good luck!
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    Re: Registry Questions

    We have a huge high chair and I hate it.  It was my only regret in registering. It got an A in Baby Bargains too, for whatever that's worth.  I hate it because: 1) It's HUGE and 2) it's super hard to clean and 3) my DD refused to sit in it after she was about 15 months old.  We switched to a booster and never looked back.  If I could do it again, I'd go for one of those Chicco (I think) brand chairs that hook on to the table and the fabric can be unsnapped to throw in the wash.  That way, you don't have to use a chair like you would for the space saver. 

    If you are trying to save space, you really don't need much at the beginning. The only thing I'd definitely have on hand when the baby comes home is a bouncy seat or moses basket or some sort of safe place to put the baby so you can go to the bathroom etc.  I used to strap DD into the bouncy seat and bring it into the bathroom with me while I showered.  I found that she prefered being inclined rather than flat on her back like the moses basket, but all babies are different.

    Regarding the jumper, my DD spent some time in the exersaucer but never loved the jumper we had.   Keep in mind that babies are not ready for jumpers until they have really good head control, like 5 months, and that after a few more months, most don't want to be contained in a jumper anymore because they would rather explore the world on their hands and knees.  I don't think it's essential.

    Regarding the pack n play, like Poppy said, you may want to register for a basic model.  They come in a bag all folded up and you don't need to use it at your house but you will likely want to have it for traveling.  I actually just posted a question about this in infants and toddlers because my DD is two and we've used a pack n play at every vacation we've been on since she was born and she is starting to grow out of it now (sniff).   It's also good to have on hand in case you want to nap the baby at someone else's house when the baby is little. (When I was on maternity leave I would go to spend the day my BFF's house who had a baby just a few weeks older than my DD and we'd set up the pack n play for my DD and both babies would nap while we chatted).

    Also keep in mind, if you are having a large shower, that there is NO HARM in registering for stuff that you don't need.  You can always return it and exchange it for clothes, diapers, etc.  So if you are debating back and forth, I'd just throw it on your registry anyway.  Also, I know that BRU sends a coupon for 10% off items remaining on your registry after your due date, so can't hurt to have a 10% off coupon to use if you end up deciding after the baby comes that you can't live without something.

    Finally, we have the JJ Cole diaper caddy and love it.
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    Re: Registry Questions

    I have a small place too and bought things as I needed something - didn't get the bouncy seat until 3 months, didn't pick out a carriage, or a high chair.

    So at around the 5-6 month mark suddenly DD popped out of her bumbo and I picked up a "temporary" Cosco highchair, which is collapsable. I figured we could use it until we found something we liked better and then pass the foldable one on to my MIL. Well, we still have it a year later and it's great if we are going to a family dinner or something and can toss it in the trunk and bring it to a party (makes eating SO much more pleasant). Lightweight, easy to clean, very inexpensive and surprisingly sturdy.

    2 tips:
    Don't put your real due date in to the BRU web form - add a couple of months so you can still buy stuff with the registry discount once the baby arrives and you know what you really need.

    Hold off on buying the carriage and get a snap and go stroller. It is all you need for the first 3-6 months, it's lightweight, small and inexpensive and folds down easily.
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    Re: Registry Questions

    Coming from someone who doesn't have kids, I never know what to get the "moms to be."  I do like to buy off of a registry if I know where the person is registered, but I also sometimes give an gift certificate, thinking that after everything is said and done, she can get things she didn't think to register for (or suddently realizes she needs).   So, maybe just a suggestion to perhaps register at Amazon as well.  HTH.
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    Re: Registry Questions

    In Response to Re: Registry Questions:
    Well, we still have it a year later and it's great if we are going to a family dinner or something and can toss it in the trunk and bring it to a party (makes eating SO much more pleasant). Lightweight, easy to clean, very inexpensive and surprisingly sturdy.
    Posted by ml2620-2

    We got this booster seat and we keep it in the car.  I freaking love it.  It makes it so much easier to eat at other people's houses.
    However, this is definitely in the category "don't need it until they are older".  If storage space is an issue, hold off.  (We have a small place, but a lot of attic storage space.)
    One of my friends actually used this as her only high chair.  This would not have worked for us because when we started solid foods I felt like she still needed shoulder straps.  But I guess it works fine for confident early sitters.
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    Re: Registry Questions

    I have that booster and love it. We mostly leave it at my in-laws but it's great to grab when we visit other family and friends. I've used the space saver high chair at a friend's house and it seemed like a great alternative to a full sized one. I prefer the full sized chair over just the booster because it's better at keeping DD and her food contained. The booster makes it a lot easier for her to throw stuff and if she gets upset and wiggles or arches her back, I feel she is a little safer with the shoulder straps and head rest.

    As someone mentioned earlier, at BRU you can return things pretty easily from your registry. There will be things that you realize you don't need or want. And I didn't put breastfeeding items on there until the baby was born but was able to use the discount coupon to buy extra pump parts and nursing pads. I had 2 good sized showers so I had to have a good sized registry. I didn't register for tons of big stuff but put things on there that I knew I would need for the 1st year. It was great to already have the booster, sippy cups, bowls, spoons, etc when the time came to use them.

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    Re: Registry Questions

    has anyone mentioned a boppy yet? I loved mine, and I know it will be a staple this time around too.  I used to have to prop a folded up blanket under her head to get her even with me for nursing.  They are invaluable though!  They are also aweome when they're learning to sit (put it around their hips on the floor) and learning to keep their head up (at a few days or weeks old you can start propping her on her tummy with her arms draped over the boppy)
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    Re: Registry Questions

    We registered for one of those space saver high chairs as well. We also live in a townhouse and have a very small dining area, so space is at a premium. Plus, it's cheaper and can be converted to a 'big kid' seat when LO is old enough to eat at the table with us.

    We did register for both a swing and bouncer. I agonized over this, probably needlessly, for a long time, due to the space issue and not knowing what she'll like or not like. We ended up going for the FP rainforest bouncer and a portable style swing. It sits lower to the floor but folds up when not in use, and is portable if we want to bring it somewhere. I initially looked at the 2 in 1 swing/bouncer, but none of them got really good reviews and frankly looked boring (drab, no fun toys, etc).

    Lastly, we went for a pack & play also. Our kitchen and living room is on the first floor so it will be a good napping/play place when she needs to be put down for a few minutes, as well as a convenient changing area. Plus, we do like to travel occasionally, so when she gets older it will be good to bring on long weekends away or camping, etc.
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    Re: Registry Questions

    We just completed our BBB registry last week and are working on our amazon one now.  Liz, we don't have much room on our first floor either so we got this moses basket for the baby to sleep in when we're on the first floor or in the finished basement.  We registered for a pack 'n play as well because I think it will come in handy but it's just not going to fit in our living room.

    We also bought the Mama Roo "swing"for the baby.  DH came across it online and it's the one baby item that he's really wanted so we bought one at Baby Furniture Warehouse.
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    Re: Registry Questions

    i'm late to the game but have some thoughts:

    - high chair: i just got the fisher price booster and wish i had just gotten that alone!  now i've added it to my collection of inglesina clip-ons and stokke high chair with $$$ tray (since stokke frowns on trays you have to buy separately).  (oh and i have twins - times 2 for everything!)  get the booster only.  save yourself.

    - pack n play: i got an enormous monster p-n-p with bassinet and changing table and hated it - but i love my basic version p-n-p for travel.  i think you should register for the basic one - you will definitely use it.  it's very reasonably sized (and priced).

    - swing: look into a "travel" swing - that's what i got b/c i didn't have room for a regular swing.  my kids didn't love the swing - but each baby is different.  you could start w/ an exercise ball (isis tip!) and if your baby likes being bounced/rocked get a travel swing then.
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    Re: Registry Questions

    Here is a suggestion I haven't seen yet for napping on the first floor - a Rock N Play (not a pack n play). It is from Fisher Price, I think and by all accounts babies seem to love it. My LO sure did.
    It is basically is fold up bed. I think the weight limit is like 20 pounds so it will also last a lot longer than a moses basket or basinet. It also works great for travel (fits easily in the trunk of a car) and is perfect for tight spaces because you can fold it up and put it behind the couch or in a closet or wherever.

    In regard to a PNP - we also got one of those (we didn't register for the RNP, it was just randomly given to us) and we used that for travel after DD outgrew the PNP. We never used it as a 'playpen', just for sleeping. I would definitely recommend your parents get that for their house over the basinet as again, it will last a lot longer in terms of how long it will take your LO to outgrow it. We went with the most basic of Gracco models and I am glad we did.

    We borrowed a swing when DD was a few months old. She liked it fine but it was a space hog. I would recommend a bouncy seat over that. DD had this one and loved it even though it is pretty boring looking. She spent a LOT of time in it for the first few months. And it was a snap to clean.

    We have a nice high chair that I love but we have the space for it in our kitchen so I can't comment on the SS.

    Lastly - everyone made great suggestions above. Don't throw away packaging for anything until you are sure your baby likes it. Also, don't take tags off clothing or wash it until you are sure your LO will wear it.

    Good luck! Enjoy your shower!
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    Re: Registry Questions

    Redsox, I added the rock n play sleeper to my registry. I don't remember how I found it, but it is the perfect solution for napping on the first floor!
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    Re: Registry Questions

    Speaking of registries, I have a baby carrier question that I'd love input on. I bought a My Baby's Nest carrier after Bostongirl raved about it (thanks, Boston!), and then received a Moby wrap and a Bjorn for shower gifts. I think we'll keep the Bjorn, since it seems like that'll be useful for awhile (and DH is really excited about it). But the Moby and Baby's Nest look like they're very similar. I can't return the Moby wrap b/c I have no idea where it's from...and superficially, I much prefer the color of the Baby's Nest, haha. Does anyone have opinions on these? Thanks!

    ETA - didn't mean to hijack this thread at all! Baby carriers seemed relatively on-topic ;)  We also have a small house, and I got this bouncer seat to hopefully serve as a first-floor napping spot while he's little:

    We also got this folding high chair, which gets really good reviews and folds down to practically nothing. We just got a new dining set and I was nervous about attaching a booster seat to one of our chairs, though maybe they don't scratch:
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    Re: Registry Questions

    You can return the moby to Babies R Us, that's where I got mine.  They'll give you a store credit even without a reciept.  I have the moby and the bjorn.  I must say that neither of my kids particularly liked the moby when they were newborn, which was a real bummer.  They both wanted to be held in my arms.  They did OK in the bjorn when we were out though.  If I had it to do over, I think I would have skipped both the bjorn and the moby and gone for the ergo.  I like the way that baby's legs are positioned in the ergo better, especially as they get to be older infants, and I've found I use(d) the carrier more when they got older.  I have never heard of the baby nest so can comment on it.  HTH!