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September 2011 Pregnancy

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    September 2011 Pregnancy

    Wow, September and a few mommas are on deck to give birth this month-yay!

    How's everyone doing?

    I'm in my final stretch, two weeks left! Work has bets on when I'll go out, or "pop" as my single male co-workers refer to it. I'm definitely getting big, and tired and just can't keep up with everything the way I normally can.

    Hope everyone else is doing well!

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    Re: September 2011 Pregnancy

    KAM - Two weeks left here too (well it could be longer, but. . .).

    I can't believe how fast the time has flown by!! Hoping to get all the house projects finished up this weekend. DH was out of work for three days this week because they didn't have power and was able to get a good amount of things accomplished. Baby's room still hasn't been touched, but it just needs a new coat of paint, shampooing and setting up the crib so that should easily be accomplished over the next few days. Once that is done, I'll feel more ready . . . I think!!!
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    Re: September 2011 Pregnancy

    Congrats KAM and Twin!!  It's exciting to hear how you are doing in your last couple weeks!  Anyone else on deck?

    Krysta- any baby news yet?  I feel like today is your DD...

    Kiwi- how are you and your little guy doing?  Still holding out?

    AFM, I can't believe I'm at 31 weeks.  Time seems to have flown by.  I've booked up this month (well, i use the term "booked up" somewhat loosely) with prep class and meet and greets with pedis.  In the meantime I'm terrified this kiddo will come early.  I am not sure why I think that s/he will and what exactly makes me so terrified.  Maybe it's just counting on having the full 40 weeks, or even 39, to get myself fully mentally prepared?  In the meantime, I am very excited to enjoy a long weekend where we have no specific plans.  It's a refreshing change! 

    What's everyone else up to and how are you doing??
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    Re: September 2011 Pregnancy

    Its a girl!!! Had our 20week u/s and it was so awesome to see her :o)

    I really thought it was a boy, so I was quite surprised, and definitely glad we found out.  If I had gone 40 weeks with the intuition that it was a boy, I think it would have been a little bit shocking.  (though in a good sort of way) 

    Other than being uncooperative about the position she was in and not really moving around much (despite having a pint of OJ right before), the u/s went great and the tech said everything looked good.  Measuring a little on the tall side, but not surprising since DH is 6'4". 

    Going furniture shopping this weekend, and really getting excited about getting the room ready for her.  We had a friend staying with us for a few months while he was between apartments, and he moves out this weekend.  So the guest room where all his stuff was is going to be the baby's room... so this is a perfect long weekend to look for furniture and figure out how things are going to get moved around.

    good luck to all the mamas on deck for this month and hope everyone gets a chance to relax this holiday weekend.
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    Re: September 2011 Pregnancy

    Congrats on your girl, bostongrl. It's funny, we were sure we were having a girl and found out it's a boy :) Glad we didn't paint the room yet!

    Hope everyone has a nice, relaxing long weekend.
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    Re: September 2011 Pregnancy

    Bostongrl, congratulations on your little daughter!  And twin and KAM, good luck in these next couple of weeks!  You're almost there!

    AFM, I want to thank whoever it was who recommended the Floravix iron supplements.  I think I was closer to anemic than I realized--within a couple of days of starting with the extra supplement I felt 100% more energetic.  I had been really fatigued all the time, and really unable to get things done, and out of breath (even just sitting at my desk, I would feel like I couldn't breathe).  Even once I knew my iron was on the low side, it didn't occur to me at all to connect how crappy I felt to it, and I didn't ever mention any of it to my doctor--I just assumed it was a normal pregnancy thing.  Now I feel stupid because I feel so, so much more like myself after being so miserable, and I wish (for me and the baby) that I'd dealt with it much sooner.   
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    Re: September 2011 Pregnancy

    Good luck to those in the final weeks, what an exciting time!

    That's interesting Boston and Pittftw that you each thought you'd be having the opposite.  I'm fairly convinced (as is DH) that I'm having a girl but we decided not to find out. We'll be thrilled either way but it will be kind of funny if we spend all this time thinking girl and end up having a boy. Won't know until January...

    Have a great weekend everyone!
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    Re: September 2011 Pregnancy

    Hey Ladies,

    No baby news yet, my due date was Saturday the 3rd... it came and went.  I felt really off Saturday and ended up resting most of the day, I was hoping that was a sign that labor was immenent, but no such luck.  Looks like I'll be going to work tomorrow.  I can't wait to meet this LO and find out if its a girl or a boy!!! 

    KAM, Twin - I wonder at this rate if one of you will "go" before me...
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    Re: September 2011 Pregnancy

    Krystabel-Sorry you're still here! no one should have to go to work past their due date! (Unless your luck hit last night and you're in labor now!)

    No word from Trouble or Kiwi...hopefully good news from them!

    Congrats on the boy & girl Boston & Pit!

    I'm still hanging around, had an interesting weekend. One person I saw thought I was only 3 mo pregnant (HA!). My nesting habits changed into forcing DH to nest and rearrange the entire garage! :) But I'm much happier with the layout of our garage now. I go for an u/s later today to see how big this LO has gotten.

    Hope everyone had a great long weekend!
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    Re: September 2011 Pregnancy

    Congrats Boston and Pitt! DH, I, and most of our family seem to think we're having a boy, but reading your posts reminds me how you never know! Good luck to all who are due soon!

    Because it's clearly more fun than getting down to the practical stuff, DH and I have been thinking about our babymoon. I'm due March 6 and we had been planning to do something in late Jan/early Feb. However, someone recently suggested to him that it's a better idea to do the babymoon in the 2nd tri, since you can get pretty uncomfortable in the 3rd. I'd wanted to do it later so it could be a real "last hurrah" (albeit a very tame one!) and because I want something to look forward to during what I think might be some pretty dreary post-holiday/pre-baby months. But after the advice we got, we're wondering if we should look more at November.

    Any advice on babymoon timing? Also, any ideas on good places to go? We can only afford to do a weekend, so it has to be close, and not too expensive.
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    Re: September 2011 Pregnancy

    Arcain- I'm not carrying very big, but sitting in a car for about 4 hrs at 28 weeks really sucked.  And now, at nearly 32 weeks, I am basically refusing to do long distance travel because I don't want to deal with it (even an airplane).  Aside from the discomfort, once the 3rd tri hit I started to feel slightly more overwhelmed with things to do that I think adding a trip into the mix now would stress me out more than anything.  Of course, I know that you are planning ahead of time and will have the trip in your calendar so that you can work around it.  HTH!

    How is everyone else doing?
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    Re: September 2011 Pregnancy

    Hello! So exciting some of you are in the home stretch! I'm at 14+ weeks now, due March 5 yey!

    For the babymoon we were thinking of early January only becuase my husband graduates from grad school in early December, then holidays, and then crappy weather. However, I was always hoping to go to the carribbean or mexico again but I am way too nervous to be international should labor occur prematurely! I guess I will have to settle for a domestic trip, but I think FL is just not warm enough in January.  I would say to try to do the 2nd trimester if you can, anytime up to about 30-32 weeks is more comfortable from what I can remember from #1.

    Good luck with labor, ladies Laughing
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    Re: September 2011 Pregnancy

    Thanks KAM!  I keep telling myself: every day I work before the baby comes is one more day I get to spend with the baby at the end of my maternity leave... that helps.  Also I am getting past the "your still here" and "when is that baby coming" comments... I know everyone means well.. so although I have the same thoughts I am just smiling and agreeing... that seems to be working.

    I followed the advise I got in the Aug board (I am sorry I can't remember who suggested it) and brought in a card and cookies to work as a thank you for the shower and gifts and e-mailed the people who signed the card to let them know the cookies are in the kitchen ...  I hope the people who contributed got some too ... the kitchen here is for the vultures!!  I put out 4 dozen cookies and they are gone in an hour!

    Arcain - RE: babymoon ... I'd suggest earlier than later... others should weight in on this, but the last thing I want to do is travel or sleep anywhere other than my own bed!  (I am 40+ weeks now, but that started around 20ish weeks for me.) Everyone kept telling me it was due to the nesting instinct, which may be the case and why I am telling you... Also I know it was strongly influenced by a 2 week business trip I had to take at 20 weeks, I had fantasies of a babymoon until I was on that trip ... then I couldn't wait to get home and stay home! sleeping becomes harder because it is harder to get comfortable... being in a strange bed might not be what you want at 30-32 weeks. It might be different if you don't travel for work - I had to take several trips early in my pregnancy and that last long one put a damper on my desire to travel anywhere. I normally am the type that loves to travel and plans our next vacation before the current one is over... just to give you perspective.  I second what itsallnew said about sitting for 4 hours... where ever you go ... make it close - I'd say 2-3 hrs by plane or car. ..just my 2 cents ... I hope this isn't too "debbie downer" ... sorry!

    Kind of related to a babymoon, I took this past Friday off and DH & I took a day trip to the Maine coast (about an hour away) and found a nice (small) state park to sit and read and look at the water and found a great small place for lunch ... we were gone for maybe 4-5 hours and had a nice relaxing time and really focused on enjoying it just being the two of us for the short time that is left.  Someone suggested that we find something to do and take a break from preparing and I am really glad we did.  Just something to consider for those coming to the end.  for all the organizing, cooking, cleaning and laundry I've been dooing to prepare, I am glad we took a day for us!

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    Re: September 2011 Pregnancy

    Arcain, I was wondering that same thing. I liked the idea of going away closer to my due date (mid-Jan) but worried that I might not be so comfortable then. Plus, I don't really want to fly so that means driving distance- and anyplace we can drive to in Dec/Jan would be cold. I'm now looking at a weekend either this month or next. I'd love to go to Florida but I just don't think I'd be comfortable (mentally) with flying.

    I think there was a separate Newton Wellesley thread but has anyone taken the childbirth class offered by NW OBGYN? It seems that the physician group offers its own class once a month while the hospital does one about every week. Has anyone taken either class?
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    Re: September 2011 Pregnancy

    Krystabel, hang in there! You're so close to meeting your LO!

    AFM, just this weekend our little guy has started kicking up a storm! At first I wasn't sure what I was feeling were kicks, but now there's no mistaking it :) DH could even feel it a couple of times, which I think made things more real for him.
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    Re: September 2011 Pregnancy

    Nope, no baby news from me (yet)! I am 38 weeks today and have my check-in with both my peri and OB tomorrow. My OB has been saying all along, "Let's just get to 38 weeks and then we can see what the next steps should be." So, I guess I'll find out tomorrow if she advises an earlier induction because of the abruption or is confident enough to let me go as long I can. Bub has been head down for almost 3 weeks at this point, so I am happy that a c/section is not a necessity at this point.

    Good luck to all the other September mommas!!

    As for a babymoon, I'd definitely fall into the sooner rather than later camp. With DS #1 we went to LA for a week at about 27 weeks. There's no way I could have made that long a flight much later. Even at 27 weeks, I ended up needing to rest more than I normally do during a vacation. With this bub, we went to Bermuda at about 29 weeks. Very lovely, but I had a pretty hard time with the heat (something to keep in mind if thinking about a trip to a warmer locale in the winter when you're already not acclimatized). You should also check in with your OB (and even insurance) about travel recommendations. I have a good friend in this area who did not go to our college reunion (in Vermont) at 35 weeks because her insurance would not cover a delivery at an out-of-state hospital.
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    Re: September 2011 Pregnancy

    Kiwi- glad to hear that your little guy stayed down like he was supposed to.  Good luck at the appt. tomorrow!
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    Re: September 2011 Pregnancy

    Thanks everyone for the babymoon advice! Glad to hear there's such consensus. November/early December it is! Since we're saving up vacation days (and $!) for when LO arrives, it'll be somewhere driving distance. We're thinking Bar Harbor (though might be too long of a drive for just a weekend) or Provincetown. Any other thoughts or suggestions for those places? I'm feeling pretty good and up for exploring town type stuff, but I definitely still need more rest than normal, so a comfy and fun hotel/resort is a must.

    Hughkona -- We're almost due date twins, I'm due March 6! Congrats on reaching the second tri. It feels like such a milestone!

    Pitt -- So exciting! I can't wait to start feeling kicks.

    Kiwi -- Congrats on making it this far and good luck!

    Krysta -- Good luck and kudos for keeping up with work. I'll need to stay right up until my due date as well, but I'm already worrying about how I'll deal with it since I'm already grumpy and somewhat uncomfortable!

    AFM - 14 weeks today, and I'm happy to be in the second trimester by ALL counts (I could never find agreement on whether it's 13 or 14 weeks -- not that it really matters, but I'm a bit anal like that :-)). I'm still waiting for the magical burst of energy and end of queasiness that so many people have promised me I'll experience (lesson 1 in listening to what people tell me -- especially those who were pg 10 years ago or more?). I've told all my close friends and family except for ONE good friend who is notoriously hard to get ahold of. I'm ready to stop worrying about people keeping the news a secret, so I think I'm going to try calling her one more time, and then, if she finds out over Facebook, so be it!
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    Re: September 2011 Pregnancy

    Arcain, we went to Bar Harbor in July Friday-Monday and we had a wonderful time.  We stayed at a wonderful B&B right on Main Street.  It took us about 4.5 hours to get there.
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    Re: September 2011 Pregnancy

    We went to Bar Harbor in the first week of May and it was lovely.  I imagine Nov/Dec might have a similar feel--crowds are relatively thin and hotel rates are reasonable.  Only a few dining options stay open on a year-round basis, but we found them to be perfectly satisfying.  If I were you, I'd try to go in October rather than November, because you will have more options for where to stay and where to eat and so on.  It is a longer drive, but we did a two night/three day trip and it felt it was very much worthwhile.

    Acadia National Park would be perfect to visit while pg, because you can access many beautiful points without doing strenous hiking.  You can drive and then stroll, and do as much or little walking and hiking as you please.  

    We stayed at the Holland Inn, which was conveniently located and lovely.  The innkeeper was very helpful and planned all of our activities for us.  And breakfast was delicious.  And they had a cozy looking fireplace that would probably be lovely in October.  They are closed in November though (don't re-open until May).

    I think the "town" area is probably a bit smaller/less commercial feeling than Provincetown, so if your main desired activity is window shopping and fine dining, then I'd go to Provincetown.  But if you want to enjoy beautiful outdoor scenery (ocean and mountain) AND have access to a cute town then go for Bar Harbor.  (And this description may be a bit skewed because I've only experienced Provincetown during peak season, and Bar Harbor during the shoulder season.)
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    Re: September 2011 Pregnancy

    tc95- I did the childbirth prep weekend through NWH.  I thought it was ok... but I have nothing to compare it to.  We had a tour of the unit, which I really liked to see.  We also had a great teacher who was enthusiastic and positive about the whole experience.  Although when they passed around the full color diagram about 1-4degree episiotomy/tears I had to turn away.  No thank you-- don't need to worry about that (and I was already familiar with it from being a nurse... don't need to hold the full scale image lol).  I would do it again for #1... but this time around (3 years later) I am not planning to do a class.  You only need childbirth prep until you get your epidural, then there is usually no pain!  If you know what to expect in childbirth though you are less likely to panic and more likely to work with your body's natural waxes and wanes of contractions instead of fighting against it.
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    Re: September 2011 Pregnancy

    Is anyone experiencing (or has anyone experienced) a sort of weird discomfort of the pubic bone?  I'm 32 weeks and I notice it more when I'm at work and i get up to use the rest room.  It's like an ache of the bone, not really pain like you would get if it was a muscle or nerve irritation.  I wonder if the inactivity at work (I'm more or less at a desk the whole day) causes it?  I don't think my kiddo is turned head down yet to be pressure from the weight of the baby- it feels like s/he is moving and turning around constantly. 

    How's everyone else doing?  Hoping that no news from Krysta means baby news!!  Leila and Thistle- how are you guys coming along on your lists?
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    Re: September 2011 Pregnancy

    Hey there.  Happy Friday everyone! I'm still here!...and still pregnant!  Tomorrow I'll be 41 weeks... I am hoping the baby will come tomorrow!!! SO I made it through the week working... I actually left at noon tody to work from home.  I was just too uncomfortable sitting at my desk and really, really tired.  I took a 30 minute nap when I got home (actually I fell asleep with my computer on my lap while sitting on the couch) and felt much better after that.  I am hoping the next time I post I'll have some baby news! Have a good weekend everyone!  
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    Re: September 2011 Pregnancy

    Itsallnew, I'm not sure if I've felt the same ache as you, but I have definitely felt like that area was "asleep".  Not quite as tingly as when your foot is asleep, but a weird sensation.  Could be the same type of thing.  I usually feel it when I get up after sitting for a long time. 

    I am doing great.  Feeling large, even though I'm only at 27.5 weeks.  A woman from another dept at work came by and she is due October 6 (2 months before me).  Her belly was about the same size as mine!  It made me feel like a house.  Granted, she is very petite, I am about 6 inches taller than her, and I know everyone carries differently.  The good news is someone else told me I am lucky I am carrying all my weight in the belly.  I'm not sure how true it is, but it made me feel better nonetheless :)

    We had another appointment last week and I had my glucose test.  The orange drink wasn't so bad.  They said they would have the results either Friday or Monday and would call only if there was a concern.  No call on Friday, so if I don't get a call on Monday I am in the clear!  I also had a f/u ultrasound, and my placenta has moved up, which is great news.  Baby girl is looking good and measuring in the 50% percentile. 

    Now we just need to get cracking on the nursery and registry.  Ugh!

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    Re: September 2011 Pregnancy

    Itsallnew - sorry I just reread your post and it registered ... I have been getting tingling and numbness at the top of my left thigh and left side of my pelvic area for a couple of months.  My midwife said it was a pinched nerve from teh weight of the baby and would go away right after birth.

    So back at work today... KAM, Twin, Kiwi - how are you holding out?