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September 2012 Pregnancy

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    Re: September 2012 Pregnancy

    Congrats Cici,

    FWIW, Chiclet, I transferred from my RE to the midwives at Women's Healthcare at Anna Jaques and can't say enough good things about my care there (which is saying alot because a) in the course of my pregnancy and delivery I was hospitalized 3 times b) I had what anyone else would call a nightmare delivery but my midwife made it a fabulous experience c) I had to be readmitted to the cardiac unit post delivery and they were wonderful there too! I love Anna Jaques, I had all the best doctors from Boston 10 minutes from my house.

    Because of my weird pregnancy I worked with the OB side and the midwife side and while everyone on the OB side was great, I was very happy to deliver with a midwife and have that somewhat earthy crunchy experience (even if the doctor was standing right next to her).

    Also, if you are near Newburyport - this weekend is the Mother's Club Consignment sale if you need anything for your new bean. Also, think about joining the mother's club. I absolutely love it!

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    Re: September 2012 Pregnancy

    Congrats cici!!  Glad everything is going well for your family!

    AFM, well my nausea came back over the weekend.  I think I have figured out that it is definitely related to how tired I am.  I get nauseaous throughout the day, but it is generally manageable, and only seems to get really bad if I am extremely tired.  I had a super busy and tiring weekend and I found myself at midnight on Saturday night sitting on my bathroom floor because I felt so sick and I was sure I was going to throw up.  Thank god for my husband who convinced me to lay back down and he rubbed my back until I fell asleep.  It is slowly getting better as I rest more and get more sleep these last few days.  It is so much harder this time around with a toddler to take care of!  I just want to go home after work and lay on the couch!

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    Re: September 2012 Pregnancy

    You have my sympathy, Memes.  It stinks.  Actually, the last time I threw up was a couple of days ago because DD woke up at 4 and was really upset for unspecified reasons.  After sitting next to her crib holding hands for a little while, the nausea came on strong.

    Eating has been SO key for me, and it takes me a while to recover from bad/uneven eating.  I was actually feeling better over the weekend and got in a good pattern of eating real meals.  But then once I threw up, it messed everything up and I again didn't want to eat, had to force myself, et cetera.  It's like it takes me a couple of days to build back to eating well.

    Speaking of which, I need to get a snack!  Oh, we told my parents this weekend and they were really excited.  I guess I didn't expect so much excitement since it's the second!  Now my mom is driving me crazy a bit by trying to get me things all the time.  But the Wise Woman would just say thank you and accept the help.  :)  It's definitely harder with DD around.

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    Re: September 2012 Pregnancy

    Memes, sorry to hear that your nausea has come back. I completely agree that not getting enough sleep or enough snacks contributes to feeling gross. I've been working a ton this week (11 hours on Monday alone) and I definitely feel it. When I'm hungry, I turn into a b*tch, so my coworkers are at least used to it.

    I had the tour at Winchester and I'll admit that I wasn't really impressed. The tour is led by a volunteer and I felt like she couldn't answer any of my questions. The rooms we saw seem impossibly small. I don't even think I would fit on the bed in the delivery room! She also said that no one really uses the tub and you can't go in it if your water has broken. I was disappointed in that rule because, from everything I've read, even hospitals who don't allow water births let you labor in the tub until it's time to push. Kar, I didn't think to ask about the C-Section rate, but I will when I tour Beverly Hospital on Saturday. I definitely want the least amount of medical interventions possible for as long as possible. ML, I'm glad you've had a positive experience at Anna Jacques. I did call there yesterday and they said that I'm totally fine waiting to pick a provider until after their open house, especially where I've already had 2 ultrasounds. So that was a relief! I am really looking forward to their open house.

    Med, I know what you mean about resisting help. I feel like I'm going to need so much help at the end that people will be sick of me, so let me do the things I can do now. After camping this weekend, my girl friends carried all my luggage to my car for me. It was really sweet of them, but I'd rather save those favors for later. But that's probably just me being headstrong!

    My boss announced this morning that our department is going to do Project Adventure in the beginning of November. I'm not sure what that entails but I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be able to do it. I'm kind of upset about it because it wasn't my plan to tell everyone I work with that early. I was only planning on telling my boss and the 2 people I work most closely with the week before, then maybe let the news spread by Thanksgiving. Ugh.

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    Re: September 2012 Pregnancy

    Congrats to everyone who are at the beginnings of their pregnancy! It is very exciting to be starting out and it sounds like you all are having the pretty typical range of experiences so far. With the beginning of my preg #2 I felt MUCH sicker/bloated/fatter/etc. sooner than I ever did with the first. It was SO different that I thought I must be having a girl this time around, but nope! Just a different experience.

    AFM, I haven't been around since my DS#2 decided to arrive 3 weeks early! If you don't want details, please feel free to skip the rest :-) Andrew Robert was born on 9/12/12 and weighed 7lbs 8.5 oz and was 20 inches long - barely smaller than his big brother who was only 1 week early! Three days before he was born, I had a full day of contractions on and off. At times they were pretty consistent, and I did call my OB to discuss, but they never really picked up in intensity or duration, so we waited it out. That was a Sunday, and we did have some family over just in case we needed to make a move to the hospital. Things quieted down and I told work on Monday that I might go early, or it may be that I am in it for a while. Monday and Tuesday were also quiet, and I was a little disappointed since I figured that meant I had to wait a while. DH and I had s*x Wednesday morning, and right after I went back to contracting. I thought that maybe I was just wishing it was contractions, but it stuck! They started around 6am, DH took DS#1 to day care at 7:30 and then we went to the hospital. I was about 4cm dilated at that point and they broke my water around 10am (HURT LIKE A B*****!). I got an epidural around 12:30, since the contractions were just getting too strong. By 1:30 ish I was starting to be in pain again and I asked my nurse about it, since I've heard of epidurals wearing off, but only after hours of labor, etc. She suggested that she check my progress before we called anesthesia back to bump up the meds, and I was fully dilated and ready to push! About three pushes (and lots of running around by my OB and the nurses to get into the room on time) and he was here! I had a fast pushing stage with DS#1 as well, so we knew that it would be quick at that point. We are doing well now, and he is almost 8lbs at his two week weight check :-) Handling a newborn and a toddler is insane, so I will check back in once I am a little more myself again.

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    Re: September 2012 Pregnancy

    Congratulations, LCGC!  Thanks for sharing your story.  Hope you're doing well.

    Chiclet - I'm surprised the labor/delivery rooms at Winchester seemed small.  I have been in 4 of them (1 for the delivery, 1 for the tour, and 2 different ones for non-stress tests because DD was late) and they were really big.  The post-partum rooms, on the other hand, are definitely tiny.

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    Re: September 2012 Pregnancy

    Congrats LCGC!  All these birth stories make me tear up, and think back to when my DD was born!  It is such an amazing thing.  And, I hope that with my second I get a quick labor like you....sounds like less than 8 hours total!

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    Re: September 2012 Pregnancy

    Congrats LCGC! Enjoy your time with your little guy!

    Med - Do you think maybe I was in a smaller delivery room than normal? The tour guide did tell us that the post-partum room we were in was smaller than average. My husband said that it looked like a normal sized bed to him but I don't know. I almost wanted to lay down on it to see if I'd fit. There was also 6 other couples in the room so maybe it just seemed smaller since it was full of people? Maybe it's because I hate hospitals so much that it seemed like the walls were closing in! I can't seem to talk DH into a home birth, so hopefully that's something I can get over quick!

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    Re: September 2012 Pregnancy

    Chiclet - not sure.  All four of the L&D rooms I saw were laid out with the bed near the door, a bathroom in the corner, and a little couch by the window.  The post-partum rooms are definitely tiny, though.

    I have to say, regarding the doctor/hospital fear - I was SO with you.  I think you'll find that it eases as you get further along.  Right now you don't feel great, can't feel the baby, et cetera.  For me, once I felt good and could feel the baby move (with DD), I started to feel really bonded, and that feeling of "doing it for her" was really able to take hold and outweigh my fears.

    However, I will also say that I have been seeing a therapist for years for managing anxiety.  A lot of the strategies and patterns of thinking I have learned through that were *very* helpful to me.

    So if as you go on, the hospital fear keeps getting worse and seems like it's impeding you in getting excited about your LO, don't hesitate to get a little help!  You wouldn't have to be in it for years like I am, since it doesn't sound like it affects your life in general.  But a brief course with a cognitive behavioral therapist could really help you with some specific coping techniques and make the whole thing more enjoyable!

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    Re: September 2012 Pregnancy


    I know you can look up a hospital c-section rate... But I do wonder if the actual factors are driven the OBs using the hospital vs the hospital itself... Because you also want to check on what will make your provider choose c-section. Reason I say that is that I can recall clearly a discussion with the OB on call during my first labor,where she was discussing with me on when she would consider a c-section based on failure to progress and what other options to try first... And that is when I realized it is really a judgement call on the OB's part on when it is time for a c-section in most cases. (and I was with a friend when she was meeting with her OB and listening to her wrestle with the choice of an elective c-section based on the baby floating in breech position and concern that even if the baby turns around, the size may cause issues since they suspected the baby was over eight pounds - it was interesting to listen to that because I was looking at the same size for baby and yet my OB did not even mention the idea of a c-section due to size while for my friend, they kept saying how they were concerned about the baby's size even if the baby turns around). So I wonder how much is the hospital and how much is dependent on the practice you use.

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    Re: September 2012 Pregnancy

    Definitely, good point.  The OB's philosophy is a real factor.  Sadly, though, vested intest in surgery affects both the hospital and doctors.  Hospitals make more money on surgery than natural deliveries, and the doctors who bring in the most money for their hospitals are rewarded.  Don't be afraid to ask tough questions even if it feels's a complicated issue all around.

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    Re: September 2012 Pregnancy

    Med, I don't think there was a couch in the room I was in. I appreciate your advice on the therapist. I never thought about seeing one for something situational, but I'm open to it. I'm really hoping that if I find a provider and hospital I like, I'll be okay. I have a lot of "fear of the unknown" working against me. 

    CWag - I think it's both the doctor and the hospital that determine the c-section rate. There are definitely doctors that have a lower tolerance for letting a patient labor on their own but I think there are also hospital policies in place that drive it too. I read an article that was writen last year that basically credits my (now former) OB-GYN as the reason why the c-sections are high at Holy Family. He delivers 1 in 6 of the babies at Holy Family and about 40% of his patients have c-sections. But the article also says that at Holy Family requires their doctors to attend to their births during the day and a lot of them don't want to mess up their office hours so they might push a c-section to keep their schedule on track. I think there are a lot of factors  from both sides. I'm planning on asking at the hospital and at the doctor's office about it.

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    Re: September 2012 Pregnancy

    Kar - that's one reason why I loved my RE. She told me flat out in my first appointment that she her job is not to make the hospital money, it's to get me pregnant in whatever way I'm most comfortable and has the least amount of risks. (Kind of ironic because I used to do the budget for that same hospital in a previous career...) I wish she delivered babies too. I think she'd be perfect for me!

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    Re: September 2012 Pregnancy

    Chicklet, your RE probably knows doctors who are of like mind to recommend for you.  Birds of a feather, you know. :) 

    I'm pro therapy especially on a temporary basis to acquire emotional/coping skills we never learned from other sources and get help at first with their implementation.  However, they are not all the same either regarding specialty or quality.  When choosing one, remember it's a professional relationship, not a friendship.  Ask their areas of expertise, how long patients typically see them, etc.  If their answers don't fit your needs, thank them for their time and move on.  If they do and you see them, see the first few visits as a trial period; do not assume the fit is good or that you've made any sort of commitment to continue. Give it a few visits no matter what you think at first.  Initial discomfort might not be indicative of a bad fit, but after a few visits you'll know.  The best therapists will tell you all this.  Beware those who don't.

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    Re: September 2012 Pregnancy

    hello ladies - i haven't been posting much b/c i still consider msyelf to be "in limbo" until my amnio results, but i had it today and it's a boy.  i can't decide how i feel!  i have b/g twins so it wasn't like i was desperately hoping for one or the other (not to say everyone is like that, but i think i would have been had i had only girls or only boys), but i think it's kind of weird b/c it's so - FINAL - and assuming all goes well and as planned this is my last baby!  anyway - just posting so i can share w/ someone.  geesh!  :)

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    Re: September 2012 Pregnancy

    Congrats Stef! DD is going to be well protected with two brothers in the house! I hope you get good results from your test!

    Kar, I didn't get to see my RE at my last appointment, but I did see one of her colleagues and he gave me recommendations for physicians at all of the hospitals I plan to visit. He was the one who winced when I told him who I have been seeing. So at least he gets where I was coming from (and DH got to see that I wasn't making it up)! His recommendation was to pick a hospital that I like first and then the provider will follow. I'm leaning towards midwife over physician at this point. 

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    Re: September 2012 Pregnancy

    Thanks, everyone! And congrats LCGC!

    Chiclet - regarding c-sections, I delivered at NWH which has a pretty high rate but the practice I went to has a much much lower rate. I was almost certain I was going to end up with one because there was already concern over the baby's well being since he was so small and they thought he would go into distress, I was not responding at all to the cervical ripening but still needed to be induced, and something concerning showed on the monitors the night before I had him. Basically everything you read with those issues ends up in c-section but it was never even mentioned once. I think the doctor that you see does have a lot to do with how things go for you. Is it a possibility to go to a midwife? And maybe even hire a doula? That may help to decrease the risk too.

    I agree that the delivery rooms seem a lot smaller when you are on the tour because there are so many people crowded in them. The room we saw on the tour seemed tiny but our actual room felt massive.

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    Re: September 2012 Pregnancy

    Congratulations, Stef!  I will be hoping for you that all goes well with the amnio.  Is there a specific reason they are doing one?  (I don't follow the TTC boards usually, so you probably explained this all already...)

    Cici - I know what you mean about the room feeling massive!  When I was in labor with DD, both DH and I got about 4-5 hours sleep after I got the epidural.  I remember waking up at one point and hearing him breathing and he seemed *miles* away!

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    Re: September 2012 Pregnancy

    Cici - I get what you're saying about the doctors not pushing the c-section. When my niece was born she was both huge and stuck and labor wasn't progressing at all. The doctors gave my SIL a few different options, one being c-section, but they never made it sound like it was a necessity. She took the c-section right away and the doctors told her they thought that was the best decision. I liked that they never pushed that opinion on her when she had other things she could try. I just don't want to be pushed.

    That said, we did the tour at Beverly Hospital this weekend and we did like it better than Winchester. It was definitely a better tour so I'm sure that was part of it. It was lead by one of the assistants in the L&D department so she's speaking first hand, not a volunteer who isn't ever on the floor. I just liked that better. Plus, midwives are an option there where they weren't at Winchester. I still have to see Anna Jacques before I really make up my mind.

    I also found out on Saturday that one of my best friends is also pregnant and we're due a day apart! How funny is that? 

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    Re: September 2012 Pregnancy

    hi med - i like the certainty of the amnio.  i had one w/ my twins before (then it was mainly b/c early testing options aren't as accurate w/ multiple pregnancies) and then this time around i wasn't eligible for the materniT test b/c of my age (34 at time of birth, have to be 35), but more importantly, after having an amnio (actually two - one for each twin!) and not thinking it was that big of a deal, the idea of having a 1 in X chance of having something wrong, after only certain chromosomes were checked (i think? that's the case w/ materniT, not sure about other options), didn't seem as appealing as knowing with 99% certainty that everything was OK.  so i didn't do any early screening and instead just did the amnio.  i must be very conservative...  now i feel like i need to wait until the amnio results and the 18 week screening before spilling the beans - seems like an eternity!!!  but i did break down and buy some new newborn stuff this AM online - had to get into the spirit.  ;) 

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    Re: September 2012 Pregnancy

    I would like to make one comment about c-sections, if you are planning a vaginal birth, but are not opposed to a c-section if necessary, make sure you or your DH clearly tell the nurse or mid-wife on duty during your labor. My DS spent 11 days in the critical care nursery after a 36 hour labor that did not progress and I truly believe that it could have been prevented if the mid-wife on duty was not adamently opposed to c-sections.

    AFM, I'm 13 wks and off to my second appointment. I am hoping to like this Doctor, since so far my experience with this practice has been less than positive. My OB for DS is now only doing gyn and I was forced to change to the only other practice which delivers at out local hospital. So far the first mid-wife I saw forgot to order my OB labs and has completely blown off my questions regarding AMA testing. So hopefully today will be better, because I really don't want to deliver an hour from home.

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    Re: September 2012 Pregnancy

    SAW, did they say why your LO was in the NICU for so long? Keep in mind, c-section does not reduce the possibility of a NICU stay at all... That will depend on baby. My friend's baby was over 8lbs and still had to spend a few days in NICU because she was born via scheduled c-section and had fluids in her lungs that they could not suction out so she could not breathe well. But this does not happen to all babies born via c-sections. Other people I know who had c-sections had babies who did not have to go to NICU.

    How a baby responds to long labor or c-section is so very individual (I had a long labor and in danger of being a failure to progress with a baby that was just short of 37 weeks and yet he was okay despite showing some periodic signs of distress during labor).

    But it is a good reminder to be sure your provider and you are OB the same page on things like interventions used, testing to undergo etc. if you and your provider are not OB the same page, it can make labor and delivery a more unpleasant experience. Good luck with your new provider, I hope it goes better with your second appointment and she does not continue to blow your questions off.

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    Re: September 2012 Pregnancy

    DS inspirated merconium (sp) and had to be resuscitated at birth, basically he had severely burnt lungs, which I attribute to a delay by the midwife on duty in order to save me from having a c-section. Don't get me wrong I would have been happy not to have a c-section, but I was certainly not opposed to one and wished the mid-wife had not assumed I was.

    As for my appointment last night, it was a disaster! I had a 4:15 appointment which I was supposed to be at 15 minutes early and never made it into the examine room until after 5pm. I only spent 10 minutes with the OB who I was supposed to see. Luckily, they sent in the nurse practitioner in who was very nice, as was the OB. I was very disappointed that they couldn't tell us they were running behind and I had to send my DH home to relieve the baby sitter. 

    It is frustrating that in order to deliver at our local hospital that we have no choice in providers. I will be calling a different practice this morning and I am resign to the fact that I will most likely be delivering an hour from home.

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    Re: September 2012 Pregnancy

    I'd hope that no one would be opposed to a c section that is medically necessary.  Some people want them automatically and are not considering a vaginal birth, others are indifferent, others are against it unless medically necessary.  The thing is, regardless of how a woman views the c section issue, she has to make her feelings about it known AND ensure that who she is working with (ob, midwife, hospital, etc) is willing and capable of accommodating her philosophy.

    It's October.  Ive started the next thread the last two months...shouldn't someone pregnant do it at some point?  ;)