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September Updates

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    Re: September Updates

    In Response to Re: September Updates:
    I was talking to my sister the other day when she said that something didn't "pass mustard."  She is always good for stuff like that -- usually she mishears song lyrics and all of a sudeen you're like, wait, what?  WHAT did you think they were saying? 
    Posted by GC1016

    Pass mustard - that's hilarious!  My cousin does this, too, sining, "When the moon hits your eye like a big piece of pie, that's amore!"

    Remember the Chernobyl nuclear accident?  This same cousin, a couple of weeks after that said in Science class, "WHO is Sharon Noble and WHAT was her ACCIDENT?!?!"
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    Re: September Updates

    Hey Lostgrouse!  Haven't heard from you in a while.

    OK you all may have convinced me to get a flu shot.  Realizing that my baby is due in winter and it would probably be a good idea...
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    Re: September Updates

    Sorry, just been too busy at work trying to wrap everything up!  IPW, at least you know when your final meet your baby date is!!!  
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    Re: September Updates

    Hi Ladies!  I can finally share now that I posted my due date on the other board.  It's great to read everyone else's posts and realize that we are all going through very similar pains and gains and such. 

    I am officially 12 weeks today and I'm hoping for a real change soon!  I did not have an easy first few months, feeling very nauseous and vomiting (yuck!).  Even had to go to the hospital because one day i couldn't keep anything down and was very dehydrated - that was kinda scary, but DH stayed with me the whole day.  They gave me pills after that, but I am trying not to take them.  In the past two weeks, I have felt much better during the day, but getting sick at night.  All in all, I'm having more good days than bad days!  :) 

    I have my second ultrasound on tuesday. As long as that looks good, I am going to tell work I think....or is it too early? I work in a school and just want people to know.  (they were asking all last year - so annoying!)

    As for the flu shot, I have never had it before, but since I work with kiddos 0-5, I think I need to get it.  I guess I'll ask the Dr. when I go on Tuesday. 

    Congrats to everyone!!  what an exciting time in our lives :)

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    Re: September Updates

    My sense with the flu shot is it is pretty much a recommendation for pregnant women to protect them and also their babies who may be born into flu season.  Most OBs usually get it in so you can get it straight at the office at a regular appt.
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    Re: September Updates

    Bostonslp - Everyone is different, but if you want to tell work go for it!  I told my boss at 11 weeks, then told a couple of work friends, and finally told just about everyone else at 14 weeks.
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    Re: September Updates

    LLLE, congratulations! 

    GC, are you nervous to be on deck?  Looking forward to your announcement next!

    IPW, hang in there!  Like Lostgrouse said, at least you know when you'll meet your baby for sure!

    Bostonslp, you are technically out of the woods re: the most dangerous time for miscarriage during your pregnancy.  So, if you were worried about that, then go ahead and tell work-- it's entirely a personal decision.  I am over 13 weeks and still waiting... I wonder how long I can hold out with this secret. :)

    AFM, re: the previous conversation, I am definitely getting the flu shot. 
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    Re: September Updates

    LLLE - Congratulations on the safe arrival of your little man! Hope everyone is doing well. Don't you already feel like you can't imagine life without him?

    GC - I was getting excited when I didn't see any posts earlier in the thread, hope you are doing well and all goes smoothly. You are going to do a great job with labor and motherhood, you've got a great frame of mind.

    IPW, just throwing it out there, but I've been going to the Breast Feeding Support group at Anna Jacques in Newburyport on Tuesday's a at 10. I think it's open to everyone, not just AJ deliveries. I'll check on Tuesday. Also, I was at Market Basket wearing a black dress in pink sweater the other day and encounters a pregnant woman in the exact same outfit! I actually said "You aren't IPW, are you?" She thought I was crazy.

    Poppy - I'm excited for you to give birth too - I think you are one of the only other mom's to be that are going to be surprised at delivery, I'm guessing girl, but I have no basis for that!

    I'm getting the flu shot and the whooping cough shot at my next doctor's appointments. I take the train every day, and I do not want to bring anything home!
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    Re: September Updates

    LLLE - didn't get to express congrats!
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    Re: September Updates

    Thanks everyone for the congratulations!  I'm loving being a mom and the first week has gone so quickly it actually feels more like weeks than week. 

    ML - it definitely feels like he has always been here sitting and using all the baby stuff!

    GC - I was at PHCA on Friday meeting with Marie the lactation consultant, it was right after her class that she said had two people...I wonder if we saw each other.  She was so wonderful and I love PHCA - we go to the Melrose office for checkups but Peabody is also convenient.

    OK so I will try to keep this somewhat short and I liked how Eva posted on the August updates about after when you go home, so I will try to do the same as well in another post as I wish there were things I was told about for after birth.

    So Saturday night my contractions kept getting stronger and were 4-5 min apart.  I called in and they said I could come in and get checked or try to stay home until it got really intense.  Well being our first my DH and I sat around for a while trying to wait it out but at about 10pm ultimately decided we wanted to go in and at least get checked and see where we were in the process.  It is very nervewracking when you have been having contractions for like 3 days (irregularly) and don't know what is going on or what to expect being your first.

    So we went in and we were barely dialated (1cm) and so they were going to send us home to wait it out.  Well before they would let us go the baby had to react on the fetal monitoring - meaning that after drinking surgary apple juice or having them buzz my stomach the babies heart rate was suppose to go up for 15 seconds two times. Well my bean was not reacting no matter how many cups of juice, popsicles or buzzes to my belly they did.  The funny thing is he was lazy in the womb throughout my pregnancy- did not really react ever to food or anything and he is a lazy baby even now he sleeps pretty much the entire day and most of the night. 

    So then they did an ultrasound and had 6 different criteria that they had to see.  It was so cool seeing the bean on the u/s as we had not seen him since 20 weeks.  Well he passed 4 and 1/2 out of the 6.  One thing (I consider the 1/2) was that my amniotic fluid was a little low and the other was that he wasn't moving his legs or something like that (kind of forget exactly what it was).  Because of that they decided I needed to be admitted for monitoring and possible induction.

    Once in a room they also saw on the fetal monitor that he was having d-cells (heart rate was dropping).  So they did induce me and let me tell you the patosin (spelling??) was rough...for me the contractions were so intense but what made it worse was I could only lay on my right or left side because they wanted as much oxygen to go to the baby and he would have more d-cells when I wasn't on either side.  It was really uncomfortable and I tried to make it as long as I could but ultimately did get an epidural.  I was glad because it made it much more bearable being on my side.

    I got to be 6cm dialated and then kind of petered out.  Because of that and the fact that the little mans heart rate was still dropping with the contractions they didn't want to increase my patocin to get labor to continue to progress so they talked to us about a c-section.  For us it was a no-brainer...we wanted the safest way for our little man to be born healthy and if a c-section was that way then so be it.

    Because I had the epideral it was easy to have the c-section they just gave me more medicine that basically made me feel paralyzed from the chest down.  The OR was bright and they immediately put up the sheet between my head the rest of my body.  DH got dressed in his scrubs and sat by my head during the procedure.  It did feel like it took forever.  All I could think about was Father of the Bride II when the dr. said she could have the baby out in 60 seconds if she needed.  Well I did not need him out in 60 seconds apparently but it was so incredible and surreal when I heard his little lungs waling! 

    It also felt like it took forever for them to bring him over to me but DH got to go over and take pics of him being weighed and cleaned off.  I of course got to lay there as they continued to work.  The c-section was not bad at all though afterwards I could not stop from uncontrollably shaking which apparently is normal and caused by the hormones and medicines.  They brought me back and monitored me in labor and delivery for 2 hours before sending me to the post-partum floor.  I delivered at MGH and have to say we had the most wonderful delivery nurse ever and the experience was terrific. 

    I know there haven't been a lot of c-section stories so if anyone has questions please don't hesitate to ask. They gave me percocet, motrin and colace afterwards every 4 hours.  I chose not to have the overnight dose as I had no pain at night when I was sleeping (which will change when you go home and sleep on a flat bed).  I had to wear these leggings for 24 hours that inflated like a blood pressure cuff for my legs and kept me from getting blood clots. They were really hot and uncomfortable.  Also they gave me a dose of morphine before leaving the OR which was great because I had no pain for like 18-20 hours but made me so itchy all over.  I had DH itching my back and often had the nurse letting me take off the cuffs briefly so I could itch my legs.  With a c-section you will have to have a catheter which also was not that bad, didn't hurt or anything.

    They got me up and out of bed the first night at like 5am but it felt good to stand up.  I was surprised by how weird it felt and be prepared when you feel the stretching where the incision didn't hurt really it was just a weird feeling. 

    Modesty will be out the door the moment you step into labor and delivery especially if you have a c-section.  They come in and check the incision constantly and they helped me in the bathroom after having the catheter out.  I actually found it easiest to pretty much walk around my room topless because of the breastfeeding.  You are doing it so often you might as well not care about wearing a shirt, nursing tank top, hospital gown, etc....  Everyone who comes in and out is used to it and don't even seem to notice or care.  I did wear my own pants after I was able to take a shower and I agree it made me feel more normal after to do that.  

    I hope this was not to long and it is helpful!!! I'm feeling great at home and typically only take the pain meds they gave me at night.  It's frustrating only being able to pick up the baby and nothing heavier but it is also kind of nice.  I'll post about the after when I get another chance! 
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    Re: September Updates

    congrats bostonslp! at this point I think you're "safe" to tell, if you want - but like others said it is totally a personal choice.

    LLLE, amazing! You're a trooper. Congrats, again!

    IPW, sorry to hear about your fluid levels but at least you know you won't have to wait for weeks after your due date!

    So, I'm 10 weeks today and my boobs had a growth spurt overnight and they are back to being painful. However, the nausea seems to be totally gone so that's great. I think I've reached fetus status now, too?

    This morning, I feel like I did 200 situps yesterday. My side and ab muscles feel so sore. The only thing I did that was kinda out of the ordinary was we went to the Pats game yesterday (I'm a Bengals fan, and since our seats were waaaaaaaaaaay up at the tippy top I had to climb a lot of steps and also go up the ramp of eternity. I guess maybe that could be an ab workout? Otherwise...any ideas? Also, I have been randomly getting a slight pinching sensation on either side of my belly - is this what they call "round ligament" pain? Or am I too early for that? 

    I'm also drinking coffee right now - mostly decaf with a little bit of regular. I am SO tired, we tailgated from 9:30AM until 7:00 at night with a (completely embarrassing from my point of view) game in the middle.
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    Re: September Updates

    LLLE, thank you so much for your story!  I'm so happy to hear that everything worked out so well.  I'm terrified at the thought of having a c-section, but the way you described it makes it sound less scary than I assume it to be.  :)

    So I have to ask, because I'm not sure if this is normal or if I'm just a cranky person, but did any of you get really irritable during the second trimester?  I'm 17 weeks tomorrow, and I basically have to hold myself back from ripping off my DH's face every day.  Granted, he's done some really irritating things lately, but I get so angry sometimes I can't even be around him.  Hormones?  Or just me being abnormally pi$$y?

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    Re: September Updates

    Lostgrouse - very impressed by your ability to run anywhere while this pregnant!  I have enough trouble just walking down the hallway without getting out of breath!  I hope it went well!

    IPW - I'm sorry you didn't get better news on Saturday re: fluids, but that is nice to know you won't have to wait past your due date!  As much as I've tried to view my due date as an estimate, I know if it comes and goes and baby has made no sign of going anywhere, I'm going to be a bit thrown off...

    bostonslp - congrats and welcome!  I'd say tell work whenever you are comfortable doing so... just be prepared that from that moment on people will be talking about it!  Which can be very nice, and can be a tad overwhelming. :)

    ML - thanks for the shout-out!  It seems like there are a few newer pregnant ladies who are choosing not to find out, but we're definitely the minority!

    LLLE - so great to read your story!  I had my birth class this weekend and the section about caesarians definitely scared me a bit, but then reading your post has made me feel a LOT better about that possibility!  So thank you!! 

    Pugs - the second trimester was when my hormones REALLY flared.  It's gotten MUCH better in my third trimester.  I do think the moodiness level and timing is very different for every person, but mine happened to occur during 2nd trimester, then seemed to pretty much go away! 

    AFM, we had our childbirth crash course at NWH this weekend.  It was helpful in many ways, but also a bit of a whirlwind.  We were the ONLY ones in a class of 9 couples who didn't know the gender!  Got a tour of the maternity floor, which was great, and got to see one newborn up close at the nursery window, which made me cry.  In fact, I cried several times during the class, mostly at the videos.  Anyway, it was a good class and I would recommend it for any first time parents-to-be.  I feel much more informed about medication options (there are more than I realized) and effects (in NWH there is a policy that you are not allowed out of bed once you have an epidural) so I feel I can write a more thorough birth plan, even though I haven't completely decided on everything yet (and realize things can happen completely out of my control). 
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    Re: September Updates

    Pugs, I have been hormonal overall - I blame a lot on it!

    Silver - Yesterday sounds fun!  I found when preg with DD that if I over did it at all my stomach would hurt.  I also have already felt stretching though, so I'd say it could be either.

    Poppy - Did you find a doula?

    LLLE - Congrats! I had a c-section too and I didn't;t think it was bad.

    AFM - I'm 13 weeks and have my 1st appt with the dr Weds.  Just got back from vaca of visiting family, I think I gained 10lbs and now I'm dreading getting on the scale!  Starting to feel much much better in the morning which is great!

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    Re: September Updates

    KT - thanks for asking - we have not yet decided on a doula.  We met with one who we liked but was on the expensive side (due to 25 years of experience and also being a midwife), and we are meeting with another on Friday evening.  I'm kind of running out of time, so if we like the woman on Friday we'll probably go with her!  I'm not sure the first woman was the best personality match for me.

    For anyone looking for doulas, I've found the folks at to be most responsive.

    ETA: Great news, IPW!  (see, I knew I'd be able to say that, I just said it too early before!)
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    Re: September Updates

    Glad you have at least heard back form some!  I am not educated on doulas, what are the benefits?
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    Re: September Updates

    LLLE - Thank you so much for sharing!  I got a little teary eyed reading your post.  (But no offense, this is no longer a rare occurence. I cry at pretty much every TV show or movie I watch!!) 
    I have a question about pain meds after C-section - Can you breastfeed while on them?  I think you can, but I'm wondering how that is so.  Thanks!!

    Pugs - I am so glad you and I are on exactly the same timeline.  As I just mentioned, I've been crying at the drop of a hat and I've also been pretty snippy with DH.  I don't know why!  Right now I'm better off if we watch TV in separate rooms! 
    We bought a storage shed yesterday, but then he didn't feel like filling it up.  I really had to bite my tongue and accept it.  I know we're taking baby steps to prepare for the little one, but his steps are a little too small for me!

    Silver - I've pretty much consistently had pains in my lower abdomen.  I don't think they are painful enough to be round ligament pains, but just random little pains here and there.  (in reference to your random pinching sensations)

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    Re: September Updates

    Poppy, I found out about one other doula option last weekend.  I guess you can get a doula-in-training for free.  Apparently they need to observe so many births, so if you are willing to have someone a little less experienced (but still trained) as your doula, that could be a way to save money.  It may be too late for you to research this option, since you seem to be almost done with your search process, but I wanted to throw that out there.  DH has been reading The Birth Partner, which really talks about the important role of the doula, so he may be leaning towards hiring one...  We'll see.  We still have plenty of time-- only 13 weeks along. :)

    KT, Poppy has done more research and may be better able to answer your question, but there are several benefits of having a doula attend your birth.  For example, you get to know the doula beforehand, so you know you have one more familiar face in the delivery room (since you never know which midwife or OB is on duty when you actually go into labor).  Also, it is typically an older woman, who has attended several other births previously, so they are able to reassure you re: what's normal, what to expect, etc.  The doula supports not only the laboring woman, but also her partner-- ensuring that all are well-fed and well-rested.  So, that's just a few things a doula brings to the table.  We are considering hiring a doula just to ensure that DH feels supported.  I told him it was his call.  We are committed to a natural birth, but that's going to take its toll, so we are thinking perhaps we could use more help coaching us through.
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    Re: September Updates

    Fram, yes you still have drugs if you B/F - I forget if you tell them if you are b/f'ng or not and if they adjust from there. 

    Interesting about the doula -I like the idea of the help after the birth with the feedings!
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    Re: September Updates

    Fram, they pick specific ones if you are BFing. I can't stand percocet (the normal go-to), so they gave me dilaudid which is also safe for BFing.  For the most part, I did fine on Tylenol.  I took the dilaudid at night in the hospital b/c I found the pain worse when I was less mobile - only going from laying to sitting to nurse.  During the day when I was sitting in chairs, walking around the room, it was more tolerable. 
    KT - good luck with your appt.  I see Dr. Chen again tomorrow! 
    14 weeks, 3days and I busted out a pair of maternity work pants.  "Reunited and it feels so good" ran through my head as I put them on and new I didn't have to face a day with a regular waistband digging into my bladder.  I'm definitely carrying differently this time.  With DS, I was in a few maternity items or bigger sizes by 14 weeks I think, but I was also a lot more belly right in front.  This time, maybe b/c I am starting off a little heavier or b/c I'm all spread out from DS, it seems to be more overall gain. 
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    Re: September Updates

    Anyone else have sleeping issues in the beginning?  I have been sleeping like a log (except to get up to pee) until the past two nights and I have slept for only 1 or 2 then wake up. It's so strange because I am usually such a sound sleeper.  I saw in WTEWYE, that you could have sleep-related issues, but don't know what's causing it or why...
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    Re: September Updates

    ajuly, I've definitely been having trouble sleeping - I'll fall asleep very easily around 9PM and wake up to pee around 12, then I can't get back to sleep, I'm tossing/turning. Then when I finally do fall back asleep, I'm up again in a couple of hours to pee...

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    Re: September Updates

    I have also swallowed my pride and decided that if I'm going to wear pants, they are maternity. I'm all set with the bella band - I am just loving feeling like I'm in sweatpants all day. But now that I'm officially declaring it boot season, I'm going to make a point to wear dresses and tights as much as I can.

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    Re: September Updates

    LLE congrats, glad it all worked out in the end!

    IPW - hang in there!  Glad you're off the weekly monitoring at least - 1 appointment per week is plenty! 

    Poppy, you're in the home stretch!

    For us, DS is one month old today and doing well, gained about 30oz since he was born (amazing, all that from B-milk!) and we're starting to get into something like a routine :)  DD is adjusting much better now that things are back to normal (DH gone back to work, my parents are gone) and she's itching to move up to preschool!
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    Re: September Updates

    Lostgrouse, have you been running all along?  how much slower have you gotten?  and is 5k your max pretty much right now?  i have to pee it seems over 2 miles and I'm only 19 weeks..  I can't really make it 2 1/2 miles right now all jogging anyway (had to take 10-14 days off for some back issue which is hard to come back now and have been walking more) but i want to start back up the jogging if i can.