September Updates

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    Re: September Updates

    Wow, canuk, one month already - I can't believe it!  Glad things are going well with both kids and that you're managing ok with DH back at work.  Good to get a 1-month perspective!

    KT - I think MBG summed up the benefits of a doula nicely!  And MBG - thank you for that tip - I actually recently got an email from a doula-in-training and just hadn't written back to her yet... but I probably should!  KT, one thing to keep in mind is that there are 2 types of doulas - birth doulas and postpartum doulas.  Some women are trained in both, some only do one or the other.  The birth doula (which is what I was looking for and what MBG described) meets with you before the birth, is with you and your partner all through labor and delivery, and up until a couple of hours after delivery.  She can usually help with the first feeding.  If you want someone to come to your house to help after you go home, that would be a postpartum doula.

    Supposedly, percentages of births needing certain procedures - episiotomies, c-sections, labor augmentation, epidurals - is lessened if you have a doula, but I don't have any studies I can cite for you.  For me and DH, we just think we would like someone there (becasue the OB and the nurse are NOT there the entire time) the whole time who can provide encouragement, support, and suggestions.
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    Re: September Updates

    MM - Thanks - I see Dr Chen Weds, Good luck tmo!  I am fully in maternity pants and I love them!  I actually have on a maternity shirt today too.  Its just a plain cardigan but is just that bit longer to make me feel more comfortable.  I honestly love maternity clothes and would love to wear them all the time!

    AJuly, I have problems falling back to sleep if/when I wake up to pee or just wake up - It can take me a good hour to fall back to sleep.  I try to just lay with my eyes closed and relax.

    I'm calling SSH today to get paperwork to sign up for their prenatal gym class...very excited!

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    Re: September Updates

    Poppy - Thanks for the extra info - I had a c-section with DD and have already opted for another this time around.   I have concerns about feedings, DD was tongue tied and lost about a pound before I realized it so in some ways a doula post partum, sounds amazing.  For now I am planning on getting the lactation consultant involved from day 1 and going from there.  Thanks for all the info!

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    Re: September Updates

    ajuly, put the book down!  It will drive you insane.  That book is the worst for making expectant parents completely paranoid.  I had no issues getting to sleep, but I definitely wake up some (which is really odd for me), and I wake up a good while earlier every morning.  I think it's totally normal!

    Jan, I slowed my pace by about 1.5-2 minutes per mile.  I am going by the general guideline of at any point during my run I should be able to take a controlled breath through my nose and out through my mouth and feel like I am getting plenty of oxygen.  (I also check my pulse ~halfway through my run to make sure it's not too high-- I tend to stay in the 120 range.)  Of course, I am 6 weeks behind you so our bellies are definitely different.  I was reading about running supports this weekend, and some people even suggested just wearing the bella band for extra support.  If you have one in the drawer, I think it's probably worth trying, especially if you are having back issues.  And everything I have read says to start scheduling your runs around scheduled bathroom stops along your route-- so I am guessing your other issue won't go away.  Doh!
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    Re: September Updates

    mbg, do you have the most recent version of What to Expect? I got the newest edition and I've found that it is pretty good about making sure to say "it's OK if you don't feel this way." I was a little worried about reading it, also, but it really has helped me so far. If it didn't have those paranthesis, I would definitely be more paranoid than I already am (but that's why I have you ladies). :-)

    of course, I never had the older editions - but I think I've heard a lot that those books make you feel like something is more wrong than right, so I'm guessing that was a change they made to this edition - I could be wrong though.
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    Re: September Updates

    good idea about the bella band running - i never thought about that.. maybe I'll give it a try tonight.  Last time I went out I was easily 1 1/2 mins slower per mile, maybe more.. I have a heart rate monitor too.. perhaps I should wear it to see.. toward the end of the run is worse (the needing to go the bathroom feeling that is).  :-) 
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    Re: September Updates

    Ajuly - My sleep has been ALL over the place.  At first I woke up every single morning for like 7 weeks at 4 or 5 am and had to pee.  Then I kept waking up at 4 or 5 (I think out of habit) even if I didn't have to pee.  Now I am more likely to wake up around 7 am, sometimes having to go and sometimes not.  (I work a late shift, so I don't need to be up by 7.)
    I have a copy of WTEWYE and I've only looked at it once.  So far it seems like most questions I have had came up on these boards.
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    Re: September Updates

    Someone gave me WTEWYE but i haven't looked at it much.  Someone else gave me "your pregnance week by week" and I have looked at that one quite a lot.  It's written by a gynecologist and more doctors recommend it then the other one.  My doctor even said its one of the only ones he'd recommend.  I love it and it is short chapters each week.. whatever week i'm entering I read about it just before.. and it doesn't scare you at all. 

    Speaking of books, I also ordered from Amazon "Baby Bargains".  So far so good!  gives you some tips on what to register for, rates different brand names, tells you what is more of a waste of money, etc.  Couple people told me about it so I figured I would order it since they came out with a 2010 edition. 
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    Re: September Updates

    Not trying to cause a debate, but if anyone's interested... just came across this.
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    Re: September Updates

    I'll never catch up ...

    Re: What To Expect -- everyone's different, but I found having an encyclopedia of everything that could possibly go wrong a bit nerve-wracking.  I kind of lost interest in it by the 2nd Trimester, and tried to look up a couple of "dear god, what is THIS?" stuff in the index, neither of which I found, mind you.  Personally, am not a fan.  (I also didn't like the Girlfriends' Guides or most other "sassy" pregnancy books, though.  I think maybe I am just not a book person). 

    Re: falling back to sleep -- you'll get good at it.  If you don't have them already, I highly recommend nightlights so you don't have to turn on any lights during your nocturnal shuffles.  I also have a meditation track on my iPod that I can turn on if I'm tossing and turning.  That knocks me out. 

    Re: PHCA -- that wasn't me, I don't think. The class I took was on a Saturday.  Marie is SO nice, though.  I'm glad I went. 

    Re: running -- I ran up until ... what weeks is it?  About five or six weeks ago.  Now, we should maybe call that "running" as I'm pretty sure I could have hit the same pace with a brisk walk, but it made me happy.  I stopped when I started getting ligament twinges and focused on cross training & spinning.  Now I am just a slug.  I debated going to the gym at work today b/c I was feeling antsy, but figured I'd get escorted out by HR and Security, so I tabled that. 

    And, yes, I'm pretty sure I'm next, unless anyone is due tomorrow or Wednesday!  I'm a bit antsy ... nervous isn't quite the right word, although I'm not sure what is.  I'm getting a little worried about induction, which is counter-productive so I'm trying to chill about that.  It's definitely weird to be at the end of the road, I'll say that. 

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    Re: September Updates

    KT I almost signed up for it!  Bummer!  I just couldn't commit to the timing two weeknights per week.  I ended up joining Mamas Move in Norwell - all their instructors are pre-natal certified, so even though they have pre-natal and non-pre-natal classes, they will just give you modifictions in the regular classes if PG.  THis way I can float from different classes on weekends/weeknights depending on my schedule.  Let me know how the one at SSH goes. 
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    Re: September Updates

    I had a brief moment of rest (DD is napping)...I could be doing other things but I'm catching up on the boards. 

    GC-Thinking of you.  I agree, worrying about induction is counterproductive but its hard not to do.  Your LO will be here before you know it. 

    MM-I took a post partum class at Mamas Move today and it kicked my butt.  I think you'll be happy with the classes there.  They also have reasonably priced seminars.  (DH and I took Bringing Home Baby there and it was only us and one other woman). 

    I also thought a read something about varicose veins.  I have one on my thigh and 8 weeks post partum, its still there.  Its as raised...but its still there.  I'm not sure they ever go away but it may be too early.

    Good luck to everyone else.  I hope everyone is doing better in the cooler weather. 

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    Re: September Updates

    Jan & Mbg--I did run all along usually 3-10 miles a week up until about 30 weeks or so when I was down to about 6-8 miles a week.  I slowed from 8 mm to 11s in this last 5k although my training pace was closer to 13-14 mm but that was pushing a stroller too.  Finished the 5k in 34:26 so I'm pretty happy about that.  However, I'm done running now (end on a high note) b/c it keeps me a little sore for about a day afterwards and I wouldn't want to go into labor in that state.

    LLLE--Congrats!  So glad you have a healthy little one!
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    Re: September Updates

    I just got a copy of WTEWYE from my SIL, I haven't really looked at it that much, just nice to have around. There is so much on the internet these days that if I have a question I'll just look it up, or as you ladies ;).   

    My SiL bought me a new copy of baby bargains. I'm excited to use that one, SIL said that everyone was walking around BRU with it when they were registering.  Reading about highchairs is much more fun than heartburn. 
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    Re: September Updates

    Hello all,

    Had a moment while DS is hanging with dear old dad.  IPW - great news about your fluid and getting to your weekly appts.  GC - good luck!  Can't wait to hear about your birthing experience and don't worry too much it will work out how it is suppose to!

    Induction wasn't scary but I have to be honest I felt like it sped up the process super quick and brought on really intense contractions a lot faster than possibly during regular labor and I was not quite prepared for it.  Having not experienced regular labor I pictured the contractions getting stronger and stronger as I went giving me time to adjust where as with the induction I felt like I went from 0 to 60 in a short period of time. 

    I loved the baby bargains a copy from my SIL and found it super helpful when picking out baby gear.  WTEWYE was a book I got and liked reading the week to week info but stayed clear of the other stuff unless I had specific questions and or something I wanted to know about.  I definitely lost interest in it in the second trimester because I was getting weekly updates from american so it just kind of sat on a table unless there was something I wanted to know.

    Time for DS to eat!!  BFing for me has been quite challenging...any other mom having difficulty with it???
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    Re: September Updates

    Congrats on your ds LLLE!  Glad to hear the delivery went ok. 

    As for BFing...I am right there with you on the challenges.  Curious to know what your difficulty has been with!  

    For me, during pregnancy I kept asking ppl, what is it about BFing that is hard (b/c everyone seemed to say how hard it was, but really didn't say why). Well now I know!  The first week is the WORST.  It took me at least a week before my milk came in, which was unsettling, since everything you read says it will happen in 3-4 days.  Even now, I still feel like I am not quite producing enough.  I think it's enough to keep DS happy, but when I try to pump a few times a day, I am still only getting an ounce at a time at best, which is worrisome for eventually going back to work eventually and being able to supply enough for daycare.  

    I will say, it has gotten somewhat easier (DS is now 2 weeks old) isn't painful the way it was the first week (sore, cracked nipples that literally bought me to tears each time he fed).  DS latches really well now, which is a relief, but I am still all over the place with getting into a pattern of how long he feeds etc.  Sometimes its 10 min, other times its an hour!!

    I can totally see why there is so much emphasis on how good it is to BF, b/c if it wasn't constantly emphasized, I can't imagine most ppl would do it!  

    GC etc...I go to PHCA as well (melrose).  I've tried to get in touch w/ the LC twice now to no avail.  :(  I've called and left my name but no return call.  Any advice on how to get in touch with her??  When things were really tough the 1st week, I just ended up calling the LCs at the hospital I delivered at, which was wonderful, but now, I'd really like to meet with someone in person.

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    Re: September Updates

    MM - Do you have to do 2 nights, I thought you could just do one.  If you do have to do two I am out too - Its a struggle to find one night I can go.  I just looked at MamasMove and that place looks nice, sadly it doesn't really work with my schedule.  With DD I took 2 classes a week at SSH and I think it helped with recovery.  I'm a bit nervous that recovery is going to be more difficult w/o some exercise classes.

    LLLE - BF is very challenging!  Not sure where you live but SSH has a great BF support group that meets daily and is free - Its great.

    ETA - Eva, I found that if I drank a substantial amount of water daily that would up my supply.  Like you I felt like I never had enough milk, drinking water did help but we also supplemented when needed.
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    Re: September Updates

    My DH's cousin would put cold cabbage in her bra when nursing.  Not really sure what that was for...
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    Re: September Updates

    I'd just like to offer a little encouragement as far as breastfeeding goes.  I had a great time with it.  DD latched right away (and I mean immediately - as soon as they pulled her out and put her on my chest she started rooting around, the midwife was like, "um, how about you let your mommy deliver the placenta first"), and we never had any problems from there on in.  My milk came in within 3 days, and I was a little sore for a week or so (lanisoh works wonders), but nothing unmanageable.  And I loved the BFing relationship.  It really helped me bond with DD during the early days when I was so tired.  I know that is not at all the norm, but I thought I'd put it out there so you know that not everyone struggles.  Of course I would recommend that you be prepared, and it looks like from your list you are.
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    Re: September Updates

    I've heard that the first 2 weeks of breastfeeding can be VERY challenging, as several people here have stated, but if you can get through those, it gets easier (this is all hearsay, of course, since I've not yet tried it myself).

    IPW - my friend who has a 1 month old also sent me a huge long email about bf things she wished she had known... I found it very overwhelming to think about before actually doing it myself.  Also, most of what she told me (and most of what your friend told you) was covered in my bf class.  It is all great info to have, but can be a lot to take in before even meeting your baby.

    A friend at work told me she couldn't pump in between feedings because:
    a) at the beginning, there really isn't any "in between feedings" because you're almost constantly bf'ing for the first couple of weeks (this has been said by a couple of friends), and
    b) if she pumped in between feedings, there was no milk for feedings (of course, this is somewhat moot if you're doing breast milk in a bottle, however this coworker said it was hard to figure out when to pump because when you'd be pumping is ideally when you'd be feeding...).

    So I'm confused about when to start to try pumping.  Maybe after the first month?

    Like AM's post shows, bf is different for everyone.  I think it's good to know it can be very difficult at first, so you're not surprised if it is challenging, but I personally cannot worry too much about it at this moment, because it's still in the abstract.  It's good to hear some success stories from people who stuck with it through the tough time and can say it got easier.  that gives me hope that even if it's challenging at first, there's maybe a light ahead...
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    Re: September Updates


    I work with a woman, who I kind of used to be friends with but now she annoys the sh*t out of me and I literally avoid her like the plague. She can't take a hint to save her life, though, and still asks me to get drinks every couple weeks which I normaly come up with a decent excuse to decline.

    Yesterday, she comes over to my desk and asks me if I'm pregnant! I suspected she saw me looking at ultrasound pictures online (tell me I'm not the only one who googles "X week ultrasound" at the start of each new week?), but she swears she didn't. She just "had a feeling."

    Well, lady, I'm  not showing - and I haven't gained THAT much weight. So what the heck were you going to say if I said NO?

    Ugh, I just think that is so rude. And she is definitely one of the last people I planned to tell, b/c now she is going to feel all special b/c s he's in on my secret and she's going to think I want to talk to her now but I don't.

    So now I of course am paranoid that I look fatter than I thought. LOL.
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    Re: September Updates

    I'd try not to get too stressed about BF'ng - There is a lot of support out ther eif you have problems and like AM said for some people there are no issues!

    I actually had not heard of a lot of the tips that IPW posted, they seem great.

    Poppy, I'm not sure when you start to pump between feedings, I never had enough supply to really freeze more that a couple bags.  I'd ask at a BF class or in the hospital.  SSH sent me home with lots of BF'ng paper work.  A good site for BF reference is Kelly Mom:

    Silver - That woman was rude!!  She must have seen your pc screen!
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    Re: September Updates

    Silver, how rude!  I'm sure she must have seen your screen and just won't admit to spying over your shoulder.
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    Re: September Updates

    I thought that you weren't supposed to switch between BF and pumping/bottle in the beginning.  I was under the impression that it dimished your supply, messed up whatever semblance of rythm you might have and doesn't work to solidify the nursing practice for the baby.  Am I wrong?  Is this a philosophical choice then?  I'm so confused! 

    So, I just got a call from the lab where we had our early risk screening: we knew while we were there that all of our 12-week measurements were right smack dab in the middle of normal range.  And our blood work came back great.  So, the woman let me know that our range is 1 in 10,000!  YAY!  That works for me! :) 

    Maybe I feel a little more comfortable telling work tomorrow... If only to ward off any of those awkward exchanges like the one you describe Silver. 

    Happy day everyone!
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    Re: September Updates

    congrats, mbg! that is great news!