Started a New Job in January, How/when do I tell my boss?

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    Started a New Job in January, How/when do I tell my boss?


    I am new to these boards, a good friend just told me about them and so far I have found so much great advice!  So thank you all in advance for the help/advice!

    I am 15 weeks, and started a new job at a new company in the middle of January.  I really like the job, company and my boss and hope to be there for a long time but while I am thrilled about being pregnant,  I am worried about telling my boss. 

    I guess my main question is... When/how should I tell my boss?  I was thinking that I should wait as long as possible so they can form a good opinion of me , but I am starting to feel like I am hiding something/lying...  I am really not showing yet.

    When I was negotiating the salary, I asked what the maternity policy is and I was told that they comply with FMLA and that it only applies after you are there for over 1 year.  To add to that the short term disability is active on my first day ... so I am a little confused as to what that means.  Can anyone decode that? Does the FMLA mean that they have to hold my job and if I am there less than 1 year, they don't have to hold it?  or is there more to the FMLA?  They spent 8 months looking to fill this position in this job market so I feel pretty confident they will hold my job for me, plus I have gotten very good feedback from my boss as to my performance thus far.

    Also, I am planning to take 12 weeks leave.  I am due in September, 12 weeks from my due date is right around thanksgiving.  Since I've only been there for a short time (I'll only have been there 8 months when I am due) is it reasonable to ask to go back PT for a couple of weeks to ease back in?  

    Also ... (LOL sorry this is the last one) would it be reasonable to ask to work 4 days a week?

    When I tell my boss I'm pregnant, Should I also address the going back PT and the hope to work 4 days a week or should I spread that request out as to not overwhelm him and seem demanding?

    Sorry this is so long! It has been weighing heavily on my mind and I am looking forward to your advice.

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    Re: Started a New Job in January, How/when do I tell my boss?

    You may be eligible for leave under MMLA (the Massachusetts state policy). Here's a link to that law:
    It does have a stipulation that the company can set a probationary period in the terms of employment, but if no period is stipulated then it goes into effect after three months of continuous employment. MMLA is not as generous as FMLA and only guarantees a position after 8 weeks of leave.

    Your short-term disability may cover your salary or part of it if you do take leave. You'd have to check the specifics of your company's policy to see what it may cover and at what point. Another important question is what happens to your benefits (especially healthcare) if you take unpaid leave? You HR person should be able to help you navigate all these issues once you do tell work. As for the timing, I would have the conversation once you are obviously showing, otherwise I'd assume things would get really awkward pretty quickly.

    As for the other questions, I think you need to be realistic. The culture of every company is different. You can ask for part-time work, but the company is under no obligation to provide you that kind of flexibility. Is there anyone else in your position that works part-time? Is your company in a financial position to be able to cover another employee or a new employee to cover the parts of your job that you'd be giving up while working part time? It can't hurt to ask. But, likewise, you can't be hurt if the answer is no.

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    Re: Started a New Job in January, How/when do I tell my boss?

    Here is the link to the DOL page re FMLA:

    If you haven't been there for a year, it does not apply to you.  Basically, you are at the whim of your employer, unless they have a policy in place.  MMLA may give you more protection.  

    I would not bring up PT to ease back into it.  I would not bring up any plan about your return other than that you do plan to return.  Things can change dramatically during pg or after birth, so just tell him that you do plan to return after your leave is over.  You can make any decisions re how you want to return later and ask at that time.

    I would tell your boss that you are pg at the same time you would have told your old boss that you were pg.  They are  going to find out eventually.  If you'd have told your old boss at 4 months or 5 months, tell your current boss at the same time. They need to make arrangements re how your work is going to be covered during your absence. 
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    Re: Started a New Job in January, How/when do I tell my boss?

    Thank you both for the information and the good advice!  I will read up on the MMLA as I know I don't qualify for the FMLA.  

    Kiwi - you are totally right about being realistic... and not being upset if I don't get the answer I want ... I really like how you phrased that too!

    Alf - you are totally right about not bringing up my return plan/request. There is so much to think about, I think as I was writing my pent up question ... all the surrounding questions tumbled out too! lol  I will feel much better when I can tell my boss and talk to HR to get the facts.

    Thank you again for the advice ... and for reading my rambling post!