Stripping of the membrane?

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    Stripping of the membrane?

    I am due Saturday and if I dont go naturally they want to induce me Sunday, a OB nurse told me I should ask my doctor to strip my membranes if I am even 1cm dialated today.  Has anyone had this done and if so what could I expect.  I read that they can accidentally break your water so I am nervous now!
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    Re: Stripping of the membrane?

    It feels the same as when they check your cerix, but they're in there a little longer. They basically try to stretch you out so that you dilate better. I had mine stripped at 39 weeks and a few days and it did absolutely nothing because my cervix wasn't dilated at all, then again at 40 weeks 2 days and my water broke the next night. I was in full labor the day after that. I'm all for it!!