Tips on how to hide it?

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    Tips on how to hide it?

    Dh and I are ttc and I am worried if by chance I do get pregnant I will have to try to cover it up on his family vaca. The family vacation includes his close family friends and lots of family members.  Of course on vacation everyone drinks, so that will be the first obvious sign if they notice that.  I am hoping that ordering virgin drinks that look like drinks will make them not notice (but when I say no to a glass of wine I am sure they will wonder, since I love it)   I guess I am  worried since it will be so early on in the pregnancy and I only want dh to know. No one knows we are ttc but us.  Also how soon does morning sickness start?  If I am not drinking and running to the bathroom, for sure everyone will know.   Any advice for hiding it? 
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    Re: Tips on how to hide it?

    Very early for us, we told people that we were trying to get pregnant, and therefore I was being "extra careful" and not drinking, etc. 

    And with the morning sickness- not ever one gets sick. so, it is really up in the air. if it is a short vacation and you are getting sick, you can also tell people that you are getting over a stomach bug and on some super duty meds that don't allow for drinking.  :)

    good luck (with conception and the trip!)
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    Re: Tips on how to hide it?

    ajuly - what I learned was, no matter WHAT you say or don't say - even if you come up with the most convincing excuse possible - if you are married and not drinking someone is going to think you are pregnant.  Not much you can do about that!  You just have to hope they're polite and don't push you about it.  If they do, just stick with your excuse (unless you decide it's just easier to tell) - they can WAIT.  :)

    When is your vacation?  I think often nausea doesn't start until 5 weeks or after, but I'm sure it's different for everyone...

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    Re: Tips on how to hide it?

    Maybe say that your allergies are acting up and wine doesn't agree with you when you are taking antihistamines?  Or say you got too much sun and feel kind of woozy and dehydrated so you are opting for water or something else so you are ready to party again the next day?

    If you are at a restaurant can you get a drink at the bar and ask the bartender to serve you ginger ale or apple juice in a wine glass? (If you do soda in a wine glass get a stirrer and stir it a bit to get rid of as many bubbles as possible) Or a sprite in a squat glass and add a lime and it looks like a vodka and sprite?

    Good luck with the vacation....and think about when the vacation is scheduled if you have not yet "O'ed" or you don't anticipate "O'ing" on vaction you will be in the clear or if AF arrives while on vacation while annoying it does mean you can feel free to have a drink.

    Yes I have had similar thoughts and discussions with my DH, and often will have the same drink as him and take a token sip, and then he and I keep swapping glasses as he drinks from both.  But I don't know how effective that is, but no one has come out and called us on that.
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    Re: Tips on how to hide it?

    hi ajuly - i think the best thing for you to do - as hard as it is - is try to get over caring what anyone else thinks!  stinks, but - it will make you feel better and less stressed in the long run to just "let go."  try to order virgin drinks.  also, this may be controversial, but if you are PG and in the 2ww you won't know if you're PG and can drink a moderate amount anyway (if you're comfortable with that).  if you already know you're PG or don't want to chance it, one thing my SIL did was have a glass of wine anyway at the dinner table - take tiny sips, and do a switcharoo with your DH at some point so he can finish it off.  and you can always skip the fruity drinks during the day at the beach by saying you're trying to save up on calories so you can order extra conch fritters or something.  finally - maybe the "sun" has made you "dehydrated" and has given you a "headache" so you don't want to drink alcohol.  ;)  good luck!!!
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    Re: Tips on how to hide it?

    FWIW, I drank several beers a day for a week straight (we were in Mexico) knowing we were ttc but not knowing I was pg.  Got home, took the test, it was positive, and I immediately worried about the drinking.  Then I found out that there is no exchange of food/beverages between mom and baby for several weeks in early pregnancy... 
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    Re: Tips on how to hide it?

    There was absolutely no opportunity for me to hide my pregnancy (I was very sick from Day 1), but I did know some tricks beforehand that I never got to use.

    1) Your on antibiotics (you can't drink when you are taking them).
    2) The anti biotics make you feel like crap (nausea, headaches, exhaustion)
    3) Many antibiotics require you to stay out of the sun.

    Luckily, today's fashions seem to hide baby pooches very well, although you won't start to show until about 12-16 weeks.

    I don't know what the deal is about keeping a secret, personally. Every family is different but if something happened, you'd want their support. It's hard to get support when people don't know, but that's just me.

    Also, it's really hard to get pregnant. Don't worry about this too much, because it might not happen just when you think it will (like on next month's family vaca or whatever).

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    Re: Tips on how to hide it?

    I found that the trick was just to have a drink in front of you -- period.  People really don't pay attention to others as much as we think they do.  Other excuses I used or have successfully tricked me:

    1) wine has started giving me terrible heartburn

    2) on antibiotics and can't drink
    3) Doing South Beach and am on Phase One (less convincing on vacation, but highly effective at home), or, I just finished South Beach Phase One and I had SUCH great success, I'd rather cheat with food than drink.
    4) You order a regular daiquiri or something, DH goes to bar and orders a virgin and then you switch
    5) You tell bartender or waitress that you are PG and not telling, and ask him/her to make yours virgin, even if you ask for regular (This is dicey as you're relying on someone else to remember, but I've done it and it works) 
    6) refill your non-clear beer bottle with water

    I drank in moderation during the 2WW (and then with less moderation when "AF Arrived" but she hadn't, it was implantation bleeding.  Sorry, Bean), and probably wound up consuming the sum total of a glass of wine over the six weeks we knew and weren't telling.  I actually found these boards reassuring as several women told me that due to how early it was, the baby wasn't getting much of those soothing cocktails.  I'm not saying this to encourage you to booze it up, but I know how stressful it can be to have the pressure of all eyes on you, and a few well-timed alcoholic drink orders can really take that pressure off. 
    My problem was that I don't drink mixed drinks -- I'm beer, wine and the occasional martini.  I just ordered a glass of wine or grabbed a bottle of beer and pretended to sip it all night, then dumped it when no one was looking.   

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    Re: Tips on how to hide it?

    I got together with friends the night after I found out and just poured myself a small glass of wine (I obviously didn't drink it).  No one asks questions when you have a drink in your hand.  I've also used "stomach issues". People tend to not ask questions about that one!

    As for morning sickness, I was fine the first week or so, but then the food aervsions kicked in.  I haven't gotten physically sick, just nauseous.
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    Re: Tips on how to hide it?

    Very helpful hints ladies. I agree that if I have a drink in hand no one will question. DH will be happy to finish it!   I also know that there is a big chance it will not happen before this vacation, but I what can I say I am a planner!  :0)      It is funny because this same family trip a few years ago, the cat was let out of the bag when my SIL was not drinking!  Drink in hand will be the best solution. 
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    Re: Tips on how to hide it?

    I also 2nd filling a beer bottle with water.  I haven't actually used that one, but it sounds like it would work really well!
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    Re: Tips on how to hide it?

    I used the drink switch at a work party- we ordered two glasses of wine and just kept switching (I also put it on a table, DH just picked it up). I thought everyone would know because I don't drink red, but no one noticed.  Others in my work group have done the non-alcoholic drinks that look like real drinks (e.g., soda with a splash of cranberry and lime).

    I also had to comment on how ironic it is that it is so much easier to tell random people (e.g., waitresses, etc.) than our families sometimes.  I felt like there were like 20 people who knew before my mom, and most I had never met before.

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    Re: Tips on how to hide it?

    I get not wanting to tell, even if it's family... it's a private and can be stressful time.  I didn't tell ANYONE with #1 until after a MC at 8 weeks, and then only my parents - and at that mainly because I talked to them as it was happening and (Heaven forbid) I had to go to the hospital, I didn't want DH to have to tell them... Ultimately didn't tell until 11 weeks and then, funny enough, almost as soon as we found out with #2, mainly because there is NO WAY I could last 2 weeks at my parents house with no/minimal coffee or drinks over the Xmas holidays!  In fact, the half-decaf coffee gave me away on several occasions.

    Anyway ought to be easier in a bigger group... I had soda water (which we drink a lot anyway) In Bacardi bottles a few times... had to make sure Dh was always the one fetching me a drink, but it worked out well and I was hyrdrating (with no sugar!) to boot!

    Anyway best of luck and do your best to enjoy the vacation!
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    Re: Tips on how to hide it?

    This is where it comes in handy that I've never been much of a drinker :o)
    I honestly don't think that will matter though, people are already commenting and we're really not pregnant yet!  Last weekend my mother asked me why I kept going to the bathroom - first evidence that she has her eye on me!
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    Re: Tips on how to hide it?

    I hate that this conversation even has to happen. Why can't people mind their own business? If they'd just stop asking every woman who puts on 10 lbs over the holidays or wears one of those stupid ubiquitous smock tops if she's pregnant we wouldn't have this problem.

    For my part, I looked more pregnant at 3 months than at 5 -- I bloated and my belly got big fast -- but only one person asked me and I told her, "Oh trust me, if I get pregnant you'll be the very first person I tell." I mean COME ON random coworker, if you have to ask then you should just shut up already.
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    Re: Tips on how to hide it?

    I had a family member take a drink out of my hand and taste-test it to MAKE SURE THERE WAS ALCOHOL in it.  No joke.  I was horrified, gave my best icy stare and said, um, yeah, you can keep that.  I'll go make myself a fresh one. 

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    Re: Tips on how to hide it?

    Omg CG, that person is truly crazy.  And good response btw. 

    I always go up to our lunch room at work and have a cup of tea in the afternoon, when I showed up there without tea and said i was cutting back on caffeine, I got called out!  Guess it didn't even cross my mind that they would figure it out.  I just said, no, I've been getting caffeine headaches in the afternoon and am sick of depending on it!