Transitioning to bottle

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    Transitioning to bottle

    Can anyone share with me how they transitioned DD/DS to a bottle from BF?  We have been trying for just about 4 weeks now with DD and she still refuses to take it.  DH has been giving it to her, I leave the room and sometimes the house.  We have tried different bottles.  She will occasionally take an ounce or so under duress and if the vacuum is running.  We started trying twice a week this week and don't skip days, though nothing appears to be working.  She will be going to daycare in 3.5 weeks so we need to get her to take it and are at a loss at this point.  Any advice appreciated!  

    Thank you in advance.

    Update:  I meant to post this under Infant & Toddlers, though posted it in Pregnancy by accident.  Can I move or delete a discussion?

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    Re: Transitioning to bottle

    We went through the same thing! DD refused to take the bottle. Actually, when we first introduced it he did great, but then after about 2 weeks started refusing it.  I thought we would never get him to take one and I am heading back to teaching soon and I was so concerned. It was a battle for awhile!  He would usually take an ounce and then realize what was going on and freak out, scream and cry.  Our pedi suggested giving a bottle once or twice a day. Here's what worked for us 
    1. making sure he wasn't super hungry and kinda sneaking it in there when he woke up from a nap and was half awake. 

    2. feeding him when the tv was was all about distraction.  I did let him look at it, I know, the horror! But it was only for a few minutes and he stopped needing to look at it once he took the bottle better. 

    3.  He used to love looking at lights, so I would hold him in one arm and feed him while he looked at the pendant light over the kitchen sink.  Sometimes bouncing/singing/talking helped too. 

    4. Don't feed him a bottle where you bf.. find a new spot. 
    5. Keep trying other bottles...we found he took the playtex  drop ins with the latex nipple. The latex was key.. it wasn't an instant miracle but he ended up liking that one the best out of the lot. 

    I know it is incredibly frustrating, I've been there!  And eventually your DD should be able to take one..and even if not for you, then she may for day care.  Just stick with it and try a few times a day.  We actually were on a roll at one point and stopped giving the bottles as often and he started not liking them again, so stick with it!  I had to try formula with DS and he refused the bottle and didn't eat for about 6 hrs and gave in bf him.  The pedi said that if they can go 8 hrs over night w/o food that they can do that during the day too and it won't hurt them.  I didn't really like this advice though. Also we were told if he's hungry enough he'll eat!  Actually, no he wouldn't! 
     DS is great with the bottle now, I never thought we'd be at this point.  Hope some of the suggestions work, it won't happen magically, but slowly she should start to take more and more even if there is fussing in between sucking. Good luck and keep us updated! 

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    Re: Transitioning to bottle

    We had a lot of trouble getting DD ready for when I went back to work, too.  Keep sticking with it.  My leaving the house helped for us, so you're on the right track there.  Do you have an older woman in your family who bottle-fed her kids?  Sometimes getting a bottle expert in can do wonders (even if it is your MIL! haha). 

    It'll all work out eventually.  Try not to get too stressed and guilt-filled about it.  The people at daycare have a LOT of experience with this sort of thing.  They won't neglect your child or think less of you as a mother if you give them a kid who's not totally cooperative about the bottle.  The truth is, most of the work you're doing now is an attempt to save YOURSELF the misery later on.  If your baby reverse-cycles, it'll be all about your pain and misery while the darling child goes all vampirebaby on you, with the allnightsuckfest that is reverse cycling. 
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    Re: Transitioning to bottle

    I may go off the deep end if DS reverse cycles. There is no way I can teach 20 5 year olds all day and feed all night and be a sane person.  Here's to hoping. 
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    Re: Transitioning to bottle

    Thanks for your comments ajuly and lissafro.  I am excited that she actually took the bottle tonight.  I had only put 1/2 ounce in since we have been wasting so much and she finished it.  She then drank 2 more ounces.  I am not sure if it was a one time thing or not.  I fed her this time, previously DH has been trying, we also switched to the playtex drop in and latex nipples.  

    Hopefully she continues to take it tomorrow!  DH is a bit discouraged that she took the bottle from me though.

    ETA: DD was back to screaming and gagging with the bottle this morning.

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    Re: Transitioning to bottle

    Aaaah!  I remember this all too well!  I feel for you.  It's not easy.

    I am laughing at how similar our experience was to ajuly's.  We used the tv, and lights, to distract her.  After a couple of weeks she didn't need any distraction.

    My advice would be to NOT drive yourselves insane over it.  She will take it when she's ready to.  Don't let this monopolize your remaining time with her before you go back to work.  We were trying to transition her over the Christmas holiday, and now I regret it.  It was miserable, and it was NOT necessary.  She eventually took the bottle just fine.  Maybe try once or twice a day, but don't force her, and don't let her (or either of you) get hysterical.  I'm sure daycare has seen this before and like so many stories you hear, they'll probably say, "Oh, the bottle?  She took it no problem!"

    Good luck!
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    Re: Transitioning to bottle

    or it could be like my son, with daily phone calls from daycare asking if he was okay until we all realized he knew how to drink from a bottle, and would take one when he was hungry enough (and that he managed to get everyone in the center carting him around, bouncing him, as they tried - he got to the point where he would drink 1/2 oz to oz then look at the director or teacher with a smile and "how about a change of scenery?" look). The main request I have now is that they at least offer him his third bottle around 1/2 hour before my usual pickup time so that I don't have a hungry kid who won't let me put him into the car even if he rejects the earlier bottles (and if he rejects, then we can use the milk to use with his meal at home). 

    He was clearly getting enough from me during morning/evening nursings (and unfortunately reverse cycling) to stay chubby and hydrated... so although he is still a reluctant bottle drinker months later, at least we have moved onto solids (and daycare just mixes his rejected bottle into cereal which he loves - usually at least 1 of the 2-3 a day he is given along with the water they offer at times). 

    Daycare will have seen babies who never had a bottle come in and usually they can make it work (my son was an extremely stubborn case and even so, they still were able to keep him happy and patient enough to keep offering - some days, he did eagerly take every bottle they offered, but those were rare). 

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    Re: Transitioning to bottle

    Another distraction is to walk around while you feed her - and I mean FAST!  I've marched back and forth fairly quickly with quite a few babies while feeding them bottles - seemed like the motion was what they focused on vs. focusing on having the bottle in the mouth?

    Another suggestion one mother said she'd been told to do:  nurse with nipple shields to get a baby used to a manmade material vs. skin.

    Also, to begin nursing then sneak the bottle in and off the breast....  so baby isn't starving, and (in theory) just keeps nursing on the bottle.  ha!  some babies might do this, others would know what's up, though and refuse. but it's worth a try....

    and, yes, we do have several babies who have been bottle refusers - and we do get all babies to eventually take a bottle, sometimes it takes trying different types, other times it's just waiting the baby out and having them understand that they'll have to come around.
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    Re: Transitioning to bottle

    I'm a nicu nurse... sometimes when babies are hard to feed a bottle to a little trick we have is to "breastfeed the bottle" by holding them down and holding the bottle next to your chest.  Some kiddos just love this comforting position.  Worth a shot! At least its a start at the transition.
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    Re: Transitioning to bottle

    Still no luck, though trying not to get too discouraged about it.  She did drink an ounce yesterday while the vaccum was running, once DH shut it off she stopped and wouldn't start again.  No luck since.  We have tried lots of singing and dancing, though haven't tried feeding her first and then try to sneak it in, that will be next!

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    Re: Transitioning to bottle

    then if she eats with the vacuum cleaner on, then use that crutch! you can always wean her off the vacuum cleaner sound (by having the vacuum a little bit farther away at each feeding over a week) once she's good on the bottle!

    don't you have an older son? you could teach him to USE the vacuum while it has to be on while his sister eats, lol! (yeah, I think your son is only 3 yrs old so this is only wishful thinking!)

    by the way, how is your son? wasn't he born really, really early and in the hospital for quite a few months?  I think that was you.... or perhaps I'm remembering someone else?
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    Re: Transitioning to bottle

    CT, you must have me confused with someone else, just the one DD.  I am still at the point where I think, people do this again?!  :)  

    I go back to work today, she is still not taking the bottle great, and hasn't taken it except for .5 ounce in the last 2 weeks.  I am so worried about her not eating today.  DH wouldn't let me keep trying with the vaccum on, he thought that was forcing her and that she wouldn't be able to take it without it.  I should have just done it while he was at work.