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What do you put on a baby registry?

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    What do you put on a baby registry?

    It seems like various web sites have very different opinions when it comes to making registries. So, veteran moms and people who know more than I do, what do you actually need for a baby and what's just silly extra stuff? What did you register for or receive as gifts that were really helpful? 

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    Re: What do you put on a baby registry?

    My first suggestion would be to get the book "Baby Bargains". It really is a bible of sorts for all things baby. It does a good job of distinguishing needs from wants.

    As for what you NEED--that's pretty basic. A car seat. Something to transport the baby (carriers, stroller). Some clothes. A way to feed the baby (BFing or FFing, then certain decisions follow from there). A way to diaper the baby (cloth vs. disposables). A place for the baby to sleep (co-sleeper, bassinet, crib, swing, etc.) A way to bathe the baby (baby tub, bathing with parents, therefore NO tub, etc) From there it depends on your parenting style and your lifestyle. There's always plenty of baby gear that you CAN buy. You just need to decide what you want.

    Registering is a great way to keep track of what you have and what you still need. The completion coupons rock. For showers, though, a lot of people tend to buy clothes, books, and toys--all the "ohh and ahh" stuff. For me, at least, we did not get any big items from our registry at our showers.


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    Re: What do you put on a baby registry?

    Kiwi mentioned the big stuff and I will also highly recommend you get the latest edition of "Baby Bargains".  It helped me tremendously and had good feedback regarding the safety and quality of tons of items. 

    It is good to put some "bigger" items on the list that you know you'll need/want (stroller, carseat, pack n play, swing, etc.).  Also good to put some smaller and accessory items on the list (bottles, bath tub, towels, diaper bag, sleep sacks, etc.).  Don't register for clothes - people will buy those for you regardless.

    One thing I would personally not recommend (and I don't know what your plans are for feeding - so this is more just a general comment) - don't register for big-ticket items such as a breast pump and all the breast-feeding supplies.  You never know how it is going to go once baby is born and it is a big investment on something that you aren't sure you'll need.  Also, depending on the circumstances and your insurance - a pump may be covered by your insurance (mine was).  I'm so glad I didn't already have one since I ended up getting mine for free.

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    Re: What do you put on a baby registry?

    I also liked Baby Bargins, I borrowed mine from my local library and took notes of items I wanted to take with us when registering.  Also, we registered at Buy Buy Baby in Braintree and they were really helpful.  They offer to have someone go around with you which I declined because I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted but whenever I had questions they were able to answer them and give suggestions.  They also gave you a little guide which had tons of items that weren't necessary but it was a pretty comprehensive list so it was helpful.

    Unlike Kiwi I actually got a lot of the bigger items on my list.  I had a few groups of friends and family that got the more expensive items.  We did get a few things that we never used and a few that we couldn't live without... we got a Mamaroo swing that our DS hated.  It was pretty expensive, we bought it ourselves because DH loved it and our DS would scream every time we had him in there.  Also, we got an Ergo carrier which a lot of people swear by but both DH and I thought it was pretty uncomfortable and ended up buying a Bjorne that we and DS loved.  Finally, we couldn't have lived without the Graco swing frame that our car seat snapped into.  It was a wonderful way to get DS to stay asleep when transitioning from the car to the house and he slept in it a few nights when he was sick because it kept him elevated.  Also, our bouncer seat was where DS slept for the first 2 1/2 months.  Don't know what we would have done without that!

    Last but not least, I totally agree with ALS on the breastpump.  I ended up having mine covered by my insurance (BCBS) because DS had latch issues. 

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    Re: What do you put on a baby registry?

    Register for anything you think you're going to need because you may be able to get a discount on the items not purchased at a later date. I got coupon to complete my registry after my due date had passed and was able to get a few things that hadn't been purchased for me.

    A couple things I didn't see in the other posts: either a sling or a baby carrier you can wear. That's fabulous. If you don't get a stroller right away, a snap n'go is a necessity. Baby monitor.

    You asked for what you should put on there. I'll second ALS and say there's some things you shouldn't. Because you seriously won't need them: bottle/wipes warmers, clothes (people are always going to give you clothes, no matter what's on your registry), stuffed animals/toys (again, people are going to give you that stuff).

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    Re: What do you put on a baby registry?

    I will also add that "Baby Bargains" is a must have book! It was a huge help when purchasing our crib. Also, almost every big-ticket item on our registry was researched in that book first. 

    Our favorite baby items from our registry were a Samsung video monitor, Arm's Reach co-sleeper, Diaper Genie Elite (hands-free model), Ergo baby carrier and a Baby Jogger stroller. I agree that you don't need to register for clothes, especially in newborn sizes. DS grew out of newborn qucikly, so we have a lot of clothes he never got to wear. IMO, I wouldn't register for diapers either. We registered for Huggies Natural Care because my brother & SIL recommended that brand. We didn't end up liking the diapers and had to test a bunch of different brands (Honest Co, Earth's Best, Luvs, Pampers, etc) before finding a brand that worked for us (surprisingly Pampers). We received so many gift cards, which we ended up using to stock up on diapers. One item we didn't register for but we recently purchased and DS absolutely loves it is a mamaRoo (bouncer/infant motion seat). It's pricey (~$200), so it's a nice registry item for people that like to go in on joint gifts. 

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    Re: What do you put on a baby registry?

    Another tip, when completing your registry with the coupon I found other items that weren't on my registry that I wanted to buy.  BBB let me use one of the registry guns and add items to my registry as I put them in my cart and then updated my registry prior to us checking out so we got the discount. 


    Also, keep receipts/gift receipts because as you can see from these posts every baby is different.  Happy loved her Mamaroo and DS hated his, it's all about the baby's preference. And I did register for diapers and we had a friend make an adorable diaper cake. 

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    Re: What do you put on a baby registry?

    Thanks for the input everyone! I did get a Baby Bargains book and have been researching, but it's also really nice to hear from moms who have experienced everything. :) 

    BRU has a checklist (some of it I get the feeling is unnecessary), and I'm confused about the differences among a rocker, bouncer, and jumper. They seem like the same thing. Our house is really small and there's no way a cradle/bassinet would even fit in our room, so I was thinking of using the Fisher Price Rock n Play sleeper (rocker?) as a bassinet and then we can move it around the house, like when DH is in his office working from home the baby can be next to him. 

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    Re: What do you put on a baby registry?

    WPP - bouncer and rocker are very similar.  A friend has one that's a combo that might work well for you.  We went with the bouncer over the rocker just because that's what I picked out.  As for a jumper, those and exersaucers are very similar and are for when the baby's older (4-6 months depending on size and strength).  Neither is necessary but we found our exersaucer soooo convenient when DS was younger.  Now he doesn't like actually being put in it but plays around it with all of the toys.  It's a great, safe place to put him if I need to run to the bathroom or into another room quickly!

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    Re: What do you put on a baby registry?

    People swear by the Rock n Plays...I never had one, but have heard great things.

    I know people who will register for TONS of stuff, but I'm kind of a minimalist when it comes to a lot of the baby paraphenalia.  DD and DS both slept in the pack n play in our room until they were about 4 months old, so we didn't even buy crib sheets for months! 

    I think the minimum you need is a carseat (can't leave the hospital without one), a snap n go or other stroller, somewhere for the baby to sleep (Rock n Play, Pack n Play with bassinet, co- sleeper, or crib, or some combo), a Boppy pillow, and a ton of white kimono t-shirts, diapers, wipes and diaper cream.  Everything else is really about preference, as someone said. 

    Also, if you're thinking about multiple kids, even if you know the sex of the baby, consider registering for neutral themed stuff.  This one might be a girl, but if you're going to have another in 2 years and it's a boy, you'll be kicking yourself that you have to either put your son in the hot pink car seat or go out and spend another $150 on a new one! 


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    Re: What do you put on a baby registry?

    Also, remember to register for the convertible car seat the kid will need to switch to once s/he's older.  They're usually more expensive than the bucket seats and the kid will be in one for longer.


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    Re: What do you put on a baby registry?

    Exersaucers are the best thing since sliced bread.  The kid can be near you and has something to do, but is contained for when you just cannot have them on the move and/or you have your hands full.  Cooking, ironing, laundry, vacuuming, running the trash out to the bin, waiting on hold on the phone for something urgent, answering the door, going to the bathroom. 

    You're in your own house, they are perfectly fine sitting there briefly even if you have to leave the room for a few minutes.

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    Re: What do you put on a baby registry?

    Also don't register for a car seat for later unless you're fairly sure you will be driving the same car.

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    Re: What do you put on a baby registry?

    DS who is 10 months lived in the Rock n Sleeper (Fisher Price).  It was the best gift we recieved.  We used it for the first 6 months of his life.  It is portable and folds up!

    Also I 2nd idea of not putting the pump on your registry.  My insurance covered it so I wont register for it. 

    I think Kiwi hit the nail on the head with what you really need. 

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    Re: What do you put on a baby registry?

    I always send this list to my new mom friends.  You might find it helpful:

    1. Nursing boppy pillow and at least 1 extra cover. Even if you don't
    plan on nursing, this pillow is great for bottle feeding or to prop
    baby up before he can sit up on his own. we used it soooo much!

    2. Flannel receiving blankets. Take as many as
    you can from the hospital, but we also got some from "Just 1 year" I think that's the brand. These are great as burping cloths. We hated the little burping cloths, it seemed like they'd always fall off your shoulder.

    3. Halo sleep sacks and swaddle mes. DD didn't
    like to be swaddled so we just used the the sleep sacks. But i'd
    recommend trying to swaddle. So many babies love it! For sleep sacks,
    ask for a few lighter weight small ones and some larger and heavier
    ones for the winter.

    4. Flannel crib sheets! Don't get cotton for a newborn. The cotton can
    be cool when you put him down and so he'll wake up, but the flannel is
    always tepid and is also great for the winter.

    5. For car seat I recommend the graco snugride 22 and the snap and go
    to turn it into a stroller.

    6. Gymini play mat. Staple item and great for tummy time.

    7. Pampers swaddlers sensitive diaper in size N. Loved these!

    8. Changing pad, and 2 covers at least! Also, Boppy makes these vinyl
    backed little oval overlays for the pad, get a few extra of those
    because baby will have many loose poops in the beginning and it can
    get messy.

    9. Washcloths and hoody towels. I'd say maybe 10 washcloths and at
    least 2 towels. You will probably not bathe him very frequently, but
    he will probably get a semi-daily face wash with a wet washcloth

    10. Johnsons head to toe body wash

    I think those are the newborn essentials and what we used the most in the beginning. I'd also say don't ask for clothes because people will just get you those anyway, especially after the baby is born! It's also hard to register now for stuff that he will need when he's older because every baby is different and while one might love the bumbo, another might not, and the store return policies are usually 90 days so you might get stuck with some things he doesn't like.

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    Re: What do you put on a baby registry?

    Everyone says not to register for clothes/toys because you will get tons anyway... I didn't believe them, but it was totally true!  I like Kiwi's list of basics above... you never know on other stuff based on your own baby.  For example, we ended up buying tons more flannel receiving blankets to use as burp cloths because DD spit up ALL the time.

    Two non-essentials that have really held up over time (and now with the second baby) are the Boppy and the bouncy seat.  However, I wish we had gotten the FP infant to toddler rocker instead of the plain bouncy seat.  For one thing, you can use it longer.  For another, now that we have the bouncy seat out, DD (who is 2) wants to try it out, but she can't sit in the regular bouncy seat.

    Another nice to have is "miracle blankets".  Again, this might be specific to what each individual baby likes.  And another thing that is a matter of opinion is I didn't like the Johnson's products - I felt like I could only smell the product and couldn't smell my baby.  :)  I only like unscented stuff.

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    Re: What do you put on a baby registry?

    One thing I am sooooo glad I registered for is the temporal thermometer.  It is very accurate and much easier than the alternative when baby is sick and you are a wreck.  I have had days where I took her temp every 15 mins. No lie.

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    Re: What do you put on a baby registry?

    I haven't read every post, but I really like Trouble's list!  A couple of minor differences in our experience.  We had the Graco infant seat that went up to 32 lbs.  I had to stop carrying DD in it long before she got to 32 lbs, but DH used it in his car for months after I got a convertible seat, so it really depends on your situation.  And DD got a rash from Johnson's body wash, so we used Babyganics fragrance free, etc.

    As far as your concern about space, try to think realistically about which items will be in use at the same time.  By the time DD was using the jumper, for example, she was no longer using the swing.  (Though some babies like the swing much longer.)  We had a bouncy seat and a newborn rocker, but not a pack n play.  She slept in the rocker for 8 weeks and the bouncy seat came in handy a little later when the vibrate feature and animal noises entertained DD.  There are definitely things you could do without, but it's tricky because different things come in handy at different times... sometimes short periods of time.  It might seem like your home will be overtaken by baby stuff, but for us it wasn't to the extent you would think... until she got old enough to have toys... everywhere :o)

    ETA: If I had to do it again, I would register for a pack n play.  I didn't think we needed one since we live on one floor and don't have a ton of space, but I ended up needing one many times for travelling, holidays, or naptime while visiting.

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    Re: What do you put on a baby registry?

    you don't need a bumbo chair.  but they market those things like they will get your child into Harvard.

    an exersaucer is for when a child is able to sit up and hold themselves up - so 6 to 8 months of age and older.

    I dunno about a jumper, I think you'd get more use out of the exersaucer as you can use it longer, as in until your child is actuallly walking (and even then, you can plunk your child there so she's safe while you hit the bathroom/shower)

    I personally wouldn't have a baby sleeping in a rocker where she's sitting up in a reclined position as her nap space, I'd use a crib or a pack n play.  But a bouncy seat is wonderful, also sometimes called a sling chair because your baby can be up at a slant and see stuff in her world before she can sit by herself. he can kick his legs and "bounce" the seat up and down or just sit still and be still. and, yes, babies figure that out.  I'm not one for electronic things, so wouldn't have the ones that have lights, sound, or shake attached to them, but others certainly use those and are happy.

    a boppy - gotta have one for a million reasons. 

    an activity gym - blanket with bars across it where toys hang from - great for a baby who can't hold toys yet or get to his/her mouth - when on his back he'll be able to see stuff, reach for the toys, before he can grasp and bring to his mouth.  they are expensive, and it's one of those things you'll use for only 3 to 4 months, but I still think that's worth it.

    but not the bumbo chair.  never the bumbo chair. 

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    Re: What do you put on a baby registry?

    WPP--another source for registry advice is Lucie's List:

    I don't have an outside baby yet, so can't really pretend to give advice about what is most useful.  I will say that some occupational therapists and doctors have concerns about extended use of the jumperoo/exercauser and the bumbo seat, so do your research and decide what you are comfortable with.  And if you have them, consider limiting the duration/frequency of use.