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when did you start "slowing down" and any tips?

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    when did you start "slowing down" and any tips?

    hi all - at what point in your pregnancies did you end up having to slow down - not walk so much, take it easy, not carry heavy things, etc.?  and how did you handle doing this with toddlers at home, busy work schedules, etc.?  i'm only 33 weeks but really feel like i've hit a wall this past weekend (started around 30 weeks, but i feel like all of a sudden i'm rapidly declining), and i'm not sure how to manage from here until 39 weeks (my c-section).  i don't remember it being this bad the first pregnancy, but maybe i was slow to begin with since it was twins?  ugh!  sort of having a pity party here and looking for advice.  tia.

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    Re: when did you start

    I found with #2 the wall came much faster than with pregnancy #1...probably has to do with the fact that you're running around after toddlers and can't rest like you did the first time.  I feel you on the pity party, believe me! 

    I think it was around 33 weeks when I gave up on bathtime and handed that off to my husband and took that 20-30 minutes to lie on the couch every night! 

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    Re: when did you start

    Any chance you're low on iron?  I've only been pregnant once but I was really dragging early in my third trimester and then learned I was anemic and started taking iron--really perked me up.

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    Re: when did you start

    I don't have any advice but I just wanted to join the pity party! I am only 25 weeks and already over this pregnancy. And I LOVED being pregnant the first time around. I think taking care of another child (or children in your case) does play a big part in it. Also, in my case, I was in much better shape with my first pregnancy. I went to the gym or ran nearly everyday throughout, but since having my first I just haven't had time to keep up with that. So that may be part of it too. I did tell my doctor that I'm much more uncomfortable this time around and she said with each pregnancy you get more and more uncomfortable. Not sure how much truth there is in that but she has 3 of her own...

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    Re: when did you start

    I agree with luv--the wall came much faster with #2 than it did the first time around.  Also, it was summer my second time and the heat really got to me. 

    However, I was so sick and miserable during my first trimester that I felt good all the way through until the end in comparison.  Every time I started to feel a bit slow I'd cheer myself up by reminding myself at least I wasn't vomiting.  Good luck!

    Slow down and be careful on the ice, that's for sure.  I noticed a big change in my balance at the end.  She would literally knock my off my balance by rolling/flipping/kicking in there!