which breast pump to buy?

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    which breast pump to buy?

    Are you using a breast pump you would highly recommend? Please be specific on brand/type and cost if you remember. 

    Many thanks. I'm due in August with w/twins, so trying to get one more thing off the prep-list before the big event! 

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    Re: which breast pump to buy?

    here's my advice: don't buy one yet.  rent one at the hospital to make sure you're going to want/need one.  some poeple hate pumping and want to feed directly, and some people only pump for 6 months for example in which case the rental one is a better investment.  the ones you can rent are hospital grade and faster than the ones you buy.  also the hospital i delivered my twins at (BWH) gave me the medela kit (the hose things, n*pple shields, containers, etc.) for free, so i didn't have to buy anything related to pumping - you might check where you are delivering.  you could buy some nursing br@s/tanks now to be prepared.  i also had a hands-free pumping br@ which would have been great if BF-ing had worked out for me!  they sell those at isis.  GL!

    edited to add: i don't understand why more people don't rent pumps versus buy.  for those who bought: was it worth it?  they are so $$$!
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    Re: which breast pump to buy?

    As another twin mom, I wholeheartedly agree--don't buy one yet.  If you're pumping for twins, you're going to need the hospital grade pump.  Insurance will sometimes cover a percentage of the rental cost (my insurance covered 80%).  When you're in the hospital, ask the OB to write you a prescription/order for a hospital-grade pump.  Multiple birth is reason enough for most insurances to cover it (provided it's part of your plan).  I used a Medela Symphony.  It may be worth talking to a lactation consultant now to get some pointers/advice about the different pumps and advantages/disadvantages. 

    But, like Stefani said, you don't know how things are going to go once the babies are born.  My two were born at 37.5 weeks, DD was 5 lbs. 6 oz.; DS was 6 lbs. 9 oz.--so well-developed and good weights for twins--and they both had latching problems.  After a couple weeks of misery for me because nursing wasn't working out (even after seeing a lactation consultant) and I had really wanted to nurse them, I decided to exclusively pump.  I am convinced that the hospital grade pump was what allowed me to do that for 10 months.  (Babies got ~1 formula bottle a day b/c I had problems with my supply.)  The other pumps are good if you have a good supply and nursing is well-established, but if that scenario doesn't work out, you'll probably need the strength of the hospital grade pump to maintain your supply.

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!   Do you know what you're having?  If you haven't joined a Mothers of Twins group yet, I HIGHLY recommend it.  For most of them you can be as involved or not-involved as you want to be.  The one I belong to has a very active list-serv, Mom's Nights Out, Infant/Toddler support groups, Older Kid support groups, and several other activities throughout the year, including 2 tag sales where you can sell your multiple pieces of equipment and clothes.  www.mmota.org has a listing of them.  Most of them cover a certain geographic area, but they overlap a bit, so you can check out which ones offer the types of things you'd be interested in.

    Besides Stefani and I, I think there's at least one other MOT who posts regularly on these boards, so let us know if you have any questions about the logistics of having twins!
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    Re: which breast pump to buy?

    I actually borrowed one from a friend who had a baby about a year and a half before me.  I highly recommend doing this rather than spending any money on it, if possible.  You buy all of your own "parts" (the parts that touch your body/milk), which comes to about $25.  It's worked perfectly for me - I've been using it about 3x per day for almost 9 months.  It's the Medela "Pump in Style Advanced."  If I owned this one, I'd send it to you since I'm going to be done with it in a couple of months!
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    Re: which breast pump to buy?

    Lowell, if you're planning to deliver at LGH (or even if not) they have really great lactation consultants there and a regular new moms group that is a kind of drop-in arrangement where the LC's are on hand also.

    I used a Medela Pump in Style, that, at the time, was convered by my insurance.  I used it for both my kids and my sister is using it now.  However, pumping was hard for me after I went back to work full time, I never really was able to keep up.

    Several Moms of twins friends of mine also love the MOT groups (and I love their tag sales!)

    Good luck and congrats on your twins!
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    Re: which breast pump to buy?

    I don't have twins, but I can recommend my breast pump.  But firstly, I must agree with the other posters that I'd also recommend waiting to buy one.  Personally I didn't want to waste the money if I had supply issues or some other issue that would prevent me from breastfeeding.

    I bought mine when my daughter was about 4 weeks old.  I went with the Medela Freestyle because it's lightweight, compact and powerful.  I knew I'd be carting it to work and I wanted to make it as easy as possible.  I'm pretty sure that the hospital grade ones are heavier and bulkier.  The freestyle is also digital and holds a battery charge really well.  I only had to recharge every couple of days.  I think it was around $300 less 20% with a babies r us coupon. 

    Good luck!  I'm also expecting in early August so I know that feeling of wanting to knock stuff off my to-do list :)
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    Re: which breast pump to buy?

    Hi. I'm also due in August w/ b/g twins (well technically early Sept.) and was also wondering on the pumping. Daisy were you able to purchase the Symphony or did you rent it? My insurance (bcbs) does pay 100% for one with a prescription but I'm not sure how renting one works. Any info would be great.

    I pumped for a year for my 27 month old with a Freestyle and had no problems but I wonder if with twins that type of pump will give me enough milk.
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    Re: which breast pump to buy?

    My daughter arrived early and spent some time in the NICU, so I was able to get a prescription and insurance paid 100% of the cost. I went with the Freestyle and was happy with it (although I don't have anything else to compare it to). Not sure where you are delivering, but I know some Boston hospitals have a service where you just call the distributor, tell them which pump you want, and they bring it right to you. That's how I got mine in the hospital- it was so easy and was delivered right to my room in like 2 hours.  If you are having twins, you might want to see about getting a Symphony- maybe your Dr. will have more info?

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    Re: which breast pump to buy?

    I had b/g twins last October.  I already had the Medela Pump in Style from my DD, but I also knew the system a little better this time.  When the LC came by to check on me, she asked about a pump.  I told her my last one had fallen apart (not a real lie since the straps were coming unstiched) and she took care of the rest.  I left the hospital with a brand new Pump in Style completly paid for by my insurance.

    I didn't have a huge issue making enough milk for the twins.  I just had to pay attention to drinking enough and pumping enough, both of which were a little hard with a 2.5 y/o running around.

    I went back to work when the twins were 8 weeks old (I was out for 8 weeks before they were born too) and I brought one of the pumps into work and left it there and left one at home. I never considered renting although I did ask for one in the hospital and kept the accessories packet when I left.
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    Re: which breast pump to buy?

    Holy twin explosion!  :-)

    I have nothing to add except that my Medela PISA works well although it's now about 6 years old (got it from my SIL who barely used it) and now it seems almost like it's not working as well.  I guess I should expect that though, but I keep telling myself that I only have about 3 more months of pumping to go through at work!
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    Re: which breast pump to buy?

    JMcW--I rented the Symphony through Cambridge Medical Supply.  They have some sort of deal that you can switch it out for a more-portable pump and they'll apply the amount you've paid toward the Symphony rental to the purchase.  That being said, I never purchased another pump.  The Symphony retails for something like $1200 and really isn't something you can carry back and forth to work.  The rental was ~$60/month and I paid ~$12/month out of pocket.  If your insurance covers the purchase, then you should probably use the benefit for a Freestyle or Pump in Style and then rent a Symphony on your own for as long as you need it.

    In my case, I work at a hospital with several "nursing mothers' lounges" equipped with Symphony pumps.  So, I just bought a kit to keep at work and had another one at home that I used with my rental pump. 

    If you don't have that luxury, I would still rent the Symphony while you're on maternity leave, and then purchase a more-portable pump to either keep at work or carry back and forth when you return to work.  Presumably, if nursing works out, you won't have much of a need for a pump at home.

    I was able to buy a converter so that I could plug the pump into the car if we were going to go out for the day and that was definitely worth it.  So, that's something to find out about too.
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    Re: which breast pump to buy?

    Definitely check with your LC/Insurance company first as often times you can get a pump for free.

    I have BC/BS of Mass and all I had to do was tell my midwife we planned to bf and pump and the LC ordered a pump (Medela Pump 'n Style) and it was sitting on my doorstep when I returned from the hospital. I never saw a bill.

    Like Poppy, I got a second hand pump from my SIL (the Medela Pump n. Go). The new pump stays at my office and my spare SIL's pump is at home so I don't have to worry about forgetting and don't have to haul it back and forth.

    Oh, and get a handsfree bra, or just cut some holes for the pump parts in a sports bra. I waited too long to do this and it made life so much easier to be hands free, and I seemed to get more milk out of each pump.
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    Re: which breast pump to buy?

    It's so strange to me the different criteria for what insurances will cover or not cover. I also have BC/BS and they would only cover a pump with a prescription from both DS' pediatrician (diagnosing a tongue-tie) AND my OB (beacuse the insurance was in my name). Anyway, my insurance covered 10 months of a Symphony OR a brand new PIS.

    I had bought a Freestyle before DS was born because I planned on pumping when I returned to work. (I got it at the huge BF'ing sale at Isis for 20% off.) I loved the Freestyle--so light, portable, and strong. I'll offer a somewhat different perspective from the others. I was incredibly grateful that I had a pump at home when we got home from the hospital. DS had a mild tongue-tie that went undiagnosed for 4 weeks. He had trouble latching and in the first couple of days managed to shred my n*pples and not get enough to eat. On the 3rd day, a Sunday, when we were all tired and stressed I broke out the Freestyle. It was a lifesaver. And, I was so glad not to have to deal with shopping in a sleep-deprived and upset state. Plus, BC/BS wasn't going to be of much help at that point, either.
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    Re: which breast pump to buy?

    btw - i had the symphony from the rental co too.  and i had supply issues so i didn't do much BF-ing - so i'm really glad i didn't buy a pump!  i think at-home b-pumps are kind of like... a wedding industry chocolate fountain or something else that poeple make you feel like you *have* to have!!!  ;)
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    Re: which breast pump to buy?

    I rented a hospital grade pump, since I hadn't bought one in advance.  I think it was $36 to rent it for 2 weeks, at which time I bought the Ameda Purely Yours.  Just thought I would put a price on the rental for you.
    I spoke to a friend who had used the Ameda for her first child and then a Medela for her second and she liked them both, so I went with the cheaper one.  You can probably get a pump for even cheaper elsewhere, but Babies R Us often has 15% off coupons so don't buy it there without one!  I had so many gift cards that I didn't even look elsewhere.
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    Re: which breast pump to buy?

    I got Medela Pump in Style (in the backpack), and I got it before the due date. It is portable and I can use the backpack to hold the parts and stuff like my keys. It helped me - I ended up using it right from the first week - I started with late/low milk supply so I used the pump to help increase the supply (along with some herbs), and was able to use the very little milk I pumped in the beginning to supplement nursing while I worked on my supply issues. Now I use it 3-4 times a day at work for my 10 month old (and on weekends when I know I am going to be away from him for 3-4 hours in the morning - then I will pump out enough for my husband to mix with cereal before I leave).

    I plan to pump at least to a year - considering how difficult he has been about the bottle, we are planning to avoid formula for now and move to whatever he can drink via sippy cup - most likely cow or goat milk - when cleared by his ped. 

    If I need to go longer than a year, I guess I will keep going... for us, it was worth it, and I am glad we had the pump and the parts we needed beforehand, because like kiwigal, I would not have been able to deal with going out to get it while dealing with hungry baby and initial low supply issues I had the first month.

    One thing that helped me so much especially when I got a clogged duct was changing the shields to PumpinPal shields- once I switched to those (and I used both medela hard and soft - but found both to have design issues), the shields did not chafe at my breasts like the medela ones.

    But if you are not working or planning to return to work, or do not plan to BF for long period of time, then I would not recommend buying one.
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    Re: which breast pump to buy?

    I have some perspective on the Medela Freestyle versus the Pump in Style Advanced.  I had bought the Freestyle before DD was born thinking I would need the hands free option when I went back to work.  I ended up getting the Pump in Style while in the hospital through insurance b/c we had latching problems due to flat n!pples (and I obviously took the additional free one!).  I had opened the one I bought so couldn't return it at that point. 

    I like the Pump in Style SO much more than the freestyle.  It has better suction, the parts are easier to clean, and it is more effecient (ie. 7 minutes to fully pump vs about 15). 

    I find the hands free option with the Freestyle very convoluted and awkward to use.  I a use ponytail holder setup with the Pump in Style which is extremely easy and works perfectly!
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    Re: which breast pump to buy?

    I used the pump in style with a hands-free nursing bra -- worked great.  I needed the pump from the first week as DD wasn't gaining and I was pumping to supplement as well as build my supply, so I respectfully disagree that it's on a par with wedding extras.  I am very glad I already had it at home for when I needed it. 

    I do think that I would look into renting a hospital-grade pump for those first weeks, though ... and I will probably even do that for next time.  The PIS was great for pumping at work, but during leave, I think the more efficient pump would be a good thing to have, and certainly a great thing for a first-time mom, and one with twins. 

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    Re: which breast pump to buy?

    I think someone mentioned borrowing home grade pumps ... even though the tubing is separate, it is not hospital grade mechanics so milk will contaminate the pump.  At least that's what all the lactation consultants tell me.  So just know that when borrowing.

    And I just called Cambridge Medical Supply, the price has gone up to $75/month for a rental.  UGH!
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    Re: which breast pump to buy?

    i think my pump was $40/month rental... shoot, i wish i could remember what the company was - BWH's website gives this number for info, though: 617-732-7092 - maybe they could give the company name if anyone was interested.
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    Re: which breast pump to buy?

    Just wanted to add that my insurance would not cover a rental pump even though I had twins and my Doctor wrote the perscription.  However I did rent the Medela Symphony from Isis Maternity.
    I really think renting is the way to go - if you like pumping or decide to pump at work you can always buy later - or continue to rent.
    My twins wouldn't latch, my milk took forever to come in and I never was able to pump enough for the two of them - at the most I was able to produce about 1/2 their daily intake and had to suppliment with formula.  8 weeks into it I gave up - the time I was spending pumping was making me miserable.  So even though I had to pay retail to rent, I only spent about $200.  Really glad I didn't waste money on an expensive piece of machinery that only got used for 8 weeks.  Plus, having to look at it once I stopped would have made me feel even more guilty than I already did about switching to formula full time (Those Lactation Consultants really do a number on you if you decide to formula feed).
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    Re: which breast pump to buy?

    In Response to Re: which breast pump to buy?:
    Do you know what you're having? 
    Posted by Daisy75

    I'm having two boys. Thanks for all the information! It is so helpful.

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    Re: which breast pump to buy?

    In Response to Re: which breast pump to buy?:
    Lowell, if you're planning to deliver at LGH (or even if not) they have really great lactation consultants there and a regular new moms group that is a kind of drop-in arrangement where the LC's are on hand also. 
    Posted by canukgrl

    Thank you! I am planning to deliver at LGH, so that is good to hear.