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August 2012 TTC

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    Re: August 2012 TTC

    FB--I'm with you on the cramps.  Without BCPs, I'm a total wreck on CD1.  Of the OTC stuff, aleve (naproxen) works best for me, but it is not a total fix.  

    You can alternate doses of an NSAID (like advil or aleve, but not both!) with doses of tylenol.  So if you take advil every 4-6 hours, then add in a dose of tylenol right in the middle after 2-3 hours.  (One is cleared through your liver, the other through your kidneys, so this avoids over-taxing your body.)  These drugs complement each other--they can work better in combination.

    Also, you can take notably higher doses of advil safely than the packing suggests.  Ask your PCP about this, but I routinely take 800 mg (4 pills) at a time.  But you can't do that more than 4 times per day (so 3200 mg per day).

    Honestly, none of that advice helps on the worst days.  I'm still stuck in bed, a sobbing wreck.  When I absolutely couldn't spend the day in bed, I've ended up dizzy and almost fainting from trying to stand up/move around/give a presentation at work despite the pain.

    If you have pain like that, then ask your doctor about taking a prescription painkiller. One percocet will melt away my worst cramps.  I don't take it every month, but I feel so relieved to know it is there.  Percocet makes me feel sooo drowsy and like my brain is in a massive fog.  It's not pleasant.  But if I need to stand up and be somewhere, I can, which is an improvement over the pain. And if the pain is really bad and I don't have to be somewhere, I will take it and then take a nap, which is really the most comfortable solution to the problem.

    The bottom line is you should talk to your doctor about this!  Don't minimize your pain and sufffer needlesssly.  It took me years to work up the nerve to have this conversation with my doctor, and that was a total waste.  I was also scared of prescription painkillers, but I've become convinced that 1 low dose opiate every 4 weeks will not make me addicted.  It might take some experimentation to find what works for you.  I was first given tylenol with codeine, but that makes me vomit.  Honestly, I'd rather be nautious than have those cramps, but there was a better option out there for me!
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    Re: August 2012 TTC

    Anyone watching Dr. Oz? The show is "how old is too old to have a baby."  Pros and cons of waiting to have a child.
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    Re: August 2012 TTC

    In response to August 2012 TTC:
    Randomly and definitely OT - anyone have any good remedies for very very bad cramps during AF?  



    Magnesium does work, a GYN told me to try it in the late seventies and I was shocked with how effective it was.
    However, I forget the dose, I think it was high though,  and in combination with something else, maybe calcium.
     First check with your dr regarding this alternative,  before narcotics.

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    Re: August 2012 TTC

    In response to August 2012 TTC:

    Anyone watching Dr. Oz? The show is "how old is too old to have a baby."  Pros and cons of waiting to have a child.

    Thanks, keane, I taped it for dh.  I'm 40 and ready to stop trying.  He isn't because I think he downplays the risks I've told him about.  He likes Dr. Oz...maybe this will shed some "new" light on the whole picture for him.
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    Re: August 2012 TTC

    My sister-in-law (DH's sister & only sibling; I'm an only child) just told me that she's pregnant. We're close and she knows what we've been going through. There's a wedding this weekend and she, of course, won't be drinking, so even though she's not far along she wanted us to know so we didn't find out just because of the no alcohol....I cried on DH's shoulder for about an hour, but of course I'm excited for her. And I get a niece/nephew. I need to respond to her email, I just...can't do it right now. I don't want her to think I'm mad at her or anything, but I'm really having a hard time with this one.
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    Re: August 2012 TTC

    WPP, not to sound super macabre, if she's telling before 12 weeks simply to avoid the alcohol issue at the wedding she's not out of the woods yet.  Having had an early mc myself, I'd walk around with a half full glass of something that looked like alcohol and let that be that.  Best to her, though, and to you as you process her bfp.
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    Re: August 2012 TTC

    WPP, I know exactly how you feel.  This whole process is so hard.  Its ok to be happy for her and sad for yourself.  Your time will come.  The only thing that keeps me sane hearing the constant baby announcements around me is knowing that some day, somehow it will be my turn (even if its adopting the adorable 9 year old boy on Wednesday's child.  DH and I were watching last night and seriously contemplated it for a minute there).

    Random but... has anyone on here done acupunture as part of their fertility treatment.  I've been reading a lot about how it can be helpful during ivf and am considering trying it.  Planning to ask the RE about it at my appt Tuesday since I really wouldn't know where to start in finding one that specializes in infertility. 

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    Re: August 2012 TTC

    SSbride - I have been wanting to post to you but I had a hard time logging in and have been SLAMMED at work. I am so sorry about your egg retrieval.  That is the worst. Once I had I think 5 or 6 follicles and they only got 1 egg.  Totally sucks and it is just a let down.  I just wanted to let you know I am thinking about you and so sorry!

    I did acupuncture two times.  There is no real evidence for it but I thought I would give it a go.  I did it at Boston IVF where I had my numerous egg retrievals.  I didn't like it because the room was cold so I was uncomfortable.  It just migght have been my experience.  I certainly don't think it could hurt!

    Congrats to our BFPs!  that is great news!

    Just an aside - I look back fondly on our TTC years only because we did a ton of fun things - little vacations and because I have two children now.  Even though I wish everyone TTCing could feel that way DURING TTC, I most certainly did not and probably would have wanted to hurt anyone who thought I should be enjoying it.  (I know that is not what you meant Stefani - I know your comment was meant to be completely benign).
    I also could not stand to hear about  friend's pregnancies - that was probably one of the hardest parts. One friend actually told me she was sort of bummed she was pregnant with her 3rd when I was ttc'ing.  Really?
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    Re: August 2012 TTC

    ssbride - i went to an acupuncturist while i was TTC.  and when i got PG w/ twins on clomid the nurses speculated that that's what made me have twins.  i ended up doing it for a month, getting PG (from clomid) and then doing it throughout the first trimester.  i went to dr. john zhang located around the corner from MGH in boston - he was referred to me by my PCP at MGH who had heard lots of success stories about him from her patients.  his office is LITTERED with x-mas cards and baby announcements from all sorts of ppl he's helped get PG - it was really quite surprising.  here's the webiste.

    lil - good explanation, thank you, that's exactly how i feel and felt about the TTC thing and what i meant to portray in a non-judmental/non-preachy way.  yours is a better way of phrasing!  :)
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    Re: August 2012 TTC

    stefani--thanks! I know your comments were intended in the nicest way. I wasn't personally offended or anything--was just venting a little.

    WPP--I totally  get your feeling about your SIL's pg.  I've been having a really tough time with my friends' pregnancies and infants these days, and I feel as if everyone we know is pg.  I guess I've just realized how much easier it is to feel and say and do the "right" things when I myself am happy/comfortable with where I am in life; when I'm frustrated with my own situation, feeling/saying the right things for others is much harder. I never quite appreciated that in the same way before.  

    I hope your SIL is sensitive and compassionate, but if she hasn't been in a similar situation, I think it can be hard for people to imagine exactly what it can feel like.  I am concerned that I have damaged one of my own relationships due to the very hard time I've had empathizing with the trials of healthily pregnant friends these days.  I'm doing my best, but I'm not sure it's obvious to other people.

    Kar--presuming DH & his sis are close, I don't think this is remotely out of line for them to share the news.  I am glad that my nuclear family knows some of what we have been going through with this TTC rollercoaster, and I'd tell them when/if we get a third BFP, even though we all clearly know it doesn't = having a baby in 9 months. I agree that spreading the news too widely can beget the risk of unpleasant un-telling, but on the other hand I don't think pregnancy loss should be a taboo subject amongst family and close friends.

    IPW--sorry about the job search stress!  hope things look up soon.  Must be a lot to deal with on top of the pregnancy loss/TTC stress you've had.  Sometimes when it rains, it pours, I guess.
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    Re: August 2012 TTC

    Thanks lil, as always you give me hope!

    Stef, thanks for the recommendation.  Sounds like you had a good acupunture experience and I will def look into Dr. zhang.
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    Re: August 2012 TTC

    SIL has been very sensitive and I appreciate it...she told me over email and said that she knew I'd need to process and would have mixed feelings, and to take my time about it. I'm not going to the wedding that everyone is going to this weekend, and I'm relieved now...only DH's parents and us know and I just can't handle it right now. 

    DH called about never getting the infertility questionnaire. They said they mailed one a couple weeks ago (uh-huh) but they put one in the mail again. I recall a Seinfeld episode where Newman gets mad at Jerry for delivering 83% of the mail on his route because that was an all-time postal work high. 

    SS, I did acupuncture for about three months. I did it to start my period back up, and that didn't happen, but the acupuncture was amazing. I've been thinking about starting up again because I loved doing it. I saw Jeff Matrician (google his name; he has a web site) in Watertown (also practices in Harvard Square) and he was awesome. 
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    Re: August 2012 TTC

    You're not going?  Don't you think you'd be distracted by the wedding and want to be part of whatever memories and photos?  And, you'd be passing up an opportunity to not have to cook what is sure to be good food...  Do what you want instead, if that's really what you want, but I'm betting you CAN handle it and you'd be totally distracted and have a good time if you were to go.  And, if you don't, every time you see a photo of the wedding you missed you'll say, "oh, yeah, I missed that because my SIL was pg."  
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    Re: August 2012 TTC

    WPP, I'm sorry your dealing with a pregnancy so close to home. At the risk of sounding like a horrible person, my SIL's pregnancy was a really dark time in my life and I didn't even know about the fertility problems I would have. Yes, having a niece or nephew is pretty awesome and I would take a bullet for my niece, but it was difficult for me when DH's whole family revolved around his sister. It sounds like your SIL is being level-headed about it (she's already shown more class than mine) and I hope that you can enjoy this time with your family. SS is totally right though - you can absolutely feel happy for someone and feel sad for yourself. Sending you hugs right now! You sound like you need them!

    Enjoy the long weekend everyone!
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    Re: August 2012 TTC

    Thanks, guys. Chiclet, I don't think you're a horrible person at all and I understand being in that place. And you're right, this is a time to enjoy with family. 

    Kar, this is a planned absence from the wedding--it's tomorrow in the White Mountains and I have to work tomorrow and Monday :( No long weekend here. Next weekend I have a couple days off, though, and we're going to another wedding in upstate NY, which happens to be on my birthday. 

    We're seeing my MIL and FIL today and I'm hoping we don't talk about it too much because I don't know if I can keep it together the whole time. 

    Enjoy the long weekend, everyone! This is such a great time of year. 
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    Re: August 2012 TTC

    Ah, I'm glad it's planned because not to discourage you, but it might take years to get pg, if at all, and it would be a shame to miss "everything" because someone at the event is or could be pg which is how I misinterpreted your post to mean.

    I haven't been posting much because since the changeover, bdc insists that I have banned words in my post that don't exist and won't let me post because of it.  Can't remove what isn't there.  So, here goes nothin'.