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August TTC

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    Re: August TTC

    I'm still loitering about too!  Started Provera (again!) this week, with a view to my period (hopefully) starting this weekend; then on to Clomid and IUI for two consecutive days, hopefully around day 14 of the cycle.

    And I also started acunpucture this morning too - I have done heaps of reading and while it won't gaurantee success with the IUI, I figured it can't do any damage.

    Patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue.... aaaggghhh!!
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    Re: August TTC

    Hi guys!

    Soxgirl – The late period fake outs totally stink! I feel your pain...

    Scorpio – Hope that your wait isn't too much longer, and that your cycles even out.

    Novembride - IMO, I'd ditch the pills, start charting cycles, and use another form of BC for the next couple of months. It's true that there is a slight chance that you'll get pregnant on the first try after HBC, but most women take longer. I wish that I'd gone off the pill sooner and "not tried, but not avoided" for at least a year before TTC. But I'm just bitter, so take that advice with a grain of salt and do what's best for you.

    Prill – I've totally been repeating that same mantra! I had my first RE appointment at the beginning of this month, had my HSG (all clear), and am just waiting until AF arrives so I can get my CD3 blood test. I just want this cycle over and done with so that I can move on to Clomid and really start trying.

    Acupuncture is nice, I've been doing it for about 7 months now. I'm not sure it's really doing any good, but it is relaxing. =)
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    Re: August TTC

    Alto - You read my mind!  Was wondering where everyone went.

    Scorpio - It's so easy to forget these things!!  I was on the pill for ~8 years and then off for 1 1/2 before TTC.  The only thing I could tell you about pre-pill is that I had worse cramps.  I think we block it out.
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    Re: August TTC

    Did anyone else find that thier post-pill cycles resembled pre-pill cycles?  I was always very regular before, but am nervous about losing the predicatbility that I have while still on it.

    An aside - I am not ditching yet for this reason - knowing for sure that I won't have AF during an upcoming vaca.  =)
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    Re: August TTC

    Cicirose, if you aren't pregnant, just TTC, or even pre-TTC, try taking a regular multivitamin. I took Flintstone's chewable, since I can't really swallow pills. I asked my doctor about it, and it has 400mcg of folic acid, which is what they reccomend for TTC. If that still bothers your stomach, try taking the multivitamin with food. if you pack a lunch, maybe pack the vitamin with it. Vitamins are not like BCP, where you have to take them at the same time every day. If you still have issues with the multis, there are just folic acid vitamins you could try (again, with food if they bother you).
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    Re: August TTC

    cicirose, they say you can NEVER get too much folic acid and that is is so important to the developing baby that if you can stomach the vitamins, I would definitely take them even if you're eating a lot of fortified foods.

    Also, and I don't know how credible this is, but deficiency in folate/folic acid has been linked to miscarriage (probably a loose link, but hey, whatever might help...why risk it?). I take a prenatal with 800mcg of folic acid, and I make sure to get some in every meal.

    ETA: i know there are some vitamins the body absorbs better in pill form, not sure if that is one of them or not.
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    Re: August TTC

    Hi Alto & Fram,  I was wondering where everyone was as well.  I'm just past second cycle since my MC (PG naturally after being approved for IVF).  So, now wondering if we should keep trying on our own, but in the process of booking a f/u with the RE for Sept.  I have international travel (for work) in October, which would obviously complicate things.

    Anyone ever have a second HSG?  I HATED mind, and it was awful.  But, there's a thought that it opened at least one of my blocked tubes.  Wondering if it would work a second time...  Am I nuts? 

    Cici:  Trader Joe's has a SL (dissolves under the tongue) Folic Acid/B12.  I don't remember the strength, but I have them at home.  I don't love my prenatals, so I take that alone for the first half of each cycle.  If you're having trouble finding a MVI, this might do the trick.
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    Re: August TTC

    @November I am apparently going back to my pre pill cycles which were obnoxiously long :(  But immediately after the pill for 2 months they were regular and then they progressivly went longer and I am 7 months post bc.

    @cicirose do you pack your lunch?  If so can you put a vitamin in with you lunch that way you remember to take it with food and since you are eating lunch you will see it in your lunch bag?

    Prior to TTC I was taking medication and I needed to take it with food so I set a reminder on my calendar to pop up at 8:30 AM because I eat breakfast at my desk and that was when I ate.  It worked out well for me maybe you can do something similar.  Now I take my pre natals as I go to bed because I can be asleep before they mess with my stomach and I don't feel nauseated.  Good luck I hope you can find something that works for you.
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    Re: August TTC

    Something else to consider about taking vitamins is not to take too much at the same time. Not that it'll hurt you, but in some cases the body can only process so much at one time and will just flush out the rest.
    This is probably TMI and maybe something that everybody else already knows, but... I started taking my multivitamin and folic acid with breakfast (a fortified cereal) and noticed that my urine was bright yellow afterwards. I looked it up online and found out the cause was excess vitamins not being processed. I switched the vitamins to dinner to make sure my body was actually able to use all of them!
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    Re: August TTC

    Novembride - It doesn't seem like this is the norm, but for about a year after going off the pill, AF continued to show up very regularly, it was just heavier than on the pill. 
    After that year, I noticed more cramping and slightly irregular cycles.

    Cicirose - Based on recommendations on here, I have always taken my multivitamins and now prenatals before bed.  A lot of people get nauseous from them.  Also, I could never remember to take my iron or multivitamins every day, but have no problem with the prenatals.  I guess they just seem more important!
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    Re: August TTC

    Soxgirl, that's really interesting! I noticed the neon pee too but didn't think of it as vitamins not being used. I just thought my pee was extra fortified! Maybe I'll start switching to dinner time also...
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    Re: August TTC

    Hi Ladies! This is strange, my first post on the TTC boards! I know some of you from over at the wedding boards, and I just posted something about 3 weeks ago regarding going back to school for my PhD....and now, I'm going to shelf that for a bit, I think, and have 2 weeks left of my bcp, then we will be officially ttc (gasp!). Having kiddos is not something I ever thought I wanted, and suddenly, and quite without warning, that all changed within the last month or cousin thinks it's because I turned 30 last week, but who knows? I figure I can do a PhD at any time, but making babies has a shelf life!
    DH has been on board with ttc for much longer than I have. I think he'd have a billion babies if it were left up to him. I fee somewhat like a traitor to my career driven, no kiddos, making money former self, but I'm pretty excited about the prospect of what may come!

    I don't really get my period on the pill, so once a year or so, I go off for a month to make myself bleed (which I always do), so I'm hoping that means that my body adjusts to being off the pill quickly. I didn't want to go off at the beginning of this cycle because we're going to Costa Rica on the 4th of September, and the 5th would be the start date for my first period, if I did go off...not something I want to deal with while ziplining through the rain forest!

    So, Good Luck to everyone trying this month, and thanks, Alto, for renergizing this thread!
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    Re: August TTC

    And another lady in my office has just announced that she is pregnant (her sedond)... that is the second this week.... right now I want to crawl under my desk, curl up in a small ball and cry.
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    Re: August TTC

    Prill, I'm sorry!  Those announcements can be killer.  Many of us have been there-- you're definitely not alone!  It will happen for you soon-- don't lose hope!
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    Re: August TTC

    Prill, that is so hard to deal with. Especially if your work is a baby making factory, hang in there. 

    katel- exciting welcome (almost) to TTC! I may be slow but why don't you get af on the pill? Is it a different type of pill, or just how your body is?  
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    Re: August TTC

    Prill, I'm so sorry, that stinks! I can't say I understand what it feels like, but one of my sisters and one of my cousins were both trying for a long time to get pregnant (and both did, yay!) and I can remember how painful it was for them to hear the "happy" announcements. Hopefully you'll be the one with a happy announcement soon!

    ajuly, it's just the way my body is...lots of fun when I didn't get my period for the 8 months surrounding my wedding and hadn't figured out why...thank GOD I work in a health center...I must have gone through about 25 pregnancy tests from the stock room!! I used to get it like clockwork, but after I had an ovarian cyst I needed to be on a higher hormone one as my NP said that higher levels of hormones can prevent them, but as a result, I don't really bleed. I spot for about an afternoon, and that's it. So, hopefully after this month, I'll get a "normal" period and that will mean things are working correctly. Who knows if that is what will really happen, though!!
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    Re: August TTC

    So sorry about the co-workers good news.  Please know that many of us know first hand how painful that is.  Take a walk, get something to drink, take some deep breaths, and tell yourself that your day will come.  It's hard to show happiness for someone else, even when you are happy for them, when you're on this roller coaster of highs and lows.  You're feelings aren't wrong, and are common for those of us on this board.  Allow yourself to swear like a sailor for a minute.  It stinks, but it will pass.  Then, good thoughts for this cycle. 
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    Re: August TTC

    I hear you "on the good news" and your allowed to feel the way you feeling.  Plus, I have faith that some day it will be your turn.

    AFM, I will be starting to talk Provera as well so they can do some CD3 blood work.
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    Re: August TTC

    (Possibly dumb) question for those of you who have had CD3 bloodwork done... Does it need to be exactly on CD3?

    Looks like AF will arrive for me in the next day or so, just as I am leaving to spend a weekend away canoe-camping in the middle of nowhere... so my CD3 will likely be this Saturday or Sunday. There's no way I'm canceling this trip at this point, and the lab is closed on Sunday, anyway.

    Does this mean I'm sh*t out of luck for getting the test done this cycle, or will I be fine to go in early Monday morning?

    I plan to call my RE's office, but figured I'd throw this out there to see if anyone else has had this problem...
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    Re: August TTC

    CD3 testing must be done on CD3 because the ranges of the amount of FSH they are testing for are for CD3.  A test not on that day would be inconclusive.  This would be true for any hormone; I'm guessing they are testing for fertility.
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    Re: August TTC


    Your best is to call the RE office which you have done.  The think the worse case would be that you would have to wait for next cycle to perform the test.  Hopefully they can work something out with you if not enjoy your vacation.

    My RE office told me AF would not show up until I finish the pills or up to two weeks.  Those of you who have taken provera when did AF show up for you?

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    Re: August TTC

    tomarra - my first round of Provera, AF arrived two days later.  My second round, it was three days later.

    I finish my third round today, I am hoping AF arrives Saturday or Sunday, and then all the other pieces fall in to place and Ovulation ends up being 14 days after that - as that would mean my IUI would be over the Labor Day weekend and I wouldn't have to somehow leave work in the middle of the day for two days!

    This said, I have read of other instances where AF started for people while they were still taking the Provera.

    And another cousin last night tells us that she is pregnant.  I can already hear the wine calling my name for a few quiet ones after work tonight!
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    Re: August TTC

    I feel for you Prill.  We received word that DH's count was extremely low (ETA motility etc were all good just low count) yesterday and then proceeded to his company's picnic.  OMG so many kids I just wanted to leave but my DH was looking forward to it.  At least the ice cream was good.

    We had previously decided that if the count was low then we would stop because we were not interested in a donor.  Now DH isn't so sure and his doctor recommended seeing a urologist before a fertility doc.  And of course still don't know what is up with me, my pelvic u/s was fine my throyoid levels are fine but yet here I am still waiting for AF 60+ (I think it is that long I would have to check my temp chart).  Prior to being on the pill I was like this so it is not new but yet it is still somewhat unexpected.

    I know I haven't let myself fully deal with my emotions yet because I had to get through the outing last night and then work today.  Only 3 more hours and then I am free from the work place yet I feel myself starting to crack.
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    Re: August TTC

    Prill, hang in there. I know you're probably so tired of hearing that. You're on the right track - it will happen for you!

    Scorpio, ugh, what a bummer. But a low sperm count doesn't mean you CAN'T conceive, right? Just that it may be more difficult? I'm glad all your tests came back fine - but I can imagine 60+ days is extremely frustrating.  And if it comes down to it, its good that your DH is open to other options, and if that is something you're open to, maybe there is just another way. Don't give up hope. And we're here for you anytime you want to vent!
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    Re: August TTC

    Scorpio, hang in there. there are meds out there that your DH can take to up his count and it's good if he goes to see a urologist.