Boston I.V.F.-Waltham Feedback????

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    Boston I.V.F.-Waltham Feedback????

    After TTC for 18 months I was referred to Boston I.V.F. in Waltham.  Then I heard of someone who had bad experience there when a tech inadvertently punctured  and broke the egg.   I am really stressed thinking we made a bad choice but went there via referral by ob-gyn.  Does anyone have any feedback either positive or negative about this group?  The couple who had bad experience changed to group at B&W.  Any feedback is welcome.  I am 35 and DH is 37.  So stressful.
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    Re: Boston I.V.F.-Waltham Feedback????

    Hi Tammie -
    I go to Boston IVF in Waltham.  It is not always the most personal place but I haven't had much of a problem.  It is very convenient but I do think you have to be proactive about getting to the next step in your treatment.

    I have never had any tech problems to my knowledge.  Egg retrievals have been comfortable.

    I would probably grade it a good but not excellent.