clomid - what day did you "o"

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    clomid - what day did you "o"

    hi all - if anyone out there has taken clomid (daisy - i need you!), what days did your doc have you take it, and then what day roughly did you end up ovulating?  maybe it differs for everyone, but i am on my first month, took clomid days 5 thru 9, and just started testing for LH surge today, day 12 (no surge yet).  just wondering b/c monday i had tons of CM and i'm almost wondering if i've missed it (or maybe clomid messes up the CM...?).  thx! 
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    Re: clomid - what day did you "o"

    Hi Stefani :)  You had to know I'd be on top of any post about clomid ;)

    I was on it for 3 cycles.  The details are foggy, but I think I remember it correctly:
    Cycle 1:  50 mg days  5 - 9; RE wasn't convinced I had ovulated and if I did, it was "late"--I don't remember which day.  I only charted this cycle.  Based on poor results, he upped my dosage to the maximum.

    Cycle 2:  250 mg days 5 - 9;  again, RE thought I ovulated "late" based on charting AND OPK.  Since dosage was at the max, he changed the days.

    Cycle 3:  250 mg days 3 - 7; I don't remember which day I ovulated, but it was earlier than the other 2 cycles; Chart showed temp shift, OPKs were NEGATIVE over the course of 2 weeks (kept on taking even after temp shift b/c I wasn't getting any positives).  Result:  fraternal twin pregnancy.

    So...forgive the broken record:  do not rely on OPKs to tell you when you're ovulating.  I ovulated 2ce that cycle and didn't have one remotely positive result. 

    Clomid messes with your CM.  I was taking Mucinex in order to keep my CM the right consistency (I should've mentioned that previously, but I forgot about it until now).  TCOYF talks about that a little, I think.  If not, I'm sure you can google "clomid mucous" or something like that to get more info.

    So, I don't know much about IUI other than what it is.  How will your RE know when it's time to do it?  If you get a + result on the OPK, do you and DH need to rush right down there to have it done?  And what if, like me, you miss it?  Or are there confirmation blood tests or ultrasounds scheduled?  I'm just curious about how the process works.  I'm sure my experience w/OPKs is more on the "exception rather than the rule" side of things, but they're generally rather imprecise to begin with so I'm having a hard time accepting that REs would rely on them for timing expensive procedures.  And again, this may be more about my ignorance/unfamiliarity with IUI compounded with my distrust of OPKs in general.

    All that being said, I'm thinking Day 12 is still a little early.  Also, I think you're supposed to do OPKs in the afternoon, after waiting 4 hours to pee.  I know it's not recommended to use FMU.  So, if you already did one today, you may want to try again in the afternoon.

    Did your RE tell you when you "should" ovulate?  I know mine gave a 2 -3 day time frame of when "most" women do on each dose/schedule each time we started a new cycle.

    Keep us posted about what's happening :)
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    Re: clomid - what day did you "o"

    daisy - thank you!!!  :)  i really appreciate your level of detail - it's very useful to see someone's actual process of changing dosage, changing the days you took clomid, etc - it's a great point of reference!  it's also good to reinforce your original message of not getting my hopes up esp. the first round.  i'm going to show DH.  :)

    i'm on 50 mg to start - day 5 thru 9 - same as you at first.  doctor and doctor's nurse told me to start testing using OPKs on day 12, and to call if i haven't had the LH surge by day 18 - if that happens, they'd re-examine the dosage/timing.  i think i'll def. start charting for this cycle tomorrow AM - i haven't taken any temps yet, which obviously doesn't help me in terms of knowing what's going on.  i'm not worrying about the CM or taking mucinex bc we're going straight for IUI, so the sp*rm won't have to travel through the CM anyway. 

    the hospital (BWH) documentation says to do the OPK first thing in the AM or in the PM - i think first thing in the AM is better for me b/c i drink a ton of liquids through the day, and the package says you had to be careful about this.  then, when i get the LH surge, DH has to go in in the AM to make his 'deposit' (and then the hopsital washes the sp*rm to get rid of the dead stuff and any fluids that can interfere with conception) and then i go in around noon for the procedure.  then we do the exact same thing the next day, and then we wait.  (if i did the OPK in the PM, i'd go in the next day and then the day after that.)  it's a little unnerving just not knowing when i'm going to have to go into the hospital and when it's going to happen - i have to be so flexible and not plan weekends away and stuff - ugh!  oh well, eyes on the (potential) prize i suppose.  ;)

    question on your post - what is FMU?

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    Re: clomid - what day did you "o"

    ETA: today i took my temp and it was 96.12 - low, pre-o temp.  and still no FH surge.  so, now i'm thinking this dosage of clomid was probably not enough - and now i'm super-impatient!  sigh.  :(
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    Re: clomid - what day did you "o"

    Hi Stefani,

    FMU = first morning urine

    Try not to stress too much.  They said to call if you didn't have a surge by Day 18?  And it's "only" Day 13?  It's still "early" by most standards.  Even people with "ideal" 28-day cycles won't ovulate until Day 14, right?

    TRY TRY TRY not to get discouraged.  I know how frustrating this must be for you.  You've been trying for so long, you went on the metformin with high hopes and that didn't do the trick, and now you're waiting for your body to respond to a "miracle drug."  It's tough and understandably, you want it to work NOW.  I can tell you from experience, that I was a nutcase those 3 cycles I was on it.  I was already anxious to get a move on with getting pregnant, the clomid messes with your hormones and makes some people kinda crazy on top of that, and now you've been told that it might take 2 or 3 cycles to get the dosage and timing right.  It's really tough to sit back and wait for things to happen, but that's really all you can do at this point. 

    The clomid may work for you or it may not.  I hope it does.  In the meantime, you have to trust that your RE is capable and knowledgeable and will guide you through this.  One thing that really helped me when I was going through it, was to talk to a therapist.  I just needed to vent to someone and to help me work through it all. Heck, I even dragged DH to couples therapy with another therapist :)  This whole process is A LOT to take on physically, mentally, and emotionally especially when you probably have other things going on in your life too (work, friends, family, bills to pay, etc.) and it can really become all-consuming.  If therapy isn't something you want to do (or even if it is), try to schedule a time for yourself to clear your head--go to a yoga or t'ai chi class, get a massage or a pedicure, stay in your pjs all day on a Saturday and make your DH watch "chick-flicks" with you, have a brownie sundae for breakfast (ice cream has calcium and protein, so it's good for you ;) ).  You get the idea.  There's a book entitled "Whereever you go, that's where you are" or something like that.  I recommend it because it helps to be reminded to take each thing as it comes and not to worry too much about what's going to or not going to happen because for the most part, you have no control over the future.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed for you, and I hope the clomid works for you!

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    Re: clomid - what day did you "o"

    IPW--I took Mucinex pretty much everyday from the day I stopped the clomid until a few days after I thought it was too late in any particular cycle.  I don't know if I o'd "early."  For me, o'ing rarely happens on its own (PCOS), and I don't remember when I did while on that 3rd cycle of clomid.

    The thing with the Mucinex is that I can't say I thought I had any really noticeable difference in my CM, but it didn't "hurt" and if nothing else, it made me feel like I was increasing the odds a bit.  So, I don't know if it "worked" or not, but it can't hurt to try.  I just followed the package directions.  Plain old Robitussin is supposed to work too.  I think I used that a few cycles as well.  In the end, it's all the same active ingredient.

    Good luck!
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    Re: clomid - what day did you "o"

    ugh, update: it's day 15 and still no LH surge this AM, but my temp yesterday at 6:10AM was 96.22 and today at 7:00AM it was 97.22.  i have had a slight cold for the past 2 weeks (odd), and last night i had a few coughing fits, so i'm not sure if the temp rise was due to that or not.  i'm so irritated b/c if i did in fact o, we missed it!!!  so now i'm wondering if i'm going to even be able to do IUI if my LH surge is short or otherwise undetectable by the OPKs.  i guess i should test 2x per day with the OPKs, but i can't not drink liquids all day just to take a test that may or may not indicate anything.  not to mention the $38/ pack price tag, which just seems like a waste if they kits don't work.  ugh.


    sorry, venting.  ;)
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    Re: clomid - what day did you "o"

    Hi Stefani,

    Just wondering about what happened with this cycle and if you were able to detect an LH surge....  Give us an update when you have  a moment!

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    Re: clomid - what day did you "o"

    haha my ears must have been ringing when you posted that, because here i am checking in!  thanks for thinking of me!  :)

    i detected the LH surge sunday night (day 16) around 6:30.  i started testing 2x per day saturday - just figured i should give it my all even though i was frustrated and didn't think it would work - so i was really surprised when i got the smiley face.  (just after i bought a new kit - oh well, there's always next month to use that!) 

    so then i went in for IUI monday and tuesday, and then i got a rise in temp on wed AM!  so, all signs indicate the clomid caused me to ovulate, BUT i'm still thinking this month probably won't be our month b/c i feel like there's a reason most people do not get PG their first cycle of clomid - maybe the egg(s) will be bad or something.  trying not get hopes up - but it's so hard... esp. b/c getting PG now would be perfect for the baby's birthday and my time off from work, haha.  ;)  my b**bs are super sore now - must be from the clomid, 'cause it's too soon to be anything else.

    btw, IUI was a dream - much faster and easier than bd'ing!  ;)