CM and temp question (another!)

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    CM and temp question (another!)

    after reading TCOYF, i have questions about when i ovulated this past cycle.  i had a little CM last thurs/fri/sat (more on saturday), and we bd'd thurs, fri and sat.  then i took my temp for the first time this cycle sunday am, and it was up - so we bd'd that morning.  today (monday) i took my temp again and it was still up - so this makes me think i o'd at least a day ago, maybe more.  but today i have uber-cm.  what's a girl to do?  ;)  seriously though, what does that mean?  does cm "lag" temperature change/ovulation, or might temperature change "lead" ovulation?  i don't think the latter, but i'm confused nonetheless.  thanks!

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    Re: CM and temp question (another!)

    Hi Stefani,

    From your post it sounds like you started taking your temp. after you thought you may have ovulated.  If that's the case, it's impossible for you to have anything to compare it to--you need to temp from the beginning of your last period to be able to see a temp. shift.  Ideally, you need to temp for a few full cycles before you will be able to see a pattern or know what's "normal" pre- and post- ovulation.

    I also recall that you are on metformin for PCOS.  The PCOS may throw a wrench into the works as far as your temp goes.  When I first went to see the RE, I brought in a chart of close to 100 days where there was no temp shift at all (and pointed the RE to test for PCOS).  My CM was all over the place too.  I would say that BECAUSE you have PCOS, it's important to temp and check CM b/c it's likely that  you will have anovulatory cycles (even on the metformin) and it's likely that your cycles will be consistently longer than "normal" and of course, cycle length will be more likely to be wildly different from cycle to cycle.  Charting will give you a bigger picture of what's going on.

    If I remember correctly, EWCM appears just before ovulation, and once the temp. shift happens, ovulation has already occurred.  Remember that EWCM and temp. shift are only indicators, and it helps to look at the "big picture" rather than an individual day's CM or temp.  You need to look at everything together over the course of several days in order to see the PATTERN.  Looking at each day in isolation gives you very little useful information.
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    Re: CM and temp question (another!)

    hi daisy,

    good points... i have temped for a few cycles and i know my temps are in the 96 range pre-ovulation, and in the 97 post - that went even for my last cycle on metformin (which was the first one on met).  so even though i haven't taken a low temp this cycle (trying not to drive myself crazy and think about it EVERY day, you know?) i am fairly confident that i have o'd given past history... but does that make sense given the cm i'm getting now, after the temp spike?  ugh, who knows!

    the metformin seems to be working... last cycle got down to 42 days and if i did in fact o a couple of days ago this cycle will be 28-ish!  i really hope so.  hmm, but then getting the BFP is the next issue!  :)