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December TTC

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    December TTC

    Hi - longtime lurker here, but I follow everyone's stories.  Just popping in to say hello, since things have been very quiet for a few days.  Hope everyone is doing well. DH and I are in a 2WW right now from the "old fashioned way."  We might be looking at ART if things don' work out in a few more tries.

    How's everyone else? A little late, but congrats to former TTC'er Kaydo on her new baby boy! I remember her from, well, about 9 months ago. 
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    Re: December TTC

    Welcome DI. I'm in a 2WW too.  I've been laying low, trying (and failing) to stay off TTC websites in the interim. 

    Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.  DH "slipped" and told his mother about this IVF cycle so I had to also tell my mom, lest she ever find out that she was left out of something that my MIL knew about. 

    I've been having intermittent cramping for the last couple of days.  Hoping it is a good sign and not AF arriving.  I had them during my last IVF cycle too.  Fingers crossed.
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    Re: December TTC

    Good morning,
    Also in the 2WW.  Also, still "the old fashioned way," as DI said... I guess now that I'm 35, I can see someone after 6 months???  This is our 4th trying, 6th month off BCP.

    Flax, I've had the same, but very small, more like a twinge now and then.  So many sites have ladies indicating their first symptoms were sore bbs.  If that is a major indication I'm definitely not PG.  My ladies are totally normal.

    Good luck to everyone... let's get some good news rolling this month, shall we!

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    Re: December TTC

    Hi Ladies . . . In the TWW myself.  This is month 4 of trying again for us.  We took a break (I had to go back on the pill because I didn't get AF for 6 months and was having irregular cycles).  Seem to be having regular cycles this time around.  It's going to be a long 2 weeks!!!!
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    Re: December TTC

    Wow, a lot of ladies in the TWW.

    Flax - I've been lurking and thinking about you a lot. The cramps could be a good sign like you said.

    I'm in my own TWW in that when you ladies find out if it's a BFP, I will at the same time hit my 2nd trimester and finally be comfortable making this more widely known. I don't know if the worrying ever ends when you've been through so much already.

    Anyway, I'll continue to lay low but know I'm thinking of you all!!
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    Re: December TTC

    Good luck to everyone this month!

    I went for a US Sun and have to go back Wed because the folicle(s) weren't big enough. They did say I have a large cyst, and I can feel it when I lean the wrong way. Are these dangerous?

    Has anyone gotten major bloating on Clomid? I took it two other times and was not bloated, but this time seems to be different.

    If all goes as planned, we will do an IUI cycle at the end of the week. Cross your fingers...and toes. Unless the Dr has any other tricks up his sleeve, this will be the last round of Fert RXs for us.
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    Re: December TTC

    Mary - did you end up getting the H1N1 shot?

    I'm a long-time lurker and infrequent poster (from the wedding and now parents boards) and recently got my BFP...I am about two weeks behind you Mary!

    I am worried about getting the shot in the first trimester and its effects on the baby, but also know that there is the risk of me getting the H1N1 flu while pregnant.  I have my first appointment soon, so will need to decide.

    Anyone else have any thoughts?  Do you know anyone who got the H1N1 vaccine in the first trimester?
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    Re: December TTC

    Hi Memes - I have not. I'm still driving myself crazy trying to decide like you. I had my first appt with my new OBGYN and they were great -- no pressure, so I told them I needed more time to think it over. I have another appointment tomorrow so I'm trying to decide if I do want to do it. I'm in the same predicament. I want to prevent getting the flu which could have dire consequences, but I also am deathly afraid that maybe it could cause a m/c after all I've been through to have this baby in the first place. Plus the added financial pressure -- if this doesn't stick we are looking at paying completely out of pocket for another round of IVF (I've maxed out my insurance for life). I wish this was an easier decision. Basically the doctor said that the risks of complications with the shot are lower than the risks of complications of getting the flu by not having it.

    I'd love anyone's wisdom too or hear from anyone who got it in their first trimester! That poster about the shot with all of the bad anecdotes from pregnant women really scared me.
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    Re: December TTC

    I am 21 weeks pregnant with my second child and had an h1n1 shot when I was 11 weeks pregnant.  I had no complications from it and am very glad I got it.  My 2 year old daughter has had both doses of the h1n1 vaccine as well and also has had no issues.  I have had a miscarriage in the past (3 years ago) that was due to unknown causes, but no problems this time around with the h1n1 shot in the first trimester. 

    I know everyone has their own reasons, but I'd rather be protected from h1n1 to ensure that I'm around for my family than risk getting the virus, which is awful for pregnant women and children.
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    Re: December TTC

    also in the tww!!!!

    flaxen, you popped into my head today at work - so funny how that happens...all of the sudden, I just wonder how y'all are doing.  (I was thinking good thoughts for you!)

    my pregnancy test is on the 14th...13 days and COUNTING!!

    Does anyone have any suggestions for how to make these weeks go by just a little bit easier? I am trying to stay as busy as possible, but would welcome any clever ideas!!!

    when do you think we might start to feel some symptoms?

    Stay well everyone! As my nurse said yesterday after my iui "we consider you pregnant from this point on, until proven otherwise!"
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    Re: December TTC

    I got the h1n1 shot in my 2nd trimester, no problems, and there are others on the pregnancy board who got it in their 1st trimester with no problems either.  I've had 3 m/c in the past and was really scared to get the shot.  I never get flu shots and I rarely get sick in general, so wasn't overly concerned about coming down with the flu this year - but I really feel less vulnerable now that I have the shot.  I don't believe those m/c stories in the other post were caused by the shot b/c I've spent enough time on various m/c boards to know that there are heartbreaking threads like that at any time.  and pregnant women have been getting flu shots for years.  my understanding is that h1n1 is just this year's strain.  I understand the concern, it's a hard decision....  I also considered the risks of having to take the flu drugs while pregnant if I did get sick as opposed to taking the vaccine. 

    good luck to all the 2ww'ers!  I'm thinking of you all!
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    Re: December TTC

    Hi all,

    Frequent lurker...sending good thoughts to everyone in the TWW! FWIW, my first symptoms were very sore bbs but I don't think that even happened until the beginning of the second week. 

    I'm currently 27 weeks pg with my first baby.  I got the regular flu shot at 15.5 weeks and the H1N1 shot at 21 weeks with absolutely no problems.  My OB was not overly pushy about whether or not I should get the shots but when I asked her opinion she immediately raised the same issue as Lesal - if i did get sick, she wasn't thrilled about me having to take the medication to treat the flu.  In the end, that's what helped me make the decision I did.  I was sick earlier this summer for at least 3 weeks (wk 9-12 of my pg) with viral bronchitis and I was absolutely miserable not being able to take anything for it so I wanted to do anything I could to avoid having to go through that again!

    I just wanted to urge people NOT to get freaked out by those posts earlier this fall about H1N1 causing miscarriage.  They were inflamatory and completely inappropriate and clearly intended to cause panic and I hope we can all just collectively forget about them.  There are plenty of other channels to educate yourself about the risks/upsides of the flu shots that are legitimate sources of information and in the end, it's an individual decision and everyone has to do what is right for them and their individual circumstances. It's a difficult enough decision w/out having to come on to these message boards, which I find are a wonderful support network, and seeing scary things posted.

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    Re: December TTC

    Hi I just started reading and I'm truly amazed by how kind and supportive everyone is on these boards!
    I am not TTC yet but am starting to think about it and hope to start within 7 - 9 months. I think I may have PCOS due to irregular periods and a few other minor symptoms - my doctor recently ruled out thyroid/autoimmune problems. For that reason I was hoping others might have some advice or other words of wisdom. Is it possible to conceive with PCOS and no assistance? Before I started on the pill, I'm pretty sure I was ovulating, just not on a regular schedule. The doctor says it will be very difficult, but my sister that has the same thing got pg the first time they tried (and 2 times after without trying!).
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    Re: December TTC

    Good luck to all you ladies in the TWW.  FWIW, I am 9 weeks pregnant and received the h1n1 shot 3 weeks ago.  I work in a school and had the flu shot before I found out but with students getting sick, I didn't want to take any chances and I was fine. 

    To address the other poster (I'm sorry that I can't remember the name)who asked how does one cope with the TWW, I don't have any advice other than to try to keep busy as much as possible (I know its easier said than done).  As for me, my first symptoms were that I was really fatigued.  It was difficult for me to stay up past 10 and I'm usually up until 11. 

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    Re: December TTC

    PLEASE don't let that doctor scare you...every woman is so different and you could be just like your sister!...or it could take a little while - either way, it will be a miracle!

    I don't have PCOS but have found many message boards in my search for support.  Here are a few:

    Good Luck with everything! You are very smart to start educating yourself now - it's half the battle to take control of your own personal situation.
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    Re: December TTC

    Nenasi, every woman is different.  I don't have PCOS. I don't have anything that should prevent me getting pg, nor does my husband. We have had every test under the sun. We are still 2 years out and nothing.  Of course, we started when I was 35 and I'm going to be 38 in the late spring, so I'm preeeeetttty sure that age has something to do w/ it.  I'm not willing to try anything other than 'the old fashioned way' and I've pretty much come to terms w/ the fact that we likely won't have kids and that's okay!

    Don't let your doctor scare you.  Just give it a go and see what happens.  And have fun trying! :-)
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    Re: December TTC

    hi nenasi.  my doctor says i have pcos, but i don't have any of the classic symptoms (not overweight, no high levels of male hormone levels, etc.) - i just have an irregular cycle.  i have ovulated 6 times in the past 14 months (since i went off the pill).  funny that the months we're "trying" my cycle ends up being like 90 days - and the others are more like 50.  i think i'm stressing myself out.  i went on metformin in september to see if that would help, and it shortened one cycle, but on my current cycle i think i had a "failure to launch" episode with an egg - my temp didn't rise after i thought i had ovulated, so i'm waiting for some CM indication that it's time to start trying again for my body's next attempt at ovulation.  it's made 2009 a really sh*tty year for me (i know, if this is the worst of my problems, i'm pretty lucky!) and i find myself thinking that everyone is wondering why i haven't had a baby, and starting to resent other people who are getting PG which is really terrible - i don't want to be that person!  now that i've read Taking Charge of Your Fertility i wonder if i have a thyroid problem - i've been tested, but my waking temps are really low and since i have no other signs of pcos, i wonder.  anyway, i guess my 'lesson learned' that might help you is - i would read TCOYF and start charting and temping to try to get to know what is going on with your cycle, before you are ready to TTC.  (are you on the pill?  if so then charting won't make sense.)  i wish i had been more realistic with myself regarding how long the process could take so that i wouldn't be so stressed about my "clock ticking" now, and i wish i hadn't felt the need to get all my ducks in a row and be ready to become PG only to still not be at the end of the year.  i think TTC is like making an offer on real estate - you have to psych yourself up because it might work out, so therefore you have to be ready, but then when it doesn't work out you're disappointed.  the good news is, sounds like your sister had no troubles at all - maybe you will be the same!  :)  good luck.  read TCOYF!  (PS, sorry for the pity party - i just needed to unload on someone anonymously!  DH is tired of me ;)  )

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    Re: December TTC

    Hi Ladies - Happy Friday!! 

    AF came again this month, I hate being bummed about it and having that "now I can" beer just doesn't feel as good as I thought it would.  I think we're going to try to use the ovulation kits. Anyone have any suggestions? 
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    Re: December TTC

    Sorry about AF, wedding.  Are you charting?  OPKs are nice, but they won't confirm whether you've ovulated or not.  I like the Clear Blue Easy digitals. 
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    Re: December TTC

    I've been charting since July, but started TTC at the end of September.  My cycle is all over the place, 32, 28, 36, 31. I think I'm having a hard time figuring out when I'm ovulating. The kits don't help? Any other suggestions?
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    Re: December TTC

    The kits will show a hormone surge, but won't confirm if an egg was actually released.  The only way you can definitely know if you've ovulated is with a temperature spike.  Your body can gear up to ovulate (increased CM, +OPK), but never actually release an egg. I think using OPKs in conjunction with charting is a good idea if you're having trouble figuring out when you ovulate.   
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    Re: December TTC

    My doctor suggested bding every other day from day 7 to day 19, or something like that.  Basically, figure out what the earliest is that you could likely ovulate and the latest [usually w/ a 5 day span] and then add a few days on each end.

    We aren't that motivated, though.  Tongue out
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    Re: December TTC

    Thank you ladies - Last month we did the bd'ing every other day...but came up empty. I think I may need to try the kits and the temperature part of charting.  I think I may also need to get that book, I feel a little lost in trying to figure all this out.
    Happy weekend!!!
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    Re: December TTC

    that's interesting, Brighton... I didn't know that about the OPKs (might indicate hormonal rise but no egg).  My problem with those is I can't go 4 hours without peeing, which is the recommendation!

    I'm currently trying to hold off on POAS until 12/12ish (supposed to be first day of my next cycle, and also happens to be the day after my 36th bday... yep, I can think of a GREAT bday present I'd love to have).  This is only our second month trying, so I'm going to try not to be too disappointed if it's negative. 

    Hope you all have a very happy weekend. :)
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    Re: December TTC

    Hi all.  Checking in from the 2WW. It's been a tough week, with a 5-day headache that just won't quit. I've been getting acupuncture, sleep, proper diet, plenty of water - nothing touches it.  The acupuncture helps for a few hours, but it comes back. Today I went to the chiropractor for a neck adjustment - ended up crying on the table.  I'm strung out from the pain.  Tylenol is worthless and I'm not thrilled to take it, even though the docs say it is ok.  Strange.

    I think I'm going to use a HPT tomorrow or Sunday.  My official beta test is scheduled for Monday but that is one day late due to the weekend, so I'm in no real danger of a false reading by home testing this weekend.  Other women I know who are on the exact same IVF cycle are already starting to get results so I'm going for it.  Not sure how "pregnant" I feel.  I've had very light, brown spotting today and yesterday, which I'm not too worried about as long as it isn't red.  I've had exactly the same odd, very low-abdominal cramps I had the last time, and I've felt them for several days longer than implantation cramping should last.  So maybe AF is coming, maybe another m/c is coming, maybe its normal and I'm safely preggers, who knows.  My mindset is very different this time.  Getting pregnant is only one hurdle.  Staying that way is the larger race.  Fingers crossed!  Good luck to all the 2WWers and everyone else!