December TTC

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    Re: December TTC

    flaxen - I'm so sorry to hear this did not work for you again. I know how hard it is. Has the RE called to talk about future steps or what else you can do?

    blushing - what's the update with you? I remember you said something about possible IVF (or maybe I had that wrong).

    lil - time is going sooo slowly - why can't it be next week yet for you??

    cookies - I did not have anything like that so I can't tell you if it's a good sign or not

    big hellos for eoe - hope you're all hanging in there okay...
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    Re: December TTC

    I'm so sorry to hear the news, flaxen.  take care.
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    Re: December TTC

    Oh Flax I am so sorry!  That just stinks to have another positive like that.  I can't imagine how disappointing that must feel.  We are here with you.

    Thanks for the well wishes from everyone!  I am still waiting to test.  Very painful waiting time!  I feel fine.  My bb's hurt a bit but I am on estrogen and progesterone and did not ovulate myself this month so I can't look for any of the usual signs of AF.  No cramping.  Actually, I would say if anything I feel better than usual - headaches are much better which also can be explained by a stable dose of estrogen.  However, the Jack Johnson Rudolph song made me tear up this morning (I felt so bad for Rudolph).  Crazy pregnancy thoughts or IVF hormone overload ?  You decide.  :)
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    Re: December TTC

    Happy Friday Ladies!

    Daisy, thanks for the tips. AF is done, and I'm trying to gear up mentally and physically for the bd'ing. Part of me just wishes I could be whatever about the process.

    Wishing you all well today - Flax, take care.
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    Re: December TTC

    I sometimes read this board and I just wanted to throw something out there.  I am convinced that something DH and I happened to do one night is what got me preggers.  We BDed and he came before me, but I was really feeling it and kept going and then came after him.  I had read before that the whole point of the female O is to create contractions of the cervix that pull the sperm up into the uterus.  Well, a couple of days later, I just knew I was pregnant and a couple of weeks later the HPT confirmed it.  Anyway, give it a shot!  Who knows if that was it or we were just lucky.  It might even be common knowledge!
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    Re: December TTC

    Flaxen - I'm sorry to hear your news.  I haven't been reading/posting very long, but I was crossing my fingers for you last weekend and early this week.

    IPW - sorry to hear AF came after making you wait and hope.

    AF arrived for me 3 days EARLY, which is annoying on several levels.  I don't get to do a HPT this weekend, and today is my birthday so no birthday fun for me tonight!  She's not usually early, so this is weird for me and I'm trying not to read too much into it.

    Trouble - so funny that you mention that.  My girlfriends and I were JUST talking about that the other night, and I went home and told my DH that if nothing happens this month, next month we are going to do that every time!  I'm glad it worked for you!

    eoe - enjoy your weekend!
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    Re: December TTC

    Sending prayers your way Flax!

    I'm in the same boat as luck. I test on the 21st. It's making me crazy :) I don't feel anything different but my sister and mother said that they didn't feel different until about a week after they missed their AF, so here's to hoping for some sore boobs in the near future -- cheers!

    Happy birthday poppy!
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    Re: December TTC

    I'm on day 27 of my cycle...which last month was a torturous 42 days, but is usually about 32-34.  We've been BDing just about every other day since day 14, so I'm crossing my fingers that something's happening. 

    Not planning to test at least until day 35, so that I'm not getting my hopes up again, but am hoping that my DH and I have a BFP for Christmas...

    This irregular cycle thing is a killer, because it gives such a sense of false hope.  But I keep reminding myself that it took my mom about a year to get pregnant the first time, and I'm only on month #5.  And I'm grateful that my husband is as committed to this as I am, since I've had friends who haven't had that support from their partners. 

    Good thoughts everyone else's way!!

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    Re: December TTC

    Hey all, thanks for the sweet thoughts.  I really think I'm ok. I am very disappointed and frustrated, but I guess after August's full-blown miscarriage, I am just so relieved that I don't have to endure all that again that I feel like I've been afforded a small bit of mercy.  On Monday I am impaneling a jury for a week-long trial, so a small part of me is also relieved that I won't be putting an embryo through that level of extreme stress, lack of sleep, poor diet and anxiety. 

    IPW - Sorry AF arrived. 

    Gimmie - you are due for some happy news, so I am really keeping my fnigers crossed!

    LIL - I'm hoping "crazy pregnancy thoughts" are the cause!

    ALSO:  Has anyone tried supplementing with DHEA?  A lot of women swear it is a fertility miracle drug that produces the eggs of a 20-something in women who are 40-something, or who have been poor respnders to IVF stims.  (Quality-wise).  I've started reading about it and it seems like something that might be worth using under proper medical supervision.  For example:

    Internet medical research must always be undertaken with HUGE grains of salt, but I was surprised when one of my most homeopathic-minded friends recommened taking it.  I suspect it is a lot more complicated than just popping a pill, but I'm going to speak to my RE about it.  Anyone have any experience?

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    Re: December TTC

    Hi Everyone!

    Flax, I am glad to hear that you are doing okay.  It sounds like you've got your head wrapped around this whole thing in a really positive and strong way and I truly wish the best for you!

    Poppy - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :) Sorry for the bad news, but I hope you are surrounded by friends and family who will help you celebrate the good stuff!

    IPW - sorry about your visit...toast those holiday cocktails and hang in there!

    lil and luv, I am in this waiting game with ya! I test on Monday and I am really looking forward to finding the answer to this mystery! I am spotting today which could be a good sign, I suppose.  Dark brown...with some pain in lower back.  I was just at a work function on my feet and had to leave because I got the worst cramp in my lower back.  My bbs have been sore but only at night - very strange.  Other than that, I feel fine...been craving healthy food - just want salad all the time! I think I am most excited about just knowing - either way.  This is the longest wait because after the iui there is no mystery as to when it might have happened...ever since I left the RSC on november 30th at 11am I have been wondering! We shall see - I will keep you all posted.

    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Stay healthy and stay warm!
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    Re: December TTC

    Cookies - I'd forgotten that you were also going to the RSC.  Did you have a positive experience there?  The IVF gals are treated upstairs in a large room, separated by curtains, and then later for transfer they are upstairs in smaller rooms, just off the laboratory.  Do they do the IUIs in a different area?  I seem to remember you saying it was a good experience...
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    Re: December TTC

    Thank you, gimme and cookies!!  :)

    Good luck to everyone waiting to test soon!!!
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    Re: December TTC

    It's friday night and I am not sure what else to do with myself than lay under the covers and read magazines...and come to you ladies for some support! I thought FOR SURE that I was pregnant this month.  I woke up and had the dark brown spotting which, of course (!) must have been implantation! But, no...just a little while after I checked in with you this afternoon I went to the bathroom and it was red.  I started shaking because I was so nervous.  I left work early and came home to take a nap...i thought maybe if I just take it easy and rest that everything will be fine and I will nurture whatever process is going on inside of me...

    Tonight has been so hard - trying to tell whether or not I have my period or implanatation - it's so ambiguous (sorry if I spelled that wrong!), confusing, frustrating and...sad.  I am pretty sure by now that I have my period.  I am so bloated and the last time I went to the bathroom a lot of blood came out (sorry, tmi). 

    How do I know if I had a chemical? It is so early to have my period - I just don't get it...

    I was laying in my husband's lap tonight while he played with my hair and I cried - at one point, I looked up at him and said "what's wrong with me?" I know I shouldn't feel that way or ask myself that but every now and then I just get so sad and do wonder...what the h*ll is going on inside of me that is so averse to getting pregnant - something that seems so easy for everyone else and their mother!?

    Oh well, I am going to toast over the holidays like it is my job to do so...cheers to a fresh start in the new year and remembering it's all part of god's (or you fill in that blank) plan...which I do believe, it's just hard to remember on nights like these. 

    So...that is my journaling for the night - thank you for listening because I really needed that!!!
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    Re: December TTC

    So sorry Cookies... sorry that you had to spend a night like that. 

    We had all hoped for a much better month - but as you say, and I also believe, there is a plan.  Just wish we could get the cliff notes!

    I've started journaling every night with the 3 things I'm happy about from that day - I hope it will keep me focused on the positive things - which I always forget how many there are. 

    Sorry again to Cookies and Flax... and happy birthday Poppy!
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    Re: December TTC

    Oh Cookies!  I feel your pain.  I hope it wasn't AF.  I know the waiting and the mystery is TORTURE.  There is NOTHING fair about the pregnancy process.  It is that simple.  There is nothing that you are doing wrong.  Some of us are just plain old unlucky.  My oldest sister is infertile and adopted and my middle sister has two kids on her own . We call her the chosen one.  I mean, really, how does it make any sense? (Not that I wish infertility on the other one - don't get me wrong).

    I don't know why some of us have such a difficult time.  The way I feel I can handle it best is to have a plan in place if it doesn't work out.

    I broke down last night as well. 1) because I have a migraine now for 2 days.  This always worries me that I will get AF although in this case I don't see how it could be indicative since I am on a stable dose of hormones.  2) because I know of all times testing this will be the most disappointing since we used a very fertile donor and seems like this would have been our very best chance.

    I'll keep praying that we all stay strong regardless of outcome.

    Flax - I am thinking of you too!!

    To EOE - I truly appreciate the support of everyone on this board!
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    Re: December TTC

    Cookies - am am so sorry to hear about your tough night.  I hope it wasn't AF.  It sounds like you have someone great to lean on when you are feeling down.  I'm pulling for you.

    LIL - Keep the faith.  There is one hormone dose you are not in control of stabilizing - HCG.  I had crushing headaches last week as a result of just a small amount of it in my bloodstream. Stay hopeful! 

    IPWBride - awesome attitude. I'm going to try to emulate that. 

    AFM:  AF is here in force, but it is not as debilitating as I was expecting, given what I just went through. It's manageable with Advil and a heating pad.  Small mercies. 
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    Re: December TTC

    Totally small mercies - don't we look for those Flaxen?
    I took HPT today and was negative. I am now 9 days post 3 day transfer.   I am not hopeful.  I really don't get it at all.  I have a normal uterus, young woman's eggs (not mine!), what else do I have to do??

    We do have many frozen but I know that there was no better chance than this cycle. 

    We will probably start the adoption process but still do some frozen transfers.

    Totally, stinks!
    My husband, bless him, says today he would rather be married to me and childless than married to anyone else with kids.  He was great this morning.  
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    Re: December TTC

    Lil - Are you supposed to go in for B/W test?  It still seems like it could be too early.  I really hope you give it another shot.  There are many of us that it wasn't successful the first time.  You have such a great attitude I say give those young eggs another shot!  I will continue to pull for you.  There is nothing better than the support of a great DH! 

    Cookies - Just thought I would throw it out there that my first IUI was not successful, but I am currently pregnant from my second.  Try to pick yourself up dust yourself off and move forward.  Good luck

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    Re: December TTC

    LIL - I foolishly took one this past cycle on Friday night, 10dp3dt, and it was negative.  It was positive the next Sunday morning at 12dp3dt.  So hang in there.
    Your DH is a keeper. 
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    Re: December TTC

    As I thought, my serum was negative today.
    I am so done with this TCC thing at this point.  Even though we have frozen embryos (19) I am so considering adopting at this point.
    Maybe there is just something about my body (as of yet no one has discovered) that will not allow this to happen.  :(
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    Re: December TTC

    lil - farking A. There are no words to say how sorry I am that this did not work for you. ((Huge bear hugs))
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    Re: December TTC

    oh LIL - like rhm, words cannot even describe how sorry I am to hear this news.  I really don't know what to say.  I hope you will try again with the other embryos, doesn't it take 3 tries on average for IVF to be successful?  it doesn't necessarily mean there is anything wrong with your body that the first try didn't take.....  but I also think you may feel better to start the adoption process anyway, no matter what you decide to do.  you are such a strong person and will make an awesome mother and I know there is a child that needs and deserves to have you as their mom, one way or another.  Take care.
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    Re: December TTC

    LIL-  I am SO sorry to hear this news and completely understand your disappointment.  You and your hubby have been through so much and I know how hopeful you were for this.  Take the time you need to decide what's best for you next.  Big hugs to you.

    P.S.- I read what you wrote earlier about what your hubby said and it made me smile for you.  What a wonderful and supportive husband you have!  :-)
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    Re: December TTC

    lil - I am really sorry to hear that.  it sounds like you and your hubby are a great will undoubtedly get through this with the support of each other.  Remember that you have a strong and powerful connection that can stand up to anything - even something as ugly as this.  I hope the best for you two!

    just to give you all a quick update...I spoke to the nurse this afternoon (after some bw and an us this morning) and it looks like we had a chemical.  Auntie paid her visit this month despite her blatant lack of an invitation!!

    We couldn't get an appointment until January 15th so we have to skip a cycle (we're going to do IVF but can't proceed without the consult and consent signing).  So, it looks like we will lose some time, but perhaps that is just what the doctor ordered...a forced hiatus! Like everything we have experienced in ttc, it is out of my hands, and here I am reminded of that once again today...I can't even control when I can get a stinkin appointment!

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    Re: December TTC

    So true Cookies, so true.  Thanks everyone for your support.
    I seriously am sitting here taking in my negative pregnant test while tell someone else she is pregnant and seeing a newborn in the office.  Ugh!  Talk about salt in the wound!

    Oh well, I will bounce, as usual.

    Lesal - This is actually our 6th IVF cycle.  The other were with my own eggs and this one was with a donor.  We will do the other cycles but I can't tell you how sick of the process I am after 14 cycles including the IUIs. 

    Thanks again ladies.  Big hugs to you all!