February TTC

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    Re: February TTC

    Aww, thanks Kar!

    ALF - I'm sorry your HSG experience was so traumatic. I wonder what it was that made it so uncharacteristiclly painful. 

    I've had the internal ultrasound before. Last week actually, but even that wasn't my first time. I had a polyp on my cervix a few years ago that they tried to diagnose with an ultrasound first. As long as they have a latex-free covering for the wand, I'm good.

    Out of all of this, DH is really freaking out about the genetic testing. He was so upset about it last night that I was ready to call the doctor and tell him that we'd rather skip it. I think he'd prefer not knowing. We've already decided that we wouldn't terminate a pregnancy that wasn't endangering my life and I don't think I'm up to IVF, so we're probably not going to do anything with the information we get from it. I think it would be nice to know what we are carriers for, but I'm not sure it would change our minds about getting pregnant.

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    Re: February TTC

    Chiclet--regarding the genetic testing: I think that there are certain genetic conditions that can cause infertility or early miscarriage to occur with a high frequency in some couples. Genetic testing is not just about genetic conditions that would cause health problems for a baby, but about conditions that may be incompatible with survival in utero. (As I understand, it is not the most common cause of infertility, but it is one thing to consider.)  Even if you wouldn't pursue IVF or any intervention as a result, it might be important information to have if you are undergoing an infertility workup.  That is, doctors might want to know that they could attribute infertility to this genetic abnormality, so that they don't spend a lot of time and energy and money trying to rule out other problems that aren't there, especially if the rest of the initial workup doesn't come up with anything unusual.

    If I have it straight, you don't have any reason to suspect this type of infertility right now, since the reason for the workup was irregular cycles, but I would suggest you to talk at length with the geneticist or doctor about what they are testing for and how it would affect your treatment if they found anything, before you make a decision about whether to move forward with testing.  I think in this context the docs may be concerned about a different set of things than whether you are a carrier for CF, for example. 

     Here's a link with some info about the type of genetic thing I am thinking about:

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    Re: February TTC

    They've since discovered that I have fibroids, so perhaps that was it?
    Who knows? I'm a redhead so I am supposed to feel more pain than average.  But I never did at anything before that! I even love going to the dentist, probably more than I should. 
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    Re: February TTC

    Siena, great post about GT.

    ALF, I just found a hygenist that I love have cleaning my teeth.  First time ever.  And, the doc isn't bad, either, with fillings.  I've always hated the dentist, but looks like I just never had a GOOD one!
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    Re: February TTC

    Chiclet, I think it's great that they're doing the testing up front. Did they have any more info about a possible diagnosis yesterday? My RE made me wait until after 3 treated (Clomid) cycles before having the HSG. As a counterpoint to ALF, it wasn't bad for me. Definitely a moment or two of pretty uncomfortable pressure, and I wouldn't exactly jump to do it again, but it really wasn't bad. (ALF, I'm sorry yours was such a nightmare - it sounds hellish). Mine didn't uncover any blockages, but apparently a lot of women get pg the cycle after their HSG - it just clears out any "cobwebs," so to speak.

    And it's good that they're testing DH soon, too. I don't think my DH had any testing until we started doing IUI cycles (there was no reason to suspect any problems with him; it was clear that my anovulation was the culprit, and they didn't find any problems with him). But again - better to rule stuff out early in the game so you don't have to wonder. Good luck!!
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    Re: February TTC

    Chiclet and IPW, I'd be curious to hear about the genetic tests you go through. That is my next stop if I have any more issues. I have regular (albeit painful) AF and have been able to get pregnant. But both my mcs have been the type where the heartbeat and development stop on their own, which suggests a genetic issue. I'm also terrified, as someone mentioned above, that my eggs are bad or I have some awul issue embedded in my DNA that I'm passing on. It makes me feel better to know that both DH and I will be tested if it comes to that.
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    Re: February TTC

    Thanks Siena. I didn't consider it from that perspective at all. That's definitely worth figuring out. I ordered the package from Counsyl and it should be here on Monday. They said that it will take a month to get the results back. So we'll see...
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    Re: February TTC

    DNA Haiku

    Blocks A, C, T, G 
    Encoding life strand by strand
    Such a mystery
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    Re: February TTC

    Checking in... hope everyone had a nice long weekend.  Chicklet, we will be testing buddies this next cycle.  My appt on Friday went well.  Really liked the doc.  So professional and not at all lecturing.  Learned a ton.  She said my first FSH test is just one number (although she said it tells her I won't be having babies well into my 40s... no worries there!).  There are a bunch of other data points she needs first to make a plan.  She did a u/s on Friday just to take measurements.  And we'll do the FSH and another u/s on day 3... an HSG around day 5 or 6, and then another u/s day 10.  Even though a nurse and my OB told me a repeat HSG wasn't necessary, she thinks so because I've had a c-section.  And she said any type of stomach surgery can potentially do some damage or cause blockages.  And she said DH will need a SA as well because she said 1/4 of fertility issues are male related, and even though he has fathered our DS, she said it could have been a lucky swimmer. 

    She agreed with me that I'm definitely Oing from last month's O strip surge result and this month's temping chart.  She told me to stop those as they will only make me stressed.  And while not putting cart before the horse, if it turns out my eggs aren't the best quality, or quantity is low, they'd do drugs to "force more eggs out" (which I'm guessing is clomid from what I've learned on this board) so we have more opportunity each month.  Then after that, other options.

    I'm happy with this approach and somewhat looking forward to working with this doctor. She really made me feel quite comfortable.

    Any other updates?  Wolff... how many days until you are late?  I'm on CD22 and I believe you are few days ahead of me.  And fuzzy... any more BFPs?
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    Re: February TTC

    IPW - that sounds promising and its great that she made you feel so comfortable and you seem to be in good hands!

    Hope everyone else had a better long weekend than I did.  AF showed up on Sunday :(

    I think there are some Mucinex advocates on here if I remember correctly.  I'm thinking of trying that this month since even though I know I'm O'ing, I'm not noticing the egg white stuff I've read I should be (TMI sorry).

    Anyone have tips on how much/when to take it?

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    Re: February TTC

    IPW, sounds like a great doctor and an encouraging plan of attack.  Have to admit I'm pleased with the validation of my opinion that ovulation strips and temping bring more stress than it's worth to the process once you verify you're ovulating and get an idea of when in your cycle it happens.  Keep us posted!  You've got a lot going on.  

    I'm still disgusted with myself for forgetting to collect FMU on Day 3 last month to test my FSH.  But, maybe it wouldn't tell me much of anything, anyway, right IPW?  I'm already 40, though, so if it means I won't be having kids in my 40s that's enough info for me.  Very confusing this FSH thing.

    DH is in CA on business this week...
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    Re: February TTC

    IPW-  That all sounds like positive stuff...glad to hear you like the doc too, that is so so important.

    AF is due Thursday.  Well according to my calculations. TCOYF chart says Saturday, but I O'ed early this month and have never had a luteal phase longer than 15 days.  I've had spotting (as usual) for a couple days now but a MAJOR temp drop yesterday and then temp back up today.  Odd.  No AF or spotting yet today.  So I guess I'm still in it?  But thinking it's going to be a negative at this point.

    SS- I tried the guafenesin (sp? generic Mucinex) this cycle and didn't notice much of a difference, but some people certainly do.  I took one 600mg extended release around lunchtime so I would be (ahem) ready by the evening. You want to take it up to and through O day.  Basically if you should be BDing, take the Mucinex. Make sure the kind you buy is pure guafenesin, nothing else. Other additives can have the opposite effect of what you are looking for.

    Kar- I love your DNA haiku, that rules!!!  Brings me back to science class.

    Hope everyone is doing well today.
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    Re: February TTC

    IPW - I'm glad your appointment went so well! I'm looking forward to comparing notes with you. When do you think you'll start?

    SS - Sorry about AF. I'm nearly positive that CLC used Mucinex when she got her BFP. Hopefully she can chime in about what she did.

    AFM - Started on Provera this weekend to bring on AF. We also sent in our genetic testing samples this morning. Had to go to a baby shower on Saturday. Of course, I'm playing with a friend's son when someone says, "That baby looks good on you." The next day, I was over my inlaws playing with my niece and my BIL said something like, "You just wait until you have kids." Oh buddy, I'm waiting alright... 
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    Re: February TTC

    MW, my temp went up and down wildly with no pattern, and I did it correctly.  It might just not work for you.  Thanks - I loved biology.  In fact, I was biomed engineering/pre-med as my first major in college.

    Chicklet, gl with the provera.  Hope it kick starts you into BFP success!

    WPP, what day are you speaking of that?
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    Re: February TTC

    Excellent memory Chiclet, I did use Mucinex the cycle I got my BFP.  I just followed the directions on the box and used it for about 2 weeks.  I didn't necessarily notice an increase in EWCM but I figured it couldn't hurt.  I think there are a few others on here that had success with it as well, Fram perhaps?

    Best of luck to all of you this month. I'm always lurking and wishing the best for you all.
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    Re: February TTC

    I normally OV'ed on day 16-18 and I would start taking mucinex on day 10.

    AFM, I'm in my 1st IVF cycle and looking forward to my baseline US on Friday.

    I also wanted to tell you guys about the new resolve meeting that started up in Beverly MA.  The next meeting is on March 8 @ 6:30PM.  I highly recommend the resolve meeting for those your TTC-ing for over a year and seeking treatments.

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    Re: February TTC

    MissWolff, I hope AF stays away! Good luck on the provera, Chiclet. How long did your doc wait to prescribe it? IPW, glad your appointment went well and there's a plan in place! I always feel better with a plan. Kar, I'm on CD72. At a family party last weekend my cousin-in-law cornered DH and me and peppered us with questions about when we're having kids. It took all my strength to smile and say, "Don't worry, we'll let you know." I vented to DH for about 30 minutes on the car ride home.
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    Re: February TTC

    72?  I'd see a different RE.
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    Re: February TTC

    WPP - People can be so insensitive! I'm on CD52 right now, my longest cycle ever (which I think is how I ended up at the RE in the first place). They did bloodwork at my first appointment to see where I was in my cycle and if they'd wait for AF or prescribe the provera. They called my prescription in the next day. Apparently AF should be here in 10 days. We'll see how that goes...

    Tom - Fingers crossed for good news on Friday! Keep us posted!
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    Re: February TTC

    Tomarra, good luck with the IVF cycle! The doc I saw was a GYN. He wanted me to wait another couple months. It seemed weird to me, too. Do you need a referral to see an RE? You know what also seems weird to me? (Warning: imminent rant) Why do men become GYNs? Is it a calling? Can they really know about lady problems? I submit not. Also, if men got their periods, tampons would rain from the sky and be delivered with beer and pizza directly to their couches. /end rant
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    Re: February TTC

    WPP - I treated my husband to a similar rant this weekend! It seems weird to me as well.

    Chiclet - Good luck with the Provera, testing, etc. I'm on CD55-ish, and I have an appointment w/ an OB/GYN next Friday. I'm interested to see if she'll send me right to an RE (as yours did, right?).
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    Re: February TTC

    Sounds like he doesn't want to be bothered by you, WPP, really.  I think that is not just weird, it's unacceptable that he's having you wait that long to do something.  As for whether you need a referral, I think that depends on how your insurance works.  And, yeah, I never got why a man would be a GYN.
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    Re: February TTC

    Why wouldn't a man be a gyn?  I find it hard to understand why anyone would be a protologist, but someone needs to do it!  I don't think good doctoring is tied to gender or the type of practice. I've dealt w/ some awful female GYNs and some great male ones.  I think it depends on the doctor him/herself and not what kind of practice they have.

    I find it weird WPP that you are having such a hard time getting an appt w/ a male GYN. I specifically request them b/c their calendars seem much more open than female GYNs, probably b/c many women share the opinion that they don't want to see a male GYN!  lol.  He might just be a rotten dr and you may want to think about looking for a new one.  Yes, it's time consuming, but so is waiting for appts. 

    I also agree that if men got periods, tampons would fall from the sky and be delivered as a side w/ pizza and beer directly to the couch. :-) We'd probably all get an extra couple of days off each month too so we could lay on the couch and complain about how awful we feel while flipping channels.
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    Re: February TTC

    Kar - about your question of what the FSH will tell you.  Not sure how the over the counter works, but the blood test produces a number.  And my RE says it is just one data point.  It isn't like "your number is 13 so you have 1,300 eggs remaining" or "your number is great, a 4 so you will conceive this month."  From what I've learned, your body needs and produces FSH at the beginning of every cycle to send a signal to your brain to start getting an egg ready for delivery.  In the ideal situation, you have lots of great quality eggs so your brain doesn't need much of a reminder.  Kinda like when you are going on vacation you usually wake up before your alarm clock even goes off.  However, as you get older, and this is true for everyone, your brain needs a bit more reminding... hence the higher production of FSH.  So, when the test results show a higher FSH, the doctors can ASSUME (but not know for sure) that you have either not that many eggs remaining or their quality isn't so great.  Or both.

    So, when you take the FSH test next cycle, the only thing that would be somewhat conclusive is a very, very low number.  Meaning your body isn't producing much FSH because your brain is "waking up before the alarm clock."  A high number unfortunately just means you need more data.

    Have you ever been tested for anything before?  Or your DH? Any particular reason you aren't seeing an RE?  Sorry if that's too personal.
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    Re: February TTC

    WPP - I have an HMO and had to get a referral from my primary care doctor to see the RE. My doctor is very good about giving out referrals with no questions asked. I just filled out the online form and boom, got 12 visits for a year. But now that I think about it, have you called your PCP? Getting nowhere with your GYN has been absolutely maddening, but maybe your PCP will be willing to prescribe something? I think at this point, you shouldn't take no for an answer. 

    Jleigh - Good luck at the doctor's. I hope they can give you some answers. If they don't refer you to an RE right away like they did for me, I hope that they at least draw some bloodwork to figure out where you are in your cycle. I think every doctor is different with what they are comfortable treating themselves or passing along to a specialist. One of my friends who used Clomid to conceive was shocked that my doctor didn't just handle it himself as hers did.