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January 2013 TTC

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    January 2013 TTC

    Happy New Year, everyone! 

    I've decided that this year will be The Year of the Peas (kind of like The Summer of George) and I'm going to be more assertive, proactive, and be the architect of my own universe.

    How are you guys?

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    WPP- I like that, sounds awesome.

    I'm trying to be more 'hippie'.  Go with the flow, not stress as much and try not to be as much of a control freak. There is nothing I can do to control my situation so I just have to go with it.

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    I find out Saturday (actually prob Monday, since the blood test is Saturday) if our IUI procedure worked. I find myself strangely ambivalent about it, not at all like when I was waiting to find out if I was pg with DS.  I was so excited, couldn't wait to take the test, etc. I wonder if I'm just trying to temper my expectations so I'm not disappointed this time around if it's negative again for the eighth month in a row.


    MissWolff, I like your whole go with the flow attitude.  I've been trying to work on that with my husband (he's got a concussion that isn't healing as fast as he'd like).  It's taken me a long time to come to grips with that myself, but it's a good thing.

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    GL KMMZ.  I hope you do get a BFP!

    I feel a lot less obsessive at this point (we are at one year of really, really TTC but 16 months of total trying.)

    Poor DH got the flu about two days before O so there wasn't a lot of ahem, efforts this month. And I don't really care. Normally I'd be kinda bummed.

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    Love your attitudes WPP and MissWolf!  KMMZ, I hope you get a BFP!  

    We got the results of our testing back today.  DH is fine.  She said my numbers were good based on my age though my FSH was more than double what it was 2.5 years ago.  With DD we conceived on second round Clomid/IUI.  She suggested we skip Clomid and go right to injectibles this time due to my levels and age, will give us a better chance.  Still trying to confirm my insurance, though looks like I have to do 2 IUI rounds and then will have 2 rounds of IVF covered. I think what I am most scared of at this point is not that it won't work, but that we will end up with multiples! I am not sure I could handle that.  We didn't mind the risk the first time around, though since we already have one, makes it scarier.  I think DH is second guessing whether he wants to continue.  We have to decide before end of next week when the timing is right to start this round.  

    Good luck to all this month, maybe the new year will be lucky!


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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    Hello all,

    Happy New Year.  WPP, good for you... great attitude.  Taking charge is a great feeling.  Wolff, I second your approach.  Very managable I think.  KMMZ... fingers crossed for you.  Really hoping 8 times is a charm for you guys.

    Wed - best of luck with the "figuring it all out."  Sounds like you are in the same exact spot I was in recently.  Can't remember your age... I'm 38 with a high FSH, so our RE suggested injectibles with 2 IUIs before IVFs.  It would be our second child as well (given my numbers, its a surprise that DS was conceived after 6 mths of TTC with no intervention).  And I totally understand your and DH's apprehension for multiples the second time around.  My DH and I processed all the info over a few months, have had several great heart to heart discussions, and decided we are not going to pursue any treatments.  If we never get PG again, that's ok.  (I got PG last summer but m/c'd at 8 wks).  We saw several friends and family over the holidays, some with brand new babies and to be honest, I wasn't really loving the idea of having an infant again.  My DH, 26 mths, is at such an awesome age, and I am just enjoying him so much.  DH and I are going on our first adults only vacation in March (since DS was born), so I'm actually going to try to not get PG before then, and then we'll just see what happens after that.  I kinda feel like Wolff above... just go with the flow.  See what life has in store for us.  Very best of luck if you do decide to go forward - and when that time will be!

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    Don't even need the blood test tomorrow.  Got my visitor this morning, so that's been fun.  I didn't think I was going to be this upset, with the whole not getting my hopes up thing, but I just want to go home and drink a bottle of wine.  Which I will probably do after my kid goes to bed tonight.

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    Sorry KM. I can understand how you feel. Sometimes you think you don't have your hopes up, but then realize that you secretly did, and it hurts.

    I have an ultrasound in 2 weeks. That will be 6 weeks, a bit earlier than usual. Not much for me to see, but the Dr. can check if we're on track or not. I am nervous to get my hopes up, but the people at the Dr's office are being straight Debbie Downers. Can I just rant for a second? They said this u/s can help "manage my expectations" and that we can "make decisions earlier in the process" which they feel will be easier for me. So, you guys are not feeling optomistic then?

    I understand it's their job to be practical, but I found that conversation really depressing. This is my 4th try at a pregnancy, I am not naive. I certainly know what could happen, I've already been there. I wanted to give it one last go. Am I concerned? Of course. But a little enthusiasm would be nice. I'm sure family and friends will be more supportive, but I'm tempted to wait until after the u/s to tell even close friends, given my track record. I would love for this time to be hopeful and exciting, but it's really stressful!


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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    Sorry KMMZ.  Bummer.  Wine is my friend.  May as well enjoy it when you can.

    Hib- That is really annoying. I'm sorry.  I wouldn't let their lack of optimism get to you too much.  In fact, they probably don't *really* have an opinion either way but it's just doctor talk.  I've found the 'doctor speak' during all this to be a whole new (annoying) language.  I'll be doing an early u/s as well once/if I get a BFP again to check for 'viability'.  *sigh*

    I hope the next two weeks go by quickly for you. 

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    I'm sorry to hear your news KMMZ. I'd drink a bottle of wine tonight if I were you too! I'd be lying if I said I didn't do exactly that when AF showed up. No shame! :-)

    Hib - I know it's easier said than done, but don't let the doctor's office get you down. They're obviously taking you seriously by scheduling these earlier scans and tests. I think by "decisions," they probably mean seeing if they can help you with supplements or something to help this baby stick. I'm sure they're hoping to catch something early and manage it so you can have a healthy pregnancy. You have every right to be annoyed with them though. Hopefully you see a healthy little bean in there and you can start feeling hopeful and excited!

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    Sorry, KM. I think it's impossible to not get your hopes up at least a little. Take your time to wallow, cry, and drink a little too much. It's small consolation, I know.:( Ihope yourDH feels better too. 

    Hib, how frustrating and scary to have doctors act like that. I've found that some offices just lack the human element--they do this day after day and probably fall into a routine to make the job easier. We'll be your cheerleaders if your doctors are wrapprf up in the clinical speak.

    CD10 u/s tomorrow. They'll probably tell me to go back on Tues. I need this sore throat to go away Because I have too much to do!


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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    Hib - I'm really sorry for how your doctor's office is treating you.  I actually had a very similar experience and it made me switch doctors and I couldn't be happier with my new OB.  For the first 13 weeks of my pregnancy I had period-like bleeding and even after a positive ultrasound my Dr told me I was miscarrying, two weeks later, still bleeding I had another positive ultrasound and he told me the same thing.  That was the final straw for me so I switched to my current OB and haven't heard a negative comment since.  BTW, I now have a happy, healthy 7 month old!  Shows you how much that doctor knew, jerk!

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    Hib - are you otherwise happy with your doctor or the practice? Maybe you could see someone else at the practice?  It's hard to hear the negatives and if it's stressing you out that can totally affect everything else.


    Thanks for the sympathy, ladies.  I am going to go home, drink all the booze I missed out on over Christmas, and then wallow until morning, when I hope to wake up in a better mood.

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    I'm meeting with the RE tomorrow to discuss next steps. We're in the middle of the last clomid cycle, but my doctor called me with the results of my ultrasound yesterday and didn't seem too optimistic about this one. I still have another u/s on Tues to check follicle levels but I don't respond to clomid the way they want me to. DH wants to ask about IUI and I'm ready for some more aggressive treatment too. 

    My MIL made a date for my SIL's (DH's sister & only sibling) baby shower. I offered to help with everything because I do want to (and also feel a little obligated), but I didn't expect it to be this difficult. I'm really dreading the shower and feel incredibly guilty about it.

    Also, and this is kind of embarrassing--here's where I really like having anonymous message boards!--I've been secretly researching information about breast implants. It's something I never thought I would do and in the past have been sanctimoniously judge-y about, but now I'm seriously thinking about it. Not soon--maybe in five years or something--but I feel crazy and slightly ashamed for considering it. In researching my PCOS, I found that it inhibits breast development, which makes sense because everything halted around age 11 for me. Bras are rather unnecessary for me and ones that fit don't exist; I usually just try to find something close and wear them because it's socially expected. I wouldn't go huge, just something to make me look more normal and make clothes fit better.

    Has anyone else ever thought about this or gone through it? I don't even want to tell DH that I'm thinking about it. It would be several years, anyway, and it seems kind of expensive. Just wondering if anyone has been in the same place. 

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    So sorry this round didn't work out KMMZ!  Hib, hopefully they are just trying to be cautious, though I certainly understand how you feel, it is such and emotional time especially after what you have been through to be treated that way.  WPP - I don't know first hand, though my SIL recently got implants and she said it gives her so much more confidence that she looks better.  

    IPW, you are right, we are in a similar spot.  I am 39, 40 in a few months.  My FSH level was 12.9 where it was 6.2 when we went through this before DD was born.  We had unexplained infertility, and in the end they think the IUI just helped DH's swimmers have head start.  We decided to go for it and see what happens.  Just need to confirm the insurance, tomorrow's lunchtime project.  

    Have a good week everyone!

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    WPP, I researched it vastly and thoroughly when my SIL went through breast cancer and asked for my help with deciding what she should do for reconstruction.  I was open to suggesting implants at first, but came down firmly (no pun intended) against it by the time I was done.  She did her own research and arrived at the same conclusion despite having been strongly considering it before she got into the nitty gritty.  Our conclusion was not due in any part to the cancer part of it.  I can talk more out of bdc with you if you want.

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    Regarding implants:  I completely understand why someone would have it done for reconstruction, deformity correction.  I don't blame them.

    However just for cosmetic, I would hope that someone who cared about me would talk me out of it,  everyone is usually happy with them for the first 10 years or so, then some people (not everyone) have complications.   But the risk is something to consider.

    Just keep doing research, you'll see what I mean.

    I work in healthcare.

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    Hey Ladies,

    I've been so busy for a while so I haven't been on much, but I just found out that I likely (confirming this week, but it appears re: a CT scan) that I have an ovarian cyst.  Anyone have any experience in this department?  Did you have to have it surgically removed etc etc?  I've done research on Dr. Google, but it's too freaky, so I was wondering if you have any personal experiences?

    I went in to have myself checked out after I experienced persistent pain on my right side for about 4 weeks that's still only mild but escalating in time (when and how often I feel it) and in pain level.  They didn't see it at first but then called back to say the second radiologist did, in fact, identify something which appears to be a cyst and they named the type (but it's "weirding" me out too much to say it). 

    Hope you all had wonderful holidays!  I hope all goes well for the rest of you going through fertility treatments right now.  I know a few of you are in the middle and my thoughts are with you.  

    WPP, I think you are a saint for doing the baby shower and I don't think what your feeling is weird, but that you are a loving SIL for helping out.  As far as implants, I'm not well endowed (though I do need a bra as I'm very "noticeable" if you get my drift) but it's not something I've considered.  I'm all for the belief - to each her own - , but I do agree that you should do a lot of research on them as putting something artificial into ones self and undergoing relatively serious surgery to do that is at least worrisome to me on a personal level!

    Hib GOOD LUCK!

    KM I'm sorry for the results.

    IPW also sorry but happy you have been able to come to terms with it.  

    Kar - I know you are essentially at the end of your emotional rope, but you are such a valued contributor to the boards that I personally always appreciate your comments to everyone (even) if I don't always agree.  You are so sweet to truly be interested in the health and well being of seemingly everyone on here, and it's nice to know people like you exist.

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    Wed, good luck with the IUI. If insurance clears, when would you do it?

    Fakin, from what I understand about the cysts it depends on the type and how you got them. Is it a fibroid or something different? I've read that those can be common and if they don't pose a structural block/threat doctors may leave them. Otherwise they may do laproscopic surgery to remove them, although there's a chance that they could grow back. If the cyst is from fertility meds like clomid then usually doctors will have you sit out a cycle and the cyst goes away on its own. Is it painful? How large is it?

    Thanks for the thoughts re: implants. It's just something I'm considering peripherally at this point. I'd have to feel this way for another five years if I were to pursue it. Kar, I may email you. 

    Also, Kar...happy birthday? Is that in a week or so? I know these are becoming bittersweet for you, but I second fakin's thoughts that you're an integral part of this online community and you restore faith in humanity. It's probably difficult to read posts sometimes as your TTC efforts wind down.

    DH and I met with the RE this morning. She's really great, answers all of our questions, and makes sure that we know our options. If this last clomid cycle doesn't work we're trying femara (generic name letrozole) and then maybe injectables and IUI. I have to go in for an HSG (gah!) and DH is panicking about the sperm analysis that they want him to do, lol. I told him I only feel a little bad for him because the HSG is going to hurt like the dickens. 

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    WPP-  I don't know if there is a medical reason that you know your HSG will be bad, but if not, don't worry too much about it. It's certainly not a massage, but... Mostly a cramp when they insert the catheter.  I totally trumped it up in my head and it was not anywhere close to as bad as I was expecting. 

    Oh and implants, not a lot of info here but I have a close friend with them. Keep in mind they typically have to be replaced like every 10 years or so. They aren't 'for life'.  Never knew that...

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    I have my meeting with a geneticist on Friday and then I have to meet with an RE again. When I meet with RE again will depend on how fast the testing goes for my markers. It's been years since I met with genetics so I may already be all set there.  We'll see what RE says about having to wait the year like I mentioned a couple months ago. I think I have to have an HSG as well Peas. When I met with the RE doc the first time then mentioned testing DH and testing my tubes as well to make sure everything is functioning as it should. It's just a matter of when to get it done. They also gave me the prescription I'll need to take before the test to prevent infections. I just need to make sure to take notes next time I go so I can remember everything we need to do. DH has the easy part lol!

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    I have fibroids and ovarian cysts. I have had cysts pop, which explains all the pain I feel every few months.  Other htan being uncomfortable, no one has said boo to me about them as posing any problem w/ TTC.  The only reason anyone mentioned it to me was apparently, I had free floating fluid that they discovered recently during a vag U/S and asked if I had had any really bad cramping. I was there b/c of the cramping, w/ I thought was for another reason.  So apparently, really bad cramps can be really bad cramps or ovarian cysts popping. It's just unpleasant, but nothing to worry about. At least, that is what I was told. 


    WPP, take a few motrin before the HSG. It hurts like hell. I almost punched the dr.  I will NEVER have one of those again. It felt like someone was filleting me from the inside out.  I was told it would be "only a pinch".  I guess I should have asked who was doing the pinching!

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    Fakin, thanks so much for your kind comments.  Best wishes re the cyst.

    WPP, feel free to email me.  And, thanks for remembering, yes, my birthday was Jan 3.  41!!

    AFM, I guess this is it.  At 41 and with no interest in our getting tested, medically helped, etc., I'm officially moral support here. :)

    Although, I've been spotting mid cycle for the first time in my life this month.  It started day 12, though, so I'm assuming it's random ovulation spotting - it's far too early for implantation bleeding...right?!

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    WPP-Sure did consider it when much younger/single-ish but never got beyond the idea that it might gross me out to have something stuck in body and the fact that they never look natural unless you go real big and they droup.  Flash to many years later and just happy that i don't have to try to convince daughters that they should love themselves for who they are even tho i didn't.  Not woth the hypocrisy at this point.

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    In response to WhirledPeasPlease's comment:

    Wed, good luck with the IUI. If insurance clears, when would you do it?

    AF is due end of the week so we plan to start with this cycle.  Not looking forward to the shots!  I am with Alf regarding the HSG, it was very painful for me, too.  Definitely take pain killers beforehand.  I know a couple other people who have had it done and didn't think it was bad so I guess it varies. 

    Good luck Northern!  I know what you mean about taking notes!